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1  Forum / The Buzz Central / Actor Osita Iheme FACE Of VUZU TV. on: 22-10-2012 10:20 AM

Are you already converting the amount to Naira?okay how much did you calculate?
Well make you dey there dey calculate another man money oh.
  The aforementioned amount is what your favorite actor osita was paid to be
 endorsed as face of vuzu TV in south Africa.
Vuzu TV is an Entertainment TV and the endorsement will run for six months.
The actor according to insiders just finished the commercial/photo shoot.
  Nice one Osita,congrats and all the best as you chop ya dollars!
2  Forum / The Buzz Central / Omotola Tells BBC: We've Done Well In Nollywood on: 22-10-2012 10:14 AM
While she was in London for the premiere of her latest movie, Amina, star actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde made out time for a chat with the BBC on the journey so far in Nollywood.

In the interview with Fidelis Mbah of BBC’s Focus on Africa, she gives kudos to the Nigerian movie industry which she says has improved over the years.

 Watch the interview below to hear her views about Nollywood:

3  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Mimiko: A Broom Can't Bring Down An Iroko on: 22-10-2012 10:12 AM
The outcome of Saturday's gubernatorial election may have drawn a curtain on plans for regional integration by the Action Congress of Nigeria , ACN, the dominant political party in the region, but the proportion of votes mustered by the victorious incumbent is troubling.

The victory of Governor Segun Mimiko in last Saturday’s gubernatorial election in Ondo State was a remarkable personal effort for a dogged medical doctor, whose political life has in recent times centred on risky adventures.

 Mimiko has in his nearly 30 years on the political field taken many risks that many otherwise endowed political generals would have shied away from.

Remarkably, he has repeatedly overcome the odds. Yesterday, he came on top again and rubbished another maxim in Ondo politics that no incumbent governor is returned to power through the ballot box. Chief Michael Ajasin the first civilian governor of the old Ondo State was returned to power courtesy of the courts in 1983.

Political prospects
As a commissioner for Health in the government of Chief Adebayo Adefarati, Mimiko put his budding political prospects at risk when he resigned from the ruling government in 2002 to join forces with the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, whose standard bearer was Chief Segun Agagu.

After helping Agagu to power, Mimiko again left the ruling PDP and his ministerial portfolio gotten on the platform of the party, to slug it out against Agagu on the platform of the unknown Labour Party, LP. And again he was on the victorious side. It is no surprise that as he prepared to seek re-election as governor that the maxim used to taunt him was that Ondo State governors do not get a second term.

Breaking that barrier was of course not easy. He was faced with one of the most entrenched political organisations to have surfaced the country in recent times in the shape and structure of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN.

ACN’s opposition to Mimiko was a grudge battle centred almost on personal disloyalty to the political leader of a section of the country and his denial of an alleged agreement to join the ACN.

It was of course a great risk for Mimiko taking on the powerful political machine of the National Leader of the, ACN, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Before now, the Tinubu-led ACN had successfully uprooted three PDP governments in the Southwest, Osun and Ekiti in 2010, and Oyo in 2011.

Mimiko inevitably made himself a target for the ACN with his refusal to decamp to the party.

Mimiko’s refusal to join the ACN became the major stumbling block to the ACN’s ambitious plan of carving out a homogenous political identity for the Southwest.

Besides the talk of political homogeneity, is the still to be unfolded plan for economic integration that has been trumpeted by the ACN.

It didn’t matter that Ondo State was on the fringes of the territory under the control of the ACN, the campaign to wrest the state from Mimiko was a dogged battle. The top hierarchy of the party and all its Southwest governors including Mimiko’s one-time friend and neighbour, Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State, were actively involved in a battle that tested personal loyalty and political sagacity.

It was never expected to be an easy battle and as the campaign dragged on, it became inevitable that bridges and bonds had to be broken in the contest for the soul of the state. While the Tinubu crowd sought to brand Mimiko as a traitor, the governor’s supporters coined the phrase that ‘Ondo people will not serve a foreign god.’

In the end, the people of Ondo decided to return Dr. Mimiko apparently based on what has been largely described as his credentials in office.

The declared results
However, it was a narrow escape. Yesterday’s declared results gave Mimiko 260,199 votes out of a total of 624, 659 voter representing about 40%. He thus did not get majority of the votes.

The PDP candidate, Olusola Oke who came second with 155,961 votes and ACN’s Rotimi Akeredolu, who came third with 143,512 votes together mustered enough votes that could have probably sent Mimiko packing.

However, the past history of animosity between the PDP and the ACN did not allow the two to form an alliance.

Remarkably, Mimiko was returned to power by the Court of Appeal in 2009 which scored him with 198,261 votes and his rival, Segun Agagu with 128,669. Then he had more than 55% of the votes.

How the governor’s votes proportionally diminished between 2007 and 2012 is an issue for the governor and his handlers. He may not be seeking for another re-election but a legacy in the hearts of the people is a worthy ambition for the adventurous governor.

PDP with its divided house was alas, a surprise second in the election. Given the internal division within the party that saw a faction of the party opposed to Agagu, work for Mimiko, the second place finishing would boost the morale of other state chapters of the party in the southwest as elections draw closer in Ekiti and Osun States in the next year.

It was no surprise that in the tick of the campaign that the revived publicity machinery of the party in Osun State took it upon itself to taunt Governor Rauf Aregbesola drawing attention to what the party described as the governor’s abandonment of his duty post for party duties in Ondo.

With the result now declared, the PDP could now draw blood!
4  Forum / The Buzz Central / Stella Damasus: It’s Called A Breakup… on: 22-10-2012 10:11 AM
Accepting the dissolution of a relationship is just as difficult as accepting the dissolution of a business. When you think of all the time, energy, effort, resources and thoughts you put into the relationship, it hurts that it has to come to an end and you try to do whatever it takes to salvage it, but when would you know to pull the plug?

When medical practitioners are performing CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), they apply manual pressure to the chest and blow air into the lungs through the mouth, mimicking the natural process of breathing in and breathing out, thereby circulating air into the bloodstream that carries it into the brain to avoid the risk of brain damage.

Pressing too hard on the chest would break the diaphragm which could put a hole in the heart causing instant death or rupture an organ which could be critical or fatal.

 I know this sounds so morbid and, all but for some, after a breakup they push too hard and destroy any existing chance that they have to get their partner back.

One thing you must realise is that the breakup may not have been the best thing for you but it could be the best thing for the other person.

Scenario: You have a confidence boost and she has an inferiority complex. You’re fine in a crowd and can relate to people whether she is present or not but she can’t. She always needs you to be there holding her hand, urging and reassuring her.

End result, she’d be too over-dependent on you and she would not be able to function as a single entity. As long as you’re there to hold her hand, she wouldn’t learn to stand alone.

If you ‘abandon’ her, she’d eventually learn to make that adjustment or latch on to someone else. And let’s face it, you’d probably get tired of baby sitting anyway.

As mature individuals I don’t really think its possible for us to wake up one morning and make decisions about significant things.

The thoughts must have been floating around in your mind, you would have slowly been ticking off options for worst case and best case scenarios until lo and behold, you decide “I can’t do this anymore”.

For someone to say, “I don’t want this relationship anymore” trust me, the person really (at that time) doesn’t want it anymore.

Ask why? Was it me? Is it you? Hear the reasons, learn the lessons and head in a new direction.

I read somewhere that if you love someone, let the person go and if he/she comes back, he/she is all yours. Did you know only two per cent came back? Only two per cent were in a state of confusion and just needed a break and time alone to think.

When they do come back, they move to the next level of commitment (which is usually marriage). What happens to the other 98 per cent? They move on and find other people to love. There’s something called “the scrappy syndrome”. You know how annoying dogs get when you “shoo” them away and almost immediately they come back, totally ignoring your wishes and command. People (both sexes) often exhibit traits of the scrappy syndrome after a breakup.

You say I don’t want you anymore, please don’t call me and all they do is call you, bog you, send people to beg you, come personally to beg you, cry for you and seriously piss you off.

You cannot be friends immediately after a breakup. Maybe later but not immediately. The person who got broken up with would not be as receptive as the person who did the breaking. You would both need time apart and alone to create a new identity and to get used to the idea that the other person is no longer in your life (the way he/she once was).

When something breaks, you can patch it back and it would stay for a very long time, but you would always remember it broke especially when you see the point where it was patched. To some, such a breakup signifies a depreciation in value and to others it signifies an appreciation in value (just knowing that they lost their way but were able to find each other again.)

Its called a breakup because something about the relationship was broken and it could either have been fixed or damaged for good. Ignoring the breakage (or the reasons for the breakage) doesn’t make it whole again but mending the breakage shows a willingness to restore it back to its original glory while accepting that something about it has changed. Forcing the object to mend would break something else and the more the breakage, the less likely it would be for you to get it back together in a semblance of something that could be looked upon. Be wise and realise than human-will usually cannot be forced.

This article is a compilation from different people who have experienced break ups and who are in relationships. Thank you all for your contributions and I respect your anonymity.
5  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photo: See The Shit Going On In Nollywood Films on: 22-10-2012 10:07 AM
Some Nollywood movie practitioners seems bent on denting the good image of the industry with their craze for nudity, inspite of the appreciable efforts of those who are really professional about the job.

The picture above is a screen shot from one of such Nollywood movies. As seen in the pix, the young lady, an up coming actress who will probably do just anything to get a movie role, is almost naked....

 Not surprising, this scene was acted by one actor that is now notorious for his roles in soft-porn movies in Nollywood,
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / I Don't Believe In Either Christianity Or Islam – Prof Wole Soyinka on: 18-10-2012 09:32 AM
The Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, spoke this week at the Hay Festival in Mexico. In an extract from his talk, he tells Peter Godwin that now is the time to tackle militants in Nigeria

 - Professor Soyinka, you’re not an ivory-tower kind of writer. You are not a stranger to danger, and in fact you’ve been imprisoned on at least two occasions, once in solitary confinement. Can you tell me what that was like?

 Writing in certain environments carries with it an occupational risk. When I was imprisoned, without trial, it was as a result of a position I took as a citizen. Of course I used my weapon, which was writing, to express my disapproval of the [Biafran] civil war into which we were about to enter. These were people who’d been abused, who’d undergone genocide, and who felt completely rejected by the rest of the community, and therefore decided to break away and form a nation of its own.

 Unfortunately, the nature of my imprisonment meant that I couldn’t practise my trade because I was in solitary confinement for 22 months out of the 27, and I was deprived of writing material. So I had to somehow break through the barriers, smuggle in toilet paper, cigarette paper, scribble a few poems, pass messages outside. I was able to undertake exercises to make sure that I emerged from prison intact mentally.

 - There have been high hopes for some African leaders after they were elected – Meles in Ethiopia, or Museveni in Uganda, or Kagame in Rwanda – but who then went to show a more authoritarian bent. Are you an Afro-optimist or an Afro-pessimist?

 I’m an Afro-realist. I take what comes, and I do my best to affect what is unacceptable in society. I’ve remarked how similar in many ways Mexico is to Nigeria, and to a number of places: we have the same condition of unstructured, unpredictable violence, both from the state and from what I call the quasi-state. Whether the quasi-state is formed, as its basis, of theocratic tendencies, or secular ideological rigidity, you always have forces, even outside the state, competing for the domination of people. That’s what’s happening on the African continent today. That’s what’s been happening in the Arab states and what led eventually to the Arab Spring. Gradually people come to the recognition after decades of supine submission that they are not whole as human beings.

 - Your parents were Christians, Anglicans, I understand. How has your own religious belief evolved?

 I consider myself very fortunate. I was raised in a Christian environment in Abeokuta, but another side of me was very much enmeshed in African values. I gravitated towards what I saw was a cohesive system of a certain relationship of human beings to environment, a respect for humanity in general. I came through a traditional system, where children not only had rights, but had responsibility. In the Western world today, especially in America, it seems to be forbidden for children to have responsibilities…

 I gravitated towards a deeper knowledge of the orisha, which represents the Yoruba pantheon, very similar in many ways to the Greek pantheon. You have reprobate deities, beneficent deities. I found that more honest than a kind of unicellular deity of either Christianity or Islam.

 I don’t know if you’ve been following the news, but just a few days ago some of these Islamic fundamentalists butchered close to 50 students of a technical college. I cannot imagine the religion I was brought up in having such complete contempt for human lives. And yet these are supposed to be the world religions. So that’s why I consider myself rather fortunate that I’ve been able to see what other religions had to offer.

 - How should Nigeria deal with the Boko Haram, the Islamic militants in the north of the country?

 All religions accept that there is something called criminality. And criminality cannot be excused by religious fervour. Let me repeat something I first said at the meeting organised by UNESCO a few weeks ago, which was prompted by the recent film insulting the religion of Islam and depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a very crass way.

 The first thing to say is that we do not welcome any attempt to ravage religious sensibilities. That can be taken for granted. But you cannot hold the world to ransom simply because some idiot chose to insult a religion in some far-off place which most of the world has never even heard of. This for me is a kind of fundamentalist tyranny that should be totally unacceptable. So a group calls itself the Boko Haram, literally: “Book is taboo”, the book is anathema, the book is a product of Western civilisation, therefore it must be rejected.

 You go from the rejection of books to the rejection of institutions which utilise the book, and that means virtually all institutions. You attack universities, you kill professors, then you butcher students, you close down primary schools, you try and create a religious Maginot Line through which nothing should penetrate.

 That’s not religion; that’s lunacy. My Christian family lived just next door to Muslims. We celebrated Ramadan with Muslims; they celebrated Christmas with Christians. This is how I grew up. And now this virus is spreading all around the world, leading to the massacre of 50 students. This is not taking arms against the state, this is taking up arms against humanity.

 - Is freedom of expression something you see as a universal right rather than as some Western construct?

 WS There are many cultures on the African continent where days are set aside, days of irreverence where you can say anything you want about an all-powerful monarch or chief. It’s a safety valve. It’s a recognition of freedom of expression, which perhaps has not been exercised, and bottled up grievances; this is the day when you express your grievances in society.

 So there is no society, really, which does not boast some form or measure of freedom of expression. Now, it’s true that freedom of expression carries with it an immense responsibility. Well that is why laws of libel exist – that when you carry things too far, you can be hauled up before the community, and judged to see whether you are right to call somebody a thief, or a hypocrite, and damage his reputation. But unless you establish that principle of freedom of expression, we might all just go around with a padlock on our lips.

 - Audience member: I read somewhere my freedom ends where your freedom begins. In Europe there have been cartoonists who have mocked the Prophet. Should they limit their freedom of speech?

 Religion is also freedom of expression. People want to express themselves spiritually. And they also exercise the right to try and persuade others into their own system of belief. Those nations that say it’s a crime to preach your religion are making a terrible mistake. All they’re doing is driving underground other forms of spiritual intuitions and practices.

 If religion was to be taken away from the world completely, including the one I grew up with, I’d be one of the happiest people in the world. My only fear is that maybe something more terrible would be invented to replace it, so we’d better just get along with what there is right now and keep it under control.

 The unrest which is taking place as a result of Boko Haram, in my view, has attained critical mass. When a movement reaches that state of total contempt even for universal norms, it is sending a message to the rest of the world, and to the rest of that nation, that this is a war to the end. The president of Nigeria is making a mistake in not telling the nation that it should place itself on a war footing.

 There’s too much honeypotfooting, there’s too much false intellectualisation of what is going on, such as this is the result of corruption, this is the result of poverty, this is the result of marginalisation. Yes, of course, all these negativities have to do with what is happening right now. But when the people themselves come out and say we will not even talk to the president unless he converts to Islam, they are already stating their terms of conflict.
7  Forum / The Buzz Central / Female Singer St Janet Catches her Husband Sleeping With Her Daughter on: 18-10-2012 09:27 AM
Notorious Lagos-based female singer, St. Janet (real names Omotoyosi Kayode Iyun) is not in the best of times as her marriage is on the verge of crashing due to serious troubles on the home front.

Despite her musical success, St Janet ’s happiness on the home front is fast turning into nightmares barely two months after marrying her heartthrob, Olukayode Samuel Iyun who incidentally is her band manager.

It was gathered that the stocky built singer has packed out of her matrimonial home following a shocking discovery by her about her husband sleeping with one of her daughters. The girl (name withheld) from St Janet ’s previous marriage was reported to have spent the last holiday with her mother and step-father at their Ilapo Estate, Alagbado home.
 St Janet was said to be happy at the opportunity of being reunited with her daughter who was before then staying with one of her relations. Unfortunately, her joy soon turned into despair as rumours started making the rounds about an amorous relationship between her daughter and her new husband.

All doubts about her suspicion were cleared recently when she allegedly caught her husband making love to her daughter whose age was put around 16 right inside her matrimonial home.

Sources close to the musician said the despicable act had thrown St Janet off-balance and dejected and she has swore never to forgive her man, Kay, as her husband is fondly called.

It was learnt that the development has forced the lewd singer to move out of her matrimonial home as she could not bear the shame which the incident had brought upon her. It was also disclosed that St Janet has temporarily moved to an hotel within the neighbourhood to fend off contact with Kay.

To say St Janet is enraged by the ugly incident is to say the least, she is completely devastated as she reportedly cancelled all engagements for about two weeks ostensibly to recover from the rude shock, a source added.

However, a close source to the singer is trying to down play the shameful incident. He said the only problem between the St Janet and her husband is a minor misunderstanding that might be resolved soon.
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Ex Super Eagles International Peter Rufai Slumped Last Night, Currently Unconsci on: 16-10-2012 04:48 PM
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Ex Super Eagles International Peter Rufai Slumped Last Night, Currently Unconsci on: 16-10-2012 01:06 PM
Former Nigerian international, Peter Rufai, last night slumped in his office in Lagos, and was rushed to Toki Hospital, off Adeniran Ogunsanya, after he suddenly collapsed....According to Journalist Mr Kayode Tijani,  “I just got a call now from Bruce who is the younger brother of soccer icon Peter Rufai,” Mr. Tijani posted on his Facebook page.

He further quoted Bruce as saying, “Kayode, just to let you know we have a situation on our hands.your friend, my brother Peter Rufai yesterday night just suddenly slumped at the office. We rushed him to Toki Hospital off Adeniran Ogunsanya where he is now. The doctors are doing everything possible though he’s not really come around yet and they don’t know yet what the real cause of the slump is. He’s been taking the death of our 78-year-old mum badly since last week. We are really praying here for his health.”

Peter Rufai, 49, who played for Nigeria between 1983 and 1998, returned to the country from his base in Europe to start a youth sports development programme. He had 65 international caps for the Eagles, according to his Wikipedia entry.

His mother, Christiana, died last week, leaving him devastated
10  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Oyo Government To Demolish Yinka Ayefele's N200m Home on: 8-10-2012 10:51 AM
The sensational singer, Yinka Ayefele got a rude shocker yesterday morning when he learnt that his N200m building will be pulled down by the Oyo State Government.

According to his publicist, Ayefele was not given any prior notice about the demolition and he was shocked to hear about it this yesterday morning.

The ibadan based singer, Ayefele went ahead to church and later went to perform at an event as if nothing happened but many people have continued to criticize Gov Ajimobi for his demolition policies.

His publicist writes, "This N200million edifice has in its belly, two magnificent halls, an internet radio station, a standard studio and several offices. It also provides job for about 100 people and that places it among top employers of labor in Oyo State. This is Yinka Ayefele Music House that has being marked for demolition by Oyo State government.

From the government quarters, "The government wants to expand the road to an 8-lane road being proposed by the state government. The road and the house will be affected and there is nothing anybody can do about it."
11  Forum / The Buzz Central / Oprah Winfrey Tops List as the Highest Paid Female Hollywood Celeb on: 4-10-2012 10:57 AM
It’s not too surprising to see Oprah Winfrey’s name top Forbes’ list of Hollywood’s highest-paid women this year. The TV star earned an estimated $165 million between May 2011 and May 2012 thanks to her now-defunct ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’, OWN TV network, satellite radio station, production company Harpo and O magazine, figures compiled by Forbes magazine for their Richest women in Entertainment list show.

Oprah’s fortune is a staggering $107 million more than the second-placed star on the list, newest ‘X Factor’ judge Britney Spears, who generated $58 million in the time period, $1 million more than Taylor Swift, who was named in third place. Rihanna and Ellen DeGeneres tied for fourth place, with each bringing in $53 million, with Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez tying just below them with earnings of $52 million. Rounding out the list is supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Katy Perry and Judge Judy Sheindlin, who all raked in $45 million.

Despite her huge earnings, Forbes warned Oprah may not retain the top spot next year because of the changes in her creative endeavours. The publication explained: ”Her net worth, which we peg at $2.7 billion, will keep her on our 400 list for years to come, but this might be one of the last years she tops our highest-paid women list. ”Winfrey was still earning money from her syndicated show during the time frame we used for this list, but she shut it down in May 2011 (reruns went through the summer She has yet to take a salary at OWN, so her sources of revenue are now the shows she produces through her Harpo production company, her satellite radio station and her magazine. ”But don’t cry for Winfrey — even though she’ll earn less than $165 million next year, she’ll still pull in enough to keep her on the list, even if she’s not at the top.”

Forbes magazine’s Richest Women in entertainment

1. Oprah Winfrey - $165 million

2. Britney Spears - $58 million

3. Taylor Swift - $57 million

4. Rihanna - $53 million

4. Ellen DeGeneres - $53 million

5. Jennifer Lopez - $52 million

5. Lady Gaga - $52 million

6. Gisele Bundchen – $45 million

6. Katy Perry – $45 million

6. Judge Judy Sheindlin – $45 million
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / PHOTOS: Barack and Michelle Obama celebrate 20 years of marriage on: 4-10-2012 10:54 AM
Who would ever think a woman like  Michelle Obama would forget her first wedding anniversary? Well she did!

Michelle, 48 recalled on ‘The View‘, ‘He asked me, ‘Well, what are we going to do on Saturday?‘ And I go, ‘What’s Saturday?‘ And it was our anniversary — I forgot. She says Barack’s response was quite ‘Cold‘.

20 years later, things have definitely changed: Michelle took to Twitter yesterday October 3 to wish her hubby a good one right after Barack hit her up on Twitter. ‘Twenty years ago today, I married the love of my life and my best friend. Happy anniversary Michelle. -bo‘, @BarackObama  tweeted.

Michelle responded ‘Happy 20th anniversary, Barack. Thank you for being an incredible partner, friend, and father every day. I love you! –mo‘.
13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Traditional Rulers Exchange Blows at Police Station on: 4-10-2012 10:41 AM
Back in the days and to an extent in this day, the position of a monarch is one that commands a lot of respect. But it seems two traditional rulers forgot who/what they are recently.

Traditional rulers in Itori, Ewekoro Local Government Area of Ogun State on Tuesday engaged each other in fisticuffs on the premises of the Divisional Police Headquarters in the area.

 Eyewitnesses said the monarchs, the Olu of Itori, Oba Akorede Akamo, and the Baale of Lapeleke, Chief Adisa Akinremi, were at the headquarters on the invitation of the Divisional Police Officer to resolve a dispute when the incident occurred.

It was learnt that Baale Akinremi had earlier lodged complaints with the police against Oba Akamo, whom he accused of disrupting a cultural ceremony organised by the people of Lapeleke on Monday night.

Oba Akamo, who was invited to the police to state his own side of the story, had gone to the police station when the incident occurred.

An eyewitness claimed that it was during the exchange of words on the vexed issue that Oba Akamo allegedly slapped Baale Akinremi who immediately retaliated.

The Owu people, who are the indigenes of Lapeleke Village, a neighbouring village of Itori, were said to be celebrating the annual Owu cultural and heritage renaissance festival when Oba Akamo allegedly led a group of people to disrupt the ceremony.

They were said to have shot sporadically into the air, resulting in a stampede during which several people were injured and property destroyed.

Confirming the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said the matter had been transferred to the command headquarters for further investigation.

Mr Adejobi, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, added that the Criminal Investigation Department had taken over investigation into the incident.
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / HIV Positive Woman Sues Husband For Denying Her Sex on: 4-10-2012 10:20 AM
A MAGISTRATE has thrown out an application by an HIV positive woman who wanted her husband to be compelled to have sex with her.

The woman, from Domboshava just outside Harare, told magistrate Miriam Banda at the Harare Civil Courts on Tuesday that her husband had not had sex with her for six months.

“This is a violation of my rights,” the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the magistrate.
 “He is not meeting my conjugal rights. When I married him, I did not choose to simply stay in his house eating sadza, but to enjoy sex with him.”

But the man told the court his wife had been unfaithful. “She went for HIV tests and she was tested positive. She now engages in so many segxwal activities with several men.

Even our child once informed me of men who sometimes come to my house having segxwal intercourse with her,” he claimed.

“She decided to chase away the child because he reported everything that she does.”
 Magistrate Banda asked him if the couple still shared a bed to which he replied: “Yes, we share the same bed, but nothing further.”

He also denied his wife’s claims that he had abused her, charging: “I am not violent, neither am I abusing her in any way. She even comes home drunk and she hosts parties without my knowledge. How do you expect me to have sex with her?”

The magistrate said courts could not force married people to have sex and advised the couple to file for divorce if their marriage has broken down.
15  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Sperm Selling Business Booming In Ghana on: 4-10-2012 10:19 AM
Sperm has become one of the hottest commodities being sold in Ghana and many parts of the world.

The target market for this new booming venture are couples suffering from male infertility, l*sbian couples, and single women who pay huge amounts of money to access it.

According to latest reports, sperm has become one of the hottest commodities being sold in Ghana. The target market for this new booming venture are couples suffering from male infertility, lesbian couples, and single women who pay huge amounts of money to access it.

“Selling of sperm is gradually becoming the new business frontier booming in Ghana because it has many uses in today’s society: making babies, sperm banks, and putting volume in limp hair in order to make it long,” a medical student at the University of Ghana Medical School, who sold sperm five times to a Fertility Centre in Accra for GH¢10, 000 ($5,280), told Economic Tribune (ET).

The medical student, who gave his name only as Mensah, said even though selling of sperm was a risky business, it was also rewarding as well.

“I use the proceeds from this business to pay my fees and also support my close pals. Who knows how long I will continue? But whatever happens, I know I can look back on many happy families that I have helped to create,” he stated.

Mrs Naomi Suame, a shop owner at East Legon and many parts of Accra, has been married for 15 years and has two children, none of whom biologically belongs to her husband.

“I discovered my husband was infertile when we got married after two years. But I wanted to experience motherhood. I decided to have artificial insemination. I have never cheated on him. I just got sperm from a willing seller and got two healthy babies. Is that not wonderful?” she asked. In the case of Naomi, she got a young man from the University of Cape Coast, paid him GH¢12,000 ($6,322) and took his sperm, which she used twice to get the babies.

“Sperm is one of the scared commodities for many of us. There is a high demand for it and many young men are going into this venture selling their sperm to help others, who needs it for one reason or the other,” Naomi explained.

Investigations conducted by ET revealed that due to the huge capital outlay of the process, women have now devised a way of beating the system by getting donors (sperm sellers) whom they take to the Fertility Centres for harvesting at a cheaper cost and then having the sperm induced in their uterus’s.
16  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / JAMB to Introduce Computer Based Tests for 2013 UTME on: 4-10-2012 10:16 AM
Every year, hundreds of thousands of students sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to gain entrance into Nigerian universities. The large number of candidates coupled with other logistics problems often makes conducting the exams quite a headache for the examination officials and the candidates.

Sometimes, problems are experienced in the areas of insufficient materials which often lead to missing scripts or missing results.

However, to curb this, the Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Prof. Dibu Ojerinde announced yesterday that three options would be introduced for the 2013 UTME.

Paper and Pencil Testing (PPT), Dibu Based Test (DBT), where questions would be presented on computers and answers would be on paper and Computer Based Testing (CBT) where both questions and answers would be done on computer.

When I first read the “Dibu Based Test”, I was confused until I realized he named it after himself. How interesting.

Mr Ojerinde stated that candidates were at liberty to choose one of the three options in the 2013 UTME.

According to him, candidates who chose the CBT option would get their scores a few minutes after writing the examination on their mobile phones.

“The internet age has come to stay with us hence as actors in the new age, you cannot afford to stay on the fence, you must be prepared to join the train or else you are left behind,” he told Daily Times.

This seems like quite a laudable initiative, but the question is this; is JAMB prepared to conduct Computer Based Tests for the hundreds of thousands of students who might opt for the new methods next year. In 2012, a total of 1, 503,931 candidates sat for the UTME and even though they were all Paper and Pencil Testing, there were still logistics problems.

I remember the last time University of Lagos tried to conduct Computer Based Tests for its Post-UTME candidates. With the few computers available compared to the hundreds of candidates, it was chaos. How then can JAMB conduct Computer Based Tests for hundreds of thousands of candidates across the country when some states obviously don’t have the resources to conduct the tests? Are they really prepared for this? I guess we’d just have to wait and see.
17  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Jonathan Is Battle Ready For Boko Haram on: 3-10-2012 10:15 AM
The claims by members of the opposition that President Goodluck Jonathan is afraid of Boko Haram has been dismissed by his 'attack lion'.

 But, surprisingly, when he was asked why the President increased the number of the Special Forces Battalion of the Brigade of Guards in Aso Rock, Dr. Doyin Okupe said it is because the Boko Haram is at war with the government and Jonathan needs to be safe.

 The Special Assistant to the President on Public Communication who stated this at a media briefing in Abuja on Tuesday, added that “The President was not and is not afraid of the sect. To say he celebrated the anniversary in his bedroom because of Boko Haram sect is an insult.

 “We are dealing with a very serious sect, Boko Haram, and I am surprised that people are asking why the President is ensuring that his security is beefed up.

 “Under this circumstance, the President is the commander-in-chief. When you go to war; the commander-in-chief is the one in charge.

 “When you go to war, in those days the man that carries the flag, when he falls down, that is the end of the war.

 “So, you have to make sure that he (the C-in-C) stands and stands erect. The fact that the security in the Villa is beefed up is borne out of necessity and circumstances.”

 It would be recalled that President Jonathan presented regimental colour to the newly established 176 Special Forces battalion of the Brigade of Guards at the Presidential Villa on Monday.

 The new battalion was said to have been established due to insecurity in the country.
18  Forum / The Buzz Central / FINALLY REVEALED!!! Lagbaja`s Face Unmasked!!! (PHOTO) on: 2-10-2012 11:56 AM
FINALLY REVEALED!!! Lagbaja`s Face Unmasked!!! (PHOTO)
19  Forum / The Buzz Central / BOMBSHELL: PFN Wants Tope Alabi to Name the Pastors Who Asked Her for Sex on: 29-09-2012 02:43 PM
This is funny, but that is what PFN, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, wants the gospel singer Tope Alabi to clarify. Tope recently granted an interview where she said, some notable Pastors have asked her for sex in the past. PFN is not pleased with this. They want her to mention names in other for them to be able to differentiate the bad eggs from the good ones.  

 Really? Who does that? lol Click to read their official statement after the cut…

 In a statement, the official wrote, “it is not impossible that a pastor pestered her for sex as she claimed, but she needs to come out and name such an individual in order to teach others a lesson and cleanse the body of bad eggs.

 Making such unsubstantiated claims on the pages of newspapers will not make any impact but rather bring shame to the body of Christ. She knows the proper channel to follow to report something like that.”
20  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / How I Launder Billions For 20 Powerful Nigerians –Boy Arrested With $7million on: 29-09-2012 02:22 PM
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arrested a suspected bulk currency courier, Abubakar Tijani Sheriff, for attempting to smuggle $7million out of the country.

Converted at the rate of N156 to a dollar, the money totals N1.1 billion. The commission also said that the suspect had confessed to being a money courier for no fewer than twenty powerful individuals in the country.

 The 24-year-old, according to a statement from the commission, was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos en route Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Sheriff is said to have been apprehended by EFCC operatives at the point of boarding a plane. The statement further said the suspect was being detained at the commission’s holding facility in Lagos, pending his arraignment in court.

Upon his arrest, the suspect was said to have declared that he had a total sum of $4.5million on him but thorough screening and search showed that he was actually carrying $7,049,444.

He later confessed that he is a courier for twenty individuals who hired him to courier the money for them to Dubai.

The statement reads in part: “Investigations by the EFCC showed that Sheriff is a regular traveller and one of several couriers of illegal cash suspected to be proceeds of crime. His claims in respect of his accomplices are still being investigated by the commission.

“Travellers leaving the country are statutorily required to declare cash in excess of $10,000. However, it is not sufficient to declare excess cash, under the provisions of the Money Laundering Act, the onus is on the person making the declaration to explain the source of the excess cash and the reason for the export.

“Experience has shown that bulk cash smuggling, the world over, are usually associated with proceeds of crime as legitimately earned funds are usually processed through the banking system.

“Our experience in the last few years indicates an emerging trend of bulk cash smuggling to Europe, Middle East and North America with the attendant consequence for capital flight.

“Some Nigerian citizens are routinely arrested at airports in Europe and North American for currency smuggling though no such arrests have been recorded in the Middle East. But in all cases, the money is lost as they are never repatriated back to the country.

“The Commission warns travellers who for any reason want to move bulk cash out of the country to do so through the banking system. Otherwise, they must be prepared to declare it and explain the source of the money.”
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