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1  Forum / The Buzz Central / Music: T-Pain – If I Got It ft. Akon & 2face on: 7-02-2014 08:35 AM
Feel this international collabo between heavyweights T-Pain, Akon and 2Face! Here is If I Got It from! Banging tune here.

2  Forum / The Buzz Central / My ‘Sholee’ Song Was Inspired By God- SeanTizzle on: 13-01-2014 07:20 PM
He said this in an interview....
For me, every inspiration comes from God. That song was inspired by God. Not forgetting the beat made by my boss Dee-tunes. It wasn’t as if it was pre- mediated that the story line should go in that direction. It just came and that I am grateful to God.

He must be joking right??
3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Beyonce Turns Down Kim Kardashian's Offer to a Bride's Maid on: 13-01-2014 07:14 PM
Star Magazine reports Kim asked Beyonce a
 bridesmaid at her wedding to Kanye West and she
 said Hell no. Their report below..
“Beyonce is saying “I don’t” to Kim Kardashian’s invite to be a bridesmaid, leaving Kim humiliated.
“Kim has been boasting to pals that Bey wants to be a bridesmaid, but Beyonce turned her down flat,” while Beyonce plays nice with Kim, she finds her family unbearable.”
Beyonce doesn’t really care for the Kardashian family and she barely even talks to Kim, so she was shocked when she got a voicemail asking to be a bridesmaid.
“Beyonce doesn’t even take Kim’s calls, so she was shocked when she got a voicemail begging her to be a bridesmaid. This is a woman who doesn’t care how close a friend you are, all she cares about are big names.”

Could this be true???
4  Forum / The Buzz Central / D’Banj Disappointed Me; OJB Speaks In New Interview on: 30-12-2013 05:40 PM
OJB has granted his first interview since his kidney transplant. The back-to-feet producer spoke to of Inspiration FM. OJB talked about his disappointment with celebrity using his fund raising scheme as a channel for financial muscle competition and D’banj’s refusal to deny a false N7m donation rumour.

“The most disappointing one for me is D’banj because he passed through my hands, he was trained under my tutelage. That is offensive. I don’t care if you’re with Kanye West, you can’t forget your root. I won’t call anybody else’s name but I will call his because it hurts. His own hurts very deep. And he never tried to reach out to me. It’s not like we parted on fighting terms.  He told me he had to go to London and he went. And when he came back it was Don Jazzy, and I said OK, that’s fine. And what he did worked and I’m very proud of him, the love I had for him, that’s why it hurts more. He should have come out to say no, I don’t know why you people are saying all this, I didn’t give OJB N7million, maybe a part of him felt embarrassed because at the end of the day, really, are you not supposed to do something?”

“When P-Square gave me N5million cheque, everybody started treating it as a competition. They were like, they brought N5m, I want to show that I can do more, or equal it. So they will come to my house, some will drop N2m, N1m, you say thank you, they take pictures and go away. Then you drop the cheque in your account and you see that almost N4/5million is being returned back to you that it didn’t clear. You call them and tell them and they tell you they are coming but they haven’t picked the cheques till now.

“The shocking ones are not even the bounced cheques. It’s the ones that when they are coming to meet you in the house to give you money, they come with a whole camera crew. Then they will say I’m donating one million naira to you and the cameras start recording and maybe the guy’s tape stops, and he says let’s take that again (Laughs).

“There were people in my dialysis that I gave N100k each to pay for their dialysis, we didn’t publicize it, we didn’t take photos with them, because I felt that was unnecessary.”

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5  Forum / The Buzz Central / GOBE! Tiwa Savage's Husband, Tee-billz Bathroom Picture Surfaced Online on: 21-12-2013 08:46 PM
The bathroom picture of the newly wedded TeeBillz surfaced online. I wonder if Tiwa (the bride) is the one responsible for this, its obvious it would be a very close person that took the photo of him. Wonder how it leaked online.
6  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photo Of The Day- FOr All Agege Bread Lovers, See This! on: 19-12-2013 10:26 PM
This dude actually took a nap on loaves of bread.
 And for those who got typhoid last week, here’s
 the source of your salmonella typhi… OMG!

7  Forum / The Buzz Central / Prayer Of Life! Lady Says 'Prayer' Repaired Her Galaxy Tablet on: 19-12-2013 02:01 PM
Prayer indeed is "The Master Key".... This lady reveals how prayer repaired her tab.

"For over a month, my galaxy machine went bad. Even the company and some expert could not fix it. During the last Holy Ghost service, I placed it on the ground during prayers. To my amazement, we discovered that it is now perfectly okay. " the lady revealed.

There's a serious argument that this testimony isn't possible, what do you think?!
8  Forum / The Buzz Central / Jim Iyke Goes On Twitter Rant, Calls Blogger Bisegxwal Nincompoop on: 19-12-2013 12:20 PM

The blogger Chris Evans at wrote something about Jim being involved in a street fight over $10k...don't know the full details...but apparently Jim didn't like the report and took to Twitter to blast the blogger, calling him a bisegxwal nincompoop.

9  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Couples Alert! Jim Iyke And Nadia Buari Spotted Together And Nadia Flaunts Her Engagement Ring on: 19-12-2013 07:46 AM

Pretty Nadia Buari who sources say allegedly got engaged to Nollywood actor Jim Iyke last month was spotted at the Ovation Christmas Carol in Accra this past weekend. And yes! They are engaged! The Ghollywood Nadia Buari was spotted flashing the engagement ring on her ring finger at the event. I see a lovely couple here. Congratulations!