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21  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Abuja Traders Count Their Losses As Market Structures Were Pulled Down On The Order Of The Govt on: 1-11-2017 10:33AM

Though it was long envisaged, the widespread demolition of some markets and shops by officials of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) threw not a few traders off balance during the week. Many of them openly wept like babies. It was not the first time the authorities would take such step. Last week’s action was, however, too much for some traders to bear.
 The targeted areas were Jikwoyi, Gudu, Karu, Kurudu-all in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC). Structures in Karshi, Airport road and other parts of Abuja were not spared. The structures, according to FCT authorities were not only responsible for perennial traffic obstruction in the aforementioned locations, especially during morning and evening hours when workers are either rushing or returning from work, but have significantly contributed to the defacing of the FCT particularly its well built roads.
 The exercise, indeed was the least of the expectations of FCT residents at a time of economic recession that came with increased economic hardship, forcing a reduction in standard of living. It caused chaos, pandemonium and increased the frustration of the traders, some of whom watched helplessly as their fortunes were reduced to rubble.
 It heightened the existing fear and suspicion among the residents, refreshing their memories to the “dark and fearful” days of Malam Nasir El-Rufai as the minister of FCT. The unpalatable emotions were evenly distributed to traders in different parts of Abuja. Tears rolled profusely down the cheeks of traders. From Nyanya to Karu; Jikwoyi to Kurudu; Gudu to Airport road. It was indeed a week that was solely dedicated to unleash pain and poverty on traders.
 Demolition is not new to residents of Abuja, especially those who were around when Malam Nasir El-Rufai was the FCT Minister. This was because every resident had a taste of it, in one way or the other. His actions were heavily criticised by FCT residents out of pain and frustration. But it was deeply appreciated years after he left office.
 However, the recent exercise, Abuja Metro gathered, has the objective of sanitizing the satellite towns in FCT, thus paving the way for the administration to restore the “battered” aesthetics of the FCT roadsides, which they said, was caused by traders who have turned them to markets.
 The action of the roadside traders, they said, resulted in untold traffic obstruction being experienced every day by residents in these part of Abuja.
 On April 25, FCT Minister, Muhammad Musa Bello, inaugurated a task force team on traffic decongestion and environmental sanitation along Nyanya-Jikwoyi-Karshi road. The task force whose members were drawn from all security and traffic agencies has Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Niengo (retd), as chairman. Its responsibility was to rid the road of all traffic obstruction and other illegal activities that are contrary to the reinvigorated effort of the FCT administration to restore  aesthetics and sanity. The team, shortly after inauguration, visited the affected areas to acquaint themselves with the task ahead. They identified and recommended that some structures must be demolished to achieve the objective of free flow of traffic. Owners and occupiers of such properties were duly informed of the pending demolition. Affected structures were marked and  six-month notice given to the occupants to vacate the structures.
 Based on several appeal and intervention, the grace period was extended by the FCT minister. But unfortunately, the occupants continued their business activities in the marked structures with less concern until last week when the task team, with the approval and support of FCT minister and other relevant agencies begun demolition. The team leader told journalists before the commencement of the exercise that enough time and notice were given to the traders.
“While majority complied and removed the structures, others deliberately refused to act for whatever reason. However, we are human and feels their pain but work must be done and sanity restored. Before we begun the exercise, we waited patiently for those that have not remove theirs to quickly do so that they don’t get destroyed by the bulldozers.”
 The action of the FCT administration has, undoubtedly, thrown many “off balance”, particularly those who use their shops as home. Abuja Metro discovered that many of the traders were caught unaware because they thought government was not serious about the exercise.  Some of them unfortunately begun the evacuation of their goods when they sighted the officials with bulldozers accompanied by large number of security men heading their way. Out of hurry, some fragile goods were destroyed in the course of evacuation. Some were also stolen by hoodlums who took advantage of the situation to loot shops. Adamu Shehu, a trader who deals in household items told Abuja Metro that his shop was filled with goods, because he returned from market two days earlier and his good returned and were offloaded a day before the incident. Filled with depression and sorrow, the trader confirmed that his goods were looted by hoodlums in the course of trying to evacuate them.
“As I speak, I have no knowledge of how and where to keep these goods for safety. I have no other shop to fall back on. But I am a very optimistic person and also have faith in God that He will see me through this terrible period.”
 Traders in part of Karu market seem to be most affected, even though several others in Jikwoyi, Kurudu and Nyanya were deeply touched too. Recall that entire Karu market was demolished in November 2013. This was to pave way for the construction of a brand new modern market that would have good and modern facilities. Upon completion in 2015,  the former minister of state for FCT, Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide commissioned it for use. But while the construction of the new market was ongoing, traders erected temporary structures along the roadside to served customers that needed to make quick purchases.
These set of customers park their cars on the road while they make their purchases. Their action, knowingly or unknowingly, always cause traffic on the road, inflicting more pain and frustration on other commuters. This was said to be some of the issues that angered the FCT administration, which informed the decision to demolish the shanties and shops after several warnings.
 Precisely on Thursday morning, the face of FCTA bulldozers was turned to Karu market after several days of similar exercise elsewhere. The traders who were taken unawares scampered to evacuate their goods to safety. Unfortunately, as they were hurriedly bringing out the goods, hoodlums were busy stealing the saved goods that were kept in nobody’s custody.
 Their plea for more time and leniency apparently fell on deaf ears as bulldozer operator surrounded and protected by armed policemen and soldiers, activated all the powers of the machine to reduce the structures to rubble.
As tears and shout went higher, unfriendly and overzealous security men used canisters to dispatch the crowd who, at a point, became aggressive and wanted to attack the state officials.
We observed that some wise traders had hitherto made alternative provision for their wares either inside the new market or elsewhere.

 It was a case of some laughing and others crying. While the demolition was ongoing, heartless hoodlums were busy stealing from the traders who were apparently concerned with how to evacuate their goods from danger. Scavengers were equally scrambling for mutilated building materials which they would, thereafter, fix and resell. They were gathering roofing sheet, iron rods, timber, burglary proofs and other household items. Majority of these people own a stand at “panteker market” where they auction the items collected from the rubble. The hoodlums also took advantage of the chaotic situation to also engage in other criminality like phone theft and other pick pocket.
 Some of the traders admitted that they were given notice but it was so short for them to make alternative arrangement. However, they admitted that they don’t have the financial power to fight government neither do they have confidence in the ability of the judiciary system to give them speedy justice.
 Mr. Ikem Onyezara said the only available option is to pick the pieces of his life and move on. He was uncomfortable with the alternative provision made by FCT administration in Kurudu. He said he won’t relocate there but will consider another option within the limited resources he has.
 Regrettably, there were allegation that the officials were collecting money from some property owners to spare their properties. A hair stylist along Jikwoyi road confirmed the allegation.
 She said: “My neighbour suggested that we double-cross them in Karu to ‘oil the palm’ of their leaders but I was reluctant in accepting their suggestion.
 “But unfortunately, the property of those that I know who took that step were spared. Their structures were not touched. Those whose structures were eventually touched was just a minor touch which they could easily repair.”
She called on FCT authorities to carry out thorough investigation on the allegation of extortion against the officials.
 FCT minister, through his spokesman, Alhaji Sani Abubakar, explained that the exercise was a routine one and was never intended to visit poverty and penury on the people, but to restore the sanity of the road.
 Abubakar said: “Some of these people built their houses along water ways, telecommunication ways. That had made difficult for the authorities to provide such services to the people. Prior to the exercise, we held meetings with them and explained that them our plans. Some bought into the idea and removed their structures but others were adamant, and those were the ones that was demolished.”
22  Forum / The Buzz Central / "My Expensive Mercedes G-Wagon Was Set Ablaze by My Enemies In Lagos" Says Gov. Fayose on: 1-11-2017 10:14AM

Ayo Fayose, Ekiti State Governor, broke his silence over the fire incident that gutted his car recently in Lagos, claiming that his exotic car was actually set ablaze. He however didn't mention the people that perpetrated such act, but said it was obiviously by his 'enemies'. Fayose's Mercedes Benz G-Wagon was burnt beyond repairs in Lagos some days ago with his driver barely escaping the incident.
 According to reports Fayose spoke on a monthly Radio and Television Programme in Ado-Ekiti, Fayose and said he would neither be swayed nor distracted by the incident, also thanked God for saving his life.
“Some people went and set fire on my car. Anyway, I did not want to go into the controversy now. I am leaving everything in the hand of God because where there is life, there is hope. Who says I cannot even buy a better car?"
In a report by Independent, Fayose hinted that he would not want to dissipate energies on his Presidential Ambition, however, said the prosecution of election of his successor was paramount in his heart. With a reliable successor, Fayose said all other political exploits would be made easy for him. The governor said he was not chasing shadows and urged doubting Thomases to wait until when the presidential ambition would be realized. He also expressed optimism that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and his preferred candidate, Prof. Kolapo Olusola, would win the 2018 governorship election in the state.
23  Forum / Law and Crime / Gov. Fayose Offers N1m To Anyone With Information On Cultist Who Murdered Two EKSU Students on: 1-11-2017 10:03AM

Ekiti state Governor, Fayose Ayodele, is offering  one million Naira to anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of the cultists responsible for the murder of two students of EKSU. The headless body of Ayodele Temilade, an undergraduate of the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, was Sunday night found at the university’s gate where it was allegedly dumped by cultists. The discovery of the headless body barely five days after the killing of Ojo Segun, a third year student of the same institution by suspected cultists created panic within the university community.
The Governor in a series of tweet wrote;

24  Forum / The Buzz Central / Video Of This Hot Girl In Skimpy Dress Selling Pure Water On The Street Has Gone Viral on: 31-10-2017 03:08PM

Another OlaJumoke?? this photos of a very bootilicious pure water seller is currently going Viral… the bootilicious lady on mini dress selling satchet water turned many heads, and according to sources the incident happen in Ghana, many are saying that there is no way this is possible and it must be from a movie scene…

whats your take? Ladies would you allow your man buy Pure water from such pure water seller??
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25  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / For Real? Germany To Pay Electricity Consumers Because It Generated Too Much Power on: 31-10-2017 02:35PM

German power producers are poised to pay customers to use electricity this weekend. Wind generation is forecast to climb to a record on Sunday, creating more output than needed and driving electricity prices below zero, broker data compiled by Bloomberg show. It would be the first time this year that the average price for a whole day is negative, not just for specific hours. Germany’s grid operators can struggle to keep the balance between how much energy people are using and how much is being produced when there are high amounts of wind generation. Negative prices mean that producers must either shut down power stations to reduce supply or pay consumers to take the electricity off the grid.
 Wind output is forecast to peak at 39,190 megawatts at 7 a.m. on Sunday, equivalent to the output of about 40 nuclear reactors and enough to meet more than half of Germany’s total demand. Onshore wind turbines accounted for almost a third of Germany’s installed power capacity at the end of June and the nation is poised to increase new installations by 9 percent this year, according to industry federation BWE.
 Wind power currently supplies about 10 percent of Europe’s electricity and is expected to continue to grow as the technology becomes cheaper. The cost of electricity from offshore wind farms, once one of the most expensive forms of green energy, is expected to slide by 71 percent over the next two decades, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Earlier this year, Germany shocked the renewable energy industry by handing out contracts to developers willing to build offshore farms without subsidy. German wind generation reached a record 38,370 megawatts on March 18.
26  Forum / Religion / RCCG Pastor, Agu Irukwu Under Attack For Asking Members To Donate £2,000 Sacrificial Offering on: 31-10-2017 01:55PM

A UK-Based Redeemed Christian Church of God, Jesus House London Parish Pastor, Agu Irukwu is currently under attack by some members of his congregation after he asked them give a sacrificial offering. According to reports, the Pastor started by requesting for members willing to give £2,000 to come forward, after which he requested that those with £1, 000 come forward.
He eventually proceeded to say that anybody giving an offering of less than £250 will not be called forward as he doesn’t want to embarrass them due to the supposedly small amount.
According to Ono Bello, members of his congregation were mortified at his requests as there are personal stories of people struggling financially, with visa applications, to get on the property ladder and gain profitable employment and have not received any support from the church. The Pastor, who was chosen in 2011 as “Britain’s Most Inspirational Black Person” allegedly pays himself and other senior Pastors in the church a six-figure salary in Pounds.
27  Forum / The Buzz Central / Nigerian Artist, Ycee Warns Upcoming Artists To Be Wary Of Big Record Labels on: 31-10-2017 01:36PM

Tinny Entertainment artiste, Ycee has shocked the music world with his recent revelation about how his career was almost ruined by record labels when he was still up and coming. The rapper tweeted about his experience with record labels, using it as an avenue to warn up and coming artistes to be careful with their choice of associates.
See his tweets below.
28  Forum / Law and Crime / Policeman Who Molested A 14 Year Old Girl Finally Arrested In Anambra on: 31-10-2017 01:14PM

The Anambra state police command says it has arrested police officer, Bara'u Garba, who abducted and r*ped a 14-year-old girl, Maryam, in Anambra state. A statement released by the Delta state command says the erring police officer would soon be charged to court.
 Read the statement below:
'The Police Command wishes to confirm the arrest of F/No 275601 CPL Bara'u Garba attached to 7PMF Sokoto but deployed to Anambra State on special duty for the alleged abduction and defilement of a 14yrs old girl of Hausa Quarters in Asaba Delta State.
 The erring policeman was arrested, defaulted and detained accordingly; and is facing Police internal disciplinary procedures. He will be arraigned before the appropriate Court of the land as soon as the criminal investigation against him is concluded.
This is indeed an isolated case and does not reflect the core values and ethics of the Nigeria Police Force. Justice will not only be done but seen to have been done.
 Thank you.
29  Forum / Law and Crime / EFCC Recovers N11.9 Million Stolen From Redeemed Christian Church Of God on: 31-10-2017 01:09PM

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, has commended the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for being “an agent of transformation.” This commendation was given by one of the regional ministers of the church, Pastor Mark Barango, while receiving a sum of N11, 984, 844, 11, recovered and returned to the church by the EFCC.
“My impression with the work of the EFCC is that it is perfect, perfect, perfect. The EFCC is an agent of transformation. Their work is perfect and the church is grateful that the money is returned to us”, he said.
Mr. Ishaq Salihu, South- South Zonal Head of the EFCC, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State handed over the money to him. The money was stolen by a banker and the Account Officer of the church, Ameh Cyril Idakwoji, in a web of fraudulent diversion and suppression of the finances of the church.
Troubles came for Idakwoji when Access Bank Plc petitioned the EFCC about some missing funds in the accounts of one of its corporate customers in Port Harcourt. The customer, Jepthah International School, East- West Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, could not access N37,000,000 in its account with the bank. The bank traced the scam to one of its staff, Idakwoji and named him the mastermind of the fraudulent dealings. Idakwoji doubled as the Account Officer of Jepthah International School and Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 5, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He defrauded the RCCG by suppressing and diverting cheques and cash meant for the Church to cover his shady deals in Jepthah International School. He was covering up by giving fake Statements of Accounts to both the school and the church. To execute his criminal schemes in RCCG, he forged the letter heads of the church’s Region 5 and the signatures of the Pastor in charge of the Region. He also forged the signature of the church’s accountant and attached same to the August 2017 Salary Schedule of Jepthah International school to the tune of (N7, 129, 128. 78).
The Church denied giving instruction for the payment of the salary of the school. Investigations by the Commission uncovered all the criminal movements of the fund of the church by Idakwoji and a sum of N11, 987, 844.11 found to have been stolen have now been recovered and returned to the church. It will be recalled that a sum of N36,000,000, recovered from Idakwoji, was returned to the management of Jepthah International School by the EFCC in September. While presenting the money to the church, Salihu emphasized the commitment of the EFCC to bursting any financial and economic scam, no matter how complex. He reiterated the zero-tolerance of the Commission for corrupt practices and warned criminal elements in the country to desist from fraudulent practices.
“Crime and criminality are not limited to any group of people. They have no creed, no gender and no religion. The RCCG is a large church and we are pleased to have been able to recover the stolen money for the church”, he said. An appreciative Pastor Barango promised that the church will continue to pray for the continued success of the Commission.
30  Forum / The Buzz Central / Oh My! Cossy Orjaikor's New Brazilian Butt Surgery Cost N1.5million on: 31-10-2017 12:31PM

Actress Cooys Orjiakor recently made her butt changing procedure official and even gifted out two shops when she finished to announce it was a success. Insiders revealed that the actress was originally billed to pay the Hospital N1.8m but after due consultation,she was given a discount and she paid N1.5million for the whole procedure ....
She cannot even cannot wear anything right now on the butt so as not to damage the new fats transferred there.The hospital sends a nurse/massage therapist that will take care of her everyday at home for two week from Friday when she had the procedure..
What the doctors did was remove fat from her tummy,her back and arms and transfer to her Butt,they used the fat to fill the dents which should have been her now she will have a biiger butt and fuller hips...She will be a picture perfect barbie doll only with bigger bosom ....''Cossy wanted hips that would match her bosom  and she got it''
She also goes around now with a stomach board for Maximum results.
Insiders also reveal the actress is laughing at those who think she will post the recent photos for free ''Forget it Cossy will not post photos for free,she plans to save her new look for her upcoming Musical Video''
31  Forum / Sports / Super Eagles Coach, Gernot Rohr Releases List Of Players Invited For Algeria And Argentina Matches on: 31-10-2017 12:18PM

The list of invited players for the upcoming matches against Algeria and Argentina, has been released by Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr. Nigeria who has already qualified for the 2018 World cup in Russia – will play against Algeria in their final World Cup qualifier on November 10…
Four days later, Nigeria will play Argentina in an epic international friendly in Russia in preparation for the World Cup.
Below is the full list;
Goalkeepers: Daniel Akpeyi (Chippa United, South Africa); Ikechukwu Ezenwa (FC IfeanyiUbah); Francis Uzoho (Deportivo La Coruna, Spain)
Defenders: William Ekong (Bursaspor FC, Turkey); Abdullahi Shehu (Anorthosis Famagusta, Cyprus); Tyronne Ebuehi (ADO Den Haag, The Netherlands); Leon Balogun (FSV Mainz 05, Germany); Uche Agbo (Standard Liege, Belgium); Chidozie Awaziem (Nantes FC, France); Olaoluwa Aina (Hull City, England)
Midfielders: Mikel John Obi (Tianjin Teda, China); Ogenyi Onazi (Trabzonspor FC, Turkey); Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City, England); Oghenekaro Etebo (CD Feirense, Portugal); John Ogu (Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Israel); Mikel Agu (Bursaspor FC, Turkey); Chidiebere Nwakali (Sogndal FC, Norway)
Forwards: Ahmed Musa (Leicester City, England); Kelechi Iheanacho (Leicester City, England); Moses Simon (KAA Gent, Belgium); Alex Iwobi (Arsenal FC, England); Odion Ighalo (Chang Chun-Yatai, China); Henry Onyekuru (RSC Anderlecht, Belgium); Anthony Nwakaeme (Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Israel)
STANDBY: Kenneth Omeruo (Kasimpasa FC, Turkey); Alhassan Ibrahim (FK Austria Wien, Austria); Brian Idowu (FC Amkar Perm, Russia)
32  Forum / Law and Crime / Lady Shares Story Of How She Was Robbed And Stabbed In Lagos Traffic (PHOTOS) on: 31-10-2017 12:15PM

A lady identified as Oki Adejoke, has recounted her ordeal in the hands of traffic robbers in Lagos. According to the lady, she and her sister in-law were coming from a function at 7.30pm on d 15th of October when the sad incident happened on Eko bridge in Lagos. Her car window was smashed by the men of the underworld in traffic as they started stabbing her with knife and requesting for her phone and belongings at the same time.
The lady who revealed she was helpless , said that she was stabbed on her lap, arm and stomach by the hoodlums before a motorist who saw the robbery – hit one of the thieves very hard with his car… According to the distraught lady, they met some policemen few meters after the robbery scene as they told them what happened. Rather than helping them, the police allegedly told them they could do nothing about it because another police was near the scene.
33  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Nice One! Excited Couple Welcome A Set Of Triplets After Waiting For 11 Years on: 31-10-2017 11:24AM

A River state based man, Charles Ojieh, and his wife have welcomed a set of triplets after 11 years of waiting. Their friend, Ross Alabo-George, who shared their story online, wrote;
“Congratulations to my friends Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ojieh. After 11 years of patiently waiting…
Only a God like God can do this. #Triplets”.

34  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Photo Of The Cheating Married Woman Who Was Found Dead With Her Lover In A Car At Ogba, Leaks Online on: 31-10-2017 10:56AM

Remember the married Nigerian woman, with 4 kids, and a man (believed to be her lover) who were found dead in their car in Ogba, Lagos on sunday morning. while many where in church, their corpses photo have just been posted online by a facebook user; Lovers found dead in a car Sunday morning behind NIJ Ogba Lagos. The husband of the woman said he was aware of her infidelity but chose to keep quiet. The lover who happens to be the son to their landlord was said to be a close friend to the husband of the late woman. The two were found by bypassers early in the morning with the car engine and ac still running. They quickly contacted the police who took the bodies to the morgue and according to the police, an autopsy will be conducted to ascertain the cause of their death.
A woman, reportedly married with kids, and a man (believed to be her lover) were found dead in their car in Ogba, Lagos this morning.According to eyewitnesses at the shocking scene, their naked bodies indicated they were allegedly having sex before their deaths.
I just saw the weirdest and saddest thing yo! . I saw people gathered watching a car. Initially I thought it was an accident but it wasn’t I saw a man and a woman both naked the engine of the car still running even the AC is still on. They apparently were having sex and died The man has his hands on his part and the lady stretched out naked. The car was parked on the road. I couldn’t take pictures still shaken by the fact that I just saw 2 dead bodies this early morning. I can’t un-look it

35  Forum / Sports / Chinese Football Club Celebrated Their Promotion To Second Division By Flashing Major Cash (PHOTOS) on: 31-10-2017 10:49AM

A Chinese football club had to celebrate their promotion to second division by posing next to wads of cash. The Players from third-tier side Meixian Techand were so delighted with the £3m bonuses they received for achieving promotion that they posed for selfies next to bundles of money. The club, Meixian Techand achieved promotion to China League One with a 3-1 aggregate victory over Shenzhen Ledman on Sunday, with a solo strike from Ye Weichao securing a 1-0 second leg win. It was gathered that each player received £3m in bonuses, with more on offer if they were to reach the top flight.
36  Forum / Law and Crime / Authorities Declare Guy Who Posted "How To Rape Properly" On Facebook Wanted on: 31-10-2017 10:40AM

So, a few days back, we posted a story about a Viral Post on Facebook, by a Guy, Enyeobi Donatus who gave an advice on how to properly rape a lady.
He wrote on his Facebook:
“Well for the guys that are interested, before you rape make sure you punch her neck first so she can be unconscious, then it will be easy to get into her pants, am posting out of experience, take it or leave it.” After his post, someone buzzed him via Direct Message, and urged him to take down the post.. But he didn’t, he stood by his words. An NGO, “Stand End to Rape” posted screenshots of his post, and urged anyone with information as regards how to find him, to come forward.

37  Forum / Family / Beautiful Mother Of 3 Narrates Emotional Story Of How She Lost her 2 Legs on: 31-10-2017 10:17AM

A 32-year old mother of three, shared an emotional story on how she lost her legs in a horrific car crash that almost claimed her life. According to the woman, her right leg was dismembered in order to release her from the vehicle and the left leg was severed instantly from impact by guardrail at the scene of the accident. The successful business woman, who thanked God for his grace, said the incident would have left her hospitalised for a year but she miraculously healed.

She wrote;
In the blink of an eye, on August 23, 2013, I was involved in a car accident that would change my world forever. It is only by the grace and mercy of God that I, a mother of 3, strident college student, successful business woman, and entrepreneur made it out alive. The accident was so horrific, that the dreaded “Jaws of Life” was used to free me from the vehicle.
My right leg was dismembered in order to release me from the vehicle, and my left leg was severed instantly from impact by the guardrail at the scene of the accident.
The doctors said that I would be hospitalized for at least one year. Miraculously through prayers and faith from my children, family and friends, I emerged from the hospital within three weeks of the accident and left the hospital.
That’s Right! My world had changed but my passion, purpose and earthly assignment had taken on its predestined form. I understood, not only did He choose me, but I would inspire others by empowering through hope. I continued running my business while preparing to walk again and I’m now using what most thought was a tragedy as a triumph of the power of the spirit! I discovered my true purpose and calling while embarking upon a spiritual journey through the unexpected turns of life that led to the light of new beginnings and new chapters. I discovered that my true purpose and calling is to inspire, empower, enlighten and enrich the minds, lives and spirit of others.
38  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / SMH! See The Classroom That Was Built In Kaduna State For N74.8m on: 31-10-2017 09:31AM

​, an NGO established to track government spending in the country, has released images of a block of classroom reportedly build for N74.8m in Kaduna State.

39  Forum / Politics / Resident Of Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko Collapses In Sokoto (PHOTOS) on: 30-10-2017 04:55PM

A section of a building at the Gawon Nama residence of Senator Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko in Sokoto collapsed on Sunday, October 29. The affected unoccupied building was said to be undergoing renovation as at the time of the incident. According to reports, no loss of life was recorded, while nobody was injured in the incident. Senator Wamakko who inspected the affected section of the building, expressed gratitude to the Almighty Allah, describing the incident as an act of God
” The good people of the state should however continue to fervently pray to prevent the recurrence of such incidents,” Senator Wamakko was quoted as saying.
40  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Former Governor Of Gombe State, Senator Mohammed Danjuma Goje's Wife Dies In The US At The Age Of 55 on: 30-10-2017 04:35PM

Hajiya Yelwa Danjuma Goje, the wife of former governor of Gombe state and Senator representing Gombe Central district in the National Assembly, Mohammed Danjuma Goje,is dead.
She passed on early hours of Monday in the United States of America at the age of 55. A statement made available to newsmen by her son, Ahmed Mohammed Goje, on behalf of the family, said, Hajiya Yelwa “is survived by her husband, Senator Goje, six children, ten grandchildren, many relatives, supporters and admirers”. The statement added that “the date and time of the funeral prayers in Gombe would be announced later”. Senator Goje is a Senate Committee Chairman on Appropriation.
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