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1  Forum / The Buzz Central / WANABE: Actress Tonto Dikeh gets Rihanna like Tattoos on her arms on: 26-06-2014 02:05 PM

PokoLee of the Lee temple seems to be enjoy her new name and fame in D’banj’s DB Records, the actress has finally joined the likes of Rihanna to get the famous traditional tatts on her arm, see pictures below…
2  Forum / The Buzz Central / Actress Chika Ike puts her b00bs and sexy backside on display in TBT Photo on: 26-06-2014 02:02 PM
She’s is so hot in this pictures, guys what do you think of her displaying her asset like this?
3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Pics: Jay Z & Beyonce finally release footage from their secret 2008 wedding on: 26-06-2014 09:22 AM
The power couple wed secretly in April 2008 after dating for about 6 years. And for the first time, we see photos of them as they exchanged their vows. Jay Z and Beyonce last night Wednesday June 25th projected footage from their secret wedding ceremony on the screen in a stadium in Miami, as they kicked off their tour 'On The Run'. The intimate home video was played in between performances from the mega stars to the excitement of the massive crowd. See more photos after the cut...
4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Ritualists’ den owned by a pastor uncovered in Lagos, 8 kidnapped victims rescue on: 26-06-2014 09:20 AM
A ritualist den owned by one pastor Ernest Nwankwo, the General Overseer of Holy Family Ministry a.k.a House of Mercy was yesterday June 25th uncovered at Ogolonto area in Ikorodu, Lagos, with 8 victims rescued.

According to Vanguard, the den was discovered after a failed attempt by a woman identified as Mrs Rosemary Chukwu, a member of Pastor Nwankwo's church, to kidnap her neighbor's 7 year old son, Emeka Emmanuel to the den for rituals.

Sources in the area said around 6.30 am yesterday, Mrs Chukwu lured the little boy who was on his way to fetch water from a well down the road and took him to her house where she locked him in the toilet. To keep her neighbors from hearing the little boy's screams for help, Chukwu then instructed her own children to begin a prayer session which they did, shouting on top of their voices. Continue...
Trouble however started when the boy's mother who stays four buildings from Mrs Chukwu raised alarm after she could not find her son. A search for the young boy began which Mrs Chukwu also partook in. Minutes into the search, Mrs Chukwu was said to have excused herself, went into her house and then came out with a box on her head, saying she was travelling. Suspecting foul play, some of the area boys instructed her to put down the suitcase which was opened and the unconscious body of the 7 year old boy was discovered.

A resident of the area, Oyetoye Gbemi who spoke with Vanguard said the area boys descended on her and she confessed it was her pastor who sent her
"She told us she was travelling to the village. But one of the area boys who was among the search party, ordered his colleagues to search the box. Immediately she heard that, she flung the box away and took to her heels. We all suspected something was amiss. When the box was opened, Emmanuel was found inside, half dead. The area boys descended on her and stripped her naked. On interrogation, she said her pastor, the General Overseer of Holy Family Ministry a.k.a House of Mercy, asked her to bring the boy. The area boys followed her to 319, Lagos Road, Ikorodu, where the church is situated, where they saw her pastor waiting for her. But on sighting the crowd, he took to his heels. But for the arrival of Policemen from Owutu division, the woman would have been lynched. The angry mob also attempted to set the church ablaze but were also prevented by the policemen. They, however, succeeded in torching some parts of the property.” he said
In the process of chasing the fleeing Pastor and burning some part of the church building, area boys forced open a door to a building at 7, Oshodi Street, which was directly at the back of the church building and owned by Pastor Ernest. To everyone's amazement, men and women, eight in number, chained and looking frail were found in the building. The captives upon interrogation said they were kidnapped from various places like Ogun, Anambra, Bayelsa and Oyo states. One of the captives, a 50 year old woman said she was kidnapped while returning from a night vigil. One of the rescued victim, 52 year old man pictured above without a shirt said he was a commercial bus driver and was kidnapped two years ago.

Residents in the area said the building owned by the pastor had always been under suspicion as no one ever saw anyone coming out or going in during the day. They said most of the activities carried out in the building is usually done at night.
Police sources confirmed the arrest of Mrs Chukwu while her pastor is currently on the run.

5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / INCREDIBLE: Woman Claims She Gave Birth After 14 Years Pregnancy! on: 26-06-2014 09:15 AM

Mercy, a single parent, who named the child Miracle while speaking of her ordeal during the 14 years of her pregnancy said: “When I first took in, I knew that I was pregnant with signs and test that confirmed that I was. Four months later, I went to hospital for another test, the result showed that I wasn’t pregnant, but had fibroid.

Subsequently, I began to experience bleeding, at least once a day. Sometimes, my tummy would protrude in the semblance of pregnancy. I went to different hospitals, and I kept on receiving the same result that nothing was wrong with me. But deep down inside , I knew that all was not well with me.

“So I was taken aback when a midwife told me I was pregnant. But considering the test which showed I had fibroid, I was angry with the midwife for giving me what I felt was a false prophecy of hope. Thereafter, I started going from one church to another and from one native doctor to the other. The results that I got from them all remained the same. I became more feeble and confused that I prayed for death to come.

“I went again to the midwife two years after and complained to her about the pains that I was going through, she told me again that it was not fibroid but pregnancy; she advised me to be more prayerful so that God will deliver me from the hands of the devil. I kept on praying and at the same time asking myself that if truly I’m pregnant, why is it that the baby was not kicking?

“I bought many concoctions that they said could cure fibroid and drank them. I even drank 12 bottles of a local cleanser but to no avail. This went on for years. Then God took pity on me and decided to wipe my tears.

On the day I gave birth to my baby girl, I initially thought that worms were trying to come out of my body not knowing that it was a baby. This was what I told the midwife when we came to her. But after examining me she told me to push.

I ignored her. I became unconscious for about 15 minutes and when I regained consciousness, I heard the cry of a baby. I was surprised and confused seeing my baby. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Hmm,I thank God for my life and that of my baby Miracle. I named her Miracle because she is truly a miraculous child”.

6  Forum / Politics / Jonathan: Boko Haram Are Demons Living Among Humans, They’re Difficult To Fight on: 26-06-2014 09:14 AM

During a meeting with a delegation of the College of Bishops of African Church led by the Primate, Most Rev. Emmanuel Udofia, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, President Jonathan assures Nigerians that terrorism will end soon.

The President urged the clerics to continue with their prayers for the country which have kept Nigeria from disintegration.

He said: “I have to thank you for your prayers because this country is facing challenges that we never expected. I always say it that apart from those of us from the Eastern region who witnessed the effect of the civil war, people may have not witnessed this kind of insecurity in the country.
“In the North East, it is almost like a civil war, it is even more than the civil war because in a civil war, you know the battle line, either a Biafran or Nigerian, you know where to run to.

“But this one, you don’t even know where to run to because the enemies are in your sokoto (trouser’s) pocket. So, it is a problem. But with your prayers, God has been kind and whatever the enemy contemplates he will never get there.”

 “Since the dawn of these ugly and demonic attacks, you have been so magnanimous by applying the carrot and stick measure, yet the bombings have escalated but certainly not beyond God’s control.

7  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photo – Nigerian Man Based In Malaysia Killed By Indian Gangsters on: 26-06-2014 09:12 AM

Information reaching us, a Nigerian called Solo was killed by some indian gangsters in Malaysia in the presence of police men that is suppose to protect lives and properties of citizens and immigrants and nothing has been done up till now to restore peace or track down this so called gangsters.

Black men in malaysia are been maltreated and given unfair judgment by this malaysian government and nothing is been done to help by our so called Ambassador, instead he left kuala lumpur to singapore to hide himself.
Nigerians in Malaysian want justice asking for support of you by helping them to share this message so that the Nigerian people and president and even the united nation will know they are suffering.

8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Smiling To Jail: Fake Glo Ambassador Who Duped Bayero University Student on: 26-06-2014 09:11 AM
Justice Mohammed Garba Umar of the Federal High Court, Gombe today sentenced one Khalil Ahmed Bappa, 29, who claims to be a GLO Ambassador, to 24 months imprisonment for fraudulently extorting goods and money worth N267, 000 from a female student of Bayero University, Kano, Yusra Ali Babakusa, with assurances of making her a Glo Ambassador.

Khalil who has been standing trial on charges bordering on obtaining by false pretences surprisingly changed his plea midway by pleading guilty to the 2-count charge.

Troubles for Khalil started sometime in 2012 when he presented himself as a GLO agent and promised to help Yusra become a GLO Ambassador through his contacts at the Communication’s company. The convict had forwarded a code number to Yusra with assurances that she would soon be called up as one of the eventual winners and ambassador. Subsequently, Khalil instructed her to send some money to him to facilitate the process. The accused person further told her to prepare for an interview trip to GLO head office in Lagos as her name had been selected; a journey Khalil said had been paid for by GLO (accommodation and return flight ticket).

On the expected day of the journey, Khalil prompted her to wait for him, but stopped answering her calls after a while and eventually switched off his phone. It was when she made numerous attempts to reach him but failed, that she realized she had been conned.

Justice Umar sentenced the convict to 12 months imprisonment without an option of fine on each of the counts. The sentence would however run concurrently from the date of arrest.

The court also ordered the convict to restitute his victim before the completion of his jail term and release from prison detention

9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Mysterious Snakes, Bees Attack Boko Haram Camp; Kill Many on: 26-06-2014 09:11 AM
MAIDUGURI—Some members of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, arrested yesterday at Mairi ward behind University of Maiduguri by members of the Civilian JTF vigilante group, have confessed that most of them are fleeing the Sambisa Forest to areas across Borno State owing to what they believe is spiritual attacks from mysterious snakes and bees, which had killed many of their leaders.

sambisa-1According to Kolo Mustapha, one of the arrested insurgents, “most of us are fleeing because there are too many snakes and bees now in the forest. Once they bite, they disappear and the victims do not last for 24 hours.

“We were told that the aggrieved people who had suffered from our deadly mission, including the ghosts of some of those we killed, are the ones turning into the snake and bees.”

‘Our leaders fled, too’

He said some of their leaders have escaped to Cameroon because they are known to the Nigerian authorities and could be easily identified. According to him, those of them who lived all their lives in Maiduguri have nowhere to run to. So they returned and tried to sneak into town.

He said they came in last night and were trying to hide in some uncompleted buildings, when some members of the Civilian JTF saw them.

He said: “We are pleading with them to spare our lives. We were forced into the sect. But we know that it is not the right way. I personally have never killed anyone, but I have my friend here who had killed many people.”

Umar Abor, the other arrested sect member said Kolo Mustapha was lying as they had participated in all heinous acts of the sect.

He said: “We have fought together since 2010. We have fought in Marte, Bama, Buni Yadima and Gwoza. We were not in Chibok. We have not seen the girls, but we heard about the issue.

“Our leaders have been talking about it and we have been following all news from the radio. We decided to flee when almost all our comrades are leaving the Sambisa because of constant attacks by snakes and bees, which we were told was as a result of Chibok abducted schoolgirls.

“They (our leaders) told us that it was our enemies and aggrieved people that are hunting us through diabolical means. We were in the forest in 2010 and 2011. We left and came back last year but we have never experienced such attacks.

“That is why they believe the Chibok people are using juju to pursue us because of their children said to have been taken by our leaders.”


‘We‘ll reveal our hiding place’

According to him, they have realised their mistakes and repented, promising that if they are spared they would help the community in fishing out some of their comrades and will lead security agents where their comrades had fled.

One of the leaders of the Civilian JTF said many of the sect members had been fleeing the Sambisa Forest in the past two weeks and that most of them are being arrested and taken to the authorities, except when they resist arrest, in which case they are left with no option but to kill them.

He said: “These ones have not attempted to run or do anything bad. They promise to take us to where they hide their weapons. We are taking them to the chairman of our sector command before they are handed to security operatives.”

10  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / “I’m not a thief, I’m catholic” ex-bank PHB MD standing trial says on: 26-06-2014 09:08 AM
Francis Atuche, the former Managing Director of the defunct Bank PHB now Keystone Bank, who is standing trial for allegedly embezzling N25.7 billion from Bank PHB told Justice Lateefat Okunnu of an Ikeja High court today June 25th during cross examination that he’s never stolen in his life as he is a devout Catholic.
“I am a Catholic. I cannot be a thief. I was baptised in the church and before I left primary school, I have started receiving Holy Communion which I do every day. I cannot receive Holy Communion when I am not in the state of grace. I cannot be a thief because God has been gracious to me,’’ he said.

Atuche and his wife Elizabeth are both facing theft charges. Atuche is accused of usinge bank funds to set up companies using other people as fronts. One of such companies is Platinum Oil and Gas Ltd.
11  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Pics: Our First Lady steps out in lovely outfit to State House dinner on: 25-06-2014 10:07 PM

 This her dress no be here o...:-). First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan with the wife of the visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister, Mrs. Roman Desalegn arriving for a dinner to honour the visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister at the State House, Abuja.
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Juliet Ibrahim Reveal Reasons Behind Her Divorce on: 25-06-2014 09:32 PM

Juliet Ibrahim is divorced from his husband, Kwadwo Safo, son of Apostle Kwadwo Safo. The actress wants to remain silent over this issue but whether she likes it or not, reasons for her action will be revealed since she confided in people when she was having problems in her marriage.

Following Juliet on social media networks, the actress has kept quiet over her divorce issues. She has been promoting her new movie behaving as if she has heard nothing about her breakup with her husband.
Well Razz Newspaper reports some reasons why the actress and her husband parted ways.

Ghanaians entertainers always make entertainment tabloids and newspapers look bad, especially when issues about them are raised.
They are always on the defensive, spew all manner of invectives at reporters, tell their innocence to the public and portray writers and newspapers as purveyors of false news.

Months ago, Razz Newspaper reported that there was some unrest in the marriage between actress, Juliet Ibrahim and Kwadwo Safo, son of the famous Apostle Safo – a report that was vehemently denied by the actress and the husband.

In anger, the actress even told the paper and its readers to mind their own business and that; all was going well in her marriage.

Over the weekend, Juliet Ibrahim released a press statement, officially announcing her divorce from her husband and pleading with her fans to accept and respect their decision.

Razz Newspaper has conducted some investigations to find out the reasons behind the breakup, separation and divorce of the marriage between Kwadwo Safo and Juliet Ibrahim.

According to sources very close to the actress, Juliet claims that the marriage was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened. She said that; she got involved with Kwadwo Safo briefly and in the course of the friendship, she got pregnant.

The unplanned pregnancy is what caused Kwadwo to marry her.The actress shockingly claims that Kwadwo Safo’s gamily did not support the marriage from the onset. The family of her husband failed to show up for the marriage ceremony and have openly showed their disapproval and lack of support for the marriage.

Juliet also said that; the marriage ended over a year and half ago and another reason for the break up was that – Kwadwo Safo got involved with another lady who was as fair as she (Juliet) and competed for the love and attention of her husband. The source claims that Juliet was overly angry at her husband because the fair complexion of the said lady was as a result of bleaching; so, she wondered why her husband would go in for somebody like that.

Juliet also claims that although the marriage ended sometime ago, she and Kwadwo have continued to remain good friends and meet and talk when it becomes necessary.

In another related twist, Juliet is said to have been in a serious relationship with Nigerian model/actor IK Ogbonna right after her marriage collapsed. She spends most of her time in Nigeria and she is reported to have spent quality time with IK. The model even featured in Juliet Ibrahim’s music video to her lukewarm single released months ago.

Juliet and IK broke up recently and IK is reported to have used his social media page to plead to the actress for forgiveness and seeking a comeback.

Razz also spoke to Kwadwo Safo on his take over the news of their break up and he responded that; he’s a very reserved person so the public can rely on Juliet’s side of the issue. He said that; he doesn’t believe in discussing his personal issues in public so anything that comes from Juliet should be considered the truth.

He added that, Juliet Ibrahim is the one who has a story to tell but he doesn’t. He would rather prefer the media to talk on the new ‘4×4 kantanka’ act that he and his father are working on and bringing unto the market.