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First If this forum was strictly for Nigerians I wouldn't be here.
Second I'm not He but She.
Third I've been living outside Nigeria all my life, so thanks for advise to go and travel.
Yes white marriage is not mixed marriage, but sorry didn't U say all white marriages break? And sorry was there any sentimental talk in bringing out clear facts?
In some point I got very disapointed, everybody is accusing white people of being rasists for ages, so many times when I've seen on internet offending words towards black people coming from white hands I couldn't believe from where all this hateness is coming from. But I came here and I got it from black people, and I couldn't believe as well. How it comes so easy for U people to be offending so much sb U've never even seen just cuz she asked simple question. I've never said all Nigerians are betraying, I've asked why so many.
But am glad there're also people who treated my question with normal answer, and thanks for that, those answers brought some light to my head.
White women can also be good housewives, they can cook egusi, they can take care of their husbands, and be good and respectfull wives. It's common in many European countries who didn't follow modern trends yet, that man is the head of family, this is how daughters are learnt and this is how they will treat their husbands.
2  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Why so many Naija guys betray European wives? on: 16-05-2012 07:30 PM
If I knew an answer I wouldn't be asking. I can see some people here are just able to offend others, well I advise U if U don't have anything interesting to write is better to write nothing than be calling sb U don't know at all "stupid".
Bachelorette If U guys are too special for beautifull, smart and slim girls just cuz they're white, than nobody is forcing U to marry them, so why still doing it? By the way who is saying that only white people are rasist?
Media excel am sorry for ur white friends, but guess what, am white and my parents are together for 36 years, so unfortunately ur explenations can't be correct.
3  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Why so many Naija guys betray European wives? on: 16-05-2012 03:37 PM
I keep wonderying abt it for months, have seen so many mixed marriages broken cuz of this reason. Is it Nigerian culture? Is it how much they love sex? Or they just marry European girls for permition to stay in Europe? Are they betraying as well Nigerian wives? Most cases I've seen it wasn't just abt one girl, they are just doing it with tens or more? How it happens then that Nigerian marriages survive? Wives just tolerate it and pretend they see nothing?