Obasanjo Spat On Our Faces By Tearing The PDP Card – Fani-Kayode

Published 5 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
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at 17-02-2015 05:58AM (5 years ago)

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People’s Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation (PDPPCO) has slammed former President Olusegun Obasanjo for tearing his membership card, saying that such action was not only provocative, but also unacceptable.

The Director, Media and Publicity, Femi Fani-Kayode, in a statement, said that Obasanjo has burnt all the bridges with his action. He added that while the former president was free to leave, “he did not have to spit in their faces by publicly tearing the party card.

“Watching our party membership card being torn up whilst President Obasanjo was standing there and smiling was painful and tragic.
“This is a party which he helped to build and on whose platform he was elected President for eight good years. The truth is that President Obasanjo is far better and far bigger than that. Such behavior is provocative and unacceptable.

“He is free to leave the party but does he have to spit in our faces by tearing up our party card in public and before the television cameras?

“This knee-jerk reaction is most unlike President Obasanjo and it is very insulting. It is clear that he has burnt all the bridges and that he has left us forever.
“On a personal note I feel saddened by this but the truth is that many in our party have heaved a huge sigh of relief. Many of us love President Obasanjo and we shall continue to do so regardless of whether he is in our party or not but tearing up that party card was too much to bear.

“It spoke volumes and it was indicative of the deep hatred and contempt that he has for us and our cause. It reminded me of the biblical passage in which King Saul rejected David and then planned to stop him from ascending to the throne by attempting to kill and destroy him. Thankfully the Lord was with David and not only did he deliver him from Saul, but he also crowned him King,”
the statement read.

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victorstic1 at 17-02-2015 06:32AM (5 years ago)
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beneno at 17-02-2015 07:36AM (5 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
maxzy277 at 17-02-2015 07:54AM (5 years ago)
(3445 | Gistmaniac) Online (m)

Is Jonathan now the David and no longer Jesus? Grin
Amoramo at 17-02-2015 08:00AM (5 years ago)
(196 | Upcoming) (m)

GEJ till 2019 no shaking. OBJ can go and hang himself for all I care. We are tired of godfatherism in Nigerian politics. This is the same thing Thiefnubu is doing in Lagos. They have rule and their tenor is over but they will always want to be in control, this is too bad.
Ken1230 at 17-02-2015 08:18AM (5 years ago)
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Obasanjo is your boss and President Jonathan must be carefully with you because you might be the one releasing information to him.
jjiofor at 17-02-2015 08:39AM (5 years ago)
(509 | Upcoming) (m)

Handsome gurrila can go back to Aso rock tomorrow and reconcile, please don't be decieved. Na their way.
bankadetoun at 17-02-2015 08:47AM (5 years ago)
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Anyhow u na want it
Alib3232 at 17-02-2015 08:51AM (5 years ago)
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Imagine, see this political prostitute talking, on sale to the highest bidder, that is why Nigeria will forever have problems. As long as people like Fani Kayode n co can shamelessly open their stupid mouths to insult people that have achieved more than they can ever achieve in their lifetime. Baba has made his choice respect it n shut up, it is his democratic right to belong or not to belong to a party, deal with it n digest it.
oloche1984 at 17-02-2015 08:52AM (5 years ago)
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Exactly, who God has bless no man shall curse, Obasanjo is acting under frustration, it is obvious God will prove him wrong very soon
tunlade70 at 17-02-2015 09:26AM (5 years ago)
(517 | Upcoming) (m)

FFK has now become a pastor. Satan himself knows the scripture.
echeeche at 17-02-2015 10:07AM (5 years ago)
(9431 | Hero) (m)

Do any thing you like
odegbalegu at 17-02-2015 12:52PM (5 years ago)
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Please PDP get yourselves immune  against the virus that is bent on destroying the party.
ostaino at 17-02-2015 01:50PM (5 years ago)
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OBJ is nothing but a coward. He will be ashamed by 28th March.
onyioben at 17-02-2015 02:14PM (5 years ago)
(261 | Upcoming) (m)

He obasanjo insulted himself, ,that shows the level of his exposure, ,tearing pdp card on camera views is tearing himself on camera bcos u can't talk of pdp without mentioning obasanjo's name,,so he must be unwise to tear his party. He is disappointed in Jonathans not bringing his cuts as planned,, , obasanjo is too deceptive and can deceive fools not the wise.
livinus5 at 17-02-2015 05:07PM (5 years ago)
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Adbb at 17-02-2015 07:33PM (5 years ago)
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pple una 4get say na baba bring fani and made him aviation minister
blakman1 at 17-02-2015 09:56PM (5 years ago)
(144 | Upcoming) (m)

FFK,If OBJ's action is provocative and unacceptable you guys in PDP should do your. Worst or you all commit suicide.
Wanneka at 17-02-2015 10:00PM (5 years ago)
(156 | Upcoming) (m)

My people let me tell una, If your Father misbehave you have to call him to attention, Yes Obasanjo made Fani and Jonathan.. then who are those that made Obansanjo Civilian President in 1999? IBB, ANTHONY ANENI, ORJI UZOR KALU, ATIKU ABUBAKA,ABDUSALAM, DANTATA... All these men held a meeting at V.I and IBB directed  abdusalam to release OBJ/DIYA from prison and they contributed huge fund to sponsor him for presidency, Now Obasanjo is claiming GOD!!! and let him wait for his wrath ... He must be taken to Psychiatric for brain examination.. MAD BABA
okjass at 18-02-2015 12:30AM (5 years ago)
(14 | Newbie) (m)

Obasanjo is a shamless idiot, he should go to his farm and die there his time is coming to an END sucker.
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