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301  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Girl Hospitalized After Boyfriend Deceived Her Into Abortion on: 28-02-2012 03:01PM
A 25 year old mechanic, Idris Oke, was on Monday arraigned before an Abuja Chief Magistrate’s Court, for deceiving his girlfriend to take abortion pills that have landed her in critical condition at the hospital.

In the matter before Chief Magistrate Okeagu Azubike, Idris was charged with conspiracy and aborting the pregnancy of his girlfriend, Miss Janet Onah.  The police prosecutor, Philips Akogwu, told the court that Miss Janet, a resident of Kuruduma village, Abuja, reported the case at Asokoro Police Station on February 21.

According to court document, the accused and a pharmacist deceitfully administered some drugs to Miss Janet which led to her miscarriage on February 18. "The pharmacist administered some drugs to her on the pretence that it would make her sleep," Mr. Akogwu said.

The police prosecutor informed the court that Onah had since been on admission at the National Hospital, Abuja, due to the effect of the drugs.

He told the court that the offence contravened sections 79 and 232 of the Penal Code.
On his part, Idris pleaded not guilty.  He admitted that he took Miss Janet to a pharmacist but added that it was done with her consent.

"She was the person who begged me to take her to the pharmacist to get some drugs that would abort the pregnancy because she is a student and did not want the pregnancy to hinder her studies," he argued.
Following his plea, the chief magistrate granted him bail in the sum of N250,000 with two sureties in like sum. He then adjourned the case to March 26 for hearing.
302  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Drug Trafficking! 34yrs Old Nigerian Sentenced To Death In Malaysia on: 28-02-2012 02:39PM

Eric Oluigbo, a 34 years old Nigerian man was on Monday sentenced to death by the Federal High Court in Bernama, Malaysia after he was found guilty of drug trafficking.

According to the court document, Judicial Commissioner Zaki Abdul Wahab sentenced Oluigbo after the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Oluigbo, according to prosecutors, had distributed 22,159 grammes of cannabis at a traffic light in Napoh, near Bernama at about 6.45am on September 1, 2010.

He was charged under Section 39 (B) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 which carries a mandatory death penalty upon conviction.
303  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: RIP ISLAM! I hate Muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on: 27-02-2012 08:25PM
304  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Sex Worker Dies In Husband-To-Be's House During 'Play' on: 25-02-2012 04:12PM
During interrogation, Obiora disclosed that the late Juliet was his girlfriend. He claimed he was even planning to take the deceased to the alter before he found himself in his present condition.

“Juliet was my girlfriend, who I loved so much and I was planning to marry her even though she was a commercial sex worker. On the day she died, I took her to my apartment, which was very close to the hotel, where she operated from. At night, I wanted to ‘play’ with her but she refused, saying she was very tired. I left her because I did not see her as a sex hawker.
“Later, she started convulsing and vomiting, holding her stomach. I was scared and gave her some palm oil to drink, but the vomiting and screaming continued. I had to rush to the hotel to call the manager, Amaka Audu. We rushed to the house together, with a guy named, Bolaji. When we got to the house, she was still writhing in pains and we rushed her to the hospital. By the time we got to the hospital, she was confirmed dead.

The embattled youngman further claimed that the deceased was very fond of him, adding that they were deeply in love. “Juliet could not do without seeing me for the whole day. I loved her as much as she loved me and I wanted to marry her. I felt I would be able to change her when we eventually get married. I would never think of harming her or anyone for that matter. I was just a victim of circumstance, who happened to be at the right place at the wrong time. Please, I don’t deserve to be here, he lamented.

As at the time of posting, the family of the 25-year-old prostitute was yet to claim her body. On his part, the Police PRO, Mr. Joseph Jaiyeola, said they are still investigating the incident.
305  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / "My Father retired has an Robbery Gang-Leader" Armed Robber confesses on: 25-02-2012 03:50PM
Akinola Olarewaju, a 34-year-old man, who was nabbed by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, in Lagos recently, has confessed that his father retired as the leader of a notorious armed robbery gang years back.

Akinola, who was a member of a dangerous Six-man robbery gang before his arrest, also gave the name of the leader of the gang as Femi Enuyemi, aka JJ, who is said to be from Ondo State.

According to him: he joined the gang because he trained as a motor mechanic but could not raise money to buy working tools. His attempt to get his father to assist him did not yield any positive result. And when he turned to his father’s friend, he too was not forthcoming. “Go and do what your father knows how to do best, and you would raise the money to buy working tools,” was the advise he got from his father's friend.

“My freedom came when Femi, aka JJ, visited me and advised me to come and live with him in Ajah, so that I would learn how to become a millionaire without doing much.

That was to mark the beginning of his initiation into armed robbery. At night, his friend and host, JJ, invited the rest members of the gang and asked him to join in the meeting that was to hold. The initiation was simple. JJ told him that he was in the midst of armed robbers and that he would want him to join each member of the group hit Akinola hard on the head and was made to kiss a locally made gun. That was all.

His fourth and last operation was on the way to Epe. He said: It happened that JJ was to do the burial of his paternal grandmother which was to be November 26. It was while on the road to the place that himself and two others were arrested.

Then, men of the Federal Highway Patrol stopped and searched us. They searched everywhere. “They searched thoroughly and turned every bag upside down. When they searched the student bag we put under the seat, they saw three short guns and bundled all of us, including the driver, to Elemoro Police Station. From there, they took us to Ajiwe Police Station in Ajah . He also confessed that “he knew not the driver and the other three passengers. He said that I boarded the car with Emma and Obed as passengers and others were released and we were taken to SARS.”

NOTE: "Femi’s mother and my father are from the same father and mother, so when he called me to come and stay with him, I did not argue. I stayed with him and did whatever he wanted me to do. He also inherited robbery", he stated.
Other members of the gang are Felix Enuyemi (Femi’s brother), aka Askari; Keshi also from Ondo State; Emmanuel Ogbonna, aged 25, from Eziwachi in Afikpo, Ebonyi State; and Obed Odeme from Eziogbaku in Owerri, Imo State.
306  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Sexiest actress Iyabo Ojo opens up on her marriage plans on: 25-02-2012 03:58AM
The beautiful mother of two in a recent interview opens up on her marriage plans.

She said "Everybody keeps asking me when I am going to get married.Maybe when the right guy comes knocking on the door,I will open.I wouldn’t say I haven’t found the right person,I have,but it is not easy to find a nice person who is a friend who is a life time partner.

Having made the 1st mistake,I wouldn’t want to make the 2nd mistake.I am not someone who believes in having too many children,that is another problem.I am so contented and satisfied with my kids,and if I have to marry,it has to be a man who would love my kids,and love them like they are his own.

And it is so difficult to find such for me.I haven’t really come across someone who will really,really love my kids for who they are.

And most of the time maybe I’m in a relationship with someone who is taking care of me and also showing love to my kids,maybe we are not just compatible for marriage.There are a lot of things you need to go into before getting married."

Asked,will being a star or a celebrity not make it difficult to find a true husband;she said "Yes,that makes it more difficult because being a star attract so many guys to you.Many of these guys come because of the stardom.

Many of the guys who come chasing me come because of the Iyabo they watch on the screen,they don’t really know me.I am different from the person you watch on the screen.

Most of the guys who come after us,we actresses,are guys who just want it said that I am dating so,so,actress.Unknown to you,many of them already have a life and they hide that life away from you.And when eventually you find out it hurts and you then decide I don’t want to be part of this mess.

This is why I have to take my time.I often tell people,if you rush into marriage,you are going to rush out."

307  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Photo: 2face can't stop himself laughing at Basketmouth on bra,lipstick,etc... on: 24-02-2012 12:07AM
Basketmouth in Women's dress.If the senate planned on sending Basket mouth to 14years imprisonment, they would probably reconsider by now after laughing their ass out; even 2face couldn't help but laugh his way through.

308  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / PHOTO OF THE DAY - President Barrack Obama back in the days. on: 23-02-2012 11:29PM
President of United State of America in his day of his youth.
I think he's cute.

We are all going somewhere as I see it
309  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / 19 Years Old Shoots His Parents For Trying To Kill Him In His Dream on: 23-02-2012 11:08PM
In his own words .......

“I started robbing in 2010 (at 17 years old) with a friend of mine. We went to a house and stole N300 and a handset. The second time, both of us went to Ogbomoso-Ilorin expressway at about 10p.m. and robbed the passengers of a commercial space bus. We did not use any weapon but broke bottles on the ground to scare them and we succeeded in collecting N8,000 from them. I also started smoking marijuana last year but kept it from my parents.

“ Before shooting my dad, I had a dream in which I saw my parents kill me by strangulating me. I then thought that instead of waiting for that to happen to me, I should kill them first. I went to the ceiling of our house to pick my father’s pump action rifle. I knew he had a gun because he had one day given me his gun licence to go and do a photocopy for him but I didn’t know where he kept it.

“One day, I went to the ceiling of our house when there was an electrical fault and I saw the gun where my father hid it in the space between the ceiling and the roof. So, after I had the dream, I went to pick the gun and headed for my father’s sitting room where he was sitting. I had never handled a gun before but knew how to operate it through the films I had watched.

“I got to the sitting room and shot him on the leg. When my mother heard the sound of the shot, she came out of the room and rushed at me to collect the gun from me. I aimed her, pulled the trigger and ran out with the gun. I moved to a school close to our house, dug the ground and buried the gun. The following day, I went back home but as soon as my mother saw me, she held on to me and said she would not allow me to leave as I had shot my father.

“In order to loosen her grip on me, I brought out a dagger on me, stabbed her once and ran out again. I left for my father’s second house at Water area, Ogbomoso and was sleeping in the mosque of the house when my cousins came to apprehend me, after which they called in the police”.

Two words .... EVIL CHILD!
310  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Nine Bad Work Habits-and How to Break Them on: 23-02-2012 12:39AM
It is not coincidental that you find yourself stressed out, overworked, and it might as well surprise you to learn that your job isn't solely to blame for your office woes. Read on to learn how to nix nine(9) common detrimental office habits or woes.

   You constantly check your email or post updates/status

There's a reason (beyond procrastinating) why you can't stay away from your personal email account and social networking sites. "Social interaction is addictive because it activates the rewards center of our brains," says David Rock DProf, director of the NeuroLeadership Institute and author of Your Brain at Work. Connecting to people is similar to eating chocolate, he explains. "The more you do it, the more you want it-that's when it becomes distracting." To keep yourself focused on work, Dr. Rock recommends designating times of day when you'll check these sites. That way, you'll get your fix without being sucked into the trap of constantly wanting more

   You write-and send-work emails too hastily

"Misread emails create unnecessary anxiety," says Dr. Rock. A slapdash message may come across as confusing, or worse, offensive, to the person on the receiving end-and it may cast you in a bad light. There's a huge benefit to pausing after you write an email but before you press send. "If you feel uncertain about your message, save it as a draft and come back to it later," suggests Dr. Rock. Not only will this give you time to work off anger that may have provoked you to write things you didn't mean, but it may also allow you to add helpful information to the email, which can make you come across as capable and thoughtful. And if you struggle with an email about a sensitive topic, keep Dr. Rock's rule in mind: "Anything that's likely to generate strong emotion should be a phone or face-to-face conversation."

   Make money from home with 10 smart strategies

You're set in your ways. If it ain't broke, don't fix it-right? Not always. If you're sticking with outdated procedures because "that's the way it's always been done," re-think your attitude. Though knowing the ins and outs of office processes may seem like proof of your expertise, it may actually make you seem obsolete. Especially in a shaky economy, it's integral to be open to new ideas, says Goodman. "Holding on to old systems isn't the way to be irreplaceable," she explains. "Getting along well with everyone, contributing great ideas and doing innovative work is." She adds that resisting change often stems from a fear of being left behind in the workforce. Instead of standing your ground, be flexible about learning from others. "Get comfortable with the fact that there's always going to be someone smarter or younger than you," says Goodman.

    You're too involved in office politics

Happen to find yourself gathered around the water cooler frequently? While joining in on office gossip is inevitable, spending too much time dissecting workplace dynamics can harm your reputation. "If you're seen as always schmoozing or stirring the pot, you may also be seen as a troublemaker or unproductive", says Goodman. Instead of worrying about who said what, to whom, when, devote that energy to work. "Like logging on to Facebook, office gossip is a distraction. If you must indulge, treat it as a reward that you'll give yourself after doing a set amount of work." And as she notes, the more you concentrate on work, the less time you'll have for petty gossip.

   Difficulty in dealing with difficult co-workers

You start each day with the wrong plan of attack-or none at all? After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is prepare for the next one. But by making a beeline for the door at quitting time, you're setting yourself up for trouble the next morning. "Without a plan, it's easy to become distracted by small tasks and coworkers' questions," says Goodman. And that can prevent you from accomplishing the bigger stuff. "If you spend most of your day handling minor assignments, you won't have the mental resources left to give your most important duties the attention they need," says Dr. Rock. Goodman suggests taking a few minutes the night before-or first thing the next morning as a last resort-to write down the two or three meatiest tasks you need to get done that day. "You're not likely to finish more than four, so prioritize your to-do list."

   You're always running late

"People are most often behind schedule because they're not thinking about how long it takes to get from point A to point B, or because they leave things until the last minute," says Dr. Rock. "And these people usually haven't noticed the impact that running late has on their performance and that of others." By repeatedly missing deadlines or arriving after meetings start, you seem less reliable and you hinder those who depend on you. If your hour-long meetings frequently run over, Dr. Rock recommends scheduling them for 50 minutes instead of 60. Those ten extra minutes serve as padding if the conversation goes long. And if you're chronically tardy with deadlines or other appointments, Goodman advises setting computer alerts to chime a half hour before you need to be ready to keep you on the ball. If nothing else, set your clocks forward a few minutes to help you be on time.

   Conquer common time traps
You can't manage your personal and professional lives? The balance between your work and your personal life varies depending on the office environment you're in. But one thing is constant: Failing to meet coworkers' or friends' and family's expectations will upset them, according to Dr. Rock. If your office culture prides itself on working around the clock, you'll raise eyebrows for taking personal calls all day long. "Set parameters," recommends Dr. Rock. "If personal issues distract you at work, tell friends and family you'll respond to their calls and emails at, say, the beginning or end of each day." However, if you're the only one constantly working late, consider meeting with your boss to discuss your workload, says Goodman. And if everyone is on call 24/7, think about whether or not you're in the right job. On the other hand, if your coworkers regularly get together after work, you'll stand out for turning down invitations or sending stiff emails at all hours. So consider tagging along once in a while.

   You don't take a lunch break

Powering straight through lunch may seem like a noble endeavor, not to mention a great way to get ahead on your to-do list. But by refusing to take a break, you're actually doing yourself more harm than good. Not only is sitting all day linked to a host of health issues, like a greater risk of dying from heart disease, according to a 2010 study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, but stepping away from the screen will also revive you, allowing you to view your work with a fresh perspective, says Goodman. Daunting tasks you dreaded earlier can seem more doable after taking a break. Even a short walk around the block will give you a much-needed boost. "Doing so is extremely rewarding to the brain and resets our ability to think straight," says Dr. Rock. Besides, you can't deliver the best results with a sandwich in one hand and your computer mouse in the other.

   You have a negative attitude

"A negative bias can reduce the quality of your ideas and the work you produce-and can cause you to see everything as negative, even when it's not," says Dr. Rock. In other words, a doom-and-gloom attitude will make all around you seem worse, causing your creativity to suffer. Instead of griping about work things you can't change, focus on what you can improve, and try to see everything in a positive light. That may mean keeping away from coworkers who goad you into talking smack. The more cheerful your attitude, the less you'll find to complain about.
311  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: ADDICTED THIEF caught again: Jailbird Arrested 4th Time For Robbery on: 21-02-2012 11:18PM
This guy's own is vivid, make we check our leaders.
312  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Poverty in the Land: Nigerian Youths eked out a way of Living on: 21-02-2012 02:36PM

Nigerian youths, the fabled leaders of tomorrow, have curiously been  scavenging in a desperate move to survive the hard times, and cater for their families. Scavenging in itself is synonymous with poverty and for it to be a means of sustenance for families is worrisome. In this piece, JOHN OBA makes a case for youths who find themselves in this situation and urges the government to address the condition that gives rise to the degrading job.

For a section of the youths in Nigeria, scavenging is assuming an alarming dimension in their attempt to eke out a living. For most, the attraction is the waste-recycling component, which is not that bad in itself.It is now a common sight for young Nigerians going around dump sites and waste bins searching for wastes or scraps to be collected for recycling.

Scavenging, for most, can provide decent livelihood from the sale of the salvaged items. there are many more uses of the dirty  job:  it reduces the volume of solid waste, it reduces the cost of collection and disposal of solid wastes; it sustains some industries that use salvaged items as raw materials, it provides jobs to unemployed youth and it creates the potential for sophisticated recycling plants to be established as some of it advantages. But it comes at a cost.

According to Mr. Ayo Thomas, a youth expert, the future of the youth involved in the trade is very bleak. The reason is because for them the trade is poverty driven in contrast to the modern thinking of annexing local skills, competencies and resourcefulness to complement government and international organizations efforts towards promoting recycling and re-use of waste in a way to reducing its nuisance  and in turn create more wealth from the waste.

The overall thinking in this regard is to create enterprising business opportunities in waste disposal, management and recycling using local know-how.

“Since poverty is worsened by dearth of social amenities like schools, hospitals and other forms of government empowerment support programmes, the future of the youths will continue to be locked in poverty and the consequences will be dire for the society," Thomas said.

However, scavenging has some detrimental effect on the health of the scavengers, according to Mr. Adepoju G. Onibokunin in his write up, “Managing the Monster: Urban Waste and Governance in Africa.” He said, “They run the risk of suffering from eye irritation; respiratory diseases, with coughing, sneezing, etc; skin disease, especially scabies; minor injuries from stepping on broken bottles or sharp objects in the refuse; headaches from working in the sun and backaches from bending down most of the time. These, according to him, are only a few of the dangers of life on the streets.

“Just as in rural areas, a young person alone is an easy target. Many become victims of criminal adults who make money through child trafficking. For too many Nigerian young people, life is about work than anything else. And in many cases, it is certainly not work by choice.

Chronic diseases like respiratory disease and cancers resulting from exposure to dust and hazardous compounds, accidental injuries, which include skeletal disorders resulting from the handling of heavy containers; infected wounds from contact with sharp items; poisoning and chemical burns resulting from contact with small amounts of hazardous chemical waste mixed with general waste; and burns and other injuries from occupational accidents at waste disposal sites or from methane-gas explosions at landfill sites.

This set of youth is prone to crime and they pose security threat to the society and could pass as potential recruits for terrorism. The companies they scavenge for also are not helping matters as they buy the waste from them for a pittance even as they do not provide any welfare incentive or training knowing the risk of scavenging especially to the health of the scavengers. And the government also feels less concerned as if this set of people is not part of the society.

Speaking with a senior official in a department of the Ministry of Youth Development, he said that the youth policy of the Federal Government captured this set of youths but lamented that there was no fund to activate it. He further revealed that the ministry had no programme for them. “One of the problems here is that most of the directors are neither youth experts nor professionals; they are administrators brought from other ministries, have no knowledge on how to implement programmes that will benefit this set of youth”.

But the Minister, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi while speaking with LEADERSHIP through his special assistant on media, Mr Julius Ogunro, said that the ministry was set to engage this level of youth in the society through the Youth Employment Programme targeted at the unskilled youth.

“The minister is trying to address the root cause of this through his youth Employment Programme targeted at training youths in marketable skills, because the problem is not unemployment, but it is about lack of skill. We will commence this this year, they will be picked up from their different areas and trained in skills that would provide them an opportunity to make a living.”

This, he said, would be done through the Development Centres in partnership with the private sectors.

The government should assist this group financially while the scavengers should form cooperative societies so that members could secure loans through such  societies.
Besides, the government should recognise the scavengers union and give it legal backing; the scavengers should be trained to go about their business in a way that maximises profit–they  should be trained to wear protective gears, such as overalls, jungle boots, gloves, helmets and nose masks, which would further enhance their dignity and the scavengers should receive basic health training (first aid) to learn how to take care  of themselves in case of any minor injury.

The ministries of Youth Development and Environment must harness the potentials of these  youths by rehabilitating them and training them, ensuring that they become agent of industrialisation,  enlightened, educated and involved in the recycling programme of the government.

The Non-Governmental Organisations too should reach out to help this youth segment by saving them from becoming a menace to the nation in the future.

Mr Thomas further advised the government to build recycling industries and create massive feeder dumping sites to receive all scavenged materials in meaningful transactions where the buyers and sellers would meet and engage in a business environment. The sites should be equipped with social amenities like schools, hospitals etc to provide those actively engaged in it the opportunity to be schooled, given necessary orientations on the hazards of the jobs  and  modern ways of scavenging that would further bring relief, reduce infections and create better jobs opportunities in a traditional recycling trade business. As it is today, those young scavengers are the forgotten race.
313  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / ADDICTED THIEF caught again: Jailbird Arrested 4th Time For Robbery on: 21-02-2012 02:21PM
A 27-year old man who had gone to prison thrice for his alleged involvement in armed robbery has been arrested again for the same offence.

He is currently being detained at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, cell in Ikeja, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.
The suspect, Godly Julius from Benue State, North Central Nigeria, resides in Pate village, Abuja but allegedly shuttles between Abuja and Lagos to rob.
However, luck ran out on him when he allegedly went to Mile 2 area of Lagos with his other accomplices on a motorcycle to snatch a bag from a woman. In an attempt to escape, he was shot in the leg by a mobile policeman who witnessed the robbery.
He reportedly escaped with bullet wounds but eventually fell off the motorcycle at Okokomaiko.
People around the area who saw him with gunshot wound alerted the police at Ojo Divisional Headquarters and he was arrested.
In his confessional statement to the police at SARS, Ikeja, Julius said, “I learnt furniture making. I have been involved in robbery five years ago. I live in Abuja, but I come to Lagos to rob. I usually stay at a hotel at Iyana Isashi, Okokomaiko with a friend, Pere Agbon and Benjamin with their girlfriends. We pay N3,000 per day for the hotel room. From the hotel room we move out for our robbery operations anywhere in Lagos.
“I used to send money into my brother’s account in Abuja to keep for me. From the money I sent into his account, my brother bought a Toyota Camry car for himself.
“On the day I was arrested, we left the hotel on three okada (motorcycles) to Mile 2. When we saw a woman holding a bag, we snatched it. The woman was coming from the bank where she had gone to withdraw money. One of the mobile policemen who saw us opened fire onus. The bullet hit my leg while other members of our gang escaped.
“I fell down at Okokomaiko bus stop and as people gathered to look at me, they called in policemen who took me to their station.
“Pere, who is the gang leader, gave me the gun we used that day.
“The first time I went to prison, I spent one year and three months. The second time, I spent one year and two months, while the third time, I was in the prison for one year.”
314  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / In Pictures: Tanker Explosion In Lagos on: 21-02-2012 01:54PM
These are some of the pictures for the tanker explosion in Lagos.

God please help! Why are these happening to Nigeria, maybe our sin is too much to comprehend.

315  Forum / The Buzz Central / Images From D’banj’s LiveNation Concert In New York on: 21-02-2012 12:27PM
On Sunday, Feb 19, 2012, D’banj and the Mo’hits Crew, made New York stand still at their “D’banj & Mo’Hits All Stars Live in NYC” Concert. The fully packed event was a sure stunner as the Koko master himself – D’banj brought nothing short of his A-game entertaining hundreds of attendees all night long.

"With this picture I saw how handsome D'banj is, still I don't think he can stand an inch away from Rihana"
316  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / N140m Fraud: Businessman Wants Court to Quash Charges! on: 21-02-2012 06:23AM
The chief executive officer of A.G Moeller Limited, Mr. Kemi Adeloye, who was arraigned before Justice Okechukwu Okeke of the Federal High Court sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos alongside his company over allegations of operating an illegal lease company, has filed a motion seeking to quash the charges.

Justice Okeke had on February 15, 2012, ordered that Adeloye be remanded in prison custody pending the hearing of his bail application.
The order followed the not guilty plea by the accused to a five-count charge bordering on conspiracy and illegal transaction of about N14O million without a valid license by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
Adeloye and his company were slammed with a five-count charge by the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.
He is also accused of obtaining fraudulently, the sum of N80 million from the chief executive officer of Cross Country Limited, Mr Bube Okorodudu.
In the motion brought under section 167 and 340 (3) of the Criminal Procedure Act CAP C38 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 by his counsel, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, the applicant is praying the court to quash the five-count charge preferred against him on the ground that the statement of offences did not contain any prima facie evidence.
He said: “The counts and statement of offences contained in the information do not disclose any prima facie case against the accused persons/applicants requiring them to stand trial before this honourable court or any other court of law on the counts described herein.
“That the entire information is an abuse of court process and that the counts in the statement of offences are prejudicial to the accused/applicant’s right to fair hearing.”
According to him, the information on the charges is meant to overreach the accused/applicants pending suit before the court in suit No. FHC/L/CP/307/2011 where A.G Moeller Limited sued Cross Country Limited.
He stated that the complainants in his criminal charge are the respondents in the suit number above which is still pending before the court.
The Court has fixed March 7, 2012 for hearing of bail application.
317  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Latest Tricks Airtel Uses In Defrauding Nigerians on: 21-02-2012 12:32AM
A visiting President of Norway to Nigeria once said that in Nigeria anything goes, and this may be the reason many of the multinationals in Nigeria are taking the interest of the people for granted. Happenings in the past showed situations where officials of many of these multinational companies that are supposed to be respecting the laws of the country casting such laws aside by maltreating their Nigerian staff.

The government, which always sides with the companies in the name of protecting foreign investments the multinationals represent, also gives them undue advantage over the people. And because they are getting this support, they believe they can do whatever they like on the issue of delivering better service to the people and the condition and treatment their staff. Recent investigation revealed that one of the country’s telecommunication companies may have been defrauding Nigerians of their hard earned cash through different services and products it offers.

Global News scooped that Airtel, a Global System Mobile (GSM) operator in Nigeria which can as well be said to be the operator in Nigeria that has changed its management the most times (the current owner is the sixth since it began operations about 10 years ago), has been involved in the act of charging Nigerians for services they are not rendering. It was recently discovered that the telecommunication company may have been fleecing its consumers in Nigeria of their hard earn cash through the introduction and sales of airtime vouchers that the company is yet to activate. This fraudulent practice is meant to affect those who buy vouchers of their airtime in the range of N500 and N1,000, an act that has forced many of its subscribers to unwillingly part with their money as the payments made on the vouchers are non-refundable.

It was initially believed that the recharge card fraud may be the handiwork of the same people who did such years back but from a check on the operations of those people and the way they operate, this is quite different. That time the cards sold were of all network, unlike now that it is only Airtel network. It is the belief of Tunde, a customer of the Airtel company who bought N500 denomination of such vouchers three times in one week, that the voucher or card is deliberately pushed into the market to swindle unsuspecting individuals who would have purchase the cards only to be informed in the process of loading that the card’s validity is non-existent.

Another of such fraud cases labeled against the company has to do with those using the Blackberry phone which has extra features to the normal phones. The story is that for some months now, Airtel has engaged in indiscriminate removal of people’s airtime. Many who spoke with Global News during visits to the customer care centres of the GSM company complained that for months their airtime would be removed even without making calls. Apart from this, the Blackberry subscriptions of many were suspended for no genuine reason. One of their subscribers who complained to us revealed that he has been facing the same problem for more than five months and he promised to switch to another network that will not be giving him this kind of problem.

With the way it is, and the discontentment of the people towards the service the telecom company is rendering, it seems they may be going into another round of crisis, which may come as a result of the inept way they are treating their subscribers. This is coming months after they faced a similar revolt from their call centre staff who complained of so many things about their mode of administration.
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It is no longer news that the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor EA Adeboye would be 70 in March. Ordinarily, by now, representatives of the various parishes of the church all over the world would be criss-crossing the country and continents, trying to put together a befitting birthday for the man who is widely called PAPA by his followers.

But in a surprise move aimed at preempting all that, it was announced all over the RCCG churches a few days ago that the birthday party would not hold and that no parties would take place at all.

This was a far cry from what happened when he was sixty and when he was sixty five. Not only did he bar any form of celebration in form of parties, he made it known categorically that he would not want any Aso ebi or dresses made for the occasion.

According to the statement, Pastor Adeboye declared that he had other high priorities that he wanted to spend money on and if anyone believes that he has touched their lives and wanted to celebrate with him, they should join him in actualizing his dreams.

One of the dreams which was made known was the fact that he initially conceived the Redeemers University owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God as a multi-campus University with its main campus in Ede, Osun state. Based on the exigencies of finance however, the university had remained at the Redemption Camp along Lagos Ibadan Expressway.

He therefore said it would be his wish if those who wanted to support him could help in building a befitting Main campus in Ede as a mark of his birthday, each parish of the church would have levied its workers, he made it clear that what he wanted was not levies but gifts from individuals who wanted to join him in actualizing his dream since it was a personal thing.

He also forbade placement of advertisement in the newspaper, magazines as well as in the electronic media saying funds for such could be donated towards the same project if those who want to place such advertisement really believe they want to help him.

Adeboye, who is one of the most revered religious leaders around was last year listed among the 100 most influential people in the world. Under him,the church has expanded in leaps and bounds with parishes in over 80 countries of the world.
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A Lagos High Court in Ikeja has sentenced a former employee of United Bank for Africa Plc, Romeo Omenogor, to 10 years imprisonment for defrauding the bank of N9.2m.

Justice Joseph Oyewole, in his judgment delivered on Wednesday, also ordered 38-year-old Omenogor to pay the bank the sum of N6.6m as restitution.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had on February 19, 2007, arraigned Omenogor and an accomplice, Francis Ineh, before the court on 30 counts, including conspiracy, falsification of accounts and obtaining by false pretence.

Ineh had earlier pleaded guilty to the charge and was convicted and sentenced. But Omenogor pleaded not guilty and opted to undergo full trial.

The EFCC had said Omenogor, an IT Specialist working in the Information Technology Support Group of the bank, used his position to transfer the money into Ineh’s account without authorisation.

The commission said the fraud was carried out between May and June 2007 at the Ugbowo Branch of the bank in Benin where Ineh had two accounts. It added that Ineh withdrew the money in FESTAC Town branch of the bank in Lagos.

Oyewole, in the judgment, held that the prosecution led by Mr. Anselem Ozioko proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Omenogor had conspired with Ineh to defraud the bank based on evidence before the court.

According to him, Omenogor, as a systems administrator, used the profile of one of the witnesses, Mrs. Ngozi Ikemba, to authorise the transaction without her knowledge or approval.

He said an audit trail by the bank system administrators showed that Ikemba was on training in Enugu, when Omenogor used her account to perpetrate the fraud.

“The accused as a Super user was well positioned to access the account even though he never worked in Benin,” Oyewole said
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wonders in Naija all time.
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