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41  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Doctor Awarded $10m To Find Vaccine For AIDS on: 6-08-2012 12:10 PM
David Watkins, Ph.D., professor and vice chair of research in the Department of Pathology, University of Miami, Leonard Miller school of medicine, has been awarded a $9.9 million grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to develop an HIV vaccine.

With his new five-year grant, Watkins and his team will investigate ways to make an effective vaccine against HIV using the yellow fever vaccine.

With approximately 30 million people living with HIV, an effective vaccine against the virus is among the world’s top public health priorities, and Watkins already has played a key role in uncovering how some rare HIV-infected humans control replication of HIV, a finding which could lead to novel vaccine strategies.

“We will be exploring the idea that we can insert fragments of the AIDS virus into the yellow fever vaccine and use this to induce immune responses against the AIDS virus,” Watkins explained.

This work cuts across national boundaries and includes a long-standing collaboration with a group from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, home to leading experts and producers of the majority of the world’s supply of the yellow fever vaccine. Watkins also will collaborate with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative in New York and the Scripps Institute in California.

Watkins joined the Miller School faculty this year, becoming a key member in its acclaimed HIV/AIDS research program, which was recently recognized by the National Institutes of Health as Florida’s first and only Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), a prestigious designation awarded to only 21 of the nation’s most prolific and promising AIDS research institutions.

With its new designation, the Miller School’s Developmental Center for AIDS Research is transitioning to a full CFAR and will receive a significant increase in NIH funding – nearly $7 million over five years – to enhance existing research and nurture new research in HIV/AIDS.

Richard J. Cote, M.D., professor and the Joseph R. Coulter Jr. Chair of Pathology, said the department is extremely pleased that Watkins has joined its expanding faculty.

“He is a real leader in the department’s efforts to help solve some of the most complex medical problems facing people throughout the world and a tremendous asset to the already world-renowned HIV programs at the Miller School. Dr. Watkins’ work in HIV/AIDS and dengue fever research has the potential to impact the lives of millions of people.”

Further underscoring the Miller School’s stature as one of the nation’s leaders for the treatment, research and prevention of HIV, NBA legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s Magic Johnson Enterprises announced in June it was partnering with the Miller School and Simply Healthcare Plans’ Clear Health Alliance to provide high quality medical services to the growing number of Medicaid-eligible people with HIV/AIDS in Miami-Dade County, which leads the nation in the number of new AIDS cases per capita.
42  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Public servants beseige Controller And Accountant General's Department For Non P on: 6-08-2012 12:08 PM
A large number of public servants on government payroll besieged the Cape Coast office of the Controller and Accountant General's Department, CAGD for non-payment of their July salaries.

The workers, most of them from the health, education and local government services did not have their accounts credited to their accounts at the various banks when they checked.

Reasons cited included failure to register during the recent biometric registration conducted for government workers by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department.

Meanwhile, some others who registered did not also have their salaries.

The situation resulted in a near stampede as the workers struggled in a queue to either register or enquire about the reason for the delay of their salaries.
43  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Students Sue Methodist University College on: 6-08-2012 12:04 PM
Eighty-three students who were withdrawn from the Methodist University College, Ghana, have sued the university, the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and the Ministry of Education, seeking a declaration that their purported withdrawal was unlawful and against their constitutional rights.

They are further seeking an order of injunction against the university whether by itself, agents or privies from re-opening the school for the 2012/2013 academic year on August 17, 2012, until the final determination of the suit.

The plaintiffs are also seeking a perpetual injunction directed at the defendants to restrain them from interfering with the plaintiff’s right to equal educational opportunities and facilities as citizens of Ghana, and a further order to permit the plaintiffs to continue their education in the Methodist University College.

The writ was filed by Puozuing & Associates, an Accra-based legal firm, at the Accra Human Rights High Court on July 25, 2012.

In their statement of claim, the plaintiffs described themselves as students of the Methodist University College, Ghana until they were withdrawn in June, this year, while the NAB was a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament and responsible for the accreditation of both public and private institutions in respect of the contents and standards of programmes run by the institutions.

The university, according to them, was a private tertiary institution registered under the laws of Ghana and certified by NAB to provide tertiary education to the public, while the Ministry of Education was also responsible for education in Ghana.

The plaintiffs said the university caused a publication to be carried out in the Daily Graphic of Friday, January 7, 2012 to the effect that suitably qualified candidates could enrol for admission in the 2011/2012 academic year.

According to the plaintiffs, based on that public advertisement, they applied for and obtained admission to the university to pursue their respective programmes for the 2011/2012 academic year.

They said they were issued with admission letters and student identity cards after they had paid tuition fees, which ranged between GH¢1,400 and GH¢2,686 or more depending on the course offered to them by the university.

The former students said that at all material times, they acted in good faith and had complied with the admission requirements published by the university in the Daily Graphic advertisement.

They said the university represented to them in the said advertisement that they qualified for admission and had so admitted them to the university and acknowledged receipt of their tuition fees.

The plaintiffs said the purported attempt by the defendants to withdraw them from the university without any fault on their part was in flagrant disregard for their constitutional right to equal opportunities as citizens of Ghana.

They said until and unless the court intervened, the defendants had evinced a clear intention to withdraw them from the university without a just cause.
44  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Man Marries Three Wives In Church on: 6-08-2012 12:00 PM
While Nigerians pastors are blessing and ordaining thieves in the Church, buying fleets of cars, jets and building empires, Zairean pastors are doing as well, blessing as many as three women to one man.

The good thing is that they all quote from same bible.
45  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Woman Kills Aunt Over Utility Bills on: 6-08-2012 11:58 AM
A 28-year-old woman has allegedly stabbed her aunt to death at Nsoatre in the Sunyani West District of the Brong Ahafo Region during a quarrel between them over electricity bills.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening when the suspect, Abena Henewaa, 28, heaped insults on her aunt, Ama Yeboah, 38, a farmer, for her inability to pay electricity bills amounting to GH¢10.36 for the months of May and June 2012.

The electricity bills were for the room which the deceased, the suspect, as well as the suspect’s mother, shared.

Ama Yeboah, who could not stand the insults, approached the suspect to find out how much she was supposed to pay.

However, a scuffle ensued between them and Henewaa, who was then holding a sharp knife, stabbed her aunt in the chest, resulting in her death.

Ama Yeboah was first rushed to the Nsoatre Health Centre and was later referred to the Regional Hospital in Sunyani where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The suspect has since fled and the police have mounted a search for her.

The Station Officer of the Nsoatre Police, Inspector R.K. Atanga, confirmed the story and said the police had mounted a search for the suspect.
46  Forum / Politics / Northern Youth Attend Inter-Party Dialogue Meeting In Tamale on: 6-08-2012 11:56 AM
About 80 youth drawn from the three northern regions have attended a day’s Inter-Party Youth Dialogue Committee’s (IPYDC’S) meeting in Tamale.

They came from Tamale, Yendi, Gushegu, Buipe, Bimbila, Bawku, Bolga and Wa.

The meeting spearheaded by the West Africa Network for Peace building, WANEP-GHANA was under the theme, “Promoting party youth relationships for peace in 2012.”

It formed part of WANEP-Ghana’s early preparations aimed at ensuring violence free elections in the three regions of the north.

The National Coordinator of WANEP-Ghana, Justin Bayor reminded the participants of their responsibility to act as “Ambassadors of peace” in their localities.

He tasked them to work hard towards convincing their peers to co-exist peacefully as the best means of minimizing political tension in their respective communities.

Mr. Bayor also urged them to assist the security agencies to save lives and property pre and post the election period.

The Technical Adviser of GIZ, Sandra Jensen encouraged the participants to reaffirm their loyalty to peace building at all times.

She said the GIZ and its partners are committed to creating employment for the Ghanaian youth but only in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.
47  Forum / Politics / Prez Mahama Must Institute An Independent Investigation Into The Death Of Mills on: 6-08-2012 11:54 AM
Movement for Equal Rights and Justice wish to send its message of condolence to the bereaved family of our late President, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, who died at the 37 Military Hospital on Tuesday, 24th July, 2012.

We also wish to call on the President, H.E. John Dramani Mahama to immediately institute an independent investigation into the strange and unprecedented death of our late President Mills.

There have been several insinuations regarding the president’s death. Rumors roaming around have it that, at the time the President collapsed at the Castle, the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) had stopped working. Also when he was being taken to the 37 Military Hospital, no dispatch rider was available at the Castle.

What is exasperating in this tragic death is that, at the time they got to the Hospital, the handlers told the Hospital officials that it was a Senior Government official who had been involved in an accident. According to the report, the late President was also taken to the maternity ward.

This would be unfortunate if it is ascertained to be true. Ghanaians must know the truth and it should be fast without any shred of delay. Until the demise of the late president, many Ghanaians knew of his ill-health but did not expect his death at around this time. Many concerned Ghanaians were asking of the condition of the President. But some elements within the Castle would not spare anyone who dared to know the truth.

No less a person than Nana Akufo Addo, was vilified and maligned for wishing his former class mate well, when he decided to visit the United States of America for a routine check- up.

We believe that there are many questions to be answered, and some people must be held responsible, if the rumor roaming about it the truth!
Thank you.
48  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Where Do We Lay Of Dearly Departed President Mills To Rest? on: 6-08-2012 11:51 AM
The story has been told, I do not know how true, that a former Governor-General of the Gold Coast, who was born in Galt in Canada was buried twice!

One of the chiefs of the Gold Coast, Nana Sir Ofori-Atta had travelled to the Britain and inquired where this great Governor of the Gold Coast, who built Achimota School, KorleBu Hospital and the Takoradi Harbour, had been buried and when he was taken to the grave he was not too happy with what he saw.

He therefore got contributions from the chiefs and people of the Gold Coast and they buried him in a proper cemetery at Bexhill on Sea. – Oh how we Ghanaians love to honour our leaders when they are dead after giving them so much aggravation when they are alive.

Another head of state, I am told was also buried three times. I suspect that Osagyefo was initially buried in Guinea and then at Nkroful, his home town but he is now resting peacefully at the mausoleum in Accra at the site of the Old Polo grounds where he had declared independence for Ghana. This mausoleum gifted to us by the Chinese to signal their aggressive entry into the construction business in Ghana.

How and where we bury our dearly departed President Mills is very important and the fact that it has excited so much discussion suggests that there is a need to formulate policy on what happens when a head of state passes on. Of course a dead president must be accorded a fitting state burial but this issue of whether the body belong to the family first before the state, and whether it is the matrilineal or the patrilineal family that must take the decision needs to be resolved.

It is my opinion that the committee needs to do a lot more work before President Mills is laid to rest and must revisit their decisions yet again after consulting more widely with all relevant interests in the matter of his burial.

Years ago I read an interesting essay in ‘Talking Drums’ a well written news magazine produced by some excellent Ghanaian journalists who were in exile in London. The article centred on what it takes for nationhood to take roots in a newly independent country. The writer had suggested that for a very long time, the township of Tema, built to house the workers that would support the accelerated industrial development policy of the Osagyefo, did not have a cemetery because of the practice of taking people back to their home towns for their final funeral rites and interment. The small cemetery in Tema Manshia was reserved only for the Tormabii or indigenes of this gourd village.

The building of the cemetery in Tema signalled the start of true nationhood in our country because it challenged the notions that people needed to be taken back to their hometown when they passed on. They could now be buried anywhere as the Ga adage suggests – shikponko shikponko ekpooo gbonyo – no ground rejects a dead body. The return ticket you come into the world with does not necessarily mean back to your village or where you were born.

Funerals however are the stuff of Ghanaians, we make so much of a fuss, the quarrels, the demands, the spite, the ultimatums come to the fore as we gather to meet and deliberate on the final obsequies. The writing of the obituary is always a problem, who should be mentioned first, the obligatory mention of the chiefs who may or may not even know the departed, the order of the chief mourners and whether in the other categories all should be mentioned or just truncated to brothers and sisters which has now been rendered to siblings.

The Ga meet three times and dispense with the nawotwida and it is a serious offence to leave out anyones name even if the space on the poster does not allow all names. Funerals bring all together to honour the departed but also to provide an opportunity for families to come together and for friends that one has not seen for a long time to attend and sympathise. You need to be invited to an outdooring but there is absolutely no need to be invited to a funeral, you hear about it and you attend and the intention is to help defray the costs of the burial and to make merry in the gbonyo party.

Of course where a person gets buried is important to the family – there is a need to visit the grave to do the one year, five year, ten year and even the twenty five year anniversary celebration of the demise. So it has to be closer where all the family members can easily congregate. Most young men of my time will remember their parents cautioning them to marry closer to home because they did not want to have to cross many rivers to far flung places in their journey to attend funerals of their in laws and other relatives as custom demands.

Now in the spirit of nationhood people can be buried anywhere and the preferred place for most is Osu cemetery whether or not they were born at Osu. No wonder there is no more space in Osu and dead bodies are being buried on top of each other and the older dead are being dug up. Perhaps this is the time to consider building cemeteries for our statesmen and the people.

This issue of matrilineal and patrilineal will not be solved today. The Fante, I am told are matrilineal though the father names the child and so it is the father’s village that the body should be returned to and this has been a source of a lot of conflict and expense for some. Very few people are buried without a quarrel with their family or within their family as there is no script regarding wishes of the departed.

In one harrowing case that I know of, an injunction was placed on the body by the children and we attended the church service without the body and because the hall for the reception had already been hired and the food prepared and paid for, some decided to attend the reception despite the fact that they body was not buried. In another case, the relatives came and stole the body after the church service and took it to the village for burial.

A colleague of mine in the UK assumed that because their parents came from the same village, or so they were told, their mother would be buried in the same place as their father in the house that he had built. They learnt with shock that their mother came from the next village and since she had not built a house in her village, they the children had to build the house before they could bury her. They had to keep the body in the fridge for the two years it took for them to build the house before they could take her home for burial.

It is so sad that the unity of the nation in grief on the death of the father of our nation, President Mills is being broken by the dissenting voiles and the cloud of confusion surrounding his burial place. On one hand the people of GaMashie are complaining that the date coincides with their Homowo Festival although, truth be told, Osu will celebrate the festival at a later date, there are others who suggest that the ground is heavy – shikpon etsii, whatever that means, and that the burial has been caught in the traditional Homowo festival calendar nonetheless. I do not have a view one way or the other about the Homowo issue but I am concerned at the speed of the burial and I am also concerned that this discussion of where the president must be buried has spilled into the public domain. Surely this must be a sign that the funeral committee have not been thorough in their deliberations and decision making.

My little learning in management school tells me that informed decisions are based on experience, expertise and research. Maybe there are many in the funeral committee who have expertise on burials but they should have impressed on the family that the president because of his high office belongs to the nation as a whole and that in death it is the government responsibility to supervise over his funeral and his burial.

What has been the experience of our former heads of state? Nkrumah had a triple burial as I have suggested; I believe that Busia have been buried in the United Kingdom where he died and Limann asked to be taken to his village after the state funeral for a burial by his family and Ankrah was probably buried at Osu. The others, Afrifa, Acheampong and Akuffo were shot at the firing squad in Teshie so I cannot speculate as to what happened to their bodies.

Some research on what obtains in other countries may be helpful to help us adopt and adapt their practices with our tradition. For instance have President Jerry John Rawlings or President Kufour been asked where they wish to be buried?

The Mausoleum is out, it belongs really only to Nkrumah and his wife. The Jubilee or Flagstaff House is a bit scary knowing that dead bodies are around may distract the sitting president. I mean working in a cemetery or close to a cemetery provides one with a daily reminder of the inevitable and there are those of us who are petrified to the extent that we would not wish to walk by a cemetery at night. A friend was once locked in a cemetery in London and lived to tell the tale though he is now more careful about his timekeeping. I continue to tell him that white ghosts are not that scary, having lived in ‘Blofo ashi e’, Jamestown British Accra where my maternal family house shared a wall with the old white people cemetery and where as small boys we developed a cottage industry of sorts fashioning dice for playing Ludo out of the marble stones.

One of the most solemn and dignified funerals I have ever witnessed on television was that of Princess Diana, after the service and the outpouring or gushing of grief, she was taken in the cortege with the people lining the streets to be buried in their family plot on their vast estate.

I sincerely believe that there is only one choice and this must be made into policy; dead presidents must be taken to their villages for burial after a state funeral as this will be an inspiration to others in the village or town to aspire to higher office and the government must ensure that a fitting memorial is built in the village to our first president who has ever died in office.

But maybe the decision of President Mahama is an inspired choice after all and Geese Park will in time be developed as a Mausoleum for past presidents.
49  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Armed Robbers Hack Woman To Death on: 6-08-2012 11:47 AM
A 53-year-old woman was killed by suspected armed robbers at Kojo Beedu in Winneba on Wednesday night.

Hilaria Treve was hacked to death with an axe in her bedroom.

The investigator in the case, Detective Inspector Matthew Avemee, who confirmed the story to, said the incident happened in the deceased's house at 7.30 p.m. Treve was in the housewith her daughter and another elderly woman..

According to the Investigator, the three were in the house when they heard a big bang on their door.

The daughter opened the door and six suspected armed robbers entered the house and began shooting indiscriminately.
“They (the six robbers) then went to Treve’s bedroom,” he said.

He said the robbers then came out, got into Treve’s car and drove away, but when Treve’s daughter entered her mother’s bedroom, she saw the mother lying in a pool of blood, having been hacked.

Detective Inspector Avemee said after escaping from the Kojo Beedu residence with the deceased’s vehicle, the robbers abandoned it at Akrama, a town near Akoti Junction on the Winneba-Kasoa Road.

The police, he said, later retrieved the vehicle but without its battery.

The police are still investigating the matter, while the body of the deceased has been deposited at the Police Hospital mortuary.
50  Forum / The Buzz Central / Sarkodie Falls In Love With Lousika on: 3-08-2012 06:18 PM
Ghana’s King of the Mic, Sarkodie, who is now crowned as the Best International Act (Africa) at this year’s Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards ceremony has fallen in love with Boss Chick Lousika at kluemonsta Studio.

The two were found expressing the love they have for each other on a beat which could possibly win an award.

According to Lousika, the new single “NEED YOUR LOVE” with Sarkodie will be one of the best collaboration ever to hit the music industry.

“Once again, 2131RECORDS has done it again; trust me this single will explode in the music industry like never before. To my lovely fans, this is just the beginning of better things to come” she said.

Adding, “I am so excited working with the reigning BET award winner on my latest single”.

Sarkodie won this award together with the Nigerian artiste Wizkid at the just BET Awards which came off at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

The two beat off competition from Iceprince (Nigeria), Camp Mulla (Kenya), Mokobe (Mali) and Lira (South Africa) to win the award which was jointly won by Nigerian artistes, D’banj and 2 Face Idibia last year.

Boss Chick Lousika who for some time now is making waves on the Ghanaian music scene after releasing two new singles “HANDS UP” and “TAKE OVER” have earned her many accolades from artistes in and around Ghana.

Nevertheless her determination to be the best female Hip-Hop artiste in Ghana and beyond has gained her some stage appearances just ended Ghana meets Naija and the Demarco “I LOVE MY LIFE” concept and many more.
51  Forum / The Buzz Central / Sarkodie And DJ Champagne To BBA Stargame Finals on: 3-08-2012 06:09 PM
Although Ghana is out of the running for the $300,000 prize money for Big Brother Stargame, YFM’s DJ Champagne and the award winning rapper, Sarkodie will do the nation proud on the final weekend of the reality TV show.

On Saturday, August 4, the Big Brother House will come alive with incredible tunes when DJ Champagne storms the house to work the turntables during the housemates Saturday night party. He will be supported by DJ Exclusive, who returns to the show by popular demand.

DJ Champagne will also play on stage at the Big Brother Finale show the following day, August 5 and also at the after party on the same evening.

Since 2009, DJ Champagne has been the disc jockey for the YFM drive time show; “Dryve Of Ur Life”. Apart from the weekday show, the multitalented DJ also plays on YFM’s hugely popular Saturday afternoon student related program known as “Y – Xpress”.

Nicknamed the music connoisseur, DJ Champagne has played at several big concerts and high profile parties in Ghana.

Also performing on the finale show will be the recent BET Award winner, Sarkodie. He will be joined by some of Africa’s leading music acts including Navio, Naeto C and others.

Tune in to DStv Channel 197 & 198 24/7 to catch DJ Champagne and the Big Brother StarGame finale action, powered by Coca Cola. And keep voting.
52  Forum / The Buzz Central / Van Vicker Goes Hard On Movie Producers on: 3-08-2012 06:07 PM
Top Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker has advised movie producers to desist from demanding favours from actors and actresses. He says it is “unfair” for producers to refuse payment to actors on the basis that they moulded them into the field of movie acting.

Van Vicker made these observations when he appeared on Ghana’s flagship programme, Awake Thursday morning. He was speaking on the sidelines of his new movie production, Hands Of Time, scheduled to be premiered at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra on Friday, August 2.

Expressing his thoughts further on the manner in which movie producers take advantage of actors, Van said “I give some favors out there. Let’s say the guy who probably directed my first movie or the one who gave me my first opportunity. But you can’t continue to do that because at the end of the day you have bills to pay and that’s something a little wrong if some producers are still doing it.”

He also had a word of advice for his colleague actors and actresses as well as upcoming ones.

“No one makes anyone its God. We are God’s vessel and nobody should take credit for that. You can do one time favour but it shouldn’t be continuous,” he said.

The 35-year old also dismissed rumors that he has settled in Nigeria: “It’s absolutely not true. I haven’t moved to Nigeria. I reside in Ghana, I live here. I went out there to do a few jobs. But the whole idea is to take my brand; the Van Vicker brand global. It’s not about wanting to be out there for being there sake.”

When host Rashida Nasamu probed further stating that news had it that his managers had pushed him to Nigeria because Ghanaian producers couldn’t pay him, the one-time Afro-Hollywood Award winner stressed that, “It’s so not true. I don’t know where you heard or read that. I prefer to work where I have a good script and where it will take me.”

Nevertheless, he didn’t refute the fact that Nigerian producers pay more than Ghanaian producers.

He stated: “It’s all about the industry and how booming it’s going because if we are here and the industry is booming, you expect to be paid more because our producers will be producing more due to demand. But if the industry is still taking baby steps then obviously, we all have to be considerate. I can tell you for a fact that fees that actors and actresses where taking some two to three years back is not the same now. It’s gone up.

Van Vicker has been in several movie productions since the last decade. He has also produced some movies such as Friday Night and Raj which were released in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Van, who directed and took a role in his latest movie stated that his latest movie, Hands of Time, attests that taking two roles is a really “tough” venture.

“But I think I have been preparing for this. It’s not the first time but I think I have mature; I’ve grown into it so it wasn’t as bad as my first attempt. I want to believe that probably my next movie that will be shot in August and November will make me even more experienced,” he added.

He also expressed excitement about the fact that new producers were emerging in the industry. He said,“I love the idea that we can embrace new producers because I believe it’s about job creation. The more producers we have, the more technical people we can employ, the more actors and actresses that can get job and that’s a bigger picture for our job industry.”

He, therefore, entreated other producers to get involved, but advised that they never compromise with standards.
53  Forum / The Buzz Central / Kiki Banson To Wed Becca? on: 3-08-2012 06:05 PM
Award-winning music sensation Becca arrived in Accra from London last Wednesday night and the ‘touchy’ subject of getting married to her manger, Kiki Banson of EKB Records, has topped discussions with her family, says information reaching News-One.

A very reliable source has shown News-One some considerable evidence that Kiki Banson and Becca have kept a secret relationship for the past three years though both manager and artiste continue to deny this relationship.

“The lady’s family seems to have stopped opposing the marriage. They had initially expressed some discontent but it seems they are either now satisfied or simply tired of opposing the marriage and from the way things are going, nothing would stop them,” News-One was told.

In a related development, Kiki’s foreign-based wife (name and details withheld for now) was said to have gotten wind of the relationship between Kiki and Becca and this led to their divorce. What is not yet certain to News-One is who exactly initiated the divorce.

However, with Kiki now a single man and reports of Becca’s family holding back their resistance, there is absolutely no obstacle in the marriage plans of the two and they are expected to tie the nuptial knot by the end of this year and live together happily ever after.

This would not be the first instance of a manager getting married to his artiste in Ghanaian showbiz circles. Gospel singers Philippa Baafi and Herty Borngreat are all married to their managers.

Becca, known in private life as Rebecca Acheampong, will, on 22nd August, premier her newly produced music video, ‘No Away’, in Nigeria.

The yet-to-be-premiered music video raised eyebrows when reports spread that the production had cost some $50,000. It featured Nigerian music heavyweight, M.I. (pronounced em-eye which stands for Mr. Incredible) and was shot on locations in South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.
54  Forum / The Buzz Central / Top Ghanaian Journalist And Celebrity Critic In Trouble on: 3-08-2012 06:01 PM
News making the rounds has it that a top Ghanaian Journalist (name withheld) who works for one of the country’s most popular media house, is being threatened with full disclosure by his fiancée who they have both been together for seven years.

The said media person is a well known celebrity critic, who will not leave any stone unturned by bashing any celebrity that errs an inch. Though we cannot reveal the name of the lady or the journalist for now but it might interest you to know that there were lots of 'Nsem Pii' on the phone.

The whole story is that the lady picked up the phone of the journalist at his house without any ill intentions, and subsequently managed to unlock the passwords protecting the message inbox and outbox granting her access to his text messages without him knowing.

On getting to see all contents, things seem not to be pleasant between the two birds, with which the lady is now threatening to release excerpts of secrets which may taint so many other people’s path in the media.

Sources close to the lady say even though she is (lady) in love with the journalist, she is particularly angered by the fact that some messages meant for her were also sent to quite a number of people. We also gather that the journalist have been begging endlessly because his career and probably his life is on the edge here.

Trust us to drop happenings as it unfolds.
55  Forum / The Buzz Central / Spinlet Digital Music Distribution Service Launched In Ghana on: 3-08-2012 05:55 PM
After the much-anticipated launch of the Spinlet digital distribution service in Africa earlier this year, it was officially launched in Ghana on Friday, in partnership with the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) and EKB Records.

The Spinlet service debuted within Africa this February, with over 200,000 tracks, making it the largest platform for music discovery throughout Africa.

Spinlet’s launch in Ghana meant a paradigm shift in music distribution and the fight against piracy. Spinlet was fast becoming the first stop in signing digital distribution agreements in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo and other African countries.

Spinlet offered an array of multi-national, award-winning music and has signed hundreds of artists and labels to the service. Additionally, any music rights holders could upload their music for sale on the Spinlet platform.

Spinlet was being supported on the most popular smart phones including Android, BlackBerry and Symbian 3 and was available for free download via the Android market, Blackberry store, and Symbian platform.

Within Spinlet, users could remotely store, manage and listen to music from anywhere, using their mobile device. Spinlet promoted social sharing with an interface that allowed users to create accounts, make playlists and share their favourite titles, via social-networking sites such as Facebook, with their friends.

The Spinlet team, headed by the Chief Executive Officer of Spinlet, Eric Idiahi, took Ghanaian musicians and the press through the operations and core values of the service and urged Ghanaian musicians and record labels to sign onto the platform.

The musicians in turn, asked for clarification on issues pertaining to royalties, payment of revenue, purchasing of songs, protection of copyright, promotion of music across the globe, among others.

The team from Spinlet also highlighted the values of the platform to include offering distribution and sales of the highest quality digital music to all African countries; satisfying music lovers and customers with a compelling mobile experience; creating a social network that fostered music and seamlessly expanded artists’ and fans’ networks; democratizing content delivery and sales for artists; gaining control of revenue often lost to piracy for local artists; bringing the joy of music exploration to African people; creating positive relationships with artists and promoting music from throughout Africa via the Spinlet network.

Musicians and fans could log on to, for more details on how to sign up or download the application for their mobile devices.
56  Forum / The Buzz Central / EL, P-Square, Others To Perform @ London’s HMV Apollo on: 3-08-2012 05:48 PM
Ghanaian rapper EL will join an impressive line-up of top African music acts to perform at this summer’s Love Afrobeats Festival.

The carnival weekend would see Nigerian music star P-Square, headline the anticipated show at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London on August 26.

The duo would be bringing their outstanding live performance to the UK once more and would join a stellar line up of African artists.

The Love Afrobeats Festival, a cultural celebration of African music, was organised by African promoters, Cokobar, SMADE and Phoenix Global Media.

The festival was set to take over the 5000 capacity venue with performances from the biggest music forces including, Mavin’s Wande Coal, Square Record’s Mr MayD and Ghana’s finest E.L and Azonto sensation Fuse ODG, as well as two promising upcoming UK-based Afrobeat artists, DL and Ezi Emela, who would be bringing the summer back with their anticipated performances.

The founder of Cokobar, Ropo Akin, stated: “Our aim each year is to exceed and be better; and to provide entertainment that encompasses what African music is about, what Afrobeat stands for.”

With the rapid rise of Afrobeats in the UK and around the world, the genre has been widely accepted within other genres of music with collaborations from hip-hop’s leading man Rick Ross and P-Square to Fuse ODG and funky house veteran Donaeo.

Following the success of the Afrobeats Festival last year, this year was set to be bigger and better with the addition of Ghanaian artists and a few surprises. The Love Afrobeats would be hosted by comedian Elenu.
57  Forum / The Buzz Central / John Dumelo, Agya Koo, The Yvonnes And How Much They Earn Revealed!!! on: 3-08-2012 05:46 PM
We often get to know how much our celebrities in sports make but it is a different ball game when it comes to those in the arts. Just like their counterparts in the music industry, our movie stars will talk about everything but how much they take home.

Last week, ‘Showbiz’ published how much our musicians charge and it is just appropriate to let our readers have a peep into what our celebrities on the silver screens rake in. As usual, they wouldn’t talk so we once again went behind them and spoke with film producers to ascertain how much our movie stars get paid. Just like the musicians, the ‘salaries’ of the movie stars are not fixed. Charges vary depending on a number of factors.

Talking to producers, it was revealed that charges can be influenced by issues like relationship a producer has with an actor, size of budget, extent of the actors’ role and general demands of the story.

There are some actors, however, who are branded ‘certified stars’ and will not budge on their fees regardless of their relationship with a producer or whether they are playing a lead role or not. Our information is that Majid Michel and Jackie Appiah are the highest paid actors in Ghana, pulling in about GH10,000 each per movie. Who else brings in the bucks? Agya Koo with GH8,000.

Yvonne Okoro, Nadia Buari and Yvonne Nelson, who are tied at third place, are said to each earn GH7,000 for every movie. Following are John Dumelo and Van Vicker who rake in about GH6,000. Kofi Adjorlolo falls in the GH5,000 bracket while Kalsoum Sinare and Prince David Osei make 4,000 respectively. The margins grow from there with Rose Mensah aka kyeiwaa and Nana Ama McBrown making the GH3,000 region while Kwaku Manu, DJ Liwin and Emelia Brobbey bag about GH2,000 per movie.
58  Forum / The Buzz Central / Tuface Postpones Wedding Ceremony on: 3-08-2012 05:43 PM
The much awaited white wedding between African Queen crooner, Tuface Idibia and his Annie Macaulay have been postponed. The wedding was supposed to have taken in the month of July as widely reported some months back.

According to Stella Dimoko Korkus of Encomium, no new dates has been fixed.

Annie and Tuface Idibia dated for many years before they eventually agreed that it was time to formalise things and live together as husband and wife.Tuface proposed to Annie at Club Number 10 owned by Nigerian born soccer star, Austin Jay Jay Okocha.

Despite having two other baby mamas, Annie had no problem saying yes to Tuface’s marriage proposal as she gladly received an engagement ring from him on February 14 this year.

Tuface’s profile skyrocked after he released his popular song ‘African Queen’ .He is one of Africa’s most decorated music stars. Annie on her part is an up and coming actress. She also took part in Sola Fajobi’s Next movie star reality Tv show.
59  Forum / The Buzz Central / Viasat1 Begins New Breakfast Show on: 3-08-2012 05:39 PM
Beginning Monday August 6, 2012 at 7a.m, Viasat1 brings to our cherished viewers a new and exciting Breakfast Show christened THIS MORNING.

THIS MORNING is a thrilling 2-hour live programme that airs from Monday to Thursday. The programme will bring to our viewers a distinctive content package put together by a fantastic team of producers.

The show is hosted by two experienced broadcasters with great reputation in the industry.

Korkui Selormey is a renowned top class opera singer with radio and TV background, while Patrice Amegashie is known for his strength in radio broadcast. The two personalities, combined for the Morning Show, will certainly create an excellent starter to the day. Their chemistry and warmth that transcend on to the screen is the X-factor that viewers would love to wake up to every morning.

CEO of Viasat1, Charlotte Gustavsson said “We believe the Live broadcast of THIS MORNING will bring Viasat1 closer to our viewers, and also increase viewer interaction and participation. Over the past few months, Viasat1 has rolled out programmes that are currently receiving very good feedback and we know our newest kid on the block will receive similar sentiments.”

The first hour of THIS MORNING brings audience up to speed on issues of current affairs and what is happening in Ghana with regards to news, traffic conditions in town, what’s trending and more. Viewers also have the opportunity to get more interactive with the hosts as they are encouraged to send in amateur videos of newsworthy events.

Korkui and Patrice also get to receive live news feed from regional correspondents via Skype and other media for breaking news and updates on running stories.

The second phase is Lifestyle and Entertainment based. It features a unique theme of the day to create a level of predictability without causing format fatigue. A resource person will be present each day to walk the hosts and viewers through the show. Our viewers would once again get interactive via our social media website (facebook) to ask questions about the topic of the day, which will be addressed by the resource person.

The theme for Mondays is Great Expectation and it will focus on families and parenting, with three to four segments focusing on different aspects of the theme. This will also include a monthly slot with a financial family planner.

On Tuesdays, we focus on Healthcare, with the theme Ask the Doctor. The approach moves away from traditional, dry and factual treatment of health related content by using personal experiences and stories of ordinary Ghanaians to explore health information.

Wednesdays are dedicated to Domestic Affairs. The idea behind this theme is to help our viewers with good housekeeping, happy lifestyle and healthy familial relationships. Some of the areas to be covered on Wednesdays include Love and Relationships, Home Décor, The Big Day, House Proud, and Beauty and Fashion. What’s more? There will be a Best Breakfast Viewers Competition.

On Thursdays, the morning show will wrap up the week with Weekend Calendar as the theme. Our presenters will delve into activities lined up for the weekend and also update viewers about events in the field of arts, sports, culture and entertainment industry over the weekend.

Viewers can also count on our morning show to disclose exciting travel options and where to take a short break in Ghana. If you are planning days out with the family over the weekend, you sure don’t want to miss the Thursday edition.

Programmes Manager of Viasat1, Frank Norteye said “At Viasat1, we have it all. You’ll need to watch this.”
60  Forum / The Buzz Central / Secrets Exposed About Ex-President Kufuor’s Son on: 3-08-2012 05:37 PM
Surviving in the Ghanaian film industry is tough and having talent is just a means but not an end in itself.

It’s a small and competitive industry and the key to success is ensuring that the right people know about you and what you can do; it’s not necessarily who you know. An effective marketing strategy, branding, networking, and knowing how to act is all vital to finding and staying in the film industry.

The Ghanaian film industry one used to know some years back with the perception that, only drop out and second class profile personalities indulge in is gradually changing. This month has seen a new entrant, Mr. Edward Agyekum Kufour, the second son of ex President John Agyekum Kufour of erstwhile NPP government. He officially heralded his stay in the movie industry.

On a one on one chat with him over the weekend at his “nirvana” house; he revealed to GhanaSuperStars.Com that right from his childhood, he has always been fascinated by anything to do with acting on stage, singing, poetry, chorography, and other forms of arts. Even at his elementary days at Christ The King International School to Achimota Secondary School (Class of 1985), Mr. Agyekum had started acting on stage. He had his 6th Form at Labonne Secondary School.

“After secondary school, I left for UK, where I pursued professional studies at Crown College, London, England; professional ABAC certificates in computing programming for business applications and proceeded to Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA where I studied Bachelor of Science major in computer science and business management.

While in the UK, I acted in some theatrical performances as well as composed and sang some lines but for singing professionally, am yet to consider that”- Mr. Agyekum revealed.

Talking about the movie industry; he stated that the movie industry looks promising and so needs attention and financial support from the cooperate bodies. As a man who has political blood running through his veins because of his genealogy; Mr. Agyekum opined that our politicians or the government especially Ministry of information, Ministry of tourism and if possible the Ministry of youth and sports should invest money into the Ghanaian movie industry. Nollywood (Nigeria) and Ghollywood (Ghana) are on the same scale but the former is doing massively well because of government support.

Edward Agyekum Kufour who has now been made the patron of the Film Crew Association of Ghana (FICAG), felt honored. He accepted the offer because he thinks, that is a sensitive area to start from. He believes anyone who knows much about movie making will understand that movies can never be made without the film crew. “That is the best place to start from”-He said.

Mr. Agyekum currently has 4 movies to his credit. One that is yet to be premiered is titled Wrong Target. Mr. Agyekum is the MD/CEO of Hannaba Farms limited. He is happy with the impact Ghana film/movie industry is making. He’s only problem however hinges on the failure to keep to time during productions. “I encourage producers to work harder by keeping to scheduled time as well as actors. They should also respect their call times”.
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