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1  Forum / The Buzz Central / Re: ''There will be war in Nigeria if our leader is killed'' - Rev. King followers on: 29-02-2016 12:39PM
U guys keep causing problem in Nigerians, keeping saying what Church did not say, One Day, you guys will die and think where ur soul will be going. Why Nigerians like working for satan instead of working for God or better keep silence. Whatever person said may work against him or her. Let keep minding how we judge and jump into an issue like this. A case IPO of the case investigated and said the man did not do it and the judges from Ogboni confraternity keep worsting issues and refuses to treat this case the way its suppose to be treated.
2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigeria Will Gain Nothing By Killing Rev. King – Igbo Group Begs Buhari For Pardon on: 29-02-2016 02:40AM
NIgeria should release that its bad to judge someone that may be innocent, Please you guys should be wise enough before concluding in a matter. Please let Buhari Grant Pardon.
3  Forum / Law and Crime / Re: Breaking News! Supreme Court Sentences Reverend King To Die By Hanging on: 27-02-2016 12:44AM
I believe in True Justice not Justice by Connection without proper Investigation Nigeria Judiciary Practice. Very Sincerely Am looking forward a day Nigeria Judiciary will always make out their time to Investigation cases not seating on their home, doing call, collecting bribe after that, come to the court and give a final Judgement against people without true investigations. I have still see most people here with low key brain judging Rev.King without know the truth. I can never be deceive by wicked world.