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Igboland’s booming baby business
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Written by SOC Okenwa
Friday, 20 July 2012

The Igbos are mostly found in south-eastern Nigeria. A great people with great culture and custom the republican lifestyle of the Igbos leaves them  as a strong people who value personal liberty and choices. Sometimes described by critics as generally difficult to rule or control based on this principle of rooted republicanism, the Igbos are fiercely independent .

Igbos go to great length to maintain family ties in the unique spirit of brotherhood — uncompromisingly attached to family values held sacrosanct for ages! This commentator is a member of this great community east of the Niger and he is indeed proud! Whilst that fact is established, it does not in any stretch of imagination prevent one from speaking the truth even if that truth is against the interest of my people.

Last March, I was navigating the internet one early morning, and I stumbled upon a news item. It was about the booming 'business' in Igboland of baby selling and buying! Security agents reportedly 'invaded' a so-called orphanage home in Anambra State where they made some arrests and freed some female 'hostages' -- some heavy with pregnancy!

Recently also, similar news item came up. The news was still about a raid carried out by soldiers in an orphanage in Aba, Abia State. The soldiers reportedly arrested six girls (some pregnant!) for alleged child trafficking while six babies were recovered from 'captivity'! According to the report, the owner of the home escaped arrest and was still at large!

The truth in this situation must be told, no matter whose ox is gored. The problem of child trafficking is not limited to Igboland. However, the difference here happens to be the propensity with which some Igbo men and women are desperate to 'buy' babies or use same for money rituals! While some couples are in need of babies to solidify their marital relationships, others desire new-born babies for the purposes of making satanic money!

In Igboland when you are married and bearing a child poses a problem, then one is in trouble! All sort of stories would be doing the rounds about the man’s impotency or the wife's past wayward lifestyle. The pressure from the village and elsewhere would force you to seek out a solution: visiting spiritual homes and pastors or going all the way to buying a baby, which would then be presented to everybody as yours! In this case of baby buying and selling a syndicate is involved; a network of baby-supplying chain linking the entire south-eastern states.

While the high cost of marriage in Igboland discourages eligible men from marrying and settling down, the unwritten rule that forbids a girl from having any child before marriage forces girls to either go for abortion in the event of an unwanted pregnancy or contemplate even selling off the baby once it is delivered is another problem. The situation is that serious and something must be done by elders in the villages to reduce the prohibitive cost of marrying our girls in the village or towns in Igboland.

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 Grin Grin Grin

17 pregnant teenagers arrested in Anambra baby factory

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chest beating  fake jewish osu igbos.....

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Osu caste system: The story of Nigeria's 'untouchables'
Andrew Walker
BBC News
Tue, 07 Apr 2009 09:30 UTC

Enugu, Nigeria -- Pastor Cosmos Aneke Chiedozie is about to make an admission that virtually no Nigerian like him would be prepared to make.

"My grandfather was an Osu," he says.

He is standing outside his church in Enugu, south-eastern Nigeria, clutching his Bible which he believes has saved him from being a marked man.

Among the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria the Osu are outcasts, the equivalent of being an "untouchable".

Years ago he and his family would be shunned by society, banished from communal land, banned from village life and refused the right to marry anyone not from an Osu family.

© BBC News
Cosmos Aneke Chiedozie wants to break the stigma of being 'Osu'Marriage

The vehemence of the tradition has weakened over the last 50 years.

Nowadays the only trouble the Osu encounter is when they try to get married.

But the fear of social stigma is still strong - to the point that most would never admit to being an Osu.

They fear the consequences for their families in generations to come or at the hands of people who still believe in the old ways.

It took the BBC a long time track down an Osu willing to talk, Igbo journalists, human rights advocates, academics and politicians could suggest no-one.

It was only by chance that Cosmos admitted his family were Osu after an interview with the Pentecostal church - known to oppose the tradition.

Now a born-again Christian, he has had a hard fight to escape the stigma of the Osu.


People say the Osu are the descendants of people sacrificed to the gods, hundreds of years ago.

But an academic who has researched Igbo traditions says he believes the Osu were actually a kind of "living sacrifice" to the gods from the community.

"I remember when I was a child, seeing the Osu and running away," says Professor Ben Obumselu, former vice-president of the influential Igbo organisation Ohaneze Ndi Igbo.

"They were banned from all forms of civil society; they had no land, lived in the shrine of the gods, and if they could, would farm the land next to the road."

"It was believed that they had been dedicated to the gods, that they belonged to them, rather then the world of the human," he said.

Nigeria's growing cities began to break down such traditions of village life, he says.

"If someone lives in Lagos these days, the only time a person may come into contact with it is when they are planning to get married. They go home to tell their families, their parents turn around and say, 'No you can't marry because they're Osu.'"

© BBC News
The Osu are considered to be 'living sacrifices" to spiritsInitiated

Cosmos' father had denounced the traditional beliefs that made him an outcast from society.

He raised Cosmos to be a Christian too, hoping the bloodline of the Osu would be broken.

But when Cosmos was a child his grandfather died and at around the same time Cosmos fell sick.

"The village said the reason I was ill was I was being possessed by the spirit of my grandfather, and he was angry that we had rejected the old ways," he said.

The village elders put pressure on his father to initiate Cosmos into the old traditions and culture.

It was either that, or he would die, they said.

So he left church, learnt about the spirits and his status in the village.


But this ostracism, he now believes, left him without "moral direction".

He became an itinerant smuggler and outlaw, bringing in goods illegally over Nigeria's northern border from Niger.

Eventually he was arrested and thrown in jail.

"It was in the prison yard that I was born again," he said.

"When I believed in the old ways, I could not marry or be part of my community," he said.

"Now I've been born again, I have rejected all that, and my wife, she is born again too, and doesn't care about it either."

His wife's family had also rejected the traditions of the Osu and did not object to their daughter's choice of husband.

Education advantage

Other Osu have been able to use the ostracism to their advantage, says Mr Obumselu.

Unable to make a way in village life, some Osu embraced "Western" education and became Nigeria's first doctors and lawyers, he says.

Consequently many of modern Igboland's prominent families are Osu.

So why does the stigma remain?

Mr Obumselu says the traditions have a lingering hold on people because they are not sure how much power the "old ways" still have.

Traditionally the Osu are treated as a people apart, but were never the victims of violence.

But today some community conflicts have erupted between people each accusing the other of being Osu, Mr Obumselu says.

"The continued belief in ritual avoidance has caused great harm to society, especially in Enugu."

Pentecostal churches, like Mr Chiedozie's, are having an effect and a growing population may also drown out the stigma of being Osu, says Mr Obumselu.

"After all, if in 1800 there might only be a handful of Osu in any place, in 2000 it may be a third of the village!"

  do jewish people have osu in them? Lips Sealed
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A member of Nigeria's House of Representatives has appeared in court, charged with conning a German businessman out of $350,000.
Morris Ibekwe was arrested on Wednesday by the anti-fraud commission in connection with a so-called "419" scam.

Nigerian conmen have become notorious for duping foreign businessmen into handing over large amounts of money, on the basis that they would receive millions of dollars later on.
ndi igbo kwenu.. 
jewish i hail......... Grin
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Quote from: kebella on 25-07-2012 01:42 PM
you  are the jobless nincompo Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry why are you here?ode
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Quotes from fellow igbos...

Kenny Ikenna ndi ugbo our brothers are disgracing us every here while making things very difficult for some of us doing geniue business.
Saturday at 3:13am · Like

Prosper Chinemeremu Okigwe this are one of the reason that we naija guys in out side dont normally say we a naija .... some say they come from Ghana, one say south Africa ,, and another say,, Liberia... lol i say...frommmmmm........ sorry naija .... government is bad ... my guy is not them fut....
Saturday at 3:42am · Like ·

Kenny Ikenna for some of you supporting this crime and blaming the government pls nigeria and somalia,zimbabwe, south sudan and other poor countries which one is better why are her citizens not into 419 , cyber crimes and all sort of criminality across the world like nigeria fools and shameless people. Travel out and see how stupid you would look like for presenting NIGERIA PASSPORT

Rubby Agu ‎@Kenny Ikenna thanks so much bros, u've actually spoke my mind. I wasn't so surprised seeing some nasty comments by our boys, coz i knw the stuff most of them are made of. It's only criminal minded people that thinks & carry out criminal activities...don't even go far, most of these crimes by Nigerians abroad are committed by Igbos & they don't care about the negative consequences it impacts on genuine people doing their legitimate businesses. Going through the comments here it's not hard to detect such wicked, irresponsible & criminal minded elements. SHAMELESS BASTARDS!!!
Saturday at 7:28am · Like ·

Kenny Ikenna going by the comments from some people on this page i can now see why kidnapping and all sot of crime persist in igbo land

Kenny Ikenna pls kill them all even if they are my brothers becos they are making things difficult for us doing genuine business outside nigeria
Saturday at 6:38am · Like · 3

Ijeoma DestinyChild Nwokocha I'm not suprised that most igbo boys here are supporting CRIME & FRAUD instead of condeming it. i think it runs in their BLOOD. They want 'fast' money while in Naija even when they get to another man's land, they stil want to make it in a fast way thereby 'TARNISHING' our country 's image. Are there no menial jobs to do to earn ur living over there. That brain they are using to calculate all these CRIMES, can't they use it to invent something that wil make them given awards of excellence? and be recognised the world over? This FACEBOOK we all are enjoying, is it not a 'young white guy' that came up with it? you are here SUPPORTING fraud & embarrassing NDI IGBO the more.....DISGUSTING ! ! !
Saturday at 2:40am · Like · 9

Kelechi Iheboro Kenneth i am proudly a yahoo guy..and have made much money 4rm it..even am stil enjoying the fun....what kills in this kind of business is simply GREED!!!...when greediness comes..then u are screwed....#be gentle as a Dove and be Wise as A Serpent#....ROGER THAT DUDES!!!
Saturday at 2:01am · Like
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Rumour/myth has it that nenwe of Enugu state people used to eat humans. too

have you ever wonder why there is no other tribe living  in igboland?
all other region has every ethnic group of nigerians living among them but not in igboland..
Abakaliki igbos from ebonyi state and Ngwa igbos from Abia enjoy eating human flesh..
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Five Nigerian drug traffickers arrested in India, Malaysia
 by Agency Reporter

Five Nigerians have been arrested for allegedly trafficking in drugs in India and Malaysia.
A 35-year-old Nigerian, Uche Sylvester, who used to traffic drugs between Mumbai and Delhi, was arrested in the capital and 100 grams of cocaine was recovered from him, the Times of India reported on Sunday.
Sylvester was arrested near the Delhi airport on Thursday while returning from Mumbai, police said on Friday.
Indian  Narcotics Control Bureau had earlier  arrested  three Nigerians for allegedly trying to smuggle out heroin worth Rs 2.50 crore from the Asian country.
Ude  Chidi and  Obumuneme Nwachukwu were arrested in New Delhi in separate alleged drug smuggling attempts.
Also, Ikechukuri Otuata, (32) was arrested after he was found in possession of 64g of cannabis.
He was arrested on Friday at the Saligao junction during routine late-night patrol by police sub-inspector Akshay Amonkar.
Since he was behaving suspiciously, the police team detained him for questioning and a search resulted in the discovery of 64g of cannabis  from him.
Otuata was later detained in police custody for further investigation.
Meanwhile, a  27-year-old Nigerian registered as a student of a private college in Kuala Lumpur since June last year, was found with 0.85kg of methamphetamine concealed in a special compartment in his laptop bag, New Straits Times reported on Sunday.
Malaysian custom chief Siti Baya said the man was detained by Customs when his laptop bag showed a suspicious image when it was scanned on his arrival from Lagos.

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lol jewish for real..........
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from igboist....
Ben Okoli: Our Universities and other tatiary institutions even in some cases secondary schools in South East have turned to a battle ground. Killing and maiming of innocent and hardworking students have become a daily occurance. Cultism is not only a threat to our youths (future leaders), but it has become endemic which if care is not taken, what Boko Haram is doing in the north will be a childs play to the havoc Cultism will do to our socio, economic and political emancipation of our Region in this shacky country, Nigeria. How can we stop or reduce the incidence of cult and cultism in our institutions..
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fake jewish.........

hummmmmmmmmmmm the real jewish don,t do this kind of stuff...

We also know that ibo people:

1) Most of them are 419'ers.
2) Most of them are into ritual killings, (Of which originated in ibo land i'e ogwugwu Deity etc,
3) Most of them sell fake drugs, i.e cough medicine etc, (leading to many fatal deaths)
4) Have the highest percentage of drug smugglers, (most drug dealers being sentenced to death or being beheaded in Asian and Islamic countries are ibo's)
5) Are one of the world's most ruthless people, (This can also be noticed in their very aggressive manner in talking and their day to day living)
 Most 419 ers in America from houston to dallas to new york has been mostly igbos
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ANAMBRA: Voters' Registration Centres Found in Evil Forest

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Revealed: How Big Boys Have Sex With Corpses To Make Money!


« posted : April 11, 2012, 12:04:02 AM (3 months ago) »


It is a unanimously agreed fact in most parts of Nigeria that moral decadence has set in and the society has lost both values and morals. The average youth is thinking about money and luxuries of life. Different forms of vices are being perpetrated by young people, incidentally, most of those things that used to be money spinners no longer yield much.

For instance, the Advance Fee Fraud is gradually fading out while the “Yahoo Yahoo” internet fraud business is no longer lucrative as it used to be. Most of those who were courageous enough to venture into armed robbery never lived to enjoy their loot. Those still alive are increasingly finding it difficult to operate because robbers keep losing their lives in shoot out with policemen.

Street Journal has found out that in the quest for the easy way out of poverty, a lot of young men between the ages of 18 and 40 have opted for money rituals. While greed is a major factor, some are believed to have decided to go into rituals because of oppression by the rich while many believe poverty is the main cause. A student of one of the tertiary institutions in Kwara State who spoke to Street Journal disclosed that “there are students who wouldn’t mind to hammer (hit big money) today and die the following week”. That is to what extent morals have been eroded.

Incidentally, the story is the same in most parts of Nigeria.

For instance, in Enugu and some other parts of the East, secret cults now thrive as they offer the youths temporary solution to their problems. These cult groups transcend the normal campus brotherhoods whose members are often used by rich politicians.  The newer form of secret cults boats of members that engage in esoteric ritual practices, human sacrifices inclusive. Street Journal’s investigations revealed that these cult groups have taken firm root in most big cities in the East. They now attract big boys who are seeking wealth, power and fame. Membership most times is made up of politicians, professionals, top civil servants, big time merchants; captains of industries, even clergymen are not left out.

Most people in the east adduced the growth of such money making cults to the average belief of the Igbo man in juju or “ogwu” as it is called in the local parlance. That aside, many people became members in order to protect themselves from enemies and to seek total victory over them. The medicine men who anchor most of the groups are believed to be capable of waging spiritual warfare against whoever opposes them.

Street Journal also found out that in order to prevent the groups from dying out, the older members embark on recruitment drives once in a while through which they woo prospective members. Poor young men are preferred in most cases and they are given promises of stupendous wealth if they can would perform rituals that will initiate them into membership.

Though some walk away, a lot of young men have been enticed by the promise of wealth. At times the prescribed ritual may involve the sacrifice of a loved one like a parent, sibling or spouse. Investigations also revealed that the conclusion of the ritual signals the beginning of the entanglement of the newly initiated member and a lifetime bond is formed. This is achieved via subtle blackmail as the cult normally has evidence of the new initiate performing the ritual either in a photographic or video form, though this is often unknown to the initiate.

Such pieces of evidence never find their ways out except the member decides to dump the group. They are also often used as a means of controlling members and ensuring that they do not deviate from the group’s objectives thus serving as a back up to the blood covenant taken by each and every member.

Some years ago, one Amaechi, a Lagos based businessman was required to bring his mother for rituals. He went to his hometown in Abia and told his kinsmen that he was taking “Mama to Lagos for medical examination”. The old woman however died in mysterious circumstances. The man hardly visits his hometown now because he would be forced to explain the circumstances surrounding his mother’s death.

Some very desperate members have professed their preference to die young as long as they die rich. There were speculations years ago that that a rich young Igbo businessman who died at 44 years belonged to this category. He incidentally left 44 houses behind, he had also prepared his burial site before he passed on.

For some others, the practice of having sex with a corpse is recommended. This is said to be one of the most potent rituals in money making. In some cases however, money seekers are ordered to have sex with lunatics. A rich trader was caught pants down with a mad woman in Ogbete Main Market in Enugu about three years ago.

It has also been observed that sudden transformation often takes place in the lives of members of such cults. People that had been known to be poor would suddenly become rich and they acquire choice properties all over. The trend for covering up the spiritual background of their wealth is to start up businesses, but these days, most of them enter politics and even run for elective offices.

Incidentally, most of these cult groups do not forbid their membrrs from attending churches. Street Journal’s investigations revealed that they use that as an effective way of covering up their deeds and blending well into the society. Members are even encouraged to use their wealth to efect their rise in religious sectors so that as leaders, their tracks would be well covered.

It is however unfortunate that most of those who make their money through such channels are often cut down in their prime, and once someone is initiated, there is no going back.

In Ibadan and other big cities in the south west, a considerable increase has been observed in the number of lunatics roaming the streets. Investigations have howefer revealed that not all md men on the streets are genuinely mad. a certain money ritual is said to be in vogue which involes the money seeker going crazy for a specific period of time after which the remaining rituals wold be caried out. investigations revealed that most of those who go for this method prefer going to towns where they are unnknown to serve their period  of madness. The only risk however is that those not destined to be rich may remain incurably mad.

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okija shrine the land of fake jewish........
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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