Oritsefemi Turns Chest Into Blackboard, Check Out What He Tattoos On His Chest; Is It True?

5 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
(m) at 1-05-2015 08:41PM (5 years ago)

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The self acclaimed "international super star", Oritsefemi, has just gotten a new tattoo. According to him, he got "International" inked boldly on his chest because it's the new nickname he got after his leaked messages saga.

Remember that Oritsefemi's instagram account was recently hacked and his private chat where he claimed to different girls he was an "African International Super Star", got leaked?. It led to a backlash from his fans, who since that time have been taunting him sarcastically with the name "International Super star."

Before the new tattoo

Every time i see people covered up with tattoo,I keep wondering how they will fix it when they are no longer interested...One or two is not bad but this? I feel like puking,its horrible!

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kenny_kenny (f) at 1-05-2015 08:57PM
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So cute NOT
Deepsea81 (m) at 1-05-2015 09:05PM
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I lost your lyrics becaue your songs makes sense with content even more than D,Banj, Star boy who doesnt even know what he singing and the others but, why all these Tatto madness and carry body? Frget carry body concentrate your got talent
schmit (f) at 1-05-2015 09:39PM
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PoliticxGuru (m) at 1-05-2015 09:55PM
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satsaver (m) at 1-05-2015 10:00PM
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Yea it's horrible
Abubu86 (m) at 1-05-2015 10:48PM
(5550 | Gistmaniac)

Sometimes money can make somebody to be misbehaving
chealseafc (m) at 1-05-2015 10:48PM
(4429 | Gistmaniac)

his cup of coffee.
when he will no longer be interested in it should be his own wahala too.
just passing i beg.
beneno (m) at 1-05-2015 11:10PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
makedemtalk (m) at 1-05-2015 11:24PM
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cream combination.....even Half cast are not this light,later dem go dey plead for help when cancer dey do em job...
Oyinminijoor (f) at 2-05-2015 06:32AM
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I pity this boy
echeeche (m) at 2-05-2015 07:38AM
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Nicksam (m) at 2-05-2015 09:00AM
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Amywax (f) at 2-05-2015 09:48AM
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Nice and fresh skin complexion but crazy tatoo
dennisjean (m) at 2-05-2015 12:09PM
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that is camera work nothing too fresh there
elchymo (m) at 19-08-2015 03:19PM
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