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21  Forum / The Buzz Central / Kimora, Ex-husband & kids on Holiday In The Caribbean Island [PHOTOS] on: 22-12-2014 02:26AM

Kimora Lee Simmons, the mother of 3, who is expecting her 4th child with new banker husband Tim Leissner, is currently on holiday in the Caribbean island of St. Barths, with Russell, their daughters Aoki, 12, and Ming, 14 and Kenzo, her 5 year old son with actor Djimon Hounsou. Years after they ended their marriage, Kimora Lee Simmons and ex-husband Russell Simmons still take holidays together with their children.

22  Forum / Relationships & Romance / Medicine After Death! Benjamin Joseph Apologizes The Girls He's Hurt In The Past on: 22-12-2014 01:01AM

Does he really need to do this?...
23  Forum / The Buzz Central / Amber Rose Wants to Date Chris Brown After Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa on: 22-12-2014 12:23AM

The 31-year-old model – who has previously been with Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West - was rumoured to be getting close to the ‘Loyal’ hitmaker after she was spotted dancing with him at a nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday, December 19, 2014. A source revealed to Hollywoodlife: ‘Amber’s a freak, and the way she looked at Chris made it seem like she wanted something more than a little innocent dance. ‘She’s a man eater and was making a statement to Chris last night. I’m just not so sure he understood.’ The 25-year-old singer recently split from Karrueche Tran and reportedly wants her back, with sources revealing that Amber isn’t the least bit intimidated by his feelings for his ex-girlfriend. The source explained: ‘Amber doesn’t care about Karrueche. She knows she’s hot and she believes she can get any guy out there, including Chris Brown. "
If Chris gave her the right look, she’d be all on it. She’s loyal to herself, the man she’s with, and his money. She wants a man’s money and she’s well aware of how Chris spoiled Karrueche. Amber wouldn’t mind trading places with her."
24  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: PHOTOS: Ayo Fayose Distributes Bags Of Rice, Chicken And Cash To Ekiti People on: 20-12-2014 09:23PM

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose,  described any policy of any administration that cannot put food on the table of the people as irrelevant.
The governor once said “My administration will banish poverty and hunger from Ekiti State. The concept of my Stomach Infrastructure, which has given me fame and acceptability with the people of Ekiti State, remains an integral part of this administration."
To make his administration  relevant, Fayose has distributed about 80,000 chickens, 100,000 bags of rice and cash gift to the people of Ekiti State between Thursday and Today.

25  Forum / FunnyHub (Jokes + Comedy) / Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hubby’s Friends In The House Can Be Tedious on: 19-12-2014 10:36PM

OMG! This one is so funny, especially if you don’t dig the friend…lol. Have you done this before? Do you know a friend who did it? Please share... lol

26  Forum / The Buzz Central / What Is This? Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Break the Internet with New Twerk Video on: 18-12-2014 10:11PM

Besties for life Amber Rose and Blac Chyna earlier on today got into position and twerked their real fat booties up and down for the ‘Gram. And it's a MUST-SEE new video, guys. All I have to say is…damn!!! Just press play to watch the video below
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>
27  Forum / The Buzz Central / Check Out BBA Hotshot Tayo Faniran's Customised Whiskey on: 18-12-2014 08:50PM

Its been all about Tayo. Tayo got this, Tayo got that. Now he's gotten a customized, specially made Whiskey from the James Whiskey company itself.
See what he wrote on his twitter...

28  Forum / The Buzz Central / Basket Mouth Revealed! I'm The House Boy In My Home on: 18-12-2014 08:49AM

Bright Okpocha, best known as Basket Mouth has been savouring marital life with his wife of 4-years, Elsie.
It has been a smooth ride as they maintained a clean sheet and avoided any form of scandal rocking their blissful union.
In a recent interview, Basket Mouth, a proud father of two shared the secrets of his marriage, revealing that indeed marriage is not a bed of roses.
“Marriage is not that simple but I always try to make it work by playing my part. Due to the nature of my job, I am not always around, sometimes I could be away for weeks but when I am back home, I try to make it up to my family especially my wife.
I go to events with her, take her shopping and make her feel special.
When I am home, I am the houseboy, I do all the work, clean up the kids and spend time with them. I sweep, I cook, I wash…I do basically all the house chores”
When asked what he could cook best, he laughed and said “er, it varies, it depends on what my wife wants me to cook but I can cook all sorts of soups, Okro, Egusi, etc "
29  Forum / The Buzz Central / Parents Should Beware! List Of Internet Acronyms Used By Teens On Social Media on: 16-12-2014 07:48PM

Acronyms are widely popular across the Internet, especially on social media and texting apps, because, in some cases, they offer a shorthand for communication that is meant to be instant but at the same time, young teens create internet acronyms to chat with peers and their parents wont blink an eye cos they obvious;y don't understand what the kids are saying.

You know what “LOL” means and you also obviously know what “BRB” means, but let me test your coolness!

Any idea what “IWSN” and “NIFOC” stands for in Internet slangs?
“IWSN” is a declarative statement: I want sex now while “NIFOC” means naked in front of computer.

If it makes you feel any better, I had no clue, and neither did a number of women I asked about it.

So “LMK” — let me know — and “WYCM” — will you call me? — are innocent enough.

But the issue, especially for parents, is understanding the slang that could signal some dangerous teen behavior, such as “GNOC,'” which means “get naked on camera.”

And it certainly helps for a parent to know that “PIR” means parent in room, which could mean the teen wants to have a conversation about things that his or her mom and dad might not approve of.
NN’s digital correspondent, Kelly Wallace, compiled a list of some internet acronyms widely used by savvy teens on social media and texting apps that he thinks all parents should for CNN.

Read the list, he says it will redefine how you monitor your teen’s conversations with his/her peers when you continue.....

1. IWSN - I want sex now
2. GNOC - Get naked on camera
3. NIFOC - Naked in front of computer
4. PIR - Parent in room
5 CU46 - See you for sex
6. 53X - Sex
7. 9 - Parent watching
8. 99 - Parent gone
9. 1174' - Party meeting place
10. THOT - That hoe over there
11. CID - Acid (the drug)
12. Broken - Hungover from alcohol
13. 420 - Marijuana
14. POS - Parent over shoulder
15. SUGARPIC - Suggestive or erotic photo
16. KOTL - Kiss on the lips
17. (L)MIRL - Let's meet in real life
18. PRON - Porn
19. TDTM - Talk dirty to me
20. 8 - Oral sex
21. CD9 - Parents around/Code 9
22. IPN - I'm posting naked
23. LH6 - Let's have sex
24. WTTP - Want to trade pictures?
25. DOC - Drug of choice
26. TWD - Texting while driving
27. GYPO - Get your pants off
28. KPC- Keeping parents clueless
30  Forum / The Buzz Central / Have You Noticed? Khloe Kardashian's Bum is Getting Bigger Than Nicki Minaj's on: 16-12-2014 06:58PM

Khloe Kardashian was spotted taking care of business in LA. Nice car. You like? lmao.

31  Forum / The Buzz Central / Photos: President Jonathan, a Music Fan? Thats Kinda... on: 16-12-2014 05:43PM

President Jonathan pictured above rocking D'banj's Beats By Dre customized headset at the launch of the Youth Employment In Agricultural Programme #YEAP that held in Abuja today.

32  Forum / The Buzz Central / Wetin Be This?? Check Out Nollywood Actress Pat Attang New Photos... on: 15-12-2014 12:36PM

This Actress wont kill us with all these "Bakasi thins"... Nollywood actress Pat is actually heavily endowed when it comes to her behind. Check out her god gifted asse bellow

33  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Eheeebolaaa! King Abdallah Of Saudi Arabia Donate $35 Million US To Combat Ebola on: 11-12-2014 04:29PM
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdallah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has extended a grant of US$35 million to help fight Ebola in West Africa.

 (Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali, President of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
In a statement to the media on this occasion, Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali, President of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) said that the Ebola fighting programme, initiated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and implemented by IDB, comprises the following elements:
1- Providing schools with thermal sensors and medical examination equipment designed to diagnose the disease, thereby facilitating its treatment and preventing its spread. The equipment will allow governments to open schools for the current academic year. Pupils will be examined at entry to ensure they have not contracted the disease, thus reassuring parents about the safety of their children at school.
2- Providing thermal sensors and medical examination equipment at airports, railway stations and bus stations to diagnose the disease and ensure early treatment.
3- Establishing a specialized treatment centre in each of the three endemic countries, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, designed to serve suspected cases in schools, hospitals and public transport, and wherever contamination is likely to occur in crowded conditions. Suspected cases will be received in these centres for further medical tests before they are referred for specialized treatment if necessary.
4- Establishing a specialized treatment centre in Mali where Ebola appears to have broken out but is not widespread. The centre will help the country’s health authorities cope with potential epidemics in the future.
The IDB President emphasized that the kind donation made by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques will further boost the Islamic world efforts in supporting the international fight against Ebola. He added that the equipment financed by this donation will speed up the opening of schools in the countries concerned, reinforce the institutional and health infrastructure to fight the current epidemic and any potential epidemics in the future, Allah forbids, thus saving thousands of lives and ensuring the safety of those at risk of contamination.
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali implored Allah to preserve the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdallah Bin Abdulaziz for his kind deeds to save the  lives of people in line with Allah’s saying in the Quran "and that whoever saves one life should be regarded as though he had saved all mankind". He also prayed the Almighty to cure the sick and to protect humanity from all evils and disease.
Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).
34  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland Deport Over 1000 Nigerians Today on: 11-12-2014 03:20PM

About 100 Nigerians were on Wednesday deported from four Scandinavian countries for immigration and related offences. The deportees were from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
They were flown into the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos, aboard a chartered aircraft that took off from Oslo, Norway, en route Madrid in Spain.
The plane touched down in Lagos at about 6. 50pm after which it taxied to the cargo wing of the airport where the deportees were handed over to security agencies for documentation.
Immediately after disembarking from the aircraft, the deportees were escorted by security personnel who led them to the palace gate entrance of the cargo terminal.
One of the deportees, who would not want his name mentioned, told The Nation that Nigerian Embassy officials in Sweden connived with Norwegian authorities to facilitate their deportation.
According to him, a certain female embassy official collected over one thousand Euros per deportee from the Norwegian government to facilitate their return to Nigeria.
Another deportee, who also pleaded anonymity, alleged that the authorities maltreated her in Finland despite her being pregnant. She noted that after spending over eight years in Greece, she moved to Finland to seek asylum.
It was gathered that the deportees were sent packing after they failed to secure asylum in Finland, where they have been in a deportation camp.

35  Forum / Relationships & Romance / All The Ladies, Get In Here: 6 Health Risks Of Wearing A G-String on: 11-12-2014 02:47PM

Take some time to read through this important health gist... Guys too are not left out, at least you can educate your girlfriends and siblings  

Genital Inflammation
Dr Thomas Gent of the Association of Gynecologists once urged our females to wear bigger pants to avoid complications of health issues. Yet there is extreme negligence on these facts. Sometimes, girls complain about certain reactions around their private parts, they don’t remember these warnings. G-string pants have led to a big rise in the number of patients seen reporting genital inflammation. This happens when the g-string’s rope sbunkes and injures the sensitive skin around the genital area – it often occurs especially if they are too tight or made with badly stitched material.

Intestinal/honeypotl Infections
It’s been reported collectively and categorically quoting some gynecologists, that thongs can cause health problems in those that wear it regularly. The health issues start from urinary tract and honeypotl infections. Thongs irritate and inflame the area around the Bartholdi’s glands, which produce lubricant during intercourse. They asserted that if the ducts that lead to the glands get hemmed, one could also develop a cyst next to one’s honeypot. Simply put, thongs irritate the honeypot and not allowing it enough air space which obviously reveals the harmful nature of the string.Thongs can also cause small tearing or deep cuts which can invite certain unknown infections. Worse, the small string on a thong allows the anus and honeypot to be connected with each other. The thongs as a link will carry bacteria from the rectum straight to the honeypot. Bacteria such as group B streptococcal disease and Escherichia Coli (intestinal infections usually found in humans or animals) can be passed into both the anus and honeypot.

Yeast Infection
According to research thongs have the capacity of increasing the chances of getting a yeast infection because of extra moisture built up from the tight fit. A manufacturer of a medication used for the treatment of yeast infections, Vagisil, affirmed that thong ought to be avoided because it causes yeast infections.

Reactions of the Skin
These are some of the results gotten from wearing g-string: chafed skin, irritation and infection. Chafed skin results when the thong rubs the sensitive of the skin. This can get infected and become very painful if not quickly noticed. The clitoris can also become irritated from the friction of the thong; these reports are according to research.

Rare Side Effects
A side effect from wearing a thong is thrush and cystitis, according to Lifescript. These are not as common as chafing. Thrush is a fungus infection usually found in the mouth or honeypot. The skin gets red and swollen and white patches appear. Cystitis is a form of inflammation of the bladder. Both conditions have occurred among thong wearers.

Non-Medical Related Effects
Wearing a thong in cold weather can cause your buttocks to become extremely cold. Splitting your pants is an embarrassing moment that can be made worse if you are wearing a thong. This might be something to consider if you are going out in a tight-fitting pair of pants. It is an indisputable fact that, the palm wine tappers back then used to wear around their waists something that would just cover the front and leaving the buttocks opened for flies to perch. Such is the case of g-strings today. In those days whenever anyone puts on underwear, it usually covers the buttocks, as it is, it is quite glaring that the buttocks now cover the underwear instead of the other way round. While some say they wear it because they do not want onlookers to discover the trace of pants, others say that they need fresh air and all what not.
36  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Popular Pastor Shot Dead During Armed Robbery Attack In Edo State on: 11-12-2014 12:43PM

Pastor Godfrey Agbonwaneten has been reportedly killed by suspected armed robbers in Benin City, the Edo State capital.
Agbonwanetan, until the unfortunate incident, was the pastor in charge of Evidence of the Gospel Church in Ovia North-East local Government area of Edo State.
The pastor was shot in the early hours of Tuesday by the armed men who attacked parts of the community.
According to the wife of the late pastor, Mrs. Jane Agbonwanetan, the robbers gained access into their apartment by removing the burglary and window louvers.
She said, “My husband woke me up at 2.30a.m when the armed robbers were in the next compound. Before we knew it, they had started breaking our window. I cannot recall what happened next but he went into the room. Suddenly, I heard his cry and when I got there, I found him in a pool of his blood.”
The remains of Pastor Agbonwanetan have been moved to the mortuary while the Police have commenced investigation into the incident.
37  Forum / The Buzz Central / Check Out Photos from Singer Niyola's Birthday Dinner on: 10-12-2014 01:23PM
Check out photos from a private dinner in Lagos as First Lady Niyola turned a year older yesterday December 9th and celebrated with family and friends...

38  Forum / The Buzz Central / Check Out New Promo Pics From 2011 Liverpool Miss Afrikana, Rachel Alaba on: 9-12-2014 02:21PM

Nigeria’s British Born Rachel Alaba Ekundayo (RAE) has fully decided to pursue a career in music. At first sight, the 24year old graduate of Marketing & Advertising from University Of Arts, London who stands at 5″7.5, strikes you as a model with high potentials only for you to be shocked that she has never modelled or ever considered modelling before in her life.
Armed with a Sonorous and powerful Voice, Rachel Alaba, the 2011 Miss Liverpool Afrikana is determined to fulfill one of her oldest desires, which has been to entertain, inspire and touch lives with her music.
And while growing up in Essex, U.K. under the strong guidance and tutelage of her parents Mr. & Pastor Mrs Ekundayo, she has performed covers of some popular classic love songs at events in Essex, such as “King Of Sorrow by Sade Adu” who is her mentor in the music industry and few others.

39  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Fire Outbreak In VI (Mansard Building Seriously Affected) [PHOTOS] on: 9-12-2014 02:00PM

The Mansard insurance building is currently on fire but the fire fighters are on point to put a stop. According to multiple eye witnesses, a tanker that brought fuel exploded...
40  Forum / Politics / Atiku Started Corruption In The National Assembly - Obasanjo on: 9-12-2014 01:03PM

In his latest book”My Watch” former President Olusegun chronicled how his problems started with his former deputy Atiku Abubakar,fromObasanjo’s account, it would seem that his relationship with Atiku began on a sour note:
“By the Constitution, I had to inaugurate or prorogue the National Assembly on June 4, 1999. The most important officer in the National Assembly is the senate president and that office had been zoned to the South-east. And here was where Atiku Abubakar, my vice-president, first showed his hand and his character.
“Without seeking my view or approval, he started planning the installation of Chuba Okadigbo as the senate president. I did a background check on Chuba including his past as a student and made enquiries about him in the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) under (President Shehu) Shagari and no one would recommend him for the post of senate president.
“I left Atiku to go on his chase while I carried out a meticulous and detailed investigation and background check on each senator from the South-east. The one that appeared most appointable was Evan Enwerem. I canvassed the senate across the board for his election and he was elected. Atiku did not expect it and he felt sore.
“He began to strategise for Enwerem to be removed and Chuba Okadigbo to be installed. His strategy worked because I was at Abuja airport to receive a visiting head of state when the news reached me that the Senate had impeached Enwerem and elected Okadigbo. I was not perturbed. I came to understand from some senators including Florence Ita-Giwa, who later became my Special Adviser/ Liaison Officer to the National Assembly, that Atiku distributed US$5,000 each to some senators to carry out the ‘coup’.

“That was the beginning of bribing the legislature to carry out a particular line of action to suit or satisfy the purpose or desire of an individual or a group. The National Assembly had tasted blood and they would continue to want more. From the day I nominated Atiku to be my vice, he set his mind not for any good, benefit or service of the country, but on furiously planning to upstage, supplant or remove me at all cost and to take my place.
“That was what I brought him for, but he was impatient and over-ambitious. He was not ready to learn and to wait. His marabout, who predicted that despite being elected as governor, he would not be sworn in as a governor, which happened, also assured him that he would take over from me in a matter of months rather than years.
“All his plans, appointments of people and his actions were towards the actualisation of his marabout’s prediction. Once I realised his intention and programme, I watched him like a hawk without giving any indication of what I knew and letting down my guard. I could not succumb to the distraction, diversion and malevolence of an ambitious but unwise deputy.
“The work in hand was more important than a confrontational relationship with my deputy, a man over whom I knew I had far more experience and outreach in all matters. To alert him of what I knew he was up to, would only lead to lying, denial, more mischievous plans and more duplicity on his part.
“He was better managed that way. What was important was not allowing myself to be surprised or outmanoeuvred by him. I must always seize the initiative and know what was going on if not in his mind, but at least in his camp. That I did very effectively.
“Sometime in the fourth quarter of 2004, an associate of Atiku came to my residence at the Aso Villa from Atiku’s official residence. He felt uncomfortable and I tried to make him feel at ease. Then, he settled to tell me the story of what had just transpired in Atiku’s residence. I listened with rapt attention.
“He went on to say that Atiku told him that for him to become the President of Nigeria, the 2007 elections were only a formality.
“The seven ingredients he needed for his enthronement were already in his hands. He controlled the National Assembly because both the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives were in his pocket. He controlled twenty-eight out of thirty-six governors. He had control of the media. His influence over the judiciary was overwhelming.
“What he needed was foreign endorsement and for that he had employed two lobby groups in the US and one in the UK. And finally, the money for the elections was in his purse.

“When the man finished, I thanked him without passing any comment. The man was surprised at my reaction and asked, ‘You have nothing to say to these?’ I said that I had nothing to say and I immediately called my ADC, Chris Jemitola, to play a game of squash with me.
“On our way to the squash court with my ADC, I said, ‘People at times make plans and leave God out of their plans.’ My casual remark struck Chris and he said, ‘Sir, that was a profound statement.’ I said that I made the statement because of what I had just heard of Atiku’s plan. I was not convinced he had put God in his plans.
“Atiku was confident and God was laughing. Most of Atiku’s ingredients soon started to fall out of place one by one. The first was the party, PDP.
“He thought I was powerless and had no clue about the execution of his plan with his group; part of his attack on me was for national chairman of the party to give the first salvo, then other things would follow as his grip on the party would be firm and consolidated.
“That salvo came in the form of a letter to me from the chairman of the party, Audu Ogbeh, who had fully defected with (Iyorchia) Ayu to Atiku.
“The letter, which was not the product of any issue or matter discussed with or at any party meeting, came suddenly. When I received it, I could read the sinister intention behind it.
“I spent that night writing my reply and I sent it in the morning. My reply was clear. I wondered why Atiku and his group did not realise that with my reply, the battle line was clear or maybe they thought that the seven ingredients would remain intact to the end.
“My assistants had moles within the Atiku group. Anything that they planned would be reported. That was the case after Ogbeh’s letter. They decided that Ogbeh should appear remorseful and come with the National Working Committee to apologise to me. It was not from their hearts, but to lure me to a ‘killing ground’.
“All pieces of information that were reported were verified because it would not come from only one informant.
“Timely information is a very important principle of war and also of politics. In politics, just as in war, what matters is not just your plan, but knowledge of your opponent’s plan. Knowing their plan, I had the choice of playing along with them or being firm, I chose the latter.
“I told Ogbeh that my relationship with him as national chairman and me as national leader of the party was based on mutual confidence and trust. But with his letter, my reply and what I knew of him then, I could no longer work with him in confidence and trust.
“There were only two choices left for both of us in our best interest and that of the party – he, leaves as chairman or I leave as leader of the party.
“The following Sunday, I called at his house, which I had done on several occasions in the past when there was an important party matter to discuss. This time, I asked him to give me an undated letter of resignation as the national chairman.
“I waited, he gave me but it was wrongly addressed to me rather than to the national secretary of the party as stipulated in the party’s constitution.
“Ogbeh reported to his group and it was decided by them to play on and to wait for my disgrace whenever I presented a letter of resignation not addressed to the national secretary.
“The informants did their job and I, once again, paid another visit to Ogbeh at his residence. He entertained me to a meal and drink, and changed the addressee on his letter of resignation.
“It would appear he never reported the change to his group. When I considered it opportune and appropriate, the letter was dated and presented to National Executive Committee of the party, which regrettably accepted the resignation.
“With that, whatever control Atiku claimed to have over the party began to crumble. But he did not think so and went on to boast that if I made my daughter the national chairman, it would be a matter of weeks not months before he would put her in his pocket.
“I therefore had to look for a successor chairman, who would be too big, uncompromising and inflexible to be lured and controlled by Atiku. I found such a man in Senator (Dr.) Amadu Ali, whom I had known many years earlier as a medical doctor in the army…”
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