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101  Forum / The Buzz Central / Davido 'Omo Baba Olowo' Wants You To See His Dollars on: 15-07-2013 09:08 AM

Musicians in Nigeria now have a new 'craze' and its all about flaunting the Dollars for you guys to see...
I just hope these guys are spending wisely and investing some cash, so they wont run to ordinary Nigerian's for help tomorrow when the chips are down?

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102  Forum / The Buzz Central / 23 Million Year-Old Lizard Found In Mexico on: 15-07-2013 09:05 AM
A beautiful gem or a scientist’s dream? You can have both, as researchers in Mexico recently discovered after finding the remains of a 23-million-year-old lizard fossil, well preserved with soft tissue samples, in a small piece of amber.
Amber often contains small remains of plants and animals, but it is rare to find complete vertebrates such as this lizard.
While it’s currently too early to confirm the small lizard’s species, preliminary examination suggests the important specimen might be a new species belonging to the genus Anolis. This means that the little guy may provide an invaluable opportunity to learn more about an evolutionarily important and impressively adaptive species.
After all, Anolis lizards have fascinated scientists for years, and have provided researchers with an on-the-ground look at evolutionary processes at work. In 2012, a study involving brown anole lizards in the Bahamas was heralded for its documentation of natural selection, according to LiveScience.
Considered an example of evolutionary diversification, the Anolis genus includes several hundred different species that live across the Neotropics, Nature notes. The lizards thrive in warmer climates and are often outfitted with large finger and toe pads, which help them climb over a variety of surfaces quickly and efficiently.
The Mexican fossil was found a few months ago in Simojovel, an area of the Mexicanstate of Chiapas well known for its amber deposits.

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103  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / PASTOR BUTCHERED IN CHURCH; His Throat Was Slashed And Left To Die on: 15-07-2013 08:50 AM
**Parishioners recount how Catholic priest was killed for preaching against societal ills.
Who killed Rev. Fr. Francis Chidiebele Okoye, a Catholic priest attached to St Mary’s Catholic Church, in Afikpo, Ebonyi State? And why was he killed? These are some of the questions agitating the minds of the parishioners and general public:
Even as the anniversary of the gruesome murder of the priest holds on July 31, Fr. Okoye was slaughtered like a sacrificial lamb in the premises of the Church on July 31, 2006. The priest, who hailed from Enugwu Ukwu, in Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State and shared an apartment within the Church premises with a fellow priest, was dragged out of his bedroom by his assailants, who took him to the back of the building and slashed his throat.

A source told .com that he was decapitated. “It was a shocking act of violence. It was a gory sight. There was no doubt that Father Chidiebele’s attackers came with the intention of killing him outright. They butchered an innocent man like an animal. He was almost beheaded. This is the height of wickedness and man’s inhumanity to man,” one of the members of the church stated.

Seven years after, the killers are still walking free, as no arrest had been made in respect of the crime. It was gathered that Fr. Okoye’s murder might not be unconnected with his profound preaching against cultism, political thuggery and corrupt practices, among other social ills.

“He was a thorn in the flesh of evil people in Afikpo. On and off the pulpit, he preached against the unhealthy moral temperature of society. Some politicians, in particular, were unsettled by his ways because he warned them against encouraging young people to be cultists and political thugs. Perhaps, that was why they silenced him permanently,” a parishioner, who simply identified herself as Ugochi said.

It was further gathered that as torrents of tears flowed across the community that day, a heavy downpour washed away the blood of the slain priest. It was one of the heaviest rains ever witnessed in the community.

It was gathered that at the time Father Okoye was being attacked, his neighbour was in the next room. While the former was shouting for help, the later was allegedly praying.

In an exclusive chat in his residence, Mr. Francis Ibe Inyanwachi, head master of St. Mary’s Nursery/Primary School, Afikpo, disclosed that when the reverend father was asked what he did when his colleague was being attacked, he said that he was praying.

“The priest said that he was praying when Father Chidiebele was shouting and calling on him. He said that he knelt down to pray. That was what he told us. Since I was not there, I don’t know what happened but I know that they killed him behind the house because we saw the blood on the ground in the morning,” he said.

Offering insight on the barbarous treatment meted on the priest, Mr. Inyanwachi, who described the deceased as a family friend, said: “After Reverend Father Chidiebele’s ordination, he was posted to Afikpo as assistant priest, to come and help another reverend father. I think normally after one year, they (assistant priests) are usually posted out. So, when his mates were posted out, he was so good I think the reverend father asked the bishop that he (Father Chidiebele) should continue.”

“He was so outspoken that he condemned everything that was bad or evil. I think that day he was killed, he had gone from house to house, cautioning some group of students whom I learnt were cultists. He was trying to tell them to come back, that cultism was not good. They said when he came back, he did not even eat. Then he went to Mgbom (a neighbouring village), where one of them asked him to preach to him. Thereafter, he returned to his apartment at the church. I suspect that his attackers were cultists, who didn’t want their members to be retrieved from cultism.”

Inyanwachi, whose son is also a Catholic priest, added: “The room of the other reverend father was before his own room. I don’t know how they managed to know his room. They came into his room and brought him out from where he was sleeping. He was shouting: Father! Father!! Father!!! They brought him out and cut his throat or so. I think he died while they were rushing him to the hospital.

“That day, I didn’t initially know what happened; it was my daughter who went to Mass at St Patrick’s (at Ndibe) that informed me. They said the Catechist announced that armed robbers attacked Father Chidiebele and that they should be praying for him. On her way to the hospital, she heard that he had died. So, when I was coming back from Mass at St. Patrick’s, I saw the girl, crying. I asked what was wrong and she said they had killed Father Chidiebele. That was all. He was a young man.

“On the day his corpse was buried, it was brought here before being taken to his home town. It was announced that his people said they would retaliate on anybody, coming from Afikpo. I insisted that I must go. It was only the priest, my daughter and I that went there. We had to stay with the family. There were seats kept for the people of Afikpo in the Church but I alone couldn’t have gone to sit there. I went and consoled the mother. In fact, his mother was sitting in the front row and I went and touched her. After the Mass, we took his remains to St. Theresa’s Cathedral, Abakaliki, where he was buried. I’ve gone several times to see his family. He was very fond of coming to my house but he was a priest for the whole parish. He was a special friend of this house.”

Effort to speak with the reverened father, who occupied an apartment next to the late Fr. Chidiebele’s the day he was killed, proved abortive. Our reporter called him several times on telephone but he refused to speak on the matter.

Police sources, which craved anonymity confirmed the incident but said no arrest had been made since it happened on July 31, 2006.

“You know, it is a murder case; so, it remains open. We are still working on it,” said the source at the Ebonyi State Police Command, Abakaliki.
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104  Forum / Relationships & Romance / LEAVE MY WIFE ALONE! on: 14-07-2013 10:23 PM

“Linda, did you sleep with him? Why have you been telling a lie?" He asked his wife, who was still weeping.
“Ken, I was lonely! It started four months ago when I was aching in bed alone. You were not around to see to my emotional needs and I had to force the poor boy. Not that I love him, no. I still love you. I promise not to do it again,” she said amid tears.
Ken looked at the man standing in front of him and for the first time in his life, he felt like killing a human being! Why should this scallywag torment his life so much? That was his third time of coming to him on the same mission— to leave Linda, his wife alone.

“Oga, I no get problem with you. I don tell madam say make she no come my shop again but she no dey hear,” the man said in Pidgin English. He would have believed him but he had a feeling he was holding on to something that pulled his wife into his arms anytime he wished.

As he drove home, he thought about the events of the past four months in his marriage. It had been hell!

He was a sailor and could be on the sea for many months. Luckily, he found a woman, who, he believed was a very good Christian. Linda was introduced to him by his aunt and they hit it off on the immwdiately. She was a graduate, pretty and very committed Christian. She was not a virgin when they got married but such inanities don’t matter to him as long as she was committed to the marriage vows.

In quick succession, they had three children and anytime he returned from seafaring, he came into the warm embrace of his dutiful wife. Anytime he was home, he made sure he made up for the months he spent on the sea. His family never lacked anything.

As he pulled up into the garage, he knew Linda would pounce on him with her tongue. “I have told you that this plumber is not my lover. Or how many times do I have to explain this to you?” his wife shouted.

Linda was a plump but pretty woman. She was the epitome of a woman well-taken care of and her skin glowed. She was also quite fashionable.

“Linda, please let’s get over this issue, I will not discuss it ever again,” Ken said calmly and walked into the bedroom. “Then, why did you go to his shop today?” Linda asked angrily as she also stepped into the room.

“So, how did you know I went to his shop,” Ken asked bewildered.

“Why wouldn’t I know when you keep threatening him all the time? Ken, I have told you over and again that I don’t have any illicit affair with the plumber!” an exasperated Linda replied.

“So, why do you go about with him whenever I am not around? Why did you mention his name when we were in bed? Remember, you did that thrice the last time I came home? I returned last week and you mistakenly mentioned this idiot’s name again! Even the kids would always mention his name. So, who is the fool here?” he asked her.

“Ken, Rasheed, the plumber, just helped with chores in this big house. Anytime I was too tired to drive, I called him over. I had to sack the driver you hired because he was too rough. What if he got us killed? Since he was either doing one thing or the other for me, I got used to calling his name,” Linda explained, this time in a lowered tone.

“You have not explained why you mentioned his name when I was making love to you. Linda, what has come over you?” her husband asked.

At this, she started to cry.

Ken could not stand his wife crying. Her tears weakened him. But if Linda had employed tears to buy him over on any argument in the last six years, she would not succeed at this. He noticed her attitude anytime he returned from his travels. She was always asking when he would go back to work! This was unlike the woman he married, who would cry whenever he mentioned seafaring. Even friends and some neighbours have warned him about a particular plumber who came to his home.

The last straw that broke the carmel’s back was when his lastborn, Eric said, “That night that uncle Rasheed slept in Mummy’s room.” Linda was stupefied and never said a word. This was after she had mentioned Rasheed while they were in bed together!

He had to go to Rasheed’s shop. He confronted him and the young man (in his late 20s) didn’t confess until Ken threatened to bring soldiers, who would take him to their cantonment and punish him. Then, he confessed to have been lured by Linda to sleep with her. The young man promised not to touch his wife again. He went to him the second time and then, Rasheed told him he had stopped ‘seeing Madam.’

He had to go to Rasheed the third time because Linda mentioned his name whenever they made love.

“Linda, did you sleep with him? Why have you been telling a lie? He asked his wife, who was still weeping.

“Ken, I was lonely! It started four months ago when I was aching in bed alone. You were not around to see to my emotional needs and I had to force the poor boy. Not that I love him, no. I still love you. I promise not to do it again,” she said amid tears.

Was he shocked? He didn’t know what to tell her. So, a plumber had taken over his bed for four months? What would he do to Linda now?
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105  Forum / The Buzz Central / GOOD NEWS! Missing Daughter Of Nollywood Actor Ojopagogo, Olayiwola Rasaq Found on: 14-07-2013 10:20 PM

 RELIEF has now come the way of once worried actor and movie producer, Olayiwola Rasaq, popularly known as Ojopagogo, who earlier raised the alarm over his missing daughter, Damilola Olayiwola, days back.

His missing daughter seems to have been found when the actor’s message went viral on blackberry messenger stating thus: “Thank you all for the love and concern; you will not cry over your children. You will never know sadness; you will never know the grave of your child and may you never experience disorganisation. Damilola has been found but she is not yet home. All of you will never lose a child; thank you very much,” the message read in full as at press time.
Damilola’s father earlier lodged a complaint with the police urging anyone with useful information to contact the nearest police station about his daughter’s whereabouts when she went missing.
Damilola was said to have left Oyo town for Ibadan at 2pm, Tuesday, July 9th when her disappearance became news but sanity has been restored to the household of the Olayiwolas after Damilola’s whereabouts have been ascertained.
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106  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photos of Jenifa,Aki and PawPaw hawking pure water on: 14-07-2013 10:19 PM

Check out photos of popular Nollywood comic actors Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) and Osita Iheme (PawPaw), hawking pure water for sale in Jetfighter Nigerian movie. 
Aki and PawPaw seen with Jenifa, who also starred in Jet Fighter Nigerian movie
Jenifa joins Aki and PawPaw to say cheese to the camera
.com gathered Funke Akindele (Jenifa), played the role of a sister to Aki and PawPaw in the Nigerian movie to be released soon to DVD.

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107  Forum / The Buzz Central / My Hubby Gets Jealous When A Cute Guy Kisses Me--Omotola Confesses on: 14-07-2013 10:04 PM

It is no doubt that not many men would allow their wives to take up acting as profession and the reason is not far-fetched. With the jealous nature of men, it is very rare to see a man accepting another man cuddling or touching his wife all in the name of acting or practising a profession she likes as she exclusively tells .com.
That is why it is very common in this part of the world to see actresses dumping acting shortly after getting married. Most of the men they marry tend to kick against the profession after they must have said 'I do'.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, who is married to a pilot, Capt Mathew Ekeinde is one of the sexiest screen divas in the movie industry in Nigeria, and most men would like to do anything to have for keeps.

When in front of the camera, the mother of four delivers and interprets her role to the letter. When it comes to romantic scenes, she gives her all in making her character looks real, which surprises most of her fans, who wonder how her husband takes such scenes when he stumbles on them.

When asked by one of her fans on twitter, a popular micro-blogging platform, if her hubby gets jealous when a guy kisses her on set, the actress answered in the affirmative.

“Does your husband get jealous when you kiss a guy in a movie?” a fan asked the Ondo State-born actress, and she replied, “Yes, if the guy is cute.”

Now you know how Omosexy's husband reacts to her romantic scenes in movies when he sees them.
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108  Forum / The Buzz Central / US athlete Tyson Gay tests positive for banned substances on: 14-07-2013 09:41 PM

US sprinter and the world's second fastest man, Tyson Gay, has tested positive for banned substances and has pulled out of next month's World Championships in Moscow.

Gay, 30, said he was notified by the US Anti-Doping Agency on Friday that his 'A' sample from an out-of-competition test in May had returned a positive.

Gay didn't reveal the substance in a phone conversation from Amsterdam on Sunday but said:
"I don't have a sabotage story. I don't have any lies. I don't have anything to say to make this seem like it was a mistake or it was on USADA's hands, someone playing games. I don't have any of those stories. I basically put my trust in someone and I was let down."
Tyson is now awaiting the result of of his 'B' sample.

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109  Forum / The Buzz Central / Dr Frederick Fasheun seen with Al Mustapha at Kano airport today on: 14-07-2013 09:40 PM
.com crew Caught respected Medical Doctor and founder of Oodua Peoples Congress, (OPC) Dr. Frederick Fasheun (in white) seen arriving in Kano earlier today with recently released Major Hamza Al Mustapha. Hmmm.

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110  Forum / The Buzz Central / Wizkid goes on shopping spree in London, shows off shopping bags on: 14-07-2013 09:38 PM
Star Boy is currently in London and yesterday he went shopping at Selfridges, a chain of high end department stores. If you no get money, you no fit buy anything for dia! :-). He shared this photo on his instagram page..

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111  Forum / The Buzz Central / Timaya pictured with Mercy Johnson's daughter & his own daughter on: 14-07-2013 09:36 PM
The pic on the left is Timaya cuddling Mercy Johnson's daughter, Purity. While the pic on the right is the Egberi Papa1 with his own daughter. Adorable! Referring to the kids...
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112  Forum / The Buzz Central / Kelly Hansome opens Beauty Salon and Spa in Port Harcourt on: 14-07-2013 09:33 PM

Controversial singer Kelly Hansome has opened a beauty salon and spa in Port Harcourt called 'Whatsup Salon'. Services include: nail & eyelash fixing, hair braiding & fixing, make up application, sales of all types of hair, sale of general female accessories etc. More photos after the cut.

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113  Forum / The Buzz Central / The 2face Idibia Interview: ‘Marriage has made me more responsible’ on: 14-07-2013 05:21 PM
This is an Exclusive interview of with 2face, you are definately gonna love it Enjoy
you said marriage hasn’t changed you. Hasn’t marriage changed 2face?
Actually it’s the aspect of me being a jolly good fellow that I meant by marriage hasn’t changed me but at least it changed me in the way that now I get to be more responsible, because it is a serious business, it’s not when I was a bachelor that I could just decide after a show to just chill in an hotel and sleep. There was one time that I even made up my mind that I wasn’t getting married.

Lovebirds: 2face and Annie broke up and made up and broke up again, before making up one last time and heading to the alter.
So what brought about the change of mind?
I realise say I dey mumu myself (laughs). If you see the person you no fit run from am you go like am die so why you dey run.
So how often do you keep in touch with your other baby mamas?
As often as necessary.
But you love children, right?

I often wish it didn’t happen this way, but I can’t regret or make myself feel bad for what has happened. I wish it was different, and I wish I could wake up every morning and see all of them but that’s not the case right now. It’s not easy shuffling here and there to see them. Sometimes for weeks or months I don’t see them. Its not easy but as you lay your bed, so you will lie on it.
Do you still find yourself in that situation of having to be responsible to a lot of people so much that you cant even afford to keep your stuff without it getting used by other people, are you still under that kind pressure that there are times you just want to shut out everything but its seems like you cant even exist in your own place?
Now it’s different. When I was a bachelor, it was like that but now at least I get you to understand that my space has to be respected. Before I got married, it was a different baggage. There are times that you just want to fence yourself and you say no phone calls or people, there are plenty times like that.

Your wedding was probably the biggest wedding that happened in the last decade or two, did you plan this right from the very go?

The funny thing is, that was the total opposite of what I planned to do. My wife and I actually wanted a quiet and peaceful wedding but unfortunately for Innocent Idibia, 2Face interfered (laughs). 2face and Annie Macaulay now interfered in Innocent and Uwana’s wedding. So, unfortunately when they say we no fit hide, yes we no fit hide. I actually thought I was going to succeed in making it quiet and doing my thing peacefully but as it turned out the people no send me for that matter.
So when all that noise was happening, what was your biggest concern?
My biggest concern was that this was a serious occasion for me and I hope nobody is going to come and trivialise it and try to turn it into a bad thing, you understand. Marriage is a joyous thing but some people could turn it into topic of the day that people will then insult you saying different things. That was my biggest concern, for people to just respect it and know it’s a serious occasion for me and my wife, and not turn it into any debate society topic.
Annie Idibia and a friend at her traditional Wedding, March 2013
A lot of people said that Annie was the one behind it that she wanted a grand wedding after you had a little one?
They will always say that about the woman. Naturally, they decide everything and so it is natural for people to assume that. It definitely wasn’t going to be a tiny wedding but something not too grand. If they say Annie wanted it to be grand, it’s not true because we already had our plan, budget and the number of people we were going to invite. It just happened that the number quadrupled, I mean even ten times the amount of people we prepared for.
I see you wearing your wedding band. How does that feel?
(Laughs) o boy, you know how many times I don forget am for house? Dem go con carry am come meet me bros see your wedding ring. Sometimes I’m somewhere and I don’t even think about it and then someone makes a comment about and I realise I’m wearing it. It feels good honestly especially if it’s with somebody that you actually know and understand. Somebody that you are comfortable being around.
Concerning your former relationships with the other women, what was the most important advice that your parents gave you?
The most important advice they gave me were just two words; ‘be careful’. Be careful in all aspects, be careful not to impregnate anyone, be careful not to mislead anyone that will now turn to a bone in your neck. So many ‘be carefuls’, and that covers all. They also told me; search deep inside your heart to know the one that truly is right for you and when you do that, go for that person and don’t let the person slip away again.

2face Idibia and daughter Isabella

Before, you used to wake up as a bachelor, but now it is with someone beside you. How do you work around everything with your daughter Isabella having to go to school. Do you drive her to school or help her with her homework and also help out in the kitchen?
Like I said earlier I wish I had more time and opportunities to hang out with my kids. I really do wish I had more time but unfortunately you know because of what I do it’s not always easy, but I try as much as possible to make out time. When I’m around I try as much as possible to be in that part of her life.
How was the feeling like when you went back for parental approval?
It was excitement but excitement with no surprise. They were excited that we had finally decided to make it official, but they were not surprised because they knew we had been together for a long time although we frequently broke-up and made-up. So, it was excitement without surprise.
How will your marriage or marital status affect you in making a new record?
Well, it’s not going to affect it in any way and if the word affect is even going to come up, we’ll have an avenue splits that it will affect it positively.
What should we look forward to?
More mature music. I’m going very spiritual this time around. It’s not like I’m not going to keep maintaining the pop appeal in the music but this is going to be the deepest that I have ever gone.
You know Snoop changes from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion, but you’re a reggae artist at art so is this going to be a reggae album?
The ‘reggaeness’ will come out more.
If you had a choice or if the industry permitted, would you be pop artist or a reggae artist.
I’ll be a reggae artist but I have never been all the way reggae. Even though that was my major influence in music when I was growing up, I have never been totally reggae but if I have to chose, it would have to be reggae.
Do you think that ‘international break’ and mainstream America or UK has eluded you, if so, why and do you still look forward to it?

Okay I’m not going to go into all the details of it, there was a time when I had it, it was out there but somehow that I can’t even start to explain how that window passed. While I want to become big in America and Europe I don’t want to sell myself short or any slave trade kind of deal because I want to work in America or become popular there. I do want something that I will still maintain most of my right, creative right and the likes. In as much as I want to do all that, I still want to be very careful not to just sign my life away. I want to do it in a way that I will just blend.

Who owns the rights to Plantashaun Boiz music?

Plantashaun Boiz. All the publishing belongs to Plantashaun Entertainment.
And you’re all cool stakeholders?
Yes and for the people that wrote the song they have their full publishing , for the musical work itself Dove Entertainment because that’s the way the label owns the musical work but the publishing and copyright belongs to the individual so all those song belong to Plantashaun Boiz.
If I come to you and say I want to make it in music, what are the key things you’re going to tell me?
I’ll tell you first and foremost Music is serious business. You have to know that you can’t know everything so you’ll have to get one or two people that have things that can cover the aspects that you have shortcomings. You have to be able to work with people so to speak and you have to be able to allow the people you bring in do the work. Very important is, respecting people and God.
You were robbed twice?
Yes, both years, and 2007 and 2008 (laughs)
I know that aside from those ones that were not publicised, there were other robbery incidents. Was there a point where you thought you were targeted and that these were inside jobs and scared for your life especially when you were shot in 2007?
Yes, I think after I was shot, I became scared. So I moved with some Mobile police for a couple of months but I wasn’t comfortable. I began to feel like the presence of the mopol will make robbers shoot at me. I got scared but I never ever thought it was a set-up or anything. I never thought it was any pre-meditated action. It was just that period, maybe something just attracted them to me and because of who I am, it will become news. There are so many people that have had so many encounters but nobody hears about it. There was even a time in FESTAC that we were asked to lie down and were being robbed, and then one of my guys told them that’s 2face you are robbing. When they realised that it was me, they gave me back my watch and my phone and asked me to go. One of the guys asked if he could keep my cap, so as to remember me with it.
Do you miss your privacy?
I don’t even have time to miss it again because it’s gone.
But if you were to live again, will you do a ‘Lagbaja‘ on us?

How you take know wetin I wan talk sef? That’s probably exactly what I will do. Lagbaja, Allah! Cos the wahala plenty. But there’s a price for everything, and so that’s the price of fame. I’m the kind of person that would have loved to go to a local joint to eat amala.
Do you eat in that ‘amala’ place in Festac?
I can’t go there anymore. Imagine the attention that that will generate, so much that I might not be able to eat the food anymore because people will bring their food to my table and pull out cameras to start snapping. I tried it a couple of times, but it became a hopeless case.
So you can’t even go to church?
The last time I went to church, there were these brothers that were chasing me after the service. They said they wanted to share the word of God with me and I asked them, didn’t we all just listened to the pastor share the word? They started talking about a bible school that I needed to attend, but when I told them that I need to leave because of an appointment, one of the guys jut said, 2face, you don’t have to be running away from the word of God. I told him, I have to go, please don’t be offended. As I was walking away, the guy just said, Jesus said that if you deny me in front of men, I will deny you before my father in heaven (laughs) I just turn back and looked at the guy and his crew and told them ‘una know wetin go happen now, make una feel free to go heaven, make una no worry. See me see wahala oh! Wetin warrant for you to tell me that word? How I take deny am, no be church I come so?Since that time, going to church has been difficult. I’ll rather just stay in my house and communicate with my God peacefully rather than to go and distract honest church-goers.
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114  Forum / The Buzz Central / Actress: Shan George Talks About Her Persoal life &S*x ,Prostitution Scandal on: 14-07-2013 05:10 PM
Like every other Nollywood actress, Shan George has had her fair share of scandals. She has been accused of going into marriage and coming out of it over three times, dating younger men and decorating her body with countless tattoos. What’s true and what’ s not? In this interview with .com , the half caste actress shares her painful story with Showtime Celebrity. This is Shan George beyond the scandals.

So, what’s the real Shan George like?

I think everyone should know that Shan George is an ordinary person who was born and brought up in the village, grew up like every other village girl and I was privileged to be part of the movie industry at a time I found myself in it. I have been favoured by God in the industry. When you talk about a typical village life, I have experienced it and when you talk about living in a castle, I have also enjoyed the privilege.

To be candid, the most interesting life is the village life. In the village, there are no fences, no gates, and no walls in between houses. We collectively go to the same farm, and fetch water from the same stream. It was a communal existence. I still travel home once in a while to identify with my roots. I am from Ediba in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State.

What was growing up like?

It was quite enjoyable. It’s just that I wish I knew my father. I’m the only child of my mother, and my father was a whiteman. My mum is a very wonderful person, but I guess there is always going to be that part of me that keeps wondering who my father is. I tried several years to trace his whereabouts to no avail. While in search of him, I once travelled to where he used to work then, Turner’s Asbestos in Enugu.

The company consulted their files and brought out his old address in Manchester. Consequently, I travelled to Manchester in search of the man that fathered me. But my mission was not accomplished. I even had to cross-check phone books and called about 100 phone numbers, all in the bid to trace his whereabouts. One question I asked each time I called any of the numbers was whether any member of his family ever visited Africa or Nigeria in particular. I gave up hope of meeting my father at the age of 35.

What about the multiple marriage scandals; is there any truth to them?

There was a time someone called to congratulate me on my new marriage. I was shocked. My first marriage was when I was 16, and I don’t count that because I was a child and I had no say in the matter. The ideal thing is that as an adult, you meet someone you like and you get married to him. What happens most times is that I act a movie where I get married, the pictures go viral online and everyone says I am married again.

And I am amazed because I wonder, people who read this, don’t they calculate the years? I married once and my two kids are for my first husband. I read on some blogs that I had a child out of wedlock and I have been hiding it. But I wonder if I got married at the age of 16, at what age did I have that child? I was so young when I walked out of my first marriage to pursue my education. Later on, as an adult, I got married again, but we aren’t really together anymore. Marriage can be complicated.

What was it like being married at such a young age?

Being married at the age of 16 was just like a child still living with her parents. It was more like an obligation. I don’t really want to talk about it because of my children.

What is your relationship status now?

shan-george-and-objI have someone who is very nice and important to me. So, I guess you can call that a romantic relationship. I have always known this guy and he has been there for me.

Would you like to get married again?

Of course, I would.

How do you manage to look so good at 43?

Because the job is very stressful, I don’t really add much weight. But because I’m slim doesn’t mean that I’m fit. I can be very lazy about exercise. However, I am very careful about what I eat; that’s why am not very fat.

What are your sons like?

My first son is an Economist; he is still in the UK and has refused to come back home. My second son actually is into music. He read Music Engineering and Production in London and now, he is in Nigeria trying to pursue a career in music.

What is it with you and tattoos?

Tattoos are a way for me to express myself. People wear clothes, fix their hair or nails; but for me, I love tattoos, that’s who I am. I have just two permanent tattoos, but sometimes I wear artificial tattoos depending on my mood.

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115  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photo: Wizkid displays highest level of respect to musician King Sunny Ade on: 14-07-2013 05:01 PM
Star singer Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid recently displayed the highest level of respect to veteran musician King Sunny Ade, KSA. This happened in Victoria Island, Lagos about 2 weeks ago as the two are about to perform together on stage at the Ebony TV launch. Wizzy knows how to show respect to his elders. Nice one!
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116  Forum / The Buzz Central / Professor Wole Soyinka Clocks 79 Today on: 14-07-2013 04:59 PM

Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka is a year older today. He was born Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka on July 13, 1934 in Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria. The Isara Remo indigene is the 2nd of 6 children born to his family. His father Samuel Ayodele Soyinka was a minister at Anglican church while his mother Grace Eniola Soyinka was a trader.
Soyinka is a cousin to late Afro legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti since his mother was a descendant of the Ransom-Kuti family in Abeokuta.

To make his birthday a grand affair, a number of activities have been lined up, and the most significant of it all is the Open Door Series Project WS79 organized by Zmirage Multimedia Limited.

.com learnt according to Alhaji Teju Wasee Kareem, CEO, Zmirage and Executive Producer of the annual WS project, the Open Door Series Project is a veritable platform for international cultural exchange, which has been earmarked to celebrate the creative ideals and virtues of the iconic Soyinka.

This year’s programme tagged “Memoirs For Our Future” shall feature a drama presentation entitled, Trials of Brother Jero, one of the popular plays of Prof. Soyinka, musical and cultural shows, international essay competition as well as advocacy lectures.

Wishing him many happy returns.
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117  Forum / The Buzz Central / Jim iyke's outfit screams LOVE as he is spotted with Nadia Buari on: 14-07-2013 04:56 PM
Jim Iyke and his main squeeze Nadia were spotted at the maiden edition of the Bass Awards in Ghana.Actor Kofi Adjorlolo acknowledged Jim and Nadia saying,
“I can confidently say that Jim Iyke is now a Ghanaian.”
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118  Forum / The Buzz Central / Check Out Joseph Yobo's Dubai Vacation with Wife and Son (Pictures) on: 14-07-2013 02:55 PM
Super cute family!
Ace footballer, Joseph Yobo and wife, former beauty queen, Adaeze Igwe recently took their lil baby Joey on a summer vacation to Atlantis Dubai.

More pics below
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119  Forum / The Buzz Central / 'I Was Scammed' - Brazilian Woman Who Sold Virginity For $780,000 on: 14-07-2013 02:22 PM

Remember the Brazilian woman who made headlines last October for auctioning off her virginity?
Well, Catarina Migliorini now claims she was scammed by the documentary maker who set up the entire affair. And she questions whether the Japanese man "Natsu" who reportedly paid $780,000 for her virginity really exists, as she has not seen a penny.
read more after cut

Organized by Australian documentary maker Justin Sisely, the plan was to have Natsu and Migliorini Be Intimate in a plane midair between Australia and the U.S. in a bid to avoid prostitution laws. The filmmaker planned to film the couple before and after the deed for a documentary called "Virgins Wanted".

The incentive for Migliorini was the money and fame, and the incentive for the Sisely was to sell his documentary like hotcakes. "I was misled by Mr. Justin Sisely," Migliorini tells Huffington Post. "I believe he is trying to defraud me and others."

She claims that when she went to meet the 53-year-old Japanese millionaire, Natsu, in a Sydney, Australia restaurant, he didn't match the description Sisely gave her. Nor did they ever Be Intimate. Migliorini says Sisely was delusional in thinkinghe could pay for a plane for the couple to Be Intimate because he didn't even have enough money for a car during her two months say in Sydney, reports Huffington Post. She also charges that Sisely didn't cover her travel expenses nor give her the money promised -- specifically, 20 per cent of documentary sales and the full $780,000 auction bid.

Sisely denies her accusations and says, "We have the footage to prove otherwise," in reference to her Being Intimate. He also says she is responsible for two breaches in contract.
The documentary will debut in October at MIPCOM, an entertainment trade fair in Cannes, France.
What are your thoughts on this bizarre set of events? Who are you more inclined to believe?

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120  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / SEE A Niger-Delta Village In The 1960s (Before Oil) and Now . on: 14-07-2013 02:15 PM

This is a picture taken in a village in the Niger-Delta before the environmental degradation set in. Notice how clean the water was back then. One can imagine the kind of fish they would have been feasting on back then. That part of the country also has good soil and used to be heavy on agriculture back then....Below is a picture of Oil spill at Oloibiri some years ago:

Compare and contrast...
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