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Quote from: nametalkam on  1-07-2010 04:14 PM
THE Anambra State Police Command has arrested a 60-year–old Nwankwo Nnabuobu, who allegedly murdered his wife over allegation of infidelity.

Also in the police net is a 17-year-old girl who threw her five month–old baby girl into a pit because, according to her, she could no longer afford to feed her. Both were paraded along with several other suspects involved in various criminal offences in the state in the last one month.

Nnabuobu, who claimed to be a farmer and a palm wine taper, told reporters at the police headquarters in Awka that he could no longer bear the alleged illicit affair between his wife, Adanma, and her lover, adding that when he confronted her on the issue, she told him to go and die and it was that statement that angered her into cutting her with a matchet.

He said that the climax was when his wife eloped with the man with the N130,000 he saved for feeding their six children and used the money to buy a motorcycle, a generating set popularly called “I pass my neighbour” and a stove.

He said he reported the matter to the police at his home town, Achalla in Awka North Local Government Area, adding that even when the police arrested the man, his wife was sending food to him in detention from her matrimonial home.

For the 17-year-old Ozioma Ezeude, who threw her baby into a pit, her reason was that her mother abandoned her with the baby and she had to throw her away to regain her freedom because the baby was disturbing her and she could also not afford to take her to hospital whenever she fell sick.

She added that her cousin who impregnated her had disappeared from the village and there was nobody to run to for assistance, as her mother relocated from their village in Ezinifite in Nnewi South Local Government Area for Delta State.

2  Forum / Politics / Re: Ribadu to be dismissed from Nigerian police force on: 23-12-2008 02:17 PM
We should be sincere Ribadu fought well, though was a tools in the hand of OBJ. to fight his enemy,still he created justice in the Nigeria society and he will never be forgotten. I still honour him,we all should respect him always.
3  Forum / Politics / Re: IS OBASANJO REGIME THE BEST SO FAR IN THIS NATION?? on: 23-12-2008 02:08 PM
I can't believe that people compare the regime of a dictator to that of our reputable president, do not forget that Obasanjo regime for eight years was mark with a lot of corrupt practices which Yar'dua has expose some so far like the sales of our refinery.
4  Forum / Politics / Re: WHO IS SEXIER, D`BANJ OR DURELLA? on: 23-12-2008 02:00 PM
Well both musicians are good, but to me i will prefer D'bang always i love the guy a lot.
5  Forum / Politics / Re: Yar'adua's Overall Assessment For Outgoing Year 2008 on: 23-12-2008 01:47 PM
Well the president has done a lot for himself, He has been able to influence the country with his seven point agenda policies. On the area of education,security, Agriculture, Defense, employment etc he has tied in almost all the state in this federation i give him 75%. He still need to try more.
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Well i dont know why it is difficult, but there is true love only if you believe,i dont have true love like my sister here but she can give us advice on how to find true love we will appreciate it from her.thanks.
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Did i hear someone say nonsence topic, i thank the guy that brought up the topic he his my guy,well i support the fact no actual fun in sex, but the ladies do not believe it because they suffer us when we want it.
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The man has know excuse to give he must be mad and need a mental home to stay for life.
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Quote from: lonelysnow on 17-10-2008 09:45 PM
The police in Sanga, Kaduna State, have arrested a 38-year-old man (name withheld) for allegedly beating his wife to death for refusing him sex.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that the incident happened on Tuesday at Janda, a village in Sanga Local Government Area of the state.

Neighbours of the couple told NAN that a misunderstanding broke out between the two after the 35-year-old wife, Sarah, allegedly failed to meet her husband’s segxwal need.

A reliable police source confirmed the incident and said the man had admitted committing the crime.

The source said the suspect blamed the incident on drunkenness.

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 no doubt in my mind even if i was dreaming i know that scolari will succeed, he is the man chelsea need now after morinho, thouhg he lost in the league cup.
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A woman is not beautiful because of her facial appearance but her character and the quality she has inside.