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Femi Otedola Opens Up The Many Sins Of "Chemical Ali" Aliko Dangote!

Perhaps many people don't know that the man Aliko Dangote alias "Chemical Ali" is a crude and wicked businessman obsessed with power and control. His track record is such that the notorious German warlord Adolf Hitler would grin with envy. He operates behind the scenes, but his finger prints are very visible and the damage he has done to so many people is unquantifiable leaving tears and sorrows which has made many people to fear him. His former bosom friend Femi Otedola who he planned to send to his early grave here disclosed the kind of man "Chemical Ali" is and analysis the many wicked deeds that he has done to his fellow human beings.

2  Forum / Politics / Havard Professor Henry (Skip) Gates Jr. Arrest, Indicts Racial Equality In Ameri on: 26-07-2009 11:09 AM
I was very shocked when i saw the news,now americans  is into what we are experiencing here in asia conutries.God help blacks,the full gist
3  Forum / Politics / Re: WHY ARE KEEPING QUITE ON THE ISSUE CONCERNING NIGERIA on: 21-07-2009 06:54 AM
the issue in conerning nigeria is many,we can we start,the leaders are corrupts,trying to make things difficult for common man.i think we really need God intervention in Naija