REALLY! Nigeria Is The Most Important Country In Africa - US Official

Published 4 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
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at 19-07-2015 09:02AM (4 years ago)

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Ahead of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the United States, a former assistant secretary of state, Johnnie Carson, has stated that the discussion between Nigeria and United States should not be restricted to insecurity alone because Nigeria is the most important country in Africa and must be treated as such.
Carson said Washington should not let security issues overshadow the need for closer trade and investment ties.

“Nigeria is the most important country in Africa,” Carson who is currently an adviser to the United States Institute of Peace said.
Now more than ever, “the relationship with Nigeria should not rest essentially on a security and military-to-military relationship,” he added in an interview with Reuters.
Similarly, US Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken told Reuters that: “President Barack Obama has long seen Nigeria as arguably the most important strategic country in sub-Saharan Africa.”

But noted that over the years the ties between US and Nigeria strained because Nigerian government refused to investigate corruption allegations in the country. “The question is would there be an opportunity to deepen our engagement and that opportunity is now,” he said of Buhari’s three-day visit to Washington.

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XTnote at 19-07-2015 09:13AM (4 years ago)
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Let the go slow continue mbok
Kechywillz at 19-07-2015 09:25AM (4 years ago)
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Seriously,i think it will be important when what ur bidding for is actualized,of  course the gay stunt u wanna force down on us.

Ritabrenice at 19-07-2015 09:50AM (4 years ago)
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angesco at 19-07-2015 10:51AM (4 years ago)
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We should not become so overwhelmed by this. The same statement is said of EVERY African nation before a visit from another Head of State!!!

It's called  - "Political Talk."  We should not sell ourselves short. This is our land. We speak they listen. No more "aid" that has left us in servitude for centuries.
SweetDaddy1 at 19-07-2015 11:24AM (4 years ago)
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USA gay pride have no place in the Most important Country in Africa
jaykybrain at 19-07-2015 11:45AM (4 years ago)
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I fink dis is one way to convince buari to appove gay marriage ... It's a trik
uchex at 19-07-2015 12:29PM (4 years ago)
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No sense
blackdudu at 19-07-2015 01:12PM (4 years ago)
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Ouch1212 at 19-07-2015 01:33PM (4 years ago)
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All these talks has an underlying factor: to lure Nigeria into passing of same sex marriage bill. MB pls be alert.
beneno at 19-07-2015 01:44PM (4 years ago)
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zauber at 19-07-2015 02:17PM (4 years ago)
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they sould also discuse the peaceful seperation of Biafra. if not USA will be overwhilmed with the influse of refaguse in Event of any comflit in the zoo.
winace at 19-07-2015 02:36PM (4 years ago)
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We kn d reason for all dis. If grandpa like make he go drink tea wit them and sign one stupid deal say we go accept dat evil disease eating into d world (gayism)
Lisabi at 19-07-2015 02:39PM (4 years ago)
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Thanks. Please tell Obama not to force gay marriage on us too. It can cause insecurity in Nigeria for guy people.
dareper at 19-07-2015 03:15PM (4 years ago)
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This na the word wey them dey tell woman if u want phyuk am. Passing jare.
steveoneal at 19-07-2015 04:02PM (4 years ago)
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Quote from: zauber on 19-07-2015 02:17PM
they sould also discuse the peaceful seperation of Biafra. if not USA will be overwhilmed with the influse of refaguse in Event of any comflit in the zoo.
Abeg write pidgin english, english is not compulsory, chai
royalty2008 at 19-07-2015 05:21PM (4 years ago)
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50scent at 20-07-2015 08:30AM (4 years ago)
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40 people listening

Lekan22 at 20-07-2015 08:59AM (4 years ago)
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Ok ooo
jahboi77 at 20-07-2015 09:48AM (4 years ago)
(66 | Newbie) (m)

My pple have said it all
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