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1  Forum / The Buzz Central / reveals how he 'died' drowning in swimming pool then was resuscitated on: 11-09-2013 09:30 AM
David Venni
I have some good news and some sad news.
The sad news is that died. But, panic not. The good news is... he came back to life.
The 38-year-old Voice star didn’t listen to his mum’s advice when he was younger and he decided to take a quick dip in a pool, despite not being able to swim.
And proving that mother really does know best, little Will ended up drowning and had to be resuscitated.
So his dear ol’ ma, Debra, probably wasn’t feeling too much like gloating.
Will explains: “I was like, ‘Ma, can I go swimming?’ She was like ‘no, boy, you ain’t going in no swimming pool’.
“So my mom said no but I did the opposite. I’ve never been in a swimming pool and so I don’t know the difference between 3ft and 9ft – I’m thinking that everything is at the height that I’m at.
"So I’m walking and I start sinking and then I drown. I’m under water for about three or four minutes.”
Fortunately, a quick-thinking friend was on hand to revive Will but it was almost too late.
He continues, in a very matter of fact way: “They gave me mouth to mouth and then I’m, like, dead. And then I come back.”
Phew. Or we would never have had the chance to hear that Time Of My Life cover he did with Black Eyed Peas.
Will goes on: “They took me to hospital and I’m in there for about a week or something. I almost lost my life.
"I did lose my life but when I came to and I was in the hospital… to see the worry on my mom and my uncle’s faces...
“And just the reminder of, like, don’t do things that you know you shouldn’t be doing.
“I shouldn’t have been swimming because I never knew how to swim.”
Will, who has seven Grammys and 33 million album sales, looks set to return for a third season on BBC reality show The Voice this year.
It is not known if Tom Jones will also return but fellow judges Jessie J and The Script singer Danny O’Donoghue have quit the programme after two seasons.
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / PHOTO: You Will Not Believe The Phenomenon That Shocked Nigerians Yesterday on: 11-09-2013 09:27 AM
Nigerians were utterly astounded by The whirling rainbow or the sunbow that revealed itself on Tuesday.
According to reports, Many rushed out at about 1.00 p.m. to view the spectacular event. But the blaze of the sun stopped many from a direct gaze.
Scientists say that this isn’t technically a rainbow since it is on the opposite side of the sky as the sun, so they call it a halo.  Whatever it is, it is marvelous to see.
According to lifeheartandsoul blog One source says: “While meteorologists have a physical understanding of the circular rainbow around the sun, wisdom keepers of the Americas and Tibet have complementary spiritual understandings about this dramatic omen around the Sun which is known as the Whirling Rainbow or the Sunbow.
For some traditional native people, the Sunbow or Whirling Rainbow is considered to be a sign from Creator, marking a time of great change, or transition on the Earth. This full-circle rainbow around the Sun, some elders say, can be understood as a sign to people of the necessity to live a life in respect and harmony with all the creations that make life possible: plants, animals, water, minerals, fire, wind and human beings.”
Did you witness it?
3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Lovely!!! Toolz & Her Boo Tunde Demuren All Over Each Other At MTV’s Alex Okosi’ on: 11-09-2013 09:25 AM
Last Friday night in Lagos, the star studded birthday party for MTV Base top shot Alex Okosi went down at Rhapsody, VI. And even though the event was packed full with personalities like Wizkid, Banky W, Tiwa Savage, Waje & many more.
Media personality Toolz seemed to have eyes only for her man, EME exec Tunde Demuren. The couple just could not keep their hands OFF each other.

Awww so cute. Catch one more photo of the loved up pair after the jump! - See more at:
4  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Wife Seeks Divorce Because Her Husband Is Diabolical!! on: 11-09-2013 08:39 AM
A house wife, Iyabo Odewumi, on Tuesday asked an Osogbo Customary Court to dissolve her 10-year-old marriage because her husband was diabolical and was using diabolical means to build their house.
According to her, her menstrual pads and underwear disappeared and she traced the development to her husband, Ojowhom, whom she alleged, was using them for ritual purposes.
She said, “I noticed that my menstrual pads had been missing as well as my bra and pants. When I complained to my husband, he said nothing, but later promised to buy me new pants and bra. My husband has been behaving in a mysterious way in the last few months and I see this as a threat to my life and that of my children.”
She also said that she was tired of the marriage.
However, the husband denied the allegations, saying his wife was only looking for flimsy excuses to abandon the marriage.
The President of the court, Agboola Temilade, advised the couple to find means of resolving their dispute rather than dissolving the marriage and adjourned the case to November 5, for judgment.
5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Man Docked For Stabbing Police Officer on: 11-09-2013 08:32 AM
The police yesterday arraigned 20-year-old Sadiq Majekodunmi, before an Ota Magistrates’ Court for allegedly stabbing one Cpl. Omoniyi Olakunle, attached to a police station at Ojodu Abiodun.
Majekodunmi, who resides at No. 18, Alaba Taiwo Street, Ota, Ogun, was arraigned on a one-count charge of assault.
The prosecutor, Mr O. Ajayi, told the court that the accused committed the offence on September 7, at about 11:00 am at Kara Ojodu  Abiodun in Ota.
He said a fight broke out after the police officer caught Majekodunmi defecating in an improper place.
“The accused stabbed Olakunle with a broken bottle on his neck and caused him bodily harm in the course of discharging his lawful duty,” he said.
Ajayi said the offence was punishable under Sections 356 (2) of the Criminal code Vol.  II Revised Law of Ogun, 2006.
6  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Re: Is she Sexy or Trashy? on: 11-09-2013 08:16 AM
sexy Wink
7  Forum / The Buzz Central / SEE TWEET: "I F***ked Nicki Minaj & got pics-Rapper Gucci Mane goes on twitter r on: 11-09-2013 08:10 AM
Nicki Minaj used to be so close to Gucci he just decided to put her on blast alongside other rappers..She denied his claims..said its coz he's angry she and Tyga didn't feature on his track..He said he had a threesome with Keysha cole, slept with Rapper, Tyga's current girlfriend and had sex with Nicki alongside rapper Waka Flocka, had sex with Fantasia, and wants to have sex with TI's wife Tiny..
Also wants to take Rihanna to the BET Awards..LOL
Believe him?
The guy is crazy, i had a hard time understanding his English....Lol
Crazy tweets below
8  Forum / The Buzz Central / Actress Monalisa Chinda Ties The Knot With Actor Joseph Benjamin - WEDDING PHOTO on: 11-09-2013 08:00 AM
Nollywood actor Joseph Benjamin posted a wedding picture between him and actress Monalisa Chinda on Instagram. While the actor did not indicate if the photograph was a still shot from a movie, tongues have been set wagging over the real meaning of the picture. We gathered that the pictures are from their latest premiered film entitled, Torn. More pics after the cut:
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Alleged fraudster Fred Ajidua granted bail on: 11-09-2013 12:52 AM
A Lagos High Court sitting in Ikeja, today Tuesday September 10th, granted bail to alleged fraudster, Fred Ajudua. Mr Ajidua's lawyer pleaded with the court to grant him bail because he is living on one kidney. The judge set his bail at N50 million with two sureties in like sum.

Fred Ajidua is being by EFCC of of defrauding Remy Cina and Pierre Vijgen, 2 Dutch businessmen, of $1.69 million(N270 million).
10  Forum / Politics / Olu of Warri rescinds decision to renounce title on: 11-09-2013 12:24 AM
After a protracted battle, the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse II, has denied his Christian faith, thereby retaining his “Ogiame” traditional title.

Despite an early Tuesday morning downpour in Warri, thousands of men, women and youth of Itsekiri stormed the streets in protest against the Monarch’s new-found Christian faith, compelling him to renounce his faith, and to retain his title.

The Monarch had on 4 September renounced the title on the ground that he had found a new life in Christianity and was born again, an action his people said was against their tradition.

We've been follwing this news and it was quite surprising to see the outcome. the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwase II, announced the abolition of some of the ancient Itshekiri cultural practices on September 4th  in a document titled “The New Order of Iwere Kingdom.”

The Olu of Warri in said in the document;

“I also repent for the name and title of “Ogiame” that my ancestors and I have borne, as it connotes our allegiance to Umalokun (goddess of the river) and other deities of the sea, all of which are false gods. Today, I renounce our allegiance to Umalokun and other gods of the sea, land and sky. On behalf of the royal bloodline, the throne, the people of Iwere land, I publicly enter into a new covenant with God.”

The “Ogiame” title which had been in existence for over 500 years would no longer exist because it is purportedly associated to a river goddess. He now only wants to serve one God.

Scene of the protest

It seems that the pressure from his people has been too much for him as he has since retracted his statement. He met yesterday with the chiefs and agreed to retain the Ogiame title, which means “King of all Water gods and goddesses.”

The Itsekiri elders under the aegis of Itsekiri Elders and Leaders of Thought, after several hours of deliberations and consultations on Monday, had given the Olu of Warri 48 hours to rescind his declaration or abdicate the throne.

Women were mobilized to cook for the protesters who camped beside the king’s palace just as masquerades were seen all over the place.

It was observed that the royal father had bowed to the pressure when cannon shots were fired at about 11:30pm, which was very unusual.

Shortly after, the Warri Council chiefs emerged from the palace to drop the cheering news that the king had rescinded his decision to the protesters amidst wild jubilation.

Spokesman of the council Chief, Charles Ikomi told the crowd that the Olu of Warri had accepted to “drop the issue”.

Chief (Mrs) Rita Lori-Ogbebor lauded the angry Itsekiris, comprising old men, women and youths for their peaceful protests in the past few days and urged them to return to their various homes because “our monarch has dropped the issue”.

The message was brief, but the protesters were satisfied and went into wild jubilation, while the masquerades spiced the occasion with different traditional dances.

Another round of cannon shot was fired after the message was delivered, signalling the Itsekiris’ acceptance of the new position of their royal father.

It was gathered that the Council of Chiefs, thereafter returned to the palace to thank the Monarch for the decision, while the celebration lasted.

The Ogiame title, which Olu chose in the 80s during his coronation is second to none in the Itsekiri nation.

We're praying that God will help this King.
11  Forum / The Buzz Central / ‘Why I’m Going Into Oil And Gas’- Singer, KCEE Reveals on: 11-09-2013 12:17 AM
Singer, KCEE who has been enjoying the limelight through his popular song 'Limpopo has joined the oil and gas chase.

Just recently, the singer who is currently enjoying the limelight and all the goodies that come with fame and popularity posted a photo on Instagram of him inside an oil vessel carrying ship with the caption, ‘oil business, investment things’.

In a chat with Nigerian Entertainment Today, KCEE whose real name is Kenneth Okonkwo opened up on his new investment. ‘The name of the company is ‘Five Star Oil and Gas’, a subsidiary of our Five Star brand. There’s actually a lot we want to go into but we are taking our time to unravel them one after the other.’

The oil and gas sector is the highest revenue grossing sector in Nigeria. The MTN ambassador tells us why he is treading that lane.  ‘You know the music business is in Nigeria, no one can remain on top for ever, that is why one needs to be wise and put down investments that  will see one through when the hits are no more coming’.

Mr. Limpopo as KCEE is fondly called by fans isn’t going in on this alone as he has the backing and partnership of his elder brother Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E-Money. ‘I know this is a new terrain for me, but I’m doing this with my elder bro, E-Money. Together we can never go wrong. We already have a few friends in that industry, hopefully with their advice and counseling we will get to understand the terrain better.’

KCEE who has now followed in the footsteps of Don Jazzy and P-Square who have also invested in the oil and gas business says the long term goal is to own vessels. ‘For now we are still in the primary sector of leasing oil equipments and operating oil storage depot. The long term goal is to someday own oil vessels and may be oil blocks too.’

Thanks to the success of his monster hit song, ‘Limpopo’, the former KC Presh band member has had an awesome 2013, headlining major local and international concerts, acquiring new luxury automobiles, projecting into the A-list category and sealing it up with an MTN endorsement deal.
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / UNBELIEVABLE!!! Netherlands Close Prisons For Lack Of Criminals on: 11-09-2013 12:16 AM
While prison populations grows in the United Kingdom, with overcrowded cells and repeat offenders, the opposite is happening in the Netherlands.

UNBELIEVABLE: Netherlands Close Prisons For Lack Of Criminals

The Dutch justice ministry has announced that the country is going to close at least 8 prisons due to a lack of criminals.

According to the local media, the country has the capacity for 14,000 prisoners and there are only 12,000 detainees.

The decrease is expected to continue, the ministry said, also the natural redundancy and other measures should counter any forced lay-offs.

A last year report on prison overcrowding said that surging populations undermined the rehabilitation of prisoners and risked increasing reoffending in the future.

The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA), which represents more than 60 organisations, called for the government to urgently limit "the unnecessary use of prison, ensuring it is reserved for serious, persistent and violent offenders for whom no alternative sanction is appropriate".

It came after Chief Inspector of Prisons Nick Hardwick said the rising pressure on prisons from budget cuts and increasing numbers cannot go on indefinitely.

 Make una come nigeria ooo..
13  Forum / The Buzz Central / Check Out Actress, Mercy Aigbe In Traditional Attire on: 11-09-2013 12:12 AM
Beautiful actress, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry posted a photo of herself on instagram page rocking the traditional attire.

The mother of two definitely loves looking good as she is known for always posting different photos of herself online.

What do you think?
14  Forum / The Buzz Central / Nse Ikpe Etim’s Cute Outfit To High Flyers Magazine Launch on: 11-09-2013 12:10 AM
The High Flyers Magazine launch held at Rhapsodys Bar, V.I, Lagos, last Sunday September 8th.
You like?
15  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Apple Unveils Two New iPhones For World Market on: 10-09-2013 10:33 PM
Apple on Tuesday unveiled two new iPhones, fielding a slick new top-end model along with one aimed at budget-conscious smartphone shoppers around the world.
“The business has become so large that this year we are going to replace the iPhone 5 and we are going to replace it with two new designs,” Apple chief Tim Cook announced at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. The new iPhone 5C is displayed during an Apple product announcement at the Apple campus on September 10, 2013 in Cupertino, California.
The new iPhone 5C is displayed during an Apple product announcement at the Apple campus on September 10, 2013 in Cupertino, California. AFP Apple will begin taking orders on Friday, and on September 20 the two devices will go on sale in the United States, Australia, Britain, China, France, Germany, Japan and Singapore.
The iPhone 5C is part of Apple’s bid to counter the flood of low-cost smartphones from rivals, most of which use the Google Android operating system. Apple designer Jony Ive said that despite the low cost, the polycarbonate iPhone 5C with a steel frame “is beautiful.”
“We took the same fanatical care with how the iPhone 5C feels in your hand,” Ive said. The iPhone 5C with 16 gigabytes of memory will sell for as low as $99 with a US carrier contract — half the cost of earlier iPhone base models. Analysts were keenly focused on the promise of an iPhone 5C to win over buyers in China and other developing markets.
“The 5C a no-compromise device,” Gartner analyst Van Baker told AFP after trying out Apple’s new phones.
“It is just in a plastic case instead of a metal case, and they basically reduce the price by the cost of materials.” Baker estimated the price cut allowed by lower-cost materials at around $100. He noted that the “open question” was whether iPhone 5C would be priced attractively for emerging markets at what could turn out to be a $550 price tag without subsidies from telecom service providers.
The top-line iPhone 5S, which starts at $199 with a contract for US buyers, “is the most forward thinking phone we have ever created,” said Apple vice president Phil Schiller. “It is the gold standard in smartphones.”
Schiller said the 5S model includes a speedier chip which brings up the computing power from 32 to 64 bits. “It has over a billion transistors in it,” he said, adding that the device will be “about twice as fast in graphics and computing power and about 40 times faster than the original iPhone.”
The 5S will also have improved battery life, with some 10 hours of talk time, or 40 hours of music listening, Schiller added. Apple introduced a fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 5S, as a new security measure in place of passwords.
“You can just press the home button to unlock your phone,” Schiller said. “You can use it to authenticate iTunes purchases.” Schiller added: “We have so much of our personal data on these devices, and they are with us almost everyplace we go, so we have to protect them.”
Reticle Research principle analyst Ross Rubin described Touch ID as a “show stealer” that addresses “a necessary annoyance that many consumers have to deal with many times a day.” Apple also broadened its color palette, announcing the low-cost phone in blue, white, pink, yellow and green, and the top-line model in silver, gold and a new “space gray.”
Apple said its iOS 7 software will debut September 18. It includes a free iTunes Radio Service featuring more than 200 stations “and an incredible catalog of music from the iTunes Store,” Apple announced earlier this year. The two new handsets keep the four-inch screen of current iPhones, despite some speculation Apple would boost the size to compete with larger phones from rivals like Samsung.
The smartphone market is now dominated by Android devices, with roughly three-fourths of all handsets, but a forecast by research firm IDC suggested Apple will increase its share this year to 17.9 percent from 16.9 percent. IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said that by introducing a lower-priced handset, “Apple is staking out its space in the lower-cost smartphone category.”
Llamas said Apple is seeking to fend off challenges from lower-priced devices while “it enjoys bigger profit margins and still maintains the aura of being an aspirational brand.” The event was a disappointment to some who were looking for a fresh device from Apple, such as a smartwatch or TV service.
“I think there was an expectation for that ‘one more thing,’” said Roger Kay at Endpoint Technologies. “People were looking for some pizzazz and they didn’t get it.” Apple announced separately a deal with Japan’s biggest mobile phone carrier NTT DoCoMo to bring the two new iPhones to that country.
“We’ve enjoyed tremendous success with iPhone in Japan, in fact it’s the top selling smartphone in the country, and we look forward to delivering iPhone into even more customers’ hands through NTT DoCoMo,” Cook said.
16  Forum / The Buzz Central / VIDEO:Kanye West finally fires back at Ray J on: 10-09-2013 10:31 PM
It took Kanye five months to respond to Ray J. Five whole months, Kanye! What's happening to you? Lol. Five months after Ray J famously released a single called 'I Hit It First' that was aimed at Kanye West and K, Kany has fired back!

In a performance of his single Bound 2 on Jimmy Fallon last night Kanye West changed the first line of the song and sang,
"Brandy little sister lame and he know it now. When a real brother hold you down, you ‘sposed to drown"
But why bother respond now? Especially while wearing a See the video after the cut...

 From the 0.33mark
17  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photos: Toni Tones' stunning dress to her birthday party on: 10-09-2013 10:30 PM
Sexy celebrity photographer turned singer Toni Tones looked stunning in this edgy and chic silver sequin mini dress which she wore to her birthday party a few weeks ago. The figure hugging mini dress which features a plunging mesh see-through neckline and open back is from Toyin Lawani’s Elegante By Tiannah Styling fashion brand. Beautiful dress. See more photos after the cut...
18  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / TRAGIC: Mysterious Murder Of 14-Yr Old Student Axed To Death Shocks Relatives on: 10-09-2013 10:27 PM
Residents of Aduralere quarters at Ijoka Road in Akure are still in shock over the death of 14-year old Oluwaseyi Adewunmi Adelegan who was axed to death in his father’s bedroom last week.
Seyi, a Senior Secondary School One (SSS 1) student of a private model school in Akure was found by his younger siblings in their home last Thursday in a pool of his own blood.
He was the son of Solomon Adelegan, the National President of the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporation, Civil Service Technical and Recreational Services (AUPCTRE). Chief Adelegan is also a former Chairman of the Joint Public Service Negotiating Council (JNC) in Ondo State.
When the area was visited residents were wearing sorrowful faces over the tragedy.
Sources said the assailants were corporately attired as they stormed the building which is located at one end of Ijoka Road.
One merchant of a store where late Oluwaseyi and his siblings often bought snacks to eat narrated what happened before the sad news.
“On the day of the incident, their parents had gone out while Seyi’s younger ones were preparing for the summer lessons because they are all on holiday. His younger ones attend a summer lesson at the third street here. I even saw them when they were going but never knew Seyi was at home and they bought biscuit from my hand before I proceed to the market to get some goods I don’t have in stock”.
She said Seyi was last seen that morning when he accompanied his younger ones to the road after they had bought the biscuits from her on their way to their class.
Similarly, a neighbor of the Adelegans said he saw the deceased through the window while fetching water before the tragedy unfolded.
“I saw him fetching water because my own building is upstairs and you can easily see what is happening in their compound through the window. His parents were not at home at that time. If they had been at home you will see their vehicle and I think he wanted to take his bath when I saw him”.
He said, the whole compound was quiet in the early hours of that they due to departure of the children for their summer lessons while Oluwaseyi was home alone.
A shoemaker on the street further explained to our reporter that he saw an exotic Toyota Jeep parked at the front of his shop but did not know who the occupants were.  Two of them, corporately-dressed, entered the compound.
 “I was in my shop mending a shoe brought by a customer when the Toyota Jeep parked in front of my shop thinking they want to [come in] here. I told the driver putting on white cap that he should please move [the vehicle] to the front a little because they were blocking my shop and he obliged me. Two men came out of the car and headed towards the building while the driver was inside [using] his phone”.
He revealed that when the men entered the building, he already knew they were looking for Chief Adelegan thinking they are among friends of the family who usually visit him as he is a popular and affluent man in the state.
The shoemaker added that the men came out about five minutes later beaming with smiles as they walked towards their parked vehicle, before they drove away.
“They even appreciated me after they entered their vehicle and told me they like some of my already made shoes.  I told them, ‘thank you sir.’”
“I can’t really say that because 30 minutes later they left, I saw Seyi closing the gate. He even joked with me as usual in front of the gate. I would have called him to come and play with me but the way he closed the gate seems to be that he was doing something important in the room.”
When SaharaReporters accosted some kids playing football in a section of the street, they jokingly said the deceased was the type that did not associate with other teenagers in the street, perhaps because of his father’s wealth and fame in the state.
“He doesn’t come out to play with us. You can’t even know when he is on holiday or going to school. His father likes him so much and you will always see him around his siblings either to buy something or coming from somewhere. They always walk together. We always thought his father’s money made him that way. Although, he is not proud with it but he doesn’t just associate with us and you know their house [has a] gate. Hardly will you see him coming out.”
A family member also told our reporter that nobody could say for certain how the boy was killed, or the reason behind his murder, asserting that it was only after his younger ones returned from their summer lessons that they raised the alarm.
“When they came back from lesson around 2pm, they saw Seyi on the floor after he had struggled from the bedroom with blood all over his body. He was axed on the forehead and his wrists were full of cuts.”
A close friend said Seyi was a science student who had ambitions of studying medicine outside the country. He loved reading chemistry and liked the Scripture, the friend said, describing him as being like a ’saint’ because he always prayed in the class early in the morning anytime their teacher called upon him to do so.
Some speculations link the tragedy to Chief Adelegan’s closeness to the government and the recent battle with state workers over the recent detection of ‘ghost workers,’ suggestion it might have been a vengeance killing.
Since the incident, Chief Adelegan has refused to speak to the Press but his recent post on social media reveals his deep love for his son.
Meanwhile, the Ondo State Police Command has vowed to bring the perpetrator of the crime to book.  Spokesman Wole Ogolo said the case had been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in the state.
19  Forum / The Buzz Central / Kayode Peters and wife welcome baby girl on: 10-09-2013 10:22 PM
Actor and producer Kayode Peters and his wife, Alex, welcomed a baby girl on Thursday August 29th at Country Hospital Brooklyn, NY. The new bundle of joy has been christened Olaoluwakitan Daisy Peters. Congrats to them. More photos after the cut...
20  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / VIDEO: Woman Slapped, Beaten By Nurses For Giving Birth On Kenya Hospital Floor on: 10-09-2013 05:34 PM
The video shows a mother forced to deliver on the floor as nurses looked on. They then abused and slapped her for supposedly messing up the floor.
The woman was in the final stages of labour with her baby half way out. But instead of giving birth on the bed she gave birth on cold unhygienic hospital floor.
The nurses came in but instead of helping, they took turn hauling ash words on her. They could not believe she gave birth on the floor. The baby’s cries were totally ignored.
This was one woman’s experience at the Bungoma district hospital labour ward. The video was taken on a mobile telephone by another expectant, mother waiting to be admitted.
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