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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Bad Belle? Google Shuts Down Linda Ikeji's Blog For Plagarism on: 8-10-2014 06:14 PM
Eya sorry
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / BREAKING NEWS: Bad Belle? Google Shuts Down Linda Ikeji's Blog For Plagarism on: 8-10-2014 05:16 PM

So sad. After several attempt by her enemies especially the hacker called Mr Aydee, they've finally succeeded in geting Google to remove the site after they lodged a campaign of copyright infringement against her. This must be a big blow to the multimillionaire blogger who is Africa's number one. She is expected to release a statement on this. Earlier in the day she told her readers that she's been trying to get a domain name but the internet squatters have hijacked most of the likely name she cud use. That's a multimillionaire business google has just shut down! Couldn't they have verified all this allegations against her and know that it's the handiwork of hackers and haters!

They should also have known that most people in Nigeria actually registered on blogger cos of her(I guess)

3  Forum / The Buzz Central / Update on Lagos girl Kemi Omotoyinbo who died bcos of N450k on: 8-10-2014 05:12 PM

Just because her husband couldn't provide N450,000 immediately, the hospital refused to operate on her, thus leading to her death during child birth. That is the story of Kemi Omotoyinbo (See HERE).

In his reaction to the sad episode, wellness doctor Sola Fajana reveals Kemi's death was preventable:
I read about Kemi Omotoyinbo's death some few days back and I still feel so much burden to write about it. She is a popular dancer and died during child birth. Her friends took to social media to condemn the managing Doctor on how she was treated and refusal to perform the surgery due to unavailability of funds.
If I were the Doctor I would have gone ahead to save her life. But my concern is why did her friends keep her there if they knew she could not afford it? I mean, 450k is a lot of money and if you can't afford it, go to a cheaper facility.
Why toy with your friend's life? I still know of some centers in Nigeria that you can get CS done for as low as 50K...

Again we can't say much because we don't know what transpired between both parties.

It is my duty to let you know that WHEN ACTIVE LABOUR LASTS MORE THAN 12HOURS, you are placing the life of the baby or the mother or both of them at risk. At that point it is an emergency.

Common reasons you may be advised to have Emergency Casserian Section:
1. Distressed foetus.
2. A previous CS scar.
3. Failed induction of Labour.
4. Bleeding or cord prolapse.
5. Scan showing transverse or breech presentation.
6. Estimated size of baby is too large.
7. Twin babies are entwined.
8. Baby has a congenital abnormality such as hydrocephalus.
9. Pelvis is particularly small or an unusual shape.

Imagine the number of people that die each day due to such negligence. It was a death that could have been prevented

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4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Exposed: Asari Dokubo was in the Jet caught smuggling $9.3m? on: 8-10-2014 05:11 PM

Explain Asari Dokubo’s role in the $9.3m cash-for-arms scandal to Nigerians; APC tells Presidency
The All Progressives Congress (APC) has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to explain to Nigerians what Mujaheed Asari Dokubo, was doing on the plane that illegally ferried US$9.3 million to South Africa, where Asari Dokubo, another Nigerian and an Israeli were arrested, according to a published report.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said since the federal government has taken ownership of the funds by saying the National Security Adviser (NSA) issued the end-user certificate for the arms purchase, it stands to reason that the same government will know the involvement of all those aboard the plane.

APC said the questions become pertinent because even the NSA, who issued the end-user agreement for the purchase, does not and cannot purchase arms for any of the armed services. The Service Chiefs have separate budgets from the NSA for arms purchase:
"Under our Constitution, the NSA is an adviser and has no executive powers to deploy troops from any of the services or purchase arms for them. That the arms purported to be purchased from South Africa were ordered from the office of the NSA is nothing but a mere fabrication, and raises serious questions about the motive for the purchase.
"Nigerians will therefore like to know on whose behalf Asari Dokubo was purchasing arms. This is very crucial because Asari Dokubo has been threatening that Nigeria will not know peace if his benefactor, President Jonathan, is not re-elected. Therefore, Nigerians will like to know whether he has started stockpiling arms to make his threat a reality, since elections are due in a few months’ time.
"If these arms are meant to fight insurgency, as the government has claimed, what is Asari Dokubo’s business purchasing arms for the Nigerian military, if indeed they were for the military?

"Does it not occur to the Nigerian government that this man who once took arms against the state may not have jettisoned his sinister plan against the same state? Which country will ever allow a man who once carried arms against the state to now be purchasing arms for the same state? Even if it is true that he is purchasing the arms for the state, what prevents him from also using the opportunity to purchase arms for his own sinister motive? Could this be why Asari Dokubo has been talking publicly and confidently, without official censure, that President Jonathan must be re-elected or Nigeria will not know peace again?" the party queried.

"…on Tuesday, we again asked President Jonathan to come clean on the US$9.3 million and US$5.7 million deals. We also asked him to tell Nigerians the identity of the two Nigerians who were on the plane that illegally ferried money to South Africa. Now that the Nigerians are known, and they are the President’s men, the story has taken a new dimension,” it said.

APC said since those who claim to be fighting for Nigeria’s unity may actually be the ones working against it, since those who lay claim to patriotism may actually be any but patriotic, it is more urgent now, than ever, for the National Assembly to take these cash-for-arms deals seriously, instead of dismissing the concerns of Nigerians on the basis of some rules as the House of Representatives has glibly done.

The party commended the media for keeping the story alive and for working hard to unearth the identity of the Nigerians aboard the ill-fated plane that illegally flew money into another country in violation of that country’s laws and all known tenets of decency.

APC called on the media, in pursuance of its constitutional role of a watchdog, not to relent in exposing the circumstances surrounding the cash-for-arms deals, which have seriously embarrassed Nigeria in the comity of nations and which have the potential to threaten Nigeria’s unity, going by the latest revelations.

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