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341  Forum / Relationships & Romance / WONDER: New Baby Girl Weighs 131b4oz, Even Without C-section on: 31-07-2013 02:05 AM
A baby weighing almost a stone and measuring 22.6 inches long has been born in Germany
Baby Jasleen arrived on July 26 and weighed a massive 13.47 pounds. Babies her size are usually born via a caesarean section, she was born naturally. The mother gave birth at University Hospital in Leipzig and discovered she had a previously undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes, German newspaper Der Spiegel reports.
This condition, which develops at around the 24th week of pregnancy, can lead to a larger than usual baby size. Although both mother and daughter are doing well, Jasleen remains in the neonatal care unit. She is now officially the largest new-born in Germany.
 (UK Daily Mail)
342  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Singer Omawumi In Public Show Of Shame; Fights Dirty on: 30-07-2013 03:52 PM
It seems our dear singer/single mum, Omawumi wants to remain a ghetto girl and continue to act as such. The babe has made some good money in recent times and as such one would have expected that her way of reasoning and actions would improved, accordingly. But that is not the case.
Her recent dirty fight with a guy in Lagos leaves one speechless:
It was gathered that the unfortunate incident took place at a public function recently. The guy, said to be a photo journalist, identified as Adekola Bamigbala, who was taking pictures of guests at the event, got to where Omawumi.
His attempt to take pictures of the female singer got him more than he bargained for, as Omawumi was said to have pounced on Adekola, grabbed his heavy camera and attacked him with it, leading to the guy loosing his balance. Many present were at a loss on why Omawumi had to attack an harmless photo journalist.

I hear the guy is carrying a swollen face and Omawumi has gone under, refusing to pick her calls or respond to text messages sent to her.
When asked if he had any quarrel with Omawumi before, Adekola said there was nothing of such.
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343  Forum / Relationships & Romance / "If my husband cheats, I will castrate him' - Uche Jombo says in new interview on: 30-07-2013 03:44 PM
In this interview with Sam Olatunji, Uche Jombo speaks on cheating and new movie ‘Unconditional’.

What is it with the celebrity kids on your new movie, ‘Unconditional’?
We didn’t set out to use celebrity kids. I told everyone including you the age range I want and people suggested the kids. Aghahowa’s daughter has wanted to act since age 5, we auditioned Chigozie, and she did well and got a coach to coach them. 2face’s daughter is just a drama queen. And this movie, Unconditional is not all about them, Dakore, Ruth Kadiri and I acted in it. It’s the kind of move that will touch the heart.
If your husband were to be a serial philanderer like Desmond’s character in the movie, Lies Men Tell, what will you do?
I will castrate him, he knows and believes that. To me, there is no excuse to cheat, its either you are with someone or not, and if you are tired of the person, please accord the person decency of respect by saying it’s over. Don’t go making someone look stupid. The problem with me is there is no in- between.
Do you believe what you are saying or are you saying it for the purpose of this interview?
I am saying,Uche Jombo-Rodrigues doesn’t have in-between. That is the reason it takes me long time to make a decision or take a stand on something, but when I do, that is it. There is no excuse not to honour an agreement you have made, this doesn’t have anything to do with this interview. It is the principle that guides me. It is not just about marriage, it’s how I conduct my relationships, its either it is this or that, if that is mymind-set in a relationship, you should know that for marriage it’ll be 150%. There is no room for cheating.

So you believe your husband will or should not cheat on you?
I don’t have control over what someone will do, I’m not God. I’m talking about me, how I conduct things. It’s not an option that it will happen, I will not tolerate cheating.

Are you saying you will not forgive the man who cheats on you and is manly enough to say I’m sorry?
If you are in that situation Sam, oh God! You are going to slave for me for life. And do you know any man that will want to slave for a woman for life, answer?

Is it true you are older than your husband and the man you dated before him?
I have never dated or married someone I was older than in my life. If you have the illusion of someone’s age, that is your business, and I am even too mature for my age. That is the problem, because men of my age are ‘small boys’ around me, I can’t date them. I am someone who has to become a mother to some of my siblings at the age of 14. Because you are an under-achiever does not mean I should play down on my achievement. If age is the yard stick for you to succeed, you should not judge people with it, I don’t have an apology. If I’m learning from people who are older than me that is because I don’t hang out with my age mates; I don’t think there is anything else you want to teach me, and if you want to judge me by the people I hang out with or by when I started my hustle, where the hell were you at that time?  What really matters to me is that people who know me during my not-too-proud days are so proud that, this is me now. I have come far, it’s something I’m grateful for, and I couldn’t have even written it better if it were a story.
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344  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / 3 Teenagers Die At Governor Wammako’s Ramadan Food & Clothing Distribution Stamp on: 30-07-2013 12:46 PM
A stampede at Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko's residence in Gawon Nama area of Sokoto has claimed three kids and wounded several others.
Saharareporters learnt that the incident occurred on Sunday night during the distribution of clothing and food personally handled by the governor at his residence.
Thousands of hungry and unemployed youths had converged at the residence of the governor to receive  materials including food and clothing during the end of Ramadan fast break when the stampede happened.
A doctor on duty at the Accident and Emergency unit of Specialist Hospital Sokoto who didn't want his name mentioned confirmed  that three corpses has been deposited at the mortuary of the hospital while about eight other victims are receiving treatment for injuries sustained during the stampede.
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345  Forum / Relationships & Romance / CRAZY: Mud 'Olympic Games'. No Chance to Escape Clean (PHOTOS) on: 30-07-2013 12:34 PM
Participants enjoy playing in the mud during the mud flats Olympics (Wattoluempiade) on July 28, 2013 in Brunsbuettel, Germany.
Over 400 people compete in the annual event takes place in the muddy tidal flats common to the north German coast and includes football, handball, volleyball and mud sledding.
Participants enjoy playing in the mud during the mud flats Olympics (Wattoluempiade) on July 28, 2013 in Brunsbuettel, Germany.  More pictures after the cut...
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346  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Girls Gone Wild: Sexy Ladies Strip Off For Singer's New Video (PHOTOS) on: 30-07-2013 12:31 PM
Controversial singer, Adokiye has shared photos from her new single 'Back Up'. The video was shot in Lekki, Lagos and directed by IK Ogbonna.

Check out behind-the-scenes photos below...
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347  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / This Guy Is Best Graduating Student In Covenant Uni; He Says He Never Had A Girl on: 30-07-2013 12:08 PM
Young Michael Eromhonsele sacrificed romance for excellence and emerged the best graduating student of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State.
Twenty-year-old Eromhonsele Michael was the cynosure of all eyes at the eighth graduation ceremony of the Covenant University on Friday. He was the best graduating student of the institution.
To achieve this feat, young Eromhonsele had to:
Obtain a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.92, out of a possible 5.0, to beat 1,465 others.
According to a a report by Punch's Samuel Awoyinfa, the young man said his first few days in the campus were uneventful. According to him, he was a bit confused because he was not used to the prayer regime that he had to be part of at the faith-based institution. Spirituality is one of the core values of CU. But as soon as he found his rhythm, there was no looking back for him.
He says he did not allow himself to be distracted by his friends or the opposite sex as he concentrated on his studies.
Listing some of the factors that helped him to achieve that feat, he says, “First, I must acknowledge God’s favour and his assistance. Second, I did not entertain any form of distractions. I did not attend parties, and I did not have any girlfriend or what you may refer to as a lover. I concentrated on my studies.”
What about his study style? Eromhonsele reveals that apart from the serene environment in the school, which is conducive for learning, he loves to read late into the night.
According to him, he started reading from 10.00pm and he won’t stop until 1.00am.
“Those are the hours I found most convenient to read. As soon as I closed my book, I went to bed. I woke up at 7.00am, and got ready for my classes. Lectures start at 8.00am,” he adds.
Apart from being the best overall student, he was also the best in the College of Science and Technology where he studied Civil Engineering.
Eromhonsele, who is his parents’ second child, explains that they contributed in no small measure to whatever success he recorded in the university. He stresses that they constantly reminded him of his background and they advised him not to lose focus.
Eromhonsele had his primary school at the University of Benin Staff School, while he attended both University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School and Greater Tomorrow Secondary School for his junior and senior secondary school education.
“My parents were very supportive. They always reminded me of the home I’m from, and they also urged me to take my studies seriously,” he notes.
He explains that his mother, Charity Eromhonsele, is a business woman, while the father, Gabriel Eromhonsele, a civil engineer runs a consulting firm in Benin, Edo State. He says his father is a native of Igueben.
Apart from his parents, Eromhonsele did not lose sight of the contributions of his lecturers, who, he says, impacted him throughout his stay in the institution. Their pieces of advice, he adds, went a long way in shaping his outlook on life.
Talking about the lesson he’s taking away from the CU, Eromhonsele says he’s learnt that “the people one surrounds himself with in life will determine how far one will go.”
Again, he advises that there is no future without God, and that he has learnt to put Him first in everything he does.

After obtaining a first degree, what next for Michael?
Beaming with smiles, he says, “I have already got admission to University of Surrey in the United kingdom to read Structural Engineering for my Master’s degree. I chose this particular course because I feel the need to improve on the structural aspects of construction works.”
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348  Forum / Sports / Revealed: How Male Prostitutes Are "Servicing" Big Women on: 30-07-2013 11:56 AM
There was a startling revelation on Monday that guys now operate sex spots, just like ladies:
According to the latest investigations by the Anambra State Aids Control Agency, it was discovered that there are 618 female and 24 male sex spots in various parts of the state.
Director of SACA, Dr. Ogochukwu Ndibe, who gave the figures at a programme for international partners operating in the state, said there are 5920 female and over 500 male sex workers in the state.
On the average, there are 10 female sex workers and 5 male sex workers in a spot.
He said: “There are men who have sex with other men as a matter of preference or practice, regardless of their segxwal identity or segxwal orientation and irrespective of whether they also have sex with women or not.”
Areas where the male and female sex spots were prevalent include Awka South, Awka North, Ihiala, Onitsha South, Orumba North, Nnewi North, Onitsha North, Aguata, and Njikoka.
Anambra, with 7.8 per cent prevalence of HIV, is among the highest in the country.
Chief of Staff to Governor Peter Obi, Professor Chinyere Okunna, said:
“As a relatively poor state, we cannot achieve much without partnering with the donor agencies."
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