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41  Forum / The Buzz Central / Tiwa Savage Signs N30m Endorsement Deal With MTN on: 17-07-2013 03:08 PM
Big congratulations to Tiwa.
The pretty singer, today Wednesday July 17th signed a contract with telecoms giant, MTN.
Adding her to the list of top Nigerian artistes already signed on as MTN ambassadors.

I learnt the deal is worth N30million.
You recall that Wizkid was said to have earned close to N45million from his own deal with MTN, while Davido signed close to N32 million.
42  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photo of the Day on: 17-07-2013 03:00 PM
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e please do not ignore, say something about this picture
43  Forum / The Buzz Central / Video: My Mother-In-law cooks for me - Mercy Johnson on her relationship on: 17-07-2013 02:52 PM

You have read her interviews, now it is time to WATCH her! Battabox recently had this interesting interview with everyone's sweet heart, Mercy Johnson - the group caught up with her while donating to a charity home in Lagos - Lagos Correctional Centre for Boys!
All through the interview, Mercy did not stop making reference to her husband, she mentioned him repeatedly - aww, sweet love. She further talked about her foundation, Purity, mother-in-law and more.
I enjoyed the can watch video below
<a href=";v=72sU0qELS2U" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win" rel="nofollow">;v=72sU0qELS2U</a>

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44  Forum / The Buzz Central / Beverly Osu Continue To Receive The Fingering and Forkering on: 17-07-2013 02:36 PM

OUTCASTS OF BIG BROTHEL AFRICA: All hail the queen of Delta State. Roll out the drums and the red carpet for the most anticipated heroic welcome. The first lady of Delta State in collaboration with other women rights group should set mobilization in motion.

Nothing spared, Beverly the outcast have put the ‘the big heart’ state on global map of ignominy. She has just shattered Afrocandy’s infamous public sex record...

She is expected back to Nigeria with the coveted BBA prize money into the warm embrace of her cult like followers. Delta State government and rights groups must speak out now or remain in perpetual silence. No sitting on the fence as we await a press release either in commendation or condemnation of the fingering session and sex romp that took place in Big Brothel Africa. Our outcast must be officially recognized for exemplary misconduct in throwing her legs wide open for the South African pervert.

Berverly the outcast, enjoy your stay in BBA. South African corporations are renowned for digging profitable holes in Nigeria’s business landscape. Give your pot of gold to the gold diggers. Like our randy hip hop musicians would sing in their various message of sex; ‘your waist all I want is your waist, shake up your bum bum, kpuheee jaheee, take banana till you go yooo.’ But don’t allow the blokes to impregnate you. We already have enough bastards in Nigeria who enlarge the ranks of insurgents and militants.

If per chance you don’t emerge victorious, I will propose you for the audition of another forthcoming sex reality TV show. This time, not in the confines of a house but on the streets where wh*res of your type will widen their legs with perverts zooming in and out publicly. The longest lasting duo will win a million dollars. World renowned multinational companies are already queuing up for headline sponsorship.

Of a truth, these 28 virile young miscreants locked up in a house of booze for ninety one days, idling and fiddling away will soon emerge as role models. In the face of excruciating poverty, unemployment and HIV/AIDS pandemic among African youths, we deem it expedient to promote casual unsafe sex on camera. Who am I to sit in judgment?

Beverly the outcast, go ahead. Receive the fingering and ‘forkering’ including the blow jobs. The world is your oyster. Let all the feminist associations disband and remain dumb and deaf forever. You are highly recommended for a national honour of MFR, most fingering realist!

Go ahead and receive it. It’s a free world, it’s your life, and you were born that way. You are showcasing your God given talent. Our jurisprudence in Nigeria makes no provision for indecent exposure. Arise ye people and line up the streets for Beverly’s home return. We shall wave the Nigerian flag in sham and shame at the airport both at Lagos and Asaba.

You have accomplished great things. Delta no dey carry last!

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45  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photo: Actress Liz Da Silva Spotted With A Sex Toy In Public on: 17-07-2013 02:34 PM

A fan sent this photo to  which clearly shows controversial actress, Liz Da Silva, who gave birth recently, with about three different men linked to her pregnancy, holding a sex toy.

Anyway, I hear she has finally given the baby to one Alhaji Olaoye, that was not among all the three men in the picture initially. The Alhaji accepted the baby but with some conditions.

He insisted she convert from Christianity to Islam; I hear she has already done so.
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46  Forum / Politics / Evans Bipi, Patience Jonathan's Thug, Goes To Aso Rock on: 17-07-2013 02:32 PM

Rivers State Commissioner for Information, Ibim Semenitari has revealed that the Minister of Education (state) Nyesom “Wike had boasted after the failed impeachment attempt at the Rivers State House of Assembly that he would set Rivers State ablaze and render it ungovernable.”

Anyway, the man who said he is fighting Governor Rotimi Amaechi because he insulted his "Jesus Christ" was on Monday night spotted in Aso Rock Presidential villa.

But what did Evans Bipi go there to do?
It seems the Presidency is looking for a means to give credibility to Hon Bipi as "fake" Speaker of the House of Assembly in Rivers State, just like they are doing with Gov Jonah Jang who lost an election.

From available records, at no time was Bipi elected Speaker by more than fore (4) members, even when he was giving his poorly delivered acceptance speech, there were just about 5 people present.

But Hon Bipi surfaced in Aso Rock, claiming that since he has not been 'impeached' he remains the Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly.

Bipi, who was in Aso Rock for a dinner hosted by President Goodluck Jonathan for delegates of a summit on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, claimed that his headship of the House of Assembly is sealed.

In his words:
“Of course, it is not contestable, I remain the Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly because I have not been impeached.

“A motion for impeachment was placed on the Speaker and I emerged as the Speaker and I have not been impeached.

“How would it be five? We formed a quorum. It was a full house and I was duly elected; it was by over 23 lawmakers.”

Bipi also denied ever punching or assaulting any pro-Amaechi lawmaker during the fracas in the House.

But .Com is in custody of a video where Bipi confessed openly to some thugs how he punched Hon Chidi Lloyd and how Chidi Lloyd shouted "I don die hey!"
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47  Forum / Politics / Why Appeal Court Freed Al-Mustapha; See The Details on: 17-07-2013 02:25 PM
The Court of Appeal, Lagos quashed the death sentence that Justice Mojisola Dada of the Lagos High Court handed Major Hamza Al-Mustapha and Alhaji Lateef Shofolahan over the death of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola. The appellate court said that the court below convicted the duo at all cost despite the prosecution’s failure to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Below is the judgment as delivered by the appellate court:

THE Appellant, in a 326 pages Judgment of the High Court of Justice, Lagos State in Charge No 10/37C/03 Coram Moji Dada J. was convicted for the offences of conspiracy to murder and murder of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola. The Charge initially included Chief Superident of Police Mohammed Rabo Lawal, but he was discharged on a no-case submission made on behalf of the Defendants.

The case of the Prosecution is that the Appellant conspired with another to murder and allegedly did murder Alhaja Kudirat Abiola on June 4, 1996, along Lagos-Ibadan expressway opposite Cargo Vision, Ikeja Area of Lagos State.

The Prosecution called four witnesses, namely: Dr. Ore Falomo (PW1), Barnabas Jabila, a.k.a. Sgt. Rogers (PW2), Mohammed Abdul a.k.a. Katako (PW3) and D.C. Yusuf (PW4), while the Appellant called two witnesses and testified himself.

The facts leading to this appeal can aptly be put as follows. This trial started at the Lagos State High Court as ID/43C/99 in which the present Appellant with Mohammed Abacha, Rabo Lawal and one Mohammed Abdul were charged with conspiracy and murder. Mohammed Abacha was eventually discharged by the Supreme Court on July 11, 2002, on the ground of non culpability. The charge metamorphosed into the present Charge No ID/37C/2003.

No eyewitness on record
Noteworthy is that the crime, subject matter of this appeal was innitially investigated by the Nigerian Police Force at Panti in 1996, a Special Investigative Panel, SIP, and the Agbaje Panel set up in 1998 by the Government of General Abubakar Abdusalami. The accused persons were absolved of any involvement by the SIP and the Agbaje Panel in the death of the deceased.

On June 4, 1996, the deceased was shot dead. There was no eyewitness on record to the actual crime, but one Dr. Mark Adesina whose statement is recorded at pages 10-18 of Vol. 1 of the Record of Appeal and whose name is listed as number one in the list of witnesses at the back of the information but was never called as a witness.PW1-Dr Ore Falomo witnessed the removal of a white bullet which was taken by the police. He testified that the deceased died after a head surgery and after her second cardiac arrest. Autopsy was conductyed on the deceased. After the commission of the crime, some members of the Abiola household were suspected of the commission of the crime. At the trial, the prosecution called four (4) witnesses, PW1, PW2, PW3, and PW4 respectively, while the Appellant called two (2) witnesses.

PWl – Dr. Oreoluwa Falomo testified that he was going to Ikosi on the 4th of June 1996 when he saw people running in front and thought it was an accident. He, as an orthopaedic surgeon thought he could help. he then saw Alhaja Kudirat Abiola slumped on the back of the car and the driver also shot. He recognised them as he had known these victims before. He arranged for a vehicle to rush them to the hospital. The deceased had been shot on the forehead and was bleeding from that spot. The driver had also been shot, but his condition was not as bad as that of the deceased.

One Dr. Ogunbanjo, informed him that the victims were in Eko Hospital. He went there and saw the deceased and a consultant who advices an urgent surgery. Two neurosurgeons agreed to work together. Alhaja Kudirat Abiola was still unconscious and bleeding.

She was operated on and a special bullet that was not commonly seen was extracted from her skull. The operation lasted about two to three hours. She suffered a cardiac arrest. She appeared stabilized, but she suffered another cardiac arrest and she passed on.

A post mortem examination was performed on her body by one Dr. Alimi, who issued a report. He took part in moving the body to her house for burial. He made statement to the Police.

He told Police that it was a 5th Columnist in the Government that killed the deceased, going by the look of the bullet. The Police took the bullet away and never released it to them after the post mortem examination. He had told the Police that the bullet belonged to the family of the deceased in mediolegal term.

He had known the Abiola family and indeed was the personal physician and friend to the late Chief M.K.O. Abiola. He was very very close to the family.

Under cross-examination he said he had not trained as a ballistician, but he described what he observed as a doctor. He did say that the Police took away the spent bullet by force and said they needed it for investigation. The Police were picking and choosing what they wanted him to write in his statement. He had made many statements, about four, but he is surprised that he is shown only one.

He testified that he had met the Appellant before, and indeed he facilitated his visit to Late Chief M.K.O. Abiola when he was in detention at Aso Rock Villa. He was not shown Exhibit “A1″ before he came to court. It was his first time of seeing the document since he made it.

PW2 is Barbarnas Jabila alias Sgt.Rogers.He is a soldier of the rank of a Sergeant. He worked with the strike force in the Presidential villa in Abuja, before joining the Nigeria Army on the ih of January 1987, and trained as a parachooter Antitank Commander, Strike Security Force, an antiterrist outfit and attended a special course in North Korea. He knows the Appellant as the Chief Security Officer to Late General Sanni Abacha. Rabo Lawal was the officer in charge of Mobile Police in the Presidental villa.

The Appellant used to send him and Rabo Lawal on assignment, and Rabo Lawal used to lead them when on assignment. His duty is to provide security as assigned by the Appellant as Special Anti- terrorist outfit and other special assignments. One Lateef Shofolahan used to give them information.

He knows the deceased, and the Appellant gave them order to elimnate her because she was doing some bad things against the state. When she came back from Burkina Faso, the Appellant gave them the order to move in and provided logisitics that they should stay at Dodan Barrack.

O/C Mopol took them to Alhaji Lati who in turn took them to Abiola’s home. That Alhaji Lati gave them information that the deceased would soon move out. As soon as the deceased came out, he opened fire. That one Rabo Lawal gave money to Lateef Shofolahand to give them. The date in which he opened fire on the deceased was the 4th of June 1996. He returned the arm to the Appellant through his orderly Karo who confirmed receipt. The gun looked like MP5.

He was shocked that the secret leaked. It was not supposed to leak, as he was doing his job. The Appellant told him to keep quiet and that he should deny everything. At that time, Abacha had died.

On the day of the incident, they drove a 504 station wagon given to them by Dodan Barracks. The deceased was in a while Mercedes Benz. As she drove out of her premise, they trailed the Mercedes Benz to one round about, where the people in the Mercedes Benz dropped one small girl. The vehicle moved towards Alausa Secretariat and they trailed it until they got to an express road. They went closer and he opened fire at the car directly. After that he told Katako to drive him back to Dodan Baracks,

Foreign posting
Under cross-examination, he did testify that all he had said in examination-in-chief concerning the alleged involvement of the Appellant were things he was told to say by the Federal Government and the Lagos State Government. And that there are certain things which the Lagos State Government does not know.

The Attorney General of Lagos State, Yemi Osibanjo and the Solicitor General of Lagos State, and many others of Lagos State visited him when the case was being investigated by the SIP. The SS facilitated the visits of SSS because he was in their cell. He was given a promise by the authorities for agreeing to be a witness in this case. He was promised a house, job for himself and his Wife, security for his family and a foreign posting. His wife was moved to Abuja from Jaji where she was given an initial monthly allowance of N15,OOO, but later increased to N20,OOO. The money got to her through SSS.

Anytime the authorities visited him in the SSS cell where he was detained, they gave him money. Chief Bola Ige gave him N100,OOO.00. his handset and link was given to him by the Attorney General of Lagos State. He agreed to testify against the Appellant as part of his duties to the State. In 2005, inspite of the promises which the State made, he was being paid half salary. The promises made to him were not fulfilled.

His statement of September 29th 1999 was made during the S.I.P, and that was the time that they discussed what they would give him. The statement was a response to the promise. During the S.I.P, and SSS officer prostrated to him and said he would be told to go and on the way he would be killed.

He was afraid and cooperated.
Under cross-examination, he said on the 4th of June 1996, he was in Lagos. He heard about the deceased assassination in the news. He heard it on .the radio in Abuja. He also heard the news on that day he was in Lagos.

In his statement of 27th May, 1999, Exhibit DI-1 he said he was in Abuja.

He said he told one Okoloba that it is not the schedule of duty of the Appellant to issue out arms and ammunition as they have armourer. The Armourere registers your name and give you the arm and ammunition. He testified that as a government official his role was to carry out what he was told, not to make findings. He cannot remeber what he said but he did what they wanted him to do.

Cross examination
Exhibit A2 – his statement of 29th of September 1999 was produced by him and the Government official. That if Katako said it was a Cherokee jeep they rode on that date, he would be surprised. Under cross examination, PW2 testified that he justified his involvement in the murder of the deceased. He said what he was told by the authority. The authorities promised not to bring them to court, but they reneged.

PW3-Mohammed Abdul alias Katako, a soldier who joined the Nigerian Army in 1998. In 1996, he was told by Late Ibrahim Abacha that there are some people coming from Abuja to Lagos, whom he should drive. Hear him:

“Between January and June 1996, when they came, so we went to National Theatre, that was where I saw Alhajj Lati, the 3,d Defendant, we went to Ikeja with him and went back to his house in Surulere, and we left him there and left the next day. Rogers said we should go to Ikeja to the same house we went with Lati. Mercedes car came out of the house, Rogers said we should follow the car. He stopped somewhere and dropped somebody and continued to lagos-Ibadan Expressway around seven-up. Rogers said I should drive close to the car and he fired and then said I should drive back to Dodan Barracks”.

That the house they went to, he was later informed was late Chief M.K.O. Abiola’s house. There were about 3 or 4 people in the Mercedes Benz car. They dropped a woman on the way. That when they got back to Dodan Barracks, Roger told people “we got am” but he did not know who was being refferd to. Later on he heard that it was the deceased. The people with whom we went were Skongama Bello and Late Samaila Shaibu.

Under Cross examinations, he said the shooting took place after the toll gate on the way going to Lagos. He made a statement in Abuja. He is aware that his statement was later translated into English Language, but he does not know who did the transaltion. However, he signed it after the English transaltion was read to him and he said yes. He does not know if he wrote Cherokee jeep, bur he did not ride a Cherokee jeep.It was a daybefore the day of the incident that they used a grand Cherokee jeep. He was offered promises including the gift of a house-in 1999 around September or October. These promises were made by officials he was with.

Officials of Lagos State Ministry of Justice visited him many times in Abuja while he was detained, including the Attorney General and Solicitor General of Lagos State. The Federal Attorney General Bola Ige visited him. He was given a house in Jos. They said that they would take care of him and his family. Promises were made to him before he wrote his statement. The promises were made to him on the 18th of September (the witness cried at this stage). His statement of the 19th of September was as a result of the promises of the 18th of September.

He said that on the 4th of June 1996, he had his first marriage at Azare in Bauchi State.
Under cross-examination, he said that he was in his village at Azare on the fateful day.

PW4 – Ahmed Fari Yusuf, was a police officer, now retired after 35 years of service. He retired as Commissioner of Police in charge of Budget Section, Nigeria Police on October 1, 2009.

He last served at the Police Force Headquarters, Louis Edet House, Area II, Garki, Abuja.

In 1999, he was in Abuja Force Headquarters. Between September December 1999, he was in Force C1D Area 10, Abuja. ‘-’Between September-December 1999, he was in Force CID Area 10, Abuja as Assistant C.O.P.

He knew the Appellant in September 1999, as he was brought to the Force C1D in connection with an alleged offence by the then SIP, which offence was for the alleged murder of Alhaja Kudirat, the burning of Guardian House and’attempted murder of Alex Ibru.

When he was brought, he was cautioned and he made a statement in his own handwriting. He witnessed the first statement made by him. Exhibit A-3 – statement made on the 23rd of September 1999.

After Exhibit A-3, he is aware that the Appellant was further interrogated by SIP detailed to carry out investigation and that he made a further statement.

That one Lateef Shofolahan also made a statement on the 21st of September 1999 in his own handwriting.

After, there was a trial within trial for twelve months, he disappeared into thin air and was never cross-examined (from records).

He tendered statements of the accused persons which were all admitted after trial within trial and objections for their admissibility failed.

On the 23rd of November 2010, PW4 was absent from Court, when trial was to have continued and the case was adjourned to the 20th of December 2010 (page 1060 of the Record of Appeal). After series of adjournments, the Court foreclosed the prosecution on the 14th of March 2011.

On the 4th of July 2011, the Appellant Major Hamza AI Mustapha testified on his behalf as DWl. He testified that he was arrested in October 1998, under an allegation that he was keeping the property of General Abacha. When they could not establish anything against him, they changed the allegation to gun running from Libya, then to overthrowing of the government of Abdulsalam Abubakar. it was changed to securing the property of the culprit of 1997 and later when all there were cleared, he was alleged to plan coup plotting to remove Abdulsalam Abubakar from government. He was cleared and when the government handed over to General Obasanjo, this created yet another allegation under a script called YAKASI says Prison Note.

He was investigated by the Police, and later to the Homicide case that brought him to Court on the 14th of October 1999. That Yakasi prison note was a script written by the Government of General Abdulsalam Abubakar in order to continue to keep him in detention having been cleared by numerous panels he established in 1998 and 1999. He was further subjected to interrogations and investigations by reason of that prison note of Lieutenant Colonel Yakasi, because of the events that happened from the murder of General Abacha to the murder of Late M.K.O. Abiola, and the subsequent event that happened right in his presence in the presidency. For fear of him divulging these, he has been persecuted and theY,pave keep him in detention.

He was Chief Security Officer to the former head of state General Sanni Abacha since the lih of November 1993. His career is that of Intelligence for Nigeria. What has to do with intelligence management for the Army and for the country is where he belongs. His primary and secondary assignments begin and end with:
(1) Security to the late head of State and Commander-in-Chief

(2) Security to members of the first family and

(3) Their property and seat of government

The various panels he faced from 21st October 1998 include:
(1)CHQ Panel on the investigation of the personal belongings of culprit of 1997, initiated by the office of CJS in the presidency- He was cleared and returned to Enugu-He was in fact commended.

2. Panel chaired by Major General Yusuf from Arm of Coat, who investigated the allegation fro gun running and he was cleared.
(3) Allegation for Abacha’s personal properties of which he was cleared.

This means that no one else irrespective of rank, position or situation, should use another soldier’s rifle. That is Military Law. The Armourer is the officer in the arm who has the custody and control of weapons.
Military officers or non commission officers are only authorized to move from one location to the other or between one town to the other as military pass. By this, every movement must be on the basis of the data provided in that form. Any movement without that pass or the content and the authority and stamp in that pass is considered iliegal and is punishable by military law.

On the PASS, it contains the name of the officer, or the non- commission officer who is authorized to go on pass, his initials, rank, his service number, purpose for which the pass is issued, jurisdiction for the pass, location that the pass is intended, the nearest military formation to that location that the person is authorized to go to and the nearest police military formation, it also bears the signature and name of the authorizing officer, that is the commanding officer and the stamp of the unit.

It bears a note underneath that says if in the likely event of any is the C.S.O. who has a secretariat headed by a S.S.S officer called the 5LO (i.e Security Liaising Officer). There is also an administrative officer from services in the country. Then there is the office of the 2nd in command, who is from the Army Military Intelligence with his own staff. The department had four different branches, first was Intelligence wing,

The strike force” came to being in 1995. The National Security and Joint Intelligence Bureau came up with the idea of a small force that was to protect the seat of government, and it is comprised of 75 serving personnel from all agencies in the country.

He had unfettered access to PRS, Council of State, the Executive Council by virtue of his schedule of duties.

To be continued [Source: Vanguard]
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48  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / How Man Masterminds His Friends Kidnap Because Of Money on: 17-07-2013 02:21 PM

Shock and disbelief could best describe the expression on the face of Kingsley Ifeanyi, on discovering that his kidnap was masterminded by his bosom friend, Jimoh Olalere.

Ifeanyi’s kidnap sent fears down the spines of his family and friends around the Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos, as they wondered why anyone could even think of kidnapping an "ordinary" man.
The bubble, however, burst on Monday its a .com Exclusive you would like to learn from so lets go!:

Following the arrest of ten suspected kidnappers by the Lagos State Police, who have been responsible for series of kidnapping at Ibeju-Lekki and its environs, to the amazement of all, one of the suspects, Jimoh Olalere, confessed to have masterminded Ifeanyi’s kidnap out of jealousy.

According to Jimoh, the quarrel started between him and his bosom friend following the sale of two plots of land by the latter and his alleged refusal to part with some money. “ I sold two plots of land to Ifeanyi at the rate of N550,000 each. At the end of the deal, he was supposed to pay me some money because he sold the land at a higher rate to the buyer. When I accosted him, he told me to go to hell that he did not get much from the sale. But that has been the custom in my area. This resulted in a heated argument that almost led to a fight.

“After that quarrel, we parted ways. I became angry because he went about telling people all sorts of negative things about me. Besides that, I felt he was carrying himself with so much arrogance and I decided to kidnap him to teach him a lesson. I contacted some of my friends who abducted him and took him to a building behind my house where he stayed for two days before he was taken to another hideout.

“While in our custody, I visited his parents who told me that some people had put some calls to them demanding for N3 million for Ifeanyi’s release. Pretending to be helping out, I started speaking with the kidnappers at the end of which we bargained for N500,000 for his release. They gave us a deadline for payment, failure of which they threatened to kill Ifeanyi.

"During one of the telephone conversations, I told the kidnappers that I would like to speak with Ifeanyi, during which he told his mother where to get the sum of N200,000. His parents added the rest and handed a total of N500,000 to me to take to the kidnappers. I took the money to a designated point around Ibeju -Lekki at midnight and handed it over to one of them. The next day, my friend was released and there was jubilation in his family.”

New twist
After Ifeanyi’s release, Jimoh went to the kidnapper’s hideout, only to be given the sum of N32,000.
“I was angry and when I demanded to know why I should be given that peanut, they said they were more than ten, whereas we were nine in number. I got angry and threatened to reject the money but they dared me threatening that even if I exposed them that I would also be implicated. Out of frustration, I left there with the N32,000 that was not even enough for me to meet my family’s immediate need. To be honest, I did not do it for money, I only did it to teach him a lesson because he is very proud.”

The father of four later became sober, apparently regretting his action. In an emotion-laden tone, he said:
“Now, I have brought shame to my family, particularly my children. It will be better for me to die and forget about the shame than to live and keep atoning for my sin. I really do not know how to face my friend, his family, my wife and children,“ the 40-year-old Oyo state-born Jimoh said, shaking his head in regret.
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49  Forum / The Buzz Central / Wizkid is definitely getting 'some' tonight! Hehe on: 16-07-2013 11:19 PM
When your girlfriend plans an intimate candlelight birthday dinner in a room that looks like this, with a special message and a bed there, you're definitely getting some. Hehe. #kidding!
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50  Forum / The Buzz Central / Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and her four children are all Harvard graduates on: 16-07-2013 11:18 PM

Some of you say you want inspiring stories, does this pass for one? Lol. OK, so the Minister of Finance Mrs Ngozi Oknonjo Iweala is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard University and so are her four children - Onyinye, Uzodinma, Ikechukwu and Uchechi. (Uzo and Uche pictured above)

Mrs Okonjo-Iweala studied Economics at Harvard, graduating magna cum laude with A.B in 1977.
Her eldest, Onyinye received her Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology from Harvard University in 2008 and graduated Harvard Medical School in 2010. Onyinye is a wife and mother.
Her son, Uzodinma Iweala received his A.B in English and American literature from Harvard and MD from Colombia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Beasts of No Nation (2005).
Her other son, Ikechukwu Iweala studied social studies at Harvard and graduated in 2005.
Her last child Uchechi graduated from Harvard in 2009 and majored in Economics
And don't forget that Mrs Okonjo-Iweala's parents also graduated from Harvard.

Are you inspired? :-)
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51  Forum / The Buzz Central / PHOTOS: Nollywood Actresses In Secret Wedding on: 16-07-2013 09:13 PM

Nollywood actresses are increasingly cementing their romantic relationships and walking down the isle in secret.
The development is becoming so frequent that it appears a normal practice in the industry as these babes now prefer private ceremonies to lavished public events as far as wedding and traditional marriages are concerned.
The big marriage arrangements embraced by the likes of top actresses, Jennifer Eliogu, Ini Edo, Dakore Egbuson, Mercy Johnson, Muma Gee, Tricia Esiegbe, Stephenie Okereke and many others have become outdated as actresses no longer print wedding invitations or mention their marriage plans to friends.
While it is no longer news that secret weddings have become a norm, sources disclosed that they have various reasons why these show biz practitioners prefer to seal their relationships in secret. It was revealed that a number of them were being beaten by the bug of ill-luck in the past to the extent that they prefer maintaining a low profile until after the knots have been tied. Some of the celebrities involved in these secret weddings include: Nse Ikpe-Etim, Queen Ure,Toyin Almakhu, Alex Okoroji.
Uche Jumbo: Until the time she decided to share her wedding pictures on the internet, the stories of this top actress and producer remained a topic for speculation. This is because at the moment when movie practitioners were believing the stories about her marriage to Kenny Rodriguez, the same actress went to the internet and posted a message that countered the story.
Later, she opened up on why she decided to marry secretly.

Stella Damasus: She was among the first actresses who started the journey to under ground wedding. She contracted her second marriage with Igbo big boy Emeka Nzeribe secretly They had traditional marriage in her home town Asaba, Delta State but the proposed huge white wedding never saw the light of the day.

Lilian Bach: Sexy actress and producer Lilian Bach also decided to conceal her marriage till date. The light skinned actress dragged her live in lover of many years called Alaka to the Ikoyi Registry last year, but she denied the story totally.
Reports equally had it that the actress moved into her hubby’s multimillion naira mansion located in Lekki Lagos after the marriage registration. Since the rumours of the secret marriage, the top actress and sizzling model has gone out of sight.
Uche Iwuji: Controversial actress, Uche Iwuji secretly concluded plans and moved to Ikoyi Registry where she married her oil and gas heartthrob, Juwon Lawal. According to sources, the actress path and that of Juwon crossed the same year at the United Kingdom where they started a romance that remained hush-hush till they tied the nuptial knots in the same way.

Oby Edozie: Star actress and producer Oby Edozie still adopted the clandestine method when she tied the knots with her heartthrob, Alex O. at Ikoyi Registry. She actually took people by surprise because she had earlier mentioned that she had no marriage plans in 2011 but turned around to marry the same year.
Nse Ikpe-Etim

Toyin Almakhu
Queen Ure
Alex Okoroji
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52  Forum / The Buzz Central / Open Letter To Bishop David Oyedepo Claiming Canaan Land Is Demonic on: 16-07-2013 09:03 PM
A recent article was been making it round on different blogs, the letter claims that the entire land mass of Canaan land is filled with different occultic symbols. Might be a mere coincidence, well you be the judge of that.
If you take a closer check via Google map and it was the exact replica of those symbols.
Here is the letter and the symbol representation:

Dear Bishop Oyedepo,

I am writing you this letter on behalf of all sane and upright Nigerians.
Kindly explain to us the meaning of these very scary, occult and demonic structures you have spotted our sacred land with.

What is the meaning of these buildings, dear esteemed Bishop?
Are they not a very bad omen that are responsible for bringing the wrath of God to our dear nation. We Nigerians are very spiritual people. We believe in curses, in taboos, in demons and in abominations. Indeed if you are in the Church business as you portray to be, you too understand these things. You understand the purity of life and land and what evil is. After-all it was you who slapped a poor girl who you castigated as being possessed by spirits.

So why have you put these many solid structures that are all types of funny things including the pentagram, structures bearing semblance to the Baphomet, goat head masonic god, 69, or 666, ‘$’ sign, and all other things that since I received a broadcast with the news story, have made me quite uncomfortable and afraid. You do know the structures you built I presume, having a degree in architecture yourself.
So our airplanes fly over these things. Do you know the spiritual implication of this calamity you have constructed on our land? Is this not a reason for the woes of Nigeria?
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53  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: …Nigerian man jailed for marrying UK woman to escape deportation… on: 16-07-2013 08:28 PM
Eya . . the guy was only husttling na Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
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54  Forum / The Buzz Central / Ladies, Would You Rock This Heel? *covers eyes* on: 16-07-2013 08:26 PM
ladies is this not wonderful?
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55  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photo Of A Serious Accident Scene In PortHarcourt Today on: 16-07-2013 08:22 PM
The accident occurred earlier on today, 8:50am in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
At First bank bus stop,  Rumuomasi.

Best part - no life was lost in the accident.
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56  Forum / The Buzz Central / HIV Infection Is A Blessing To Me- Gloria Asuquo on: 16-07-2013 08:13 PM
From the depths of distress, disillusionment, dejection and the certainty of untimely death occasioned by HIV infection through blood transfusion at the tender age of 12, Gloria Asuquo, has risen to become a vibrant, assertive and ambitious young woman who is taking a decisive and incisive battle to one of the world’s most dreaded infectious disorders – HIV/AIDS.

In an encounter with Sola Ogundipe in Abuja, the energetic 24-year-old recounted the frustrations of living as a pauper in addition to the ignominy of HIV stigma and discrimination.

Today, Gloria who once contemplated death until sheer luck and doggedness turned her fortunes around and brought unhindered access to the elusive, life-saving treatment has undergone a transformation. The same HIV infection that took her to the brink of total despair is today a source of her blessing. How did it happen? She tells it all in this encounter.


Living with HIV stigma

I’m a young person diagnosed HIV positive at 12. I was in Primary six going to JSS1. I got infected through blood transfusion. The stigma was so much I couldn’t bear it. There were drugs at that time, but they were too expensive for my parents to afford. Each time my father raised the money to pay for my drugs, my mother would challenge him. Why are you giving her the money? she would ask. We know that she would soon die. Why is she taking the drugs? Why are we wasting money? My mother went to the Church and told the Reverend who announced my status to the community.

He advised I should be taken to one of the General Hospitals and abandoned there to die. But my father refused to heed such advice. Rather, he challenged the Reverend to take one of his four children to the hospital and abandon her there to die first, only then would he obey the instruction. The pressure became too much.

My mother separated me from the rest of the family. She demarcated my own part of the house separate from the others. The stigma became too much.

Escape from home

One day I could not bear it again. The pressure was too much for me to bear. I had to break the window and jumped out to escape from home at the age of 12. I escaped to an unknown village called Oki. I went to Jabi Park in Abuja, I had only N800. I didn’t know where to go, but just wanted to leave and even die.

Death wish

I wanted to die. I was in the bush; I had stopped using my drugs which at that time cost N15, 000 per month. Test for CD4 count was N6, 000, viral load N12, 000. Where was I going to get that kind of money? I wasn’t working, I just told God to let me die.

Before then, I went to NTA and shared my story. I told them I was HIV positive; I wanted to declare my status to the world. They said I should cover my face, but I said no. I wanted the world to know my story so that if I die, everyone would know what killed me. Breaking the stigma is an individual thing. If you want to come out to testify, nobody can take that away from you


Then I met Dr. Anthony Agu, a lecturer at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. When he asked about my parents, I burst into tears. He took me to the University and I told him my story. He took me to his house, gave me a room to stay. But he told me not to disclose my status to his family. He enabled me continue my education and in 1996, I finished my school.

Back to treatment

Dr. Agu then told me that he heard that the drugs were now free that I should go and try. So I went back to Gwagwalada General Hospital where I met Dr. Ajayi. When he asked if I had been taken my drugs, I said yes. I lied to him because I was afraid that if I told him I had not been on drugs, he would send me away.

But he placed me on the drugs. That night I went back to Nsukka, but never went back home. Dr. Ajayi got all my details and related to Dr. Pat Matemilola and Professor Babatunde Oshotimehin who were all looking for me. Eventually, it was Godwin Odemije of Radio Nigeria that came to look for me, and brought me back home. In 2006, I developed typhoid and ovarian cyst. Doctors said I would be operated upon because I stopped using my drugs for a number of years. To the glory of God, I’m still on firstline drugs.

HIV infection as blessing

God first, but the treatment has kept me alive till today. If there were no free drugs, by now, I would have been a forgotten issue. People would have forgotten me, my name would not be written anywhere. HIV has become a blessing to me. I am sitting with important people. If not for HIV, I would not meet Ministers, and Ambassadors and so many important people. If not for HIV, I would not have ever fly in an aircraft. I’m proud to be HIV positive. Today, I’m a testimony in my family, there is no meeting at which they do not seek my opinion. I’m proud that I’m HIV positive.

Make treatment available

I’m still pleading to the Ambassadors and everyone in the country to make these drugs accessible especially the youths and women. We are the most vulnerable and do not have anywhere to go. We are tomorrow’s leaders. We may be driven out when we are diagnosed with HIV because the general belief is that HIV is contracted through promiscuity. But HIV can be contracted through many ways.

The three zeros

If the drugs are made to be more available, only then can we truly have the three zeros, that is, zero related deaths, zero new infection and zero stigma. As a young person I cannot come out but keep quiet and spread it, but if we provide access to treatment, give free education, employment and there is no stigma, I bet you, these three zeros will be achieved.


I’m dreaming to become a medical doctor. I want to achieve this. HIV has nothing to do with my future. I would match it and overcome it. I need you to help me achieve my dream and also to find a cure to HIV. I want my name to be great, so that it will be said that Gloria Asuquo found a cure to HIV. I want a scholarship so that I can achieve my goal.

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57  Forum / The Buzz Central / Uche Jombo glows on: 16-07-2013 08:07 PM
The superstar actress pictured at Rita Dominic's party on Sunday she's looking! :-)
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58  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Police Smash Island Robbery Gang terrorising residents of Lagos Island on: 16-07-2013 08:03 PM
Kudos to thos epolicemen .. . proud of them ..  .

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59  Forum / The Buzz Central / BREAKING NEWS: Polytechnic Lecturers Calls Off Strike on: 16-07-2013 05:58 PM
After about three months of embarking on an industrial action following disagreements with the authorities in the education ministry,  gathered that lecturers of Nigerian Polytechnics have finally called off their indefinite strike.
.com gathered that strike was called off after the government reached certain agreements with the leaders of the relevant unions, as agreed by all stakeholders.
Lets hope that the case with ASUU will also be resolved in the interest of the country.

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60  Forum / The Buzz Central / HUMILITY: President Obama Gives Olusegun Obasanjo A Clean Hair Cut on: 16-07-2013 05:24 PM

Heehehe, oya know vex ehn.. We just wanted to put a smile on your cute faces!! But how u go think say Obama go cut Baba Hair na ? Haba!!
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