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Oh wow!...i posted this topic some years bck..glad to come bck on Naijapals...and see it as the top post on Entertainment buzz! pls find me on Fb; Babalola Idrubbeer BraggaCity or Twitter: Idrubber
We still hip-hopp.....nobody wan give up ooo
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I never tough this would go a long way, when i started this discussion...
El PHLEX hits 10 different states with their School Of Thought Tour. The season one of the Tour will take place @ CLUB ORIENT in Ilorin on the 13th of Oct,coming down to Oshogbo ,Ogbomosho and Ibadan on 14th,15th and 16th of October respectively...While the season two of the tour is coming down to Benin.Bayelsa,Porthacourt,Abuja and Lagos...Performance from El PHLEX ,YQ, SHEYMAN,OGUNZ EL BRAGGA, REMENISCE, TIZZE, SKALES, and HAKYMM THE DREAM...Its gonna be FUN at its fullest.....don't miss it....O BRAGGA!!!..

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Download,listen and comment- FOLLOW FOLLOW: SOUL E Ft. Simple Sam
http://nai jane
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Are u all rapping or u just writing ?
I ain't gonna battle yo, but im gonna tell you some facts
Assimilate it, digest it, and make it run in ur brain intact...
You're still a baby rappers, Better grow up from ur shits and stop using diapers,
You need to learn fast or switch to dancehall or salsa....
Coz u so basic and im so advance, i've been rapping before Jesus birth
and i'm still gonna do it till the rapture.
Dont cross my path, or else i'm gonna tear u apart
I saw ur wack lines, saying u gonna turn my rubber to plastic
Say something else smallie, coz some wack mc's like you said it to me some years back.
I know you just running your hands, coz u know its unrealistic, What a Propaganda!
U cant even write a complete bar....Would YOU ever say NO?
Oh NO..I quess im going to far, i dont wanna say much
before my rap frustration makes you wanna pull a trigger on your head and blasting yourself
This is my lyrical justice, so dont rap because u want to get noticed.......WACK HUSTLE!!!
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take it from 9japals to the street,
if u know u real dude nga SPIT
nga u just a pest
i ma raid u with the fleet
and u dont make sense most times like a skit
i cant feel my face its misplaced,
lost in a world of beautiful things,
u lust ball my girls...they wear beautiful things
beautiful rings..u look beautiful TOO...FOOL
am bad meat u cant bite me u STOOL
aint nice, aint say am cruel
call my homies donjazzy,ID cabassa give the BEAT of your life
choke ur breath take every BEAToff your life
right i shine like the day, but u look more like the night....FIGHT NGA'S
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