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41  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Who is Your Crush on NaijaPals!!! on: 4-09-2008 12:57 PM
Quote from: typicalman84 on 14-07-2008 05:03 PM
Aye... i just woke up and its awesome to be off work today, so i decided to do something new. So i know we all have feelings for someone on naijapals. someone you have a crush on. So now who do you think you have a crush on or do you think someone on here has a crush on you? Who is he/she Or might as well Who ARE THEY? lol.
Mine is a guy called bigwales.  He is just so cute!!
42  Forum / Politics / Re: ZIMBABWE & THE ENERTIA OF AFRICAN RULERS on: 4-09-2008 12:51 PM
Mugabe's MAJOR mistake  was to not give up power in the 9'ties. That was his MAJOR mistake. The other mistake was that, he did not choose or train a successor, I problem we are facing in SA. 

As for the actions he took, I support him fully. Land Reform? Yes,that was long coming. The timing was just wrong. He was under a lot of pressure. One thing that people fail to understand is that Zimbabwe is the ONLY African country that is self sustained at this moment in time. They are not getting any financial help from the world bank due to the sunctions that were inposed on them thus,their economy collapsed dismally. MUGABE did no mess up the country, the Westeners did and are still doing it. The British and the Americans managed to convince other countries to stop supporting Zim as well and South Africa is the ONLY country that said :'NO! We stand by Mugabe'. 60% of the Industry belongs to the South Africans. Electricity is from SA. Food..etc ect.. South Africa is doing a lot to help improve the situation in Zim. Putting Morgan Tshangirai in power is not the answer either. WHat does he know?What will he do? He is Britains own puppet. They are busy dangling the carrot infront of his face and he is going for it.

The situation in Zim is not as bad as the media potrays it to be. Do you know that in Kenya, about 3500 people died within a month due to political violence?  In Zim, 500 people died in 10 years due to the political riots.

The thing is, we need to know the FACTS before trying to point fingers. There is a lot that we dont know about the Zim situation! Politics is just a dirty game....

But one thing for sure, Mugabe has to go and Morgan, should not take over.

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