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21  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Do you still relate with your ex? on: 14-07-2008 07:43 PM
Sure u can if the relationship ends in a good faith......u can still relate....
22  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: how often do you have sex on: 14-07-2008 07:41 PM
Two times in a week? oooohhh.
23  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: can you allow your parent to impose your partner on you? on: 14-07-2008 07:37 PM
Not possible.....he don't have that right at all.....
24  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: how do you know true love on: 14-07-2008 07:27 PM
By slaping the person three times, if he dint slap back then that shows more than real
25  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Who is your dream man/woman on: 14-07-2008 07:23 PM
Lemmme see wat ma man got and i will tell u.....
26  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Who is Your Crush on NaijaPals!!! on: 14-07-2008 07:22 PM
Nope i don't have crush for anyone.....lemme check ma mail i will tell ya who have crush on me...
27  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Wetin you dey do with am before!!! on: 12-07-2008 07:10 PM
Vixen that was an interesting story u have there..
28  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: how can we avoid sex? on: 12-07-2008 07:06 PM
Not possible becz it's not good for the
29  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: do u blieve in love on: 12-07-2008 07:05 PM
I do.. Kiss Kiss Kiss
30  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN? on: 11-07-2008 05:24 PM
31  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Ex's and their wahala!!! on: 11-07-2008 05:23 PM
100% right.... But not all ooh.
32  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: cant a girl start a relationship on: 11-07-2008 05:21 PM
I did that sometimes in a club. and it all went fine, no ego or pride all depends on da dude...
33  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Believe it or not on: 11-07-2008 05:19 PM
Guys i want to know how many times u visit home? Visit oohh, no go think far....
34  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Whats your favourite love song. on: 11-07-2008 05:17 PM
i got alot but lemme say moving mountain by usher.....
35  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: DIS IS STRICTLY FOR GIRLS ALONE!!!!!!! on: 11-07-2008 05:15 PM
And am also searching for a  Huh? Huh? Huh?..lemme see wat am actually searching for? Vixen wat was dat u told me last nite?
36  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Can u date a guy that smokes heavy and drinks? on: 11-07-2008 05:11 PM
well it all depends...... if i love da person why not? i can date him..i can only help him to quit smoking and drinking heavily...... Smiley Smiley Smiley
37  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Is Heartbreak an excuse for Lesbianism? on: 9-07-2008 02:06 PM
not at all. i think its a choice.
38  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: the new formula for a long lasting relationship on: 9-07-2008 02:00 PM
You just discovered the best formula for unhappy relationship.
39  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: WILL YOU STILL GO AHEAD WITH SUCH RELATIONSHIP? on: 9-07-2008 01:57 PM
Na wa oohh....Ofcourse i will if am a guy.... it wasn't her fault rite.......he needs to stand by her now, go for std test......why do he wanna abandon her now becz of dis...... how abt those gurls who cheats on their bf unprotected, and da guy won't find out..........he should accept her back becz he don't know how his next r/ship will be.
40  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: why is finding true love so hard... on: 9-07-2008 01:54 PM
They asked u out and u accepts then just like that......well how abt slowing down for awhile and make ya choice.........da right gurl must surely come ya way, chil for now......dnt be desperate looking for a soul mate cuz definitely u wil see, infact catch one...
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