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61  Forum / The Buzz Central / Fans Confront Popular Singer Oritsefemi For Turning From Black To White [See Bleaching Photo] on: 1-10-2017 03:30PM

Singer Oritsefemi took to his Instagram to share a video but his fans attacked him over the discolouration on his face.

62  Forum / The Buzz Central / Rihanna Goes On A 2:00am Dinner With Multi Billionaire Saudi Ariabian Boyfriend, Hassan Jameel on: 1-10-2017 03:23PM

Rihanna and boyfriend Hassan Jameel were spotted enjoying a romantic late night dinner at Park Chinois, Chinese restaurant in Mayfair in the early hours of Friday morning.

The pair turned heads after not being seen in public together for weeks.

The couple left the restaurant separately choosing not to be pictured together with Rihanna, 29, exiting out the back door at around 2am, DailyMail learnt.

She then sat in her car for half hour before Hassan left out of the front door of the restaurant a 2.35am.

Rihanna wore an all black, spilling her curves into a sweater and a mini-skirt, showcasing her pins.

She wrapped a casual black coat around her and added a pair of this season’s trend sock boots, also in black.

She carried a Dior bag – a brand affiliated with the singer who is the first black woman to front a campaign by the brand.

The Rude Boy singer tied her raven mane tightly back behind her head and wore a fresh face of natural make-up, just a slick of gloss to her lips.

63  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Masquerade Entertain Supporters After Priestly Ordination In Imo State - Photos on: 1-10-2017 03:07PM

A section of deacons got ordained as Catholic priests yesterday, September 30th by His Lordship most Bishop Solomon Amatu at Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Okigwe, Imo state.

Alot of people trooped out in their masses to support and congratulate the ordainees, a family whose son was also ordained, stormed the church with a masquerade and caused a stir… Photos below.

64  Forum / The Buzz Central / Ex-Actress, Georgina Onuoha Claims She Is 37 Years Today, Releases Birthday Photos on: 30-09-2017 10:01AM

The US based actress and mom of two who turns a year older yesterday, September 29th marked her day with lovely photos.

She attached positive, heartwarming messages to each photo wishing her self a happy birthday.

She captioned one of the photos:
I’m every Woman
I’m built with grace
I’m gifted with strength
My success I celebrate
My mistakes I learn from
My virtue is patience
My fury is justice
My motto is compassion
I’ve had ups and downs
I’ve been Loved and broken “Still I Rise”

Today, I solemnly vow, that my tomorrow will be greater than my yesterday.
I will Love compassionately and thrive/ strive to achieve my goals with tenacity.
I will be true to self
I will remain content with what I have be it little or much…

Above all, I will thrive in gratitude and love endlessly ❤️
I Love You my “Fanily ”
I Love You my GG ❤️
“Diary Of A Lover “

65  Forum / The Buzz Central / Guys Don't Approach Me, I Always Tell Guys I Love Them First - Rapper, Eva Alordiah on: 30-09-2017 09:56AM

Rapper, Eva Alordiah had an interactive session with her fans on Instagram page yesterday and one of them apparently told her she was interested in a guy but doesn’t know how to go about it.

She said;

“If you die tomorrow and you do not get to experience that beautiful(love). If you really like him so much, the only reason that you should hold back is if you are not sure that he likes you that much. I think it is sweeter when he shows you first how much he likes you. I had to teach myself how not to be too forward. I used to be too forward. If I like a guy, I would be like hey, I like you. The next thing, we are kissing. I used to be very forward but I have had to calm down and understand that sometimes, regardless of how you are feeling, you want to hold back”
66  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Why Are Some Nigerian Mothers Encouraging Their Daughters To Travel To Europe For Prostitution? on: 30-09-2017 09:53AM

A staff of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons [NAPTIP], has revealed exclusively that some parents actually encourage their daughters to travel to Europe to become sex slaves, so they could send money to them.

The NAPTIP official, Esther Otegheri who revealed this shocking fact to Pulse, said many of the sex slaves the agency have managed to rescue in some European countries like Italy, Russia, Germany, and Spain, claim that their parents pushed them into the trade.

Otegheri also posited that some parents go as far as providing the money for their wards to travel out or take them to shrines to swear to oaths that they will not abandon the sex trade when they get to Europe.

“It will shock Nigerians to know that most of the girl who gets trafficked to Europe to engage in prostitution are often encouraged or pushed into it by their own parents,” Otegheri begins.

Otegheri who was one of the NAPTIP officials who just came back from Europe where they managed to rescue some girls who were trafficked for the sex trade, said that some girls they rescued are as young as 13 and most of them had undergone untold hardship and were exposed to various kinds of diseases.

“I wept bitterly when we saw some of these girls who were as young as 13 roaming the streets of Europe soliciting for men to have sex with them for money.

They have these madams whom they report to and any money they make is used to offset the debts they owe the madams or send back home for their parents to pay off the people they borrowed to send them to Europe.

There are girls aged 13, 14 and 15 on the streets of Europe, selling themselves for money. They are so young, vulnerable and having terrible experiences. Some of them are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases because many of the patrons prefer sleeping with them without condoms.

Only the strongest of hearts would not cry when you see them or hear their stories. Many of them go through harrowing experiences before they get to Europe all in the name of making a living for themselves and their families.

In the course of our investigations, we discovered the routes these traffickers operate from and it would break your heart to see what they go through.

We discovered that some of these young victims go through the border between Sokoto and Bori Koni in the Niger Republic while some trek through the deserts taking the Katsina Maradi-Niamey-Ouagadougou-Mali, on to Libya before crossing the Mediterranean sea into Europe.

We also discover that majority of the victims are trafficked through Lagos to Cotonou for onward trafficking to Europe, with the connivance of Immigration and Customs officials.”

It has been discovered that Nigerians make up the biggest nationality crossing the Mediterranean in smuggling boats launched from Libya, and many of the migrants are girls and young women who are destined for the sex trade.

“Many of the girls come from very poor families and the parents feel the only way they can come out of their poor status is if their daughters could travel Europe and engage in prostitution. That is how low most of our parent’s reason.

Many of the girls have not been to school or have very little education, so they are easily taken advantage of. They dream of a better life in Europe, they see Italy as a paradise.

You will be surprised to hear some parents even boasting about their daughters who are in Europe and when you ask them what the girls do, they will be proud to tell you that they are hustling.

For them, hustling means one thing: prostitution. They are not ashamed to say it and it is very pathetic.

Some of these girls have little or no idea where they are heading or what they would do when they are being trafficked out of Nigeria. They don’t know the danger in front of them only to realize it when they get to a point of no return, and they would have no option but to fall in line.

They are forced into prostitution and if they refuse, they are beaten up, detained and threatened with juju. It is very sad.”

Otegheri also pointed out that the victims of the sex trade live in terror of the madams who run them, as well as organized Nigerian gangs who operate as a mafia team and are used to whip the girls into line.

“The madams are like demi-gods, and they control the girls in every way imaginable, from beating, torture, illegal imprisonment and threats of death.

There are also Nigerian gangs organized like the Mafia and they are used by the madams to intimidate, abuse and terrorize the girls.

The gang often kidnap the girls, rape them and force them into the streets to solicit for men.

Even some local churches are not left out in the trafficking. We have arrested some so-called pastors ho run these trafficking trade. They pretend to send these girls abroad to work when they know they are being sent to become prostitutes.

Once the girls arrive in Italy or other parts of Europe, they are made to sign agreements to pay back between 30,000 to 50,000 Euros to the madams before they are free to be on their own.

Most of them can spend three to five years without being able to pay up the money, thereby living in perpetual bondage.

The exploitation of these minors by their parents and the organized sex trade rings is rather pathetic. The way our government is handling the matter is also not encouraging. We have advocated for these rings to be smashed by all means but they still keep sprouting and it is worrisome.”

The problems associated with human trafficking for the purpose of engaging in prostitution is hydra-headed and the government needs to take serious measures to checkmate it.

Some of the measures that have been advocated include investment in quality education for the youths, sensitizing the people, especially those in the rural communities to reach the most vulnerable people who think traveling abroad is the one sure way of beating poverty.

The government should also create employment and skills acquisition opportunities to enable the young girls to learn a trade because a large number of the trafficked persons were lured into the act due to unemployment and poverty.
67  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Nigerian Policeman Spotted Sleeping On His Loaded Riffle While On Duty (Photos) on: 30-09-2017 09:45AM

Photos of a sleeping policeman are trending on social media platforms for obvious reasons.

The police officer was spotted sleeping hard on duty with his rifle by his side. According to the social media user who shared this and condemned such act,

even when she went close to take pictures of him, the policeman didn’t even blink – oblivious to what was happening around his environment.

Photos below

68  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / END TIMES: This Female University Student Rocked A Towel To Her Lectures In Bostwana (Photos) on: 30-09-2017 09:40AM

While some think it is fashion craze, others have argued that the University of Botswana student pictured below was probably late for a test or an exam and her closest option was rocking a towel to school.

Well, whatever her reason is, she really caused a stir today in her school and on social media. The photos below;

69  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / UK Sends Official Request To Nigerian Government For Information On Whereabout Of Nnamdi Kanu on: 30-09-2017 09:35AM

The United Kingdom has asked the Federal Government to clarify the status and whereabouts of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

The British government said it had asked the government if the British national was alive or dead. However, it could not be immediately ascertained if the Federal Government had responded to the inquiries or not.

The Press Officer, UK high commission in Nigeria, Joe Abuku, stated that the inquiry followed reports that Kanu had been missing since September 14, 2017 when armed soldiers stormed his residence in Abia State.
Abuku said this in response to questions asked, seeking to know UK’s concern on the missing IPOB leader.

“We are seeking urgent clarification from the Nigerian authorities about the status and whereabouts of Mr. Kanu, a British-Nigerian man, who has been reported missing since September 14,”

 Abuku stated in an email on Thursday.

Asked if the UK would strip Kanu of citizenship on account of the declaration by Nigeria that he was leading a terrorist organisation, the mission said it does not comment on individual cases.

“One of the conditions that can make the United Kingdom strip its citizen of nationality is if the person engages in a terrorist activity at home or abroad. And Kanu has dual citizenship and therefore a citizen of Nigeria and the UK,”

the mission stated.

When asked if the UK supported the Nigerian government’s proscription of the IPOB, Abuku stated that the group was not a proscribed organisation under the British law.

“The Indigenous People of Biafra is not a proscribed organisation in the UK,”
the mission spokesperson stressed.

However, when asked if the group was free to raise funds or hold rallies in Britain, Abuku said he would need to get an official response on that, but subsequently declined to respond to the question.
70  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / "We Do Not Have Nnamdi Kanu In Our Custody" - Nigerian Army Replies IPOB on: 30-09-2017 09:28AM

Following the demand by Kanu’s lawyers asking the federal high court, Abuja to compel the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai to produce Kanu.
Spokesman of the Defence Headquarters (DHQ), Major General John Enenche has reacted that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu is not in the custody of the Military.

He said this while speakin with Journalist, in his words:
“Nnamdi Kanu is not in the custody of the military.”

“It is not the responsibility of the military to declare Nnamdi Kanu wanted. The military did not proscribe IPOB. Due process was followed to proscribe it. The job of the military was to diagnose security issues and warned the public of consequences and that is part of our media operations.”

“We did our media operations very well, otherwise that weekend would have been the longest weekend in this country and we are also very careful choosing our words and we know the law very well.”
71  Forum / Law and Crime / 22 Years Old UNIBEN Student Kills His Mother For Refusing To Give Him Pocket Money - Photo on: 30-09-2017 09:24AM

A 55-year old woman identified as Josephine Igbineweka has been killed by her last child, Caleb Obasogie. Caleb, aged 22, allegedly killed his mother because she refused to give him money.

The killing occurred around 8am at their residence at 31A, Iyamu Street, off Textile Mill Road, Benin City.

Witnesses said Caleb locked his mother in a room and stabbed her repeatedly with broken bottle until her intestines ripped out.

He reportedly dangled the intestines and his mother’s womb before neighbours before they could rush in to rescue her.

Neighbours said the deceased passed the night at a neighbour’s house because her son locked her out for not giving him the money he demanded from her.

Caleb is a final year student of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) while his late mother was a beer parlour operator in Benin.

Spokesman of the Edo State Police Command, DSP Moses Nkombe, confirmed the incident and disclosed that the suspect has been arrested by the police.
72  Forum / Law and Crime / 47 Years Old Moses Otimba Arrested For infanticide After Killing Baby Fathered With Sister In-Law on: 30-09-2017 09:19AM

The Man who killed five-day-old baby he fathered with the younger sister of his pregnant wife, has pleaded for forgiveness 47-year-old Moses Otimba was arrested for infanticide after he killed a five-day-old baby boy he fathered with the younger sister of his pregnant wife. The suspect impregnated his 18-year-old sister-in-law, Joy, killed the child after delivery and buried it in a shallow grave near a river.

Otimba, an indigene of Ogbogoro community in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa state, was said to have carried out the act in connivance in order to hide the paternity of the baby.
73  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / When Running From Home Seemed Like a Brilliant Idea - Nigerians Share Childhood Memories on: 30-09-2017 09:03AM

Nigerians on Twitter who ever considered running away from home as kids have shared the hilarious reasons that idea occurred to them and how their run away from home ended.
Read below...

74  Forum / Politics / You Haven't Seen President Buhari Looking So Bright And Beautiful - #Photo on: 30-09-2017 08:54AM

APC United Kingdom tweeted this lovely photo of a vibrant looking president Buhari ,thanking God for completely healing him. They wrote
"Thank you LORD for granting our @NGRPresident @MBuhari full healing
75  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / FG Orders MTN, Globacom, and Others To Extend Data Validity Beyond 30 Days on: 30-09-2017 08:50AM

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has ordered all Telecoms Operators in the country to give a 14-day grace for subscribers to exhaust their remaining data after the 30 days expiration period.

Ms. Hellen Obi, who represented the Executive Vice Chairman NCC, Professor Umar Danbata, stated this yesterday, in Minna, the Niger State capital at the Consumers Conversation Forum.

The event was organised by the NCC to sensitise consumers on the need to follow the right channel in resolving issues with their service providers.

“NCC has mandated all network providers to give their subscribers 14 days of grace after the 30 days expiration of their data if they still have data left and cannot recharge to get their data rolled over,” she stated.

Obi declared 2017 as NCC Telecom Consumer year as a result of the consumer’s importance to the growth and development of the telecom industry.

She added: “The commission which is the independent regulatory authority for the telecommunications industry in Nigeria declared Year 2017 as NCC year of the telecom consumer in recognition of the importance of the consumer to the phenomenal growth and development in the telecoms sector.

“The year of telecom consumer, which was formally launched by NCC Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, Danbata, is in tandem with the 8-point Agenda of the commission aimed to protect, educate, and empower consumers towards ensuring sustainable growth and further development in the Telecom sector.’’

Obi explained that the consumer conversation was designed to educate and inform consumers about their rights and privileges with their service providers.

The commission also articulated four strategic initiatives as key drivers of the Consumer Conversation including “Do-Not-Disturb” (DND) Service across all telecom networks, a service, which enables the consumer to stop receiving unwanted and unsolicited messages from telecom operators.

76  Forum / The Buzz Central / Their Wives Never Interfered - Psquare's Lawyer, Festus Keyamo Reacts To Viral Fight Video on: 26-09-2017 07:21PM

Nigerian Lawyer representing Psquare, Festus Keyamo has reacted to the viral fight video between the Psquare brothers, reported to have allegedly happened in his office. Here’s his statement below;

Our attention has been drawn to the on-going feud between the Psquare brothers in online, print and electronic media. We have also been inundated with calls from the media to authenticate the correspondence Peter Okoye sent to our office, indicating his intention to terminate the contract between the brothers for various reasons and the online video showing a purported scuffle between the brothers in our Chambers.

Firstly, while it is obvious that none of these materials were released from our Chambers, we are thoroughly saddened and embarrassed by these developments. As their close friends and lawyers over many years, we have done our very best to manage their differences over time and very prominent personalities have been invited in the past to intervene.

We are well aware that we have a duty to keep the details of their disagreements confidential, so we shall say nothing here on the issues at stake. But since the disagreement is now in the public domain, and our name has been dragged into the fray, we wish to appeal to members of the public to refrain from jumping into uninformed conclusions about this feud.

None of these talented brothers is at fault. None of them is also wholly justified and correct in their individual positions. We also wish to state categorically that, contrary to widely held opinions, none of their wives is at fault. In fact, the wives have kept their respectable and dignified distances from all the issues involved. THEY HAVE NEVER INTERFERED in any way.

We also want to state that whilst all the three brothers may have genuine grievances, nobody’s life is at risk. All the various incidents that happened in our Chambers (some as late at 12 midnight and 2am and one of which was captured in the online video) arose out of various meetings that were genuine attempts at resolving their differences. Whatever was said by all of them that were provocative were done in the heat of passion, emotion and anger. In fact, the incident in the video circulating online happened sometime around May, 2016. After all those arguments, we all still sat down and signed agreements and we were all happy.

So, we appeal to everyone to please grant the Okoye family the privacy, prayers and support that they need at these trying times. I have also appealed to all of them not to grant further interviews at this point so as not to escalate the issues further. Whatever is going on is the usual siblings’ rivalry experienced in most families. It is nothing unusual.

77  Forum / The Buzz Central / Before & After Photo Of Diamond Platnumz Baby Mama's Dark Skin Body Goes Viral - Photo on: 26-09-2017 06:52PM

Diamond Platnumz''s side chick turned baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto was a dark skinned beauty before she decided to bleach her skin. Internet users have commented on how beautiful she looked as a dark skinned girl.
78  Forum / The Buzz Central / FIRST PHOTOS: Jude Okoye And Wife Welcomes Baby Girl Number 2 on: 25-09-2017 09:00PM

Psquare's brother and manager, Jude Okoye has welcomed his second child,a baby girl with his beauty queen wife, Ify.
May your name be Glorified oh Lord. Princess Eleanor Chisom Okoye is here

79  Forum / Politics / BREAKING: President Buhari Just Got Back To Nigeria After Medical Check Up In London on: 25-09-2017 07:34PM

President Muhammadu Buhari is back in the country after a stopover in London.
The President’s aircraft touched down at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja a while ago.

Details later…
80  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Gun Men Attack Olubadan Palace To Prevent Installation Of Baale, Mogajis - Photos on: 25-09-2017 06:37PM

Former Secretary to Oyo State Government, Barrister Sarafadeen Abiodun Alli and three journalists in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital escaped death by the whisker Monday morning when some suspected gunmen numbering about seven (7) attacked the Popoyemoja Palace of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Akanmu Adetunji.

Alli who is also the Asiwaju Balogun of Ibadanland, though was unhurt when the gunmen shot his car (a black land crusier SUV jeep with registration EPE 447 ER) several times, the three journalists were not so lucky as they sustained varYING degrees of injuries on their legs, heads arms and fingers.

The affected journalists are; Ademola Babalola (Thisday), Femi Atoyebi (Punch) and Jeremiah Oke (Daily Trust).

The trio and their colleagues had gone to the palace to cover the installation of some Baales by the Olubadan.

Though the identities of the gunmen have remained unknown, it was gathered they came in a black Toyota siena car at about 11.45am an were in the palace to prevent the installation by the Olubadan.

The three journalists were just arriving at the gate of the palace when they were caught in the fire, but escaped being shot by taking refuge in the gutter‎ in front of the palace. They were there for about 10 minutes until the gunmen sped off towards Molete end of Popoyemoja.

Their cloths were also toured while running for dear lives.

Also attacked during the sporadic shooting was one Alhaja Iyabo Adeyemi whose car, a Black Honda Accord with registration number GGB 690 CU was damaged. Other occupants of the car also sustained injuries.

DAILY POST correspondent who arrived the venue around 12 pm shortly after the incident saw hundreds of sympathisers thanking God for the lives of those attacked.

But the attack did not prevent the installation of the new Baales by the Olubadan.

Those installed are Chief Saheed Adeyemi Alatise who was installed as Baale Lagelu Aboke Village and Chief Taye Makinde Aikomo who emerged as Baale Adigun Village.

Present at the event are former Governor of the state and the Osi Olubadan of Ibadanland, Senator Rasidi Adewolu Ladoja; Senator Olufemi Lanlehin and Iyalode of Ibadanland Chief Aminat Abiodun.

Others are Mogaji Abduljeleel Adanla (Mogaji Adanla), Mogaji Abass Oloko (Mogaji Oloko) among others.

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