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221  Forum / The Buzz Central / Olamide Shows Off His Girlfriend (PHOTOS) on: 2-01-2013 09:10 AM
Olamide is in love and he is very proud of his new found beauty that he shared her photos with his fans...See picture below:

222  Forum / Politics / idris Wada Discharged From Hospital on: 1-01-2013 11:26 PM
While we reported earlier today in our news that the chief medical director of Cedarcrest hospital Abuja, Dr. Felix Ogedengbe had declared that Governor Idris Wada of Kogi State who was injured in an auto crash last week that claimed the life of his ADC would soon be discharged, we can confirm to you that he was actually discharged on Monday morning.

Wada, who has been receiving treatment for a broken thigh at the private hospital located in Garki II Abuja, was brought there about 8 p.m on Friday night after being stabilized at the Specialist Hospital, Kogi, where he was taken to immediately after the accident, left the hospital around 9 a.m. yesterday in the company of his aides, amidst tight security.
223  Forum / Politics / I will buy you a cheap, second-hand phone” – Obasanjo to journalist on: 1-01-2013 08:06 PM

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo over the weekend caused a mild drama when he sighted PREMIUM TIMES’ correspondent at the Government House in Ogun State.
The reporter tried to take a picture of the former president standing beside former Nigerian leader, Ernest Shonekan, with his camera phone, but got a dramatic response from Mr. Obasanjo.

“You again,” the former president said. “That was how your blackberry phone was smashed.”

One of Mr. Obasanjo’s children, Oba, had smashed the blackberry phone of the PREMIUM TIMES journalist for taking the picture of the fire at the former president’s house last week in Abeokuta, the Ogun State Capital.

Obasanjo to buy second hand phone

The journalist complained to Mr. Obasanjo about the destroyed phone and asked the former president what he intends to do about it.

The former number one citizen again responded in his characteristic dramatic and jocular manner.

“I will buy you another one, but if you don’t mind, it has to be a fairly used and with cheaper price,” Mr. Obasanjo said.

At the end of the day’s programme, our correspondent again approached the former president, requesting to follow him to his house to collect the promised blackberry phone; but Mr. Obasanjo turned it to another round of comedy.

“You this Ijesa man, I suspect you are the one who set my house on fire, and you want to come there again, I will buy your phone for you when I return from abroad.”

After making the statement, the former president entered into his vehicle, smiled and waved to the reporter.
224  Forum / Politics / An Exclusive Interview With Obasanjo on: 1-01-2013 07:36 PM

• Without Employment Opportunities, Youth Revolution Imminent

• What Do You Expect When You Extol A Thief In Your Community?

• Blame The Commanders, Not Awolowo For Civil War Killings, Starvation

• I Didn’t Know Yar’Adua Would Die…

President Olusegun Obasanjo
A sprawling view of Abeokuta lay prostrate from his hilltop mansion, a metaphor for the clout of its owner, a man whose sheer strength of character held an impossible Nigeria in the palm of his hand for eight long years. It is not for nothing that he is called Baba, yet another aphorism for some sort of a hard-to-get-to-know paterfamilias, whose offspring would usually approach with great trepidation, not knowing exactly what to expect.
Long after he had left office, as President of the Federal Republic, General Olusegun Obasanjo’s home is still like a pilgrimage ground, with hordes of visitors, trooping in and out, to hold court for one reason, or the other — Baba’s opinion, influence and wise counsel, still count. The man is, indeed, an enigma. Playful, as a kitten, wise, as an oracle, hard, as a tornado-nail, and wily, as a fox, you have to watch your step — every step of the way — with the general.

When our team of reporter and camera crew stepped into his living room to keep the interview appointment, his face was buried deep in a game of ‘ayo’; he was busy enjoying with a friend, a local, surrounded by visitors, and more visitors, some waiting in an ante-chamber. Without raising his face from the game, and waving his left arm, almost hostilely, his well-known gravel-voice barked out, with all the force of a subaltern marshalling a phalanx of his men into action, as we moved our gear into place: “Where d’you want to set up?”

Yet, the next moment, as he broached questions, he stuck out his hand at some point, to “take five” with the reporter, when he seemed ‘into the session’. He had been asked about the future of the youth of this country, his pet subject. He had also been referred to the rumour from some quarters, that he is a hater of the Igbo.

Well, if, actually, he hates the Igbo, how come his government appointed the most number of Igbo to so-called powerful positions, perhaps more than any other government, since independence? How come his Chief-of-Staff — a young man he has described as “my beloved son, in whom I’m well pleased” — was Igbo?

His face lit up, as he took those questions on the youth, particularly on his closest aide whilst in office, Dr. Andy Uba: “Andy was the first man that saw me in the morning, when I woke up and the last man that saw me at night, before I went to bed…”

Of course, intermittently, flashes of his legendary disdain for the Press came forth through the phrase, “You press people”. No matter. As he took his seat before the camera, on a sculpted perch before his beloved ‘ayo’ board, we were as determined, as General Obasanjo remained his combative, old self. Out-to-see!

YOUR Excellency, recently, the media quoted you to have warned the government against an imminent youth revolution. You were also quoted to have described some of those young people as ‘Area Boys, Yahoo-Yahoo Boys, and ‘Blackberry Boys.’ How do you project the future of this country vis-à-vis this teeming young population that you so described?

Let me first of all put that statement in the context, which I made it. I was in Senegal at the invitation of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) and the issue for discussion was Youth and Employment.

The Chief of Staff of the President of Senegal, who represented the president, gave stunning statistics. One of the statistics he gave was that 65 per cent of our populations in Africa, on the average, are under 25 years of age and well over 60 per cent of them that are old enough to have jobs, have no jobs. Now, my reaction to that is that we are all sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

If you are a young man, or young woman, between say, 18 to 30 years, you think that the entire world is in front of you, that you can achieve anything you want to achieve. And, what do you do? You struggle; you are young. Your parents sent you to primary school; by the time you leave primary school and go to secondary school, you start having the feeling that things are looking bright.

Then, you go to university and you come out and you look and it becomes a vapour — that hope, that expectation just flies away in front of you; no hope for a job. Then, of course, you become an educated, jobless person. I believe there is no greater frustration than that. And when that frustration turns to desperation, there is danger. So, that’s why I said we are all sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

It is not only in Nigeria, it is all Africa. You can even take it as a global thing because Spain has about 50 per cent (youth unemployment rate) and they’re a little bit better.

And as I said in that conference, I don’t know whether to say we’re in good company, or in bad company, if Spain is like that. But Spain is a different issue because it is a member of the European Union. Spain has an organisation that can write a cheque for her and bail her out and do things that would help her situation. We don’t have anybody that can write a cheque for us.

I then went on to say that if this is a global problem and we are the worst hit, our youth are the greatest victims, we must be seen to be doing something about it. And what should we do? I believe we must find a global solution. I prescribed that now that the international community, the UN, is working on a replacement for the MDGs, the Millennium Development Goals — because the MDGs would come to an end in 2015 and they’re wondering what to replace it with — and I said, whatever it is they come up with that would replace the MDGs must come up with one important element of it as youth employment. That must be the global approach.

And I said, there must also be the regional solution. The AU, African Union, has something that we — myself, President Thabo Mbeki and President (Abdelaziz) Bouteflika (of Algeria), when we were in government — initiated and worked on, which is called NEPAD (New Partnership for African Development).

I said the time has come when NEPAD must be reviewed, with the issue of youth employment made a major focus of the organisation. I also said that even ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States), a sub-regional organisation, should do the same thing.

And at the national level, all our nations should have, in their economic development, this aspect of youth development, so that when you make your budget, whether it is medium-term budget, or annual budget, the content of your budget should be, when you spend this money, you earmark so much, either for agriculture, or for road, or for whatever, the question must be, what is its employment — particularly youth employment — content? You would build a road, yes, but what is its employment content?

I also went ahead to suggest that our states should do the same thing; the local governments should do the same thing. Even communities should be able to ask: what are we doing to ensure that our youth are gainfully employed?

The private sector, too, must be challenged. They should not just come up and say, yeah, we’re doing well. And this so-called growth — oh, we grow by seven per cent GDP — we have growth, yet we have more poor people, more jobless people. How can you talk of growth without job for people, with people getting poorer and poorer? Then, there must be something wrong with that type of indicator for measuring our economic development.

‘Killers Of Youth Corps Members Must Be Dealt With’

THE purpose of the National Youth Service Corps, as a means of engaging our youth, presently, appears completely defeated; and it turns out that young people, after graduating from higher institutions, simply drift around for one precious and critical year of their lives, out of school. Should the NYSC scheme remain, or be scrapped, as many have voiced out?

The NYSC was not designed as a youth employment project. It was designed as a means of inculcating nationalism and patriotism into our youth, to render one year of service and thereby get to know their country. That was what the NYSC was designed for.

If you remember, when it was started, people objected to it and went on strike because at that point in time, things were still reasonably alright, from the youth employment point of view. In 1973, people went on strike and they didn’t like it. But today, some people go into the NYSC even two or three times. There is nothing else they can do even though they don’t get full salaries; they just get a token, but it is still better for them than just sitting down and doing nothing.

Yes, it was meant to give them that sense of being Nigerian. That was the idea. Initially, that objective was achieved. I remember, for instance, one of our traditional rulers whose daughter was getting married. He invited me and I sat with him and he complained: “You see, this NYSC thing that you people have created, my daughter is getting married to somebody across the Niger; what if there’s an emergency, how do I run across the Niger?” I said, “Don’t worry; you don’t have to run across the Niger. Nowadays, you don’t have to run at all. There is telephone; there is Internet; there is email and so on.”

To the extent that it was meant to bring about youth understanding of their country, youth love of their country, youth service for their country, nationalism, patriotism; I believe, at least initially, it achieved that. It also brought about this unity; people knowing themselves; inter-marriage and things like that.

Now, a number of things have crept in. They do community service, but that community service has not been organised the way it used to be and the way it was meant to be organised. In the last election, for instance, 13 Youth Corps members were killed. That doesn’t help the Youth Service scheme. We must all decry that; we must all condemn it. Now, those who killed them, what happened? What have we heard about them?

If I have a child that I have seen through school and into Youth Service and I say, Youth Corps is meant for you to serve and he or she agrees with me and the next thing you know, my child’s body is brought home to me in a bag, how am I supposed to feel about the Service as a means of ministering to the youth and to my children?

So, what is your position; do you want the Service scrapped?

I don’t think it should be scrapped; I think it should be reviewed. Where there are lapses, such shortcomings should be corrected. We should revisit the initial aims and objectives. Are those aims and objectives still relevant today? If they’re relevant, what has gone wrong in the operationalisation and what should we be doing?

It is something that is good for the country; I believe it is good for the country.

‘My Generation Laid Foundation Of Today’s Democratic Dispensation’

LOOKING at the situation on ground, it would seem that your generation accomplished quite a lot. But as the days went by, the situation kept getting worse, and the scale of achievement appearing to diminish by the day. What spurred your generation to its comparatively greater successes, as it were?

Now that you bring it to generation, I will speak generally about generation, but I do not believe that there is any generation that does not have heroic qualities in them. There is no generation that you would just write off. Of course, the situation in every generation varies.

For instance, I have said that whatever we may say about the generation before our own generation, it is the generation that gave us independence. Whatever you may say about them, they gave us independence and that you cannot deny. Well, they did not fight for it; it was given to them on a platter of gold. But whatever you may say, they gave us independence.

(Cuts in) Just like we cannot deny that General Obasanjo dismantled the power cartel that hitherto controlled Nigerian politics so viciously…?

(Smiles, ignores the interjection and continues) You also cannot deny — and I have said this — that my own generation fought for the unity of this country. Obasanjo just happened to be one of the feasible instruments, but my generation must claim credit for that. My generation can also be credited with laying the foundation of today’s democratic dispensation in Nigeria.

Now, about the opportunities the generation before us and our own generation have had, members of the present-day generation have asked me and I have said they equally have the opportunity to build on the foundation that my own generation and the others, have laid: how do you enhance democracy; how do you strengthen and deepen democracy?

That is the responsibility of the present generation and they can do it, and they must do it. How do they really make us have an economy? How do they make Nigeria one of the largest economies by the year 2020? That is their challenge and they must do it.

Then, you ask what the ingredients are that make for greater success in one generation? Well, not every member of a particular generation would be outstanding. You have some that would be drivers, while others would be passengers. You may even have some that constitute a setback. But they are all members of the same generation.

Having said that, there are certain qualities in individuals that, if developed, and if the environment and the community help, that individual would become a very important contributor in that generation.

What am I saying? First of all, there must be education. For instance, you are talking to me and we are communicating in the same language because you have education. If we were to go back to our respective mother-tongues, I won’t be able to understand what you’re saying. All I understand in Igbo is, “ogom”. And this is because when we were in Kaduna, whenever I went to my friend, Chukwuma Nzeogwu’s house, Mama (his mother), who never spoke a word of English, would hug me and say, “ogom”. I wouldn’t know what to answer and Chukwuma would just laugh at us and say, “Look at these two people.” (I also understand, “dianyi” and I also understand, “ka chi fonu”)

Now seriously speaking, education is foremost. Then, there are those other qualities such as integrity, honesty, courage, truthfulness, so that when you say something, people can rely on it. If it however turns out that the information you had when you said a particular thing wasn’t adequate, you go back and correct it and say, ‘look, in the light of new information I have, let me correct what I said earlier.’ These qualities must be developed.

Then, values! But what values do we stand for now? When I was growing up, when you saw a man in a new car, you prayed for him because the belief was that he had worked hard, and he had earned the car that he had acquired. You prayed for him and wished you would become like him some day.

But when I was in the Yola prison, each time we heard a siren blow past from behind our walls, all the prisoners would start cursing the man in the car, with the siren. So, one day, I called them and said, “look, what is all this?” They replied and said all those people were thieves. How did we degenerate to the point where we now believe that every car owner is a thief?

So, I told them that I bought my first car, brand-new, in 1961. I wasn’t a thief. I bought it with my money. In 1960, I went to the Congo (war, with the UN contingent) and I was getting UN allowance, Nigerian allowance and my salary was kept, intact. And I came back and bought a car. Was I a thief? They said, “Oh no, no, no; your time was different.”

I think we should backtrack and find out what we have done wrong. How did we lose those values that we cherished so much, those values of integrity and hard work? Now, when you continue to extol a thief in your community, what do you expect?

Whilst I was growing up, the children of those who were known to be of bad character in the village were ostracised, not just the man, but the entire family. But now, a thief, because he has money, would be the first you would want to give your daughter to. What sort of thing is that?

‘Secret Of My Staying Power Is Knowing Nigeria A Little Bit…’

YOU are a very strong personality and you simply held Nigeria in the palm of your hand…

(Cuts in, smiling) I don’t know about that…
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225  Forum / The Buzz Central / The Top 10 biggest disappointments of 2012 on: 1-01-2013 12:46 PM
Mavin album

It’s because we love Don Jazzy too much that we were so disappointed by this apparently. Because, you know, it wasn’t reeeeally such a bad album, but we have come to expect nothing but excellence from the producer, even if talent is mediocre. This album made us depressed for weeks – that’s how bad it was.

And THIS was the one they called the Star Games edition? It was so boring we don’t even remember who the winner of this year’s Big Brother Africa is! The characters were so predictable when they were not annoying,the twists and turns simply twister and (we are on a roll here) stomach-turning. Conclusively, this was a forgettable season- and totally not worth the hype.

We all thought Goldie was a strong, Nigerian woman whose heart was in the right place, and who could take care of business herself. Well, that facade fell apart faster than bitumen on a Nigerian road, once the reality show cameras were on. It was like watching a train-wreck.

European Union
We can’t believe how long it takes these people to work out a debt deal everyone expects them to. Throw into all of that, they can’t seem to make up their minds whether they want out or to stay together. If the EU can’t come together to make decisions that will drive the progress of its constituent member-countries, then what’s the point? Nigerians, better be concerned, this will affect your Schenghen visa.

You tweet so many unclad-ish pictures of yourself, that when finally the paparazzi got the entire package, no one really cared anymore. Then you, an international superstar and hugely talented musician, find yourself fighting over a rough little boy who gets beaten up in clubs with a woman who has no real career and shouldn’t even be talking to you if you had a little more restraint? Yeah, that would count in our books as a disappointment.

Dana Air
This was everyone’s favorite airline – always on time, staff that were always professional and enough aircraft to save the industry – until that aircraft of its came crashing down from the skies. It was truly a sad, sad day.

Mitt Romney
We thought he was going to out-raise Obama, and then he did not. We thought would out-spend Obama, and then he did not. We thought he would out-organize Obama, well let’s have a laugh over that one. Then he delivers so many bloopers he nights well be in a Mr. Beans movie. Added to this, he gets an even worse campaign. The American Republican presidential candidate turned out to be a giant with feet of clay.

Arise Magazine Fashion Week
Day 1 cancelled? Check. Designers confused and left in disarray? Check. Models stranded and owed their payments? Check. Yeah, #AMFW2012 was the lion that didn’t roar.


OK! Nigeria
Immediately it began to speak of itself, the comparisons to thatcher a,bilious project called NEXT began. And oh what a cliche. Only difference is – co pared to this, NEXT was a class act. With a launch event that was a rousing disappointment with magazines that didn’t arrive, and editor search competition we are still waiting for, credibility shot down by no less a person than Wizkid, and editions no one really cares about, we can all agree that all is not OK with this white elephant.

Jimoh Ibrahim
He takes Newswatch and destroys it, then thanks Virgin Nigeria and destroys it, and for good measure, tells us he is bigger than Richard Branson. Er well, news for you Mister Hotshot Owner of A Collection of Dead and Dying Companies, Branson makes things great. You, however, only find a way to disappoint everyone who once (incredulously) ever thought you were a smart investor.

We hope for a better 2013 on all counts.
226  Forum / The Buzz Central / Major Events That Made Up 2012 on: 1-01-2013 12:35 PM
After a painstaking examination of 2012 and some of its activities, WE have little or no reservation in its conclusion that the year 2012 was one of the most unsuccessful years as far as Nigeria and Nigerians are concerned. It is clear that since the country began its endless search for peace and progress, war and violence have continued to frustrate the leadership. This, we believe was not planned by God, but some Demi-gods in whose interest was to destabilize the country and its people.

We have objectively come up with a review of different remarkable activities ranging from politics, entertainment, and other areas that have kept many Nigerians wondering whether we would have anything positive to remind us of 2012 apart from the grief that accompanied the nation to the gate of 2013.

Despite the bloodshed in the North and other parts of the country, the incessant kidnapping in the east and some parts of the North, plane crashes, sicknesses, hunger, communal clashes, jungle justices, and other atrocious acts that ruined 2012, we  believe so strongly that 2012 has gone with its problems, and will be no more. However, the leaders who created the harsh 2012 for us still live in our midst, the kidnappers are still here with us, the Boko Haram sects have not gone far beyond the North, our roads are still death traps, and our different aircrafts are still flying with no recent innovations to curb air crashes. So, what becomes of 2013? Are we hoping to see a change with just a mere addition of an alphabet from 12 -13 or a total transformation of the polity?

We shall give you an extensive rundown of some of the happenings in 2012, which we believe will be very useful in the running of the affairs of 2013, if we see the experience of 2012 as a “teacher”.

At DailyPost, we say happy New Year, and a prosperous 2013.

Fuel Subsidy Protest




The Panoramic box was opened on January 1. It was a gritty welcome to 2012. The fuel subsidy brouhaha began. Within hours, exhilaration of “Happy New Year” turned to elegy of ‘Hardship New Year’. From N65, the price of petroleum product skyrocketed by more than 120 percent. As the crazy hike took its toll, motorists bought fuel across the country at differential prices that ranged from N140 to N250 per litre. By the next day, whatever illusion anyone had about the year evaporated in the face of the grim reality on the street.

Protest spread beyond the regular ‘professional’ agitation, others also joined the fray – on the street of Lagos, and placard-carrying lawyers in their full regalia also joined the protest train. In Benin, Edo State, Occupy King Square protest became unpredictably radical. In London, Nigerians staged anti-subsidy removal protest march at Kings Cross Station. In Ilorin, Kwara State capital, a protester was shot dead. In Kano, Kaduna and Katsina, and Warri , the rage began to spread like wild fire. Not since the days of Abacha and the June 12 melee did Nigerians express such indignation in their collectives.

The protests spread from the street to the Internet, particularly on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Spiteful tweets and venomous facebook post were being thrown at President Goodluck Jonathan, so strong-worded.

From outright curses of “Mr. President, the Bible says there is no peace for the wicked. …The bible says there is no peace for you” to regrets such as “I’m really disappointed in you my President… I curse the day I cast my vote for you to sit where you are” Nigerians vented their anger.



Affected houses



Also in 2012, Nigerian coastal and inland cities experienced heavy rains, and residents “gasped for breathe” due to flooding. In addition, there was gridlock on major roads, causing people to cancel appointments they had fixed. Thousands of stranded commuters had to pay increased fares for the few bus drivers who were willing to risk travelling on the roads.

Hundreds were killed, thousands displaced, houses submerged, farmlands washed away, billions of Naira damaged in the flood that wreaked havoc across the country.

The federal government responded in the only manner it knows best, by dolling out N17.6 billion to rehabilitate the victims.

Adamawa, Benue, Taraba, Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta, Anambra, Kogi and a host of other states would not forget the ill luck that visited them in the year 2012.

Dana Crash relations


It happened like a scene straight from a Hollywood war flick. 153 persons died as Dana airline crashes in Lagos was the song on the lips of every Nigeria on June 3.Call it ‘black Sunday’ and you won’t be wrong. It will remain a dark day in the history of Nigeria.

The tragedy occurred in a residential area in the Iju-Ishaga Alagbado area of Lagos on Sunday afternoon. The flight was said to have been on its way from Abuja to the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos when it went down in a residential area. Tears streamed like an ever flowing river. We lost great Nigerians in the crash. May their souls rest in peace.


His victory at the October 20 gubernatorial polls in Ondo State vindicates the popular adage which says, “one good turn deserves another.” Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Labour Party (LP) made a historic return to the Ondo State House after beating his co-contenders in a landslide victory.

The final results were declared by the Chief Returning officer of the election and Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Professor Adebiyi Daramola who stated that Mimiko got the highest number of votes in the election, polling 260, 199 votes; Olusola Oke of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) followed closely with 155, 961 votes; Action Congress of Nigeria’s (ACN) Oluwarotimi Akeredolu got a total of 143, 512 votes behind LP and PDP.

Oshiomole wins


It was a victory well deserved for former NLC president, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomole of Edo State in the July 15 governorship election in Edo State.

Osho Baba, as he is fondly addressed by fans and followers defeated his closest challenger; Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) retired General, Charles Airhiavbere in an election that shook the entire nation.

ACN won in all of the 18 local governments of the state. In the results announced by the Chief Returning Officer, Professor Godwin Oshodin , ACN polled 477, 478 ,PDP scored 144, 235; ANPP-3642; CPC-2793; LP-604; NCP-540 and SDMP-807.


When Chinua Achebe, a world acclaimed literary giant embarked on writing and subsequently publishing his much-anticipated memoir of the Biafran war entitled: There was a Country, little did he know that he was about stirring a controversy in the already heated Nigerian polity.

Achebe in the book, accused the late Yoruba leader, Chief Benjamin Awolowo of being part of the intellectual arm of the cabinet that intentionally initiated the pogrom of the Igbo.

The uproar generated by the book, which most Yoruba elites kicked against, for undermining and belittling the name of their late leader, Obafemi Awolowo.

While some applauded the octogenarian, saying that no writer would have been placed above him to tell the story of the Nigerian/Biafran war from both cultural and political perspectives, others lambasted him, describing his memoir as half-baked truth.


On November 30th, ex Biafran warlord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu literarily resurrected at Enugu High Court where family members gathered for the reading of the his Will.

The will of the late Ikemba Nnewi, DIM Chukwuemeka Odeumegwu-Ojukwu, generated ripples and became a talking point, not only among the Igbos, but across the Nigerian society. The testament, which reflects the wishes of the late Eze Gburugburu concerning his vast property brought to the fore the catalytic role of will in triggering conflicts and controversies among children and relatives of the deceased.
The Ojukwu Will came with a good dose of shocks and surprises. Aside the listing of a hitherto unknown daughter, Tenny Harman, as a beneficiary, the Biafran Warlord tacitly disowned one of his sons, Sylvester, as he did not list him among his children, while he explicitly stated that only the listed were his children.

The highlight of the will, however, was the allocation of the lion’s share of the Late Ikemba Nnewi’s property – including his personal effects, monies and cars – to his wife, Bianca, a former beauty queen, who is currently Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain, while the first son, Emeka, who according to African tradition, and by Igbo customs be the heir apparent, got only a paltry share.

students leaving troubled Mubi a town besieged by suspected Boko Haram members

It was indeed a bloody independence celebration in Nigeria on October 1st as heavily armed gunmen, wearing military uniforms invaded hostels of Adamawa State University in Mubi town, killing 46 students with several others sustaining various degrees of injuries.
Initially, many had thought the attacks were orchestrated by the Islamist fundamentalists –Boko Haram, but the dreaded group later stunned the entire nation when it denied responsibility for the mass massacre.

It was learnt that some of the students were spared after mentioning their names.
The attack, which lasted for hours kept many residents indoors without any form of response from security agents.


Barely four days after suspected gunmen massacred over 46 persons, mostly students of three tertiary institutions in Mubi, Adamawa State, the country was greeted with yet another horrific incident that took place in Port Harcourt. Four students of the University of Port Harcourt were gruesomely murdered in Aluu Community, Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State, for allegedly stealing phones and laptops in an off campus hostel.
The victims, Llyod Michael, Tekena Elkanah, Ugonna Obuzor and Chidiaka Biringa, were beaten and later set ablaze by the mob suspected to be members of the community.
The incident, which many Nigerian described as awful and appalling sparked controversy in the country, many of the suspects had since been arrested by the police.


It was another shocker within the year, as residents of FESTAC, Lagos, trudged out in large number on July 26 to watch the horrifying spectacle of two brothers who allegedly murdered their younger sibling. In other words, it was one of the weirdest cases of fratricide. They reportedly killed him, kept his mutilated body in a room inside the duplex which was left for them by their deceased parents. Subsequent search of the apartment produced prima facie evidence that summed up the fact that the two brothers, Omotola and Toye not only kill their sibling, Akinbuyi, but had also started selling his body parts.

Residents of FESTAC came out in their large number to watch the horrifying spectacle, as the council officials and policemen removed the body. Apart from the body that was recovered from the house, charms, and other amulets, a pot filled with human blood and two large dummies of human beings were discovered. Some of the charms and amulets were concealed inside a carton with the inscription: Lord Krishna Agabarthi 999.


It was a case of love gone sour between Matthias Eze, an ex commissioner in the Enugu State Independent Electoral Commission (ENSIEC) and his wife when he shot his wife over her failure to prepare stewed rice for dinner.

The victim, Patricia, and mother of six had been married to Matthias for over 16 years before meeting her premature death in the hands of the man she once vowed to spend the rest of her life with. When Matthias, a staff of Enugu Sate Post Primary School Management Board (PPSMB), discovered that he had shot his wife dead, he put her inside the boot of his car and drove to a near-by hospital in Ogurute, Enugu.

He told the hospital workers, that some bandits came to his house and while he was exchanging gunfire with them, a stray bullet hit his wife.

The police revealed that investigation was ongoing but nothing has been heard about the case since then even though they promised to do everything necessary to ensure that justice was done.



This could settle for the most atrocious death via online. Cynthia, a 24-year-old pretty girl and only daughter of Maj.-Gen. Frank Osokogu (rtd.) was in the most gruesome manner murdered by her online friends, Echezona Nwabufor, 33, and Ezekiel Olisa Eloka, 23, on August this year.

She was lured from her base in Nassarawa, where she was undergoing her Post-graduate study in Nassarawa State University, Keffi, to Lagos by her online friends where she underwent grueling sessions of physical assaults, rape, leading to her death.

They deceived her into believing that they were genuine importers of foreign fabrics and clothing and proposed a business meeting in Lagos. She decided to pay her new online friends a visit in Lagos since that’s where she always purchase materials for her fashion outlet in Keffi. This time, however, she never returned alive.

The wolves in sheep clothing picked her up from Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, and drove to Cosmilla Hotel, Lakeview Estate, Amuwo Odofin, FESTAC. They inflicted pains, and strangled her before parting away with her money, phone and identity card.

The killers, were later caught, paraded, and charged to court. They confessed to have added Reflon tablet into her Ribena drink.

The year 2012 also featured the story of a 37-year-old jealous husband, Henry Nnamdi, who beat his wife to pulp and inflicted multiple burns on her back, upper region and crotch with a hot pressing iron as punishment for allegedly flirting with his father. The deranged man concluded his evil action by killing their only son. The gory and shocking incident which jolted neighbours from sleep took place at No. 3 Lambe Street, Ago-Palace Way, Okota, Lagos, in the early morning of Easter Sunday. Till today, the embattled wife, mercy Nnamdi is still in pain.


Like every other year, the Nigerian Entertainment Industry in 2012 experienced the tides, good times, bad times and most especially remarkable events and moments that we would always remember.

2face & Annie



The first major act that shook the industry was when 2face Idibia proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Annie Macauley on Valentine’s day, it was the talk of the season.

One would have thought that the ‘Ihe ne me’ star would have married Pero who actually bore 3 kids for him but he surprised everyone by settling for Annie.

Their quiet wedding paved way for several other weddings in the industy; weddings like that of Funke Akindele aka Jennifer who walked down the aisle with Kehinde Oloyede, Nollywood’s star, Uche Jombo who had earlier been in a failed marriage also got married, Stephanie Okereke got married as well.

The same went for both dancer Kaffy who wedded her heartthrob Joseph Ameh and Comedian Tejubabyface who also got married…so many weddings!

MoHits split


Like the saying goes ‘twenty friends cannot play together for 20years…the industry experienced several splits as well.

The major split that shook the industry was that of the Mo’hits crew. The big fight between Don Jazzy and D’banj led to the death of the Mo’hits records.

Like a fresh leaf from a dead tree, the death of Mo’ hit birthed the Mavin records which comprised Tiwa Savage, D’prince, Wande Coal and Dr Sid.

The Mavins stepped into the industry with the release of a compilation called Solar Pexus. Even though the album generated controversies, many preferred it to D’banj’s Oyato album.

The fight between May D and Psquare in August was another big one; not to mention the recent split of StylPlus which had Tunde moving on to rebrand himself as Nativeboy following the failed efforts of the group to make a big comeback into the music scene.

This year also produced new artistes like Tonto Dikeh who suddenly decided to delve into music. Her ‘hi’ and ‘it’s Ova’ tracks stirred up a social media fuss; Many Nigerians made fun of the songs yet the tracks managed to hit over 500,000 views/downloads from youtube.

Tonto Dikeh with her wild lifestyle stepped on people’s toes and damned her critics this year. Little wonder she was bestowed with the ‘most controversial actress 2012′ title.

It was a beautiful year for Iyanya Mbuk following the wide acceptance of his “Kukere’ album. Iyanya’s kukere video beat records by hitting a million downloads; he was invited to every concert to perform, even two actresses, Yvonne Nelson and Tonto Dikeh had to fight for his love.

It was also a year of breakthrough for Dare Art alade’s Protege Mo’ Eazy whose ‘Kosoro’ video topped charts across the country.

His recent release of a comic version of Psy’s hit ‘Gangnam style’ re-titled ‘Naija Gangnam’ was another hit.


The big fight between popular blogger, Linda Ikeji and Richard Mofe Damijo over a published post where it was disclosed that the actor cum politician was building a 250million house was another big issue. The fight floored fora, media headlines, and social media platforms for a while.


Another big event was this year’s Big Brother Africa. The BBA is always a hit but this year’s was super hit following the Goldie Harvey and Prezzo love drama. Even after the BBA ended, the love saga between the two waxed stronger. Prezzo had to come all the way from Kenya to Nigeria to look for Goldie.

Also worthy of mention is Nollywood’s Mercy Johnson who was the most searched name on the Google search engine for 2012; she delivered a baby girl in the USA on the 30th of December.

Baddest Concert Rehearsals


Top concerts like the baddest EME concert, Rhythm unplugged, Davido’s OBO concert, Mavin all star concert, the recent much talked about ‘kokoconcert’ were major events that shook the industry too. The aftermaths of the concerts gave bloggers, local media and forums issues to talk about.


Finally, death hit the industry with Nollywood’s Giringori James Iroha passing on in February. Nollywood’s Pete Eneh was reported to have taken the final bow on November 15, Enebeli Elebuwa joined the list on 5th of December. Psquare’s mum also passed on in July…may their souls rest in peace

227  Forum / The Buzz Central / Meet The Gold Man Who Wears Shirt Made Of 22 Karat Gold on: 1-01-2013 12:06 PM
ter 30-year-old businessman Samrat Moze followed the footsteps of late legislator Ramesh Wanjale and caused a major stir in Pune early this year by moving around the place wearing golden ornaments — weighing 8.5 kilograms — on his body, a third gold man has now surfaced in the same city of western Maharashtra in India.

The new gold man, Datta Phuge, has stitched himself a shirt made out of the precious yellow metal weighing approximately 3.5 kilograms. The shirt is in addition to 6 to 6.5 kilograms of golden ornaments — including chains, bracelets and rings and necklaces — that he has been wearing for the past few years.

In effect, this “10 kilogram gold man” — as 42-year-old Phuge prefers to call himself — is being valued in terms of money at around Rs3.25 crore (N92,514,500), of which the golden shirt — his new possession — is a part and it is worth Rs1.27 crore (N36,151,820).

Apart from wearing so many golden ornaments, what made him to stitch himself a golden shirt?

“Unlike many, I have no passion for high-end luxury vehicles like Audi or purchasing something else that is fancy. I had money and wanted to invest in gold. Even while investing in gold, I wanted to do something that would earn me the title of being a gold man. Then the idea of stitching myself a golden shirt came to me when I visited a jewellery shop a month ago,” Phuge told newsmen over the phone from Pune.

A finance broker by profession, Phuge is the husband of an NCP corporator from Pune Seema Phuge. “I am a Maratha (a person belonging to a warrior caste). Marathas have fascination for wearing golden ornaments. I am no different”.

Ask him as to how did he land so much of money to purchase such a huge quantity of gold. “I had landed property at Chakan near Pune. In 2005, there was a proposal to set up an airport in that area. As a result, land prices shot up phenomenally. Making most of the situation, I sold two acres of land that I owned. Whatever the money I earned from the sale, I invested in a financial firm which helped me get sizeable returns. Of the money earned, I have re-invested on gold,” Phuge said.

According to Phuge, velvet cloth has been used from inside to stitch the golden shirt. “Though there is gold on its exteriors, it is stitched in such a way that it can be folded and kept inside a shelf like any other shirt. In all, It took jewellers 17 days to have the golden shirt stitched,” he said. The shirt has been stitched by Ranka Jewellers, a leading jeweler firm based in Pune, using 22 karat gold.

Asked if the shirt is going to be his permanent possession, Phuge replied in the affirmative and said: “Yes I am going to keep it with me till I am alive”.

Despite being a finance professional now, Phuge has an ambition of becoming a Member of Parliament (MP) someday in the future. “If NCP fields me as a candidate in the forthcoming Lok Sabha poll from Shirur constituency in Pune district, I am more than willing to contest,” Phuge said in a matter-of-fact manner.

228  Forum / The Buzz Central / Akon Settles Fight In Calabar on: 31-12-2012 02:44 PM
Now, this is one hilarious and daring news to set off your Sunday on a good footing. Akon was in Cross River state to perform at the annual Calabar Carnival along side Psquare, MayD and Jmartins. The Senegalese born American R & B superstar was busy doing his performance inside the UJ Esuene stadium when he noticed a group of boys fighting and asked them to stop.
According to what we gathered, the singer threatened to go through the mammoth crowd to settle the fight if they wouldn’t stop but the fighting group were too busy drawing blood to listen and before the fans knew what was happening, Akon had jumped into the crowd even as his bodyguards were taken by surprise.
He reportedly kept screaming “Lift me up..ama go out there, take me there.” Instead of lifting him to where the fight was taking place, the crowd was more interested in stripping him of his belt and the left leg of his shoe. By the time his bodyguards reached him, his belt buckle was gone too.
Not one to give up easily, Akon went back stage and to the crowd’s bewilderment, the singer got into some kind of protective balloon, stood on stage and then suddenly leapt into the crowd, shielded by that balloon as the crowd kept throwing him around the stadium like a ball.
Eventually, he fulfilled his mission and the Calabar crowd steered him safely back towards the stage where he came out of the balloon sending the crowd into a wild frenzy.  ;
View More pics

229  Forum / Sports / Osaze apologizes for his outburst on twitter on: 31-12-2012 11:14 AM
West Bromwich Albion striker, Osaze Odemwingie , has attributed his recent outburst against the Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi, to anger arising from a feeling of betrayal by the coach.

Odemwingie had, at the wake of the release of the team list for AFCON 2013, taken to twitter to make some disparaging comments against the Super Eagles gaffer and the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF.
The out of favour Super Eagles striker also called the chairman of the NFF Technical Committee, Chris Green, ‘names’ over his exclusion from the AFCON squad.

The England based forward has now said he made statements, which were made in a fit of anger, after he had made it known to his coach andcolleagues that he was set to travel for the January 2013 Nations Cup in South Africa.

In an interview with selected Nigerian journalists, the West Bromwich Albion striker admitted making some of the comments credited to him, but was also quick to make some clarifications on calling Green ‘names,’ saying he was only bitter about his exclusion.
He described Green as a good man and one of the few on the NFF board, alongside the President, Aminu Maigari, whomhe knows personally and would not want to offend; though his anger has portrayed him to be at ‘war with everybody’.

”I remember it was Green that settled my case with Siasia then ,but I was too angry when he called me over this matter, and was impatient to listen to him, and my comment was not directed to him personally but to those who made the decision. But I think I over reacted then,” Osaze said.

On his face-off with Keshi, the former Locomotive Moscow forward revealed that “I calledthe coach two or three times within that period ,maybe two or three days before the list was made public and told him of my commitment to be part of the Nations Cup, and have toldmy coach I will be going to the Nations Cup.”

According to him, “I told the coach I was ready to report to camp by January 3rd, even before other professionals start reporting to camp, if I was in his programme for the Nations Cup; and even told himto feel free to drop me if I was not in his programme.

“I felt betrayed after that seeming heart-to-heart discussions with the coach few days to the release of the team list and he could not hint me I was not in his plan for the Nations Cup. For me it was not professional and I considered it a betrayal and lost my cool given all the arrangements I had made towards the Nations Cup,” he said.

Odemwingie also revealed that he felt pained and miffed by “some comments on why I was dropped ranging from being arrogant to asking for the captain’s band; and I concluded the federation wanted to freeze me out of the national team after ten years of serving the country with commitment and dedication”

“I don’t mind being asked to give the younger ones a chance ,even though I still have five years to offer at the international level, but I only think it would be proper to be honourably pulled out of the national team and not ‘disgraced’ out of the team after years of dedicated service to Nigeria,” he said.

The West Brom star argued that though his international career is over in the light of these controversies, which he noted “were unfortunate and regrettable,” he believes “there is need to correct somewrong impressions out there that I am always fighting with every coach,”
“But what people don’t know isthat my issues with all the coaches from Samson Siasia toLars Lagerback and now Keshi had to do with purely football matters, not administrative or asking for more money for players.

“My case with coach Siasia dates back to the 2008 Olympics, and had to do with insufficient jerseys and all that; with Lagerback it had to do with how I was treated and Ivoiced it to him personally at the World Cup, and now being treated unfairly.

“Imagine talking with someone two to three times over an issue and few days later you begin to hear a different story from the person, who was in a person to tell you point blank, ‘you are not in my plan for this,” he said.

230  Forum / Politics / Lagos deputy governor’s residence catches fire, electrical fault blamed on: 31-12-2012 10:20 AM
There was panic yesterday as news spread that the official residence of the deputy governor of Lagos, Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire was on fire.

Reports, however, have it that the incident, which happened at her Osborne residence, was a minor one which was quickly put under control.

The fire which, according to sources, started around 6:22pm on Sunday, noticeably started from the boys’ quarters. It was said to have been put off by fire extinguishers.

Reports say it was caused by an electrical spark.

Tunde Abatan, the media aide to the deputy governor said, “There was nobody at the boys’ quarter at the time of the incident. The spark was quickly fixed; it did not cause fire at all. I can assure you that the deputy governor is in her apartment.”
The state commissioner for information, Lateef Ibirogba wondered why the incident is being blown out of proportion.

“It was just a spark that was quickly attended to, nothing more than that,” he said.

These submissions were in line with at of the director of the state fire service, Fadipe Idowu, who also described the incident as minor.

He said, “It was just a spark that affected the metre board. It was put out with fire extinguisher before we arrived at the place.”
231  Forum / The Buzz Central / Davido And Chidinma Emerge Winners At The Kora Awards 2012 on: 31-12-2012 10:08 AM
Nigeria's star singer and the Dami Duro crooner, Davido has emerged the
2012 BEST MALE NEWCOMER while her compatriot from Nigeria, Chidinma, Kedike crooner won 2012 Best Female West African Act (West Africa).
I'm going to post the full list of winners as soon as i get them all!

Congrats to them...Nigeria music industry not doing bad
232  Forum / The Buzz Central / Kim K and Kanye West expecting their first child(video) on: 31-12-2012 09:56 AM
Kanye made this surprise announcement last night while performing at Revel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Kanye said:

"Stop the music and make noise for my baby mama," referring to Kim, who was in the audience.

Shortly after Kanye shared the news, Kim's sisters, Khloe and Kourtney expressed their happiness via Twitter.Kim is reportedly 12 weeks pregnant. So happy for her. Congrats to them!
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233  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Breaking news: Mercy Johnson gives birth to baby girl on: 30-12-2012 01:43 PM
234  Forum / The Buzz Central / Breaking news: Mercy Johnson gives birth to baby girl on: 30-12-2012 01:41 PM
Mercy Johnson Okojie gave birth to a baby girl a few hours ago in a hospital in the USA. Got the news just now from the people in the hospital with her. Mother and daughter are said to be doing great. We would bring you pictures later. Big congrats to Mercy and her husband Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley
am happy for her oooo.. what a way to end 2012 for her!!
235  Forum / The Buzz Central / LIST: [Photos] Most Paid Nigerian Entertainers 2012 on: 30-12-2012 12:08 PM
They’re making money as if it’s going out of fashion; controlling assets that are making some oil tycoons want to consider a career switch. They’re living the real celeb life – hopping from private jets to limited edition cars and SUVs.

With minimum earnings about N6.5M per month, and highest incomes nearing N50m per month in some cases, these fab few are raking in the big bucks, and making hundreds of their colleagues green with envy.

Click the link below to view the definitive list of those who made the biggest dough in 2012:

236  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Banky W - Yes/No (Official Music Video) on: 30-12-2012 11:53 AM
dat vid aint playing try dis one
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237  Forum / The Buzz Central / Banky W -Yes/No (official video) on: 30-12-2012 10:54 AM
Here's the Official video of Banky W - Yes/No.. This tune is projected to rock your 2013; Download & Enjoy!!!
<a href=";feature=player_embedded" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win" rel="nofollow"><b><span style="color: red;">!</span></b> Private video</a>

Download Video

238  Forum / The Buzz Central / What?Governor Aliyu Puts-up Billboards For His Daughter's Wedding on: 30-12-2012 10:47 AM
Niger State governor Dr Mu'azu Babangida Aliyu has spent millions of Naira to advertise the wedding ceremony of his daughters. The wedding took place today in the state capital, Minna.

Prior to the wedding, newspaper advertisements, radio and television jingles were placed ad infinitum in the media, announcing the extravagant wedding.

Apart from variety of souvenirs, sources in Minna say billboards beaming the faces of the brides dotted the city.

Daily Scoop however gathered that vehicular movement was brought to the knees as checkpoints were mounted in the strategic areas of the city.
239  Forum / Relationships & Romance / A True Life Story, Written by a COLLEGE GIRL before she gave up the Ghost. on: 29-12-2012 09:10 PM
A True Life Story, Written by a COLLEGE GIRL before she gave up the Ghost.

I Took Off My UNDERWEAR.....

I used to be that innocent girl who had the world at her feet. I
was beautiful and I had eyes and HIPS that could make men
sway, and to top it all up, I was a Christian, a very good
Christian with a heart burning for God.
When I entered the university, I met a guy, his name was DERRICK.
I couldn’t believe my luck the first time I bumped into him on my way to class, he had such a kind smile and a tender look that weakened my knees when he spoke.

Because I was late for class we couldn’t talk much but barely
three weeks later, I met him at the fresher’s night party and I
was overwhelmed. We got talking and I found out that he was
in his second year and from that night, we became an
inseparable pair.
At first, we were friends and as months passed by, we got
closer and closer and the chemistry between us was undeniable.

About a year after I entered the university, Derrick and I started
dating. He was everything a girl could ever want and desire
save the fact that he wasn’t so much of a Christian. Derrick had
magical hands that made him hard to resist and most times I
fell for it. At first, I felt bad but when I couldn’t help falling into
the same pit I killed the guilt on my inside.
And then one day, one of my friends said I was getting fatter and that got me thinking and in the process I began to link the dots…first I had a vomiting spree every morning which I thought was due to a flu and then I had this morning sickness which I felt was due to
stress and then my missing period…oh no it can’t be possible I
said to myself, I couldn’t be pregnant!!!
After a series of test outside school, I realized the deadliest
truth, I was indeed pregnant. I was only nineteen, I still had a
whole life ahead of me, what was I going to do. I couldn’t tell
my parents, they wouldn’t hear of it. Ihad to go to Derrick to
tell him what I had found out.

On telling him, I saw him fly into a temper I had never seen in
my life. He was so hysterical, calling me all sorts of names and
I didn’t even know when I started crying heart drenching tears
of hurt and betrayal. When he looked into my eyes he must
have realized how scared and hurt I was and so he pulled me
close and ran his hands through my hair until I had calmed
down and then he said to me in the most subtle voice ever ”why
don’t you have an abortion”. I pulled back instantly, I couldn’t
have an abortion! But when he talked about my parents and
the sanctioning of the school and the fellowship which I
belonged to, I knew I had no other choice.
Derrick had made all the arrangements and so on the supposed
day we went to the room- like clinic. I shivered all through my
way there but Derrick kept telling me that it would be okay and that
he was proud that I made such a brave decision. When I
entered into the room where the abortion was supposed to take
place I laid down on the table trying to dissociate my mind from
what I was about to do and then a young man told me sternly, ”
you know I can’t perform this procedure with your underwear
on” and then I began to pull it off. As I did this a sense of guilt
overwhelmed me, first I had pulled off my UNDERWEAR of
pleasure and now I was pulling it off to get rid of the stigma the
pleasure had brought what a shame, I felt so exposed.

All through the times that I felt instruments coming in and out
of me, I kept thinking of the lady I had become and the
hypocrite I had transformed into. I let out a sigh, only if I can
get through this I muttered… only if…and then I felt a sharp pain
pierce through the whole of my body, I screamed but then the
doctor told me to be quiet. I felt another pain but this time I bit
my lip and then the pain began to come in successions. I
instinctively knew that something was wrong but I was too
weak totally or to move and then I heard the voices of Derrick
and the doctor talking about the fact that I was bleeding
excessively. The pain was so unbearable and I could feel myself
getting weaker and weaker. With the last strength in me, I
pleaded with God”Oh Lord I’m so sorry for taking my under
wears off, please forgive me.” and I drifted into a world where
the pain seemed less hurtful and the voices seemed more
Friends, our bodies are the temple of the Lord. Do not take off
your UNDERWEAR when the time is not right. Lots of girls who
gained admission into the university as virgins eventually lost it
so cheaply to guys who have nothing to do with their
destinies. In a bid to get a certificate, they sold out a destiny
that certificate cannot guarantee....she died long time ago..
240  Forum / The Buzz Central / Top Ten Private Jets Owned By Wealthy Nigerians And How Much They Cost on: 29-12-2012 02:25 PM
Top Ten Private Jets Owned By Wealthy Nigerians And How Much They Cost
This list was said to have been culled from Encomium magazine, and it is quite revealing. The magazine wrote thus:
More exciting revelations have emerged that the penchant for private jets acquisition has cost wealthy Nigerians over N1 trillion in five years. The luxury trend actually rose by 650% between 2007 and 2012, this has increased the rate of private jet acquisition from 20 in 2007 to over 150 in 2012 which has placed Nigeria  and china as the fastest growing private jets markets in the world.

Top ten private jets by wealthy Nigerians.
Type                                                              Price                           Owner
1. Falcons 7X.                                          $51m(N8.2billion)           Mike Adenuga
2. Bombardier Global 6000                       $45.5m(N7.3billion)       Unknown
3. Bombardier Global Express 5000          $45m(N7.2billion)          Aliko Dangote
4. Gulfstream G550                                   $40m(N6.4billion)         Bishop Oyedepo
5. Gulfstream V                                        $30m(N4.8billion)         Bishop Oyedepo & Pastor Adeboye

6. Bombardier Challenger 604                $30m(N4.8b)             Mike Adenuga
7. Embracer Legacy 650                        $30m (N4.8b)            Ifeanyi Uba
8. Hawker 900XP                                 $20m(N3.2b)             Dr Kashim and Sir Aremu Johnson
9. Gulfstream G450                               $15m(N2.4b)              Bishop oyedepo
10. LearJet                                           $13.3m (N2.1b)          Bishop Oyedepo and Dr Kashim
1 ... 9 10 11 [12] 13 14