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121  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: EFCC Apologizes To Italian After Invading His Hotel Room In Ibadan With Wine on: 26-08-2021 02:16 AM
Quote from: kima77same on 26-08-2021 12:10 AM
I would  have unanimously agreed and as a matter of fact  applauded you ,if only you have given it  an in-depth thoughtfulness,But I wouldn’t rule out admitting you penned it down as I would have expected of a person born ,groomed, raised ,nurtured and educated in a zoo .But for the record , Don’t get mixed up,Nigeria isn’t a zoo .That geological part of the globe is the dream place of every fortune aspiring human on planet earth .If you would called Nigeria a zoo with all the natural deposits and millions of undiscovered precious metals underneath its earthcrust,then I’m supposed you are ignorant or totally a daft or you probably haven’t gone past  grade one science class .So, I’m quite  a bit conflicted with my self if at all I understand what you termed as a ZOO !  If Nigeria is a zoo then you a WARTHOG ! I hope that makes u smile
122  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Nigerian Rapper, MI Blows Hot After Spending Hours At A Police Station "Get Your PVC" on: 25-08-2021 01:14 PM
It will be understatement to say Nigeria is a failed state .The truth is , this once progressive nation destined for giant of Africa lost it along the track . Nigeria forever remained a wonderful nation but the inhabitants are doomed failure .I would have love to see the plutonic aliens wipe off the human in that part of the God fertiled land .
123  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: I Will Open A Club For Homosexuals In Lagos - Nigerian Gay Activist, Bisi Alimi Vows on: 18-08-2021 10:04 PM
Welcome A*#S ! I can as well promise you will be greeted with a swift response from the boys in the hood .
124  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: "I Have Dated A Girl Before But I Prefer Men" - Doyin Okupe's Son, Bolu on: 16-08-2021 12:53 PM
Let me dogg you and forever ya butthole ima gotta outta campton .A true BBC
125  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Spirit Of The Land Work Against Kanu, He Commits Abomination -IPOB Ex-Deputy Leader, Uche Mefor on: 15-08-2021 03:47 AM
Kanu will rot in jail ! There r countless revelations and witnesses in his inner circle that go against the wanton killing by masked spree killers under the direction of kanu .These evidence is enough to sentence him to death by hanging .He is a terrorist terrorizing the easterners .Kanu must be killed like a fowl and chop into pieces
126  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Fr Mbaka Gives Reasons As He Vows To Follow Messi To PSG on: 14-08-2021 09:44 PM
Me too oh ! I dey follow Messi wherever, whatever and whenever.
127  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Gani Fawehinmi’s Eldest Son, Mohammed Dies At 52 on: 12-08-2021 03:58 PM
Gone too soon !
128  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: OSCOHTECH Admin Officer Rap3s a Student Who Came to Retrieve Her File From His Office on: 11-08-2021 12:38 PM
Quote from: Dopybadass on 11-08-2021 08:05 AM
I was expecting to read the girl was a virgin and it was her first time the man now forced her and raped her,she is not even a virgin,she don dey phyuk tay tay,why she come dey complain the man raped her, wetin she go do for the man office alone Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Brio ! U phucked up man ! If y’all sister or daughter was the victim ,I’m not sure u will  make this psychotic statements. Ur better go check y’all mental health status
129  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: Popular Nollywood Actress, Ini Edo Flaunts Her Hour Glass Figure In New Photos on: 11-08-2021 12:27 PM
Sister u don old oh
130  Forum / Sports / Re: Argentina Forward, Lionel Messi's Images Removed From Barcelona’s Stadium on: 11-08-2021 12:20 PM
Quote from: Nicelooking123 on 11-08-2021 11:53 AM
Why didn't him accept the payment cut to help the team that made him what he is today. During this financial crisis Barcelona FC is facing, Messi needed to reciprocate to  the team like other players but he chose to go for more money. His crocodile tears during the press conference means nothing because he is a greedy and racist midget.
Bro ! May God forgive your ignorance!  The player accepted the 50 percent cut from his gross earnings ,which I think would be hard to compromise  for any other player other than messi . In this situation Messi has done what nobody  could have done for Barca ,but the club  excuses to offload messi still looks sketchy to many of sport fans .I mean , Messi market value and revenue values to the club is much way higher than his earnings on and off the pitch .Therefore , I think Barca economic policy is  slightly subtly different or so  opaque  to the board or its sporting body. Barca let go of Messi is  letting  jewel slip away with eyes wide open.Wow ! Barca will forever regret this decision
131  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: "Why I'm Involved In Making Hushpuppi's Movie" - Ebonylife Studios Boss, Mo Abudu on: 7-08-2021 07:21 AM
You don’t make a movie on a case still in court ! And even if it has been established and a conviction is imminent, it needed years to deep deeper into his mind .A true life story based movie needed  years of investigation into the details and not the information you read or watch on YouTube  is enough to create a true life story of a  fraudster .The subject matter in the movie is hushpuppi himself and his consent is needed and moreover , his cooperation is needed to expose it all  .Otherwise this is another nollywood nonsense ! Nigerians can’t read smart and this is why we are lagging behind in almost every aspect of  civilization.
132  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Lady Murders Her Boyfriend in Cold Blood Because of Mercedes-Benz 4Matic in Uyo (Photos) on: 6-08-2021 03:47 AM
A time is coming nigerian girls will be a no choice for a Nigerian man . The  desperation of Nigerian girls to get rich at all cost is incomprehensible. What a society !! And someone will blame me for not marrying a Nigerian woman!  Hell Nah ! I still need enjoy  my harvest 。
133  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigerian Man Alowonle Oluwajuwon Sentenced to Death For Killing a Nurse in Malaysia on: 4-08-2021 10:13 PM
Whoever killed should face the bullet !
134  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: I’m Not A Kidnapper But A Legitimate Businessman - Popular Kidnapper, Evans Tells Court on: 4-08-2021 02:29 PM
Nigeria is the drama stage of the world! I can’t stop laughing out my brains. And why is this guy still in court ? His case should have been concluded way long before now .
135  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: PHOTOS: Reality TV Star Kiddwaya Shares Rare Moment With Billionaire’s Daughter DJ Cuppy on: 2-08-2021 08:50 AM
Quote from: Dopybadass on  2-08-2021 08:47 AM
This guy is unstable and useless
Useless is his nickname.Never will grow up!
136  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: FLASHBACK! How Lagos Businessman Accused Abba Kyari, Of N41million Extortion In 2020 on: 1-08-2021 01:01 AM
How I wish the United States Federal Bureau help Nigeria clean up its rotten police force .Nigeria is in the darkest dungeon in the history of human race .Corruption is the foundation of their nation and it’s ever rooted Nigeria nation and its economy will collapse.The merry go round is the catalyst driving the economy of this nation .Let’s look at it from the nation GDP, it is a made up of numbers unrealistic and it never existed .The nation Purchasing index does not in anyway equate it reflect on the nation overall output and the CPI is just very much relatively low in a country of over two hindered million .Nigeria is a sorry state that may never reel itself out of the dented image showcased to the world .Nigerian stereotyped as the most dishonest world over  and an average Nigerian is just untrusted no matter how highly placed . Sorry for Nigerians who have to deal with this problem everyday caz I know there r few that can be called Human in that society
137  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: "Hushpuppi To Be Sentenced In October" – US Court on: 31-07-2021 12:15 PM
Being born and raised in a traditional and a cultural home is a privilege .I guess most Nigerians understand what I mean by saying raised in a home strictly adhered to rules and discipline.Anything contrary to being discipline is met with a brutal smash in the head and comes with severe frog jump . Thanks to those bitter sweet memories! And also having the privilege to grow up in western country is such that groomed me into the hardcore .Society rebirth  or influence can be of good and bad product but whatever or however ,it is a necessity to experience the good and bad influence of society to a certain extent.Growing up around the mobsters is something money can’t buy and if you walk out in your prime never look back caz it will consume you if you failed to let go before it let go of you .Kyari being a cop ,I mean a cop in that rank should know engaging with untested self claimed doers might come back hard on you when get bursted .The MOB rules ,don’t say a word .The more you say the more long time you will put away from  your freedom .I feel for Kyari , he acted so unseasoned.And for hushpuppi, the more names he brings in the more cooperation he’s with the AK .Good Luck !
138  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: You Dont Feed Me You Have No Right to Judge Me - Toke Makinwa Replies Colleague N6 on: 30-07-2021 06:49 AM
Craze dey worry u
139  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: LOBATAN! "He Will Kill Me With His Manhood' Lady Rejects Her Boyfriend's Marriage Proposal on: 29-07-2021 02:51 PM
Kondo Policeman!
140  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: Just In: US Court Orders FBI To Arrest And Detain Abba Kyari Over Hushpuppi's Million$ Fraud on: 29-07-2021 01:15 PM
See fowl yansh ! Nigeria police e don tey wey una corrupt,but this one don hook you for neck .
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