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1  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Domestic Abuse: How My Fiance Poured A Pot Of Boiling Stew On Me [Photo] on: 15-02-2013 02:37 PM
Police na police anytime..............truth no dey their mouth
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: WHAT!!! Woman Steals Baby During Night Vigil In Church on: 25-09-2012 11:19 AM
U think say u can fool God?
3  Forum / Religion / Re: Pix: Thousands Of Shiites In Kaduna Protest Anti-Islam Movie On Prophet Mohammed on: 25-09-2012 10:13 AM
Na now dem wake up............set of cows. Wat are they protesting for, they dont even know. Ndi iberibe
4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: FAMILY OF FIVE PERISHED IN AUTO CRASH on: 22-09-2012 07:40 AM
Its a pity
5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: 7-Up Manager Slumps And Died In Hotel Room While With Junior Staff In Edo State on: 21-09-2012 09:30 AM
 Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Wife Accidentally Kills Husband In Blaze By Leaving Hot Hair-dryer on His Bed on: 14-09-2012 09:00 AM
 Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: (Lesbi?) TONTO IS MY BABY-RUKKY SANDA CONFESSED! on: 14-09-2012 08:43 AM
Quote from: santex on 14-09-2012 07:20 AM
Tonto very soon we go hear say u and Rukky don fight.
very soon
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: (Lesbi?) TONTO IS MY BABY-RUKKY SANDA CONFESSED! on: 14-09-2012 08:41 AM
na their palava
9  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: HELP!!! "I’m Attracted To My Dad" - Girl Confesses on: 13-09-2012 10:32 AM
U are not ok.............carry belle for him now if u dont know wat else to do. MUMU
10  Forum / Politics / Re: Warri girl went to see slained robber, turned out he was her beau! on: 12-09-2012 12:38 PM
See how you just wasted your life.............Fellow ladies, make we try they know wetin our bobo them dey dooooooooooo, its necessary.
11  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: She Is The Witch That Is Causing Of My Wretchedness In Life-Man Accuses His Wife on: 10-09-2012 08:26 AM
All these soothsayers, chai..........they don tear homes finish. The hearing is today, we will hear then.
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Newly Married Couple Sends Best-man To Prison Over Wedding Suit on: 30-08-2012 09:11 AM
Nawa oooooooo, see the kind of person wey be bestman...............this one na WORSTMAN.
13  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: SHOCKER: We Faked Fraud and Wife Beating Allegations - Ksolo & Wife [Video] on: 28-08-2012 04:28 PM
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: W*A*H*A*L*A D*E*Y O! Kaduna Bombed Again! on: 15-08-2012 11:50 AM
Saw it on the National News yester so them go they bomb themselves.
15  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Super Hot Snaps Of Hot Nollywood Star, Collette Nkem Orji on: 14-08-2012 10:33 AM
Like say news don finish ooooooooooo
16  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: What intimate Xmas gift will you give your partner? on: 13-08-2012 11:57 AM
WILL BLOW HIM A KISS...................
17  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Delta State Man Arrested For Trying To Set His Church Ablaze on: 9-08-2012 03:08 PM
Mumu wan try God
18  Forum / Politics / Re: WOMEN. 21 WAYS TO LOVE UR HUSBAND!!! on: 25-07-2012 08:04 AM
19  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Photo of the Day : Nigerian Army Punishment on: 21-07-2012 07:38 AM
Na em make wen dem dey punish person, dem go think say we all be army
20  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: 30 dead, 5 rescued in fresh tanker explosions in Rivers State - PH on: 20-07-2012 05:43 PM
NOT AGAIN  Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
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