Terrible Accident Along Abuja Express Way Many Feared Dead

Published 4 years ago by: Giwa bayo
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at 12-10-2015 10:57AM (4 years ago)

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This fatal accident was recorded over the weekend along Games village -Galardima round about road, Abuja. The cause of the crash was not known but the incident caused a heavy traffic gridlock in the area as reports reveal that casualties were recorded. The passengers have been feared dead or seriously injured, considering the magnitude of the damage to the vehicles.

Ifeamakas at 12-10-2015 11:06AM (4 years ago)
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God have Mercy on your people in Nigeria. No good road no rescure.
beneno at 12-10-2015 11:07AM (4 years ago)
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RIP to the dead
winace at 12-10-2015 11:12AM (4 years ago)
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Poster of course there was an accident but u obviously do not kn if anybody died according to ur post. Pls don't put fear in us. Over speeding is bad o. We shld be careful.
greatestdon at 12-10-2015 11:32AM (4 years ago)
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And when ure warning our drivers to limit their speed, they totally ignore u & even insult u if they have ur time. Now see where it has led... It always lead 2 accidents & death!
Oways at 12-10-2015 11:42AM (4 years ago)
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Please God help us
kayveetee at 12-10-2015 11:49AM (4 years ago)
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bad roads all over , God please help us o
proly at 12-10-2015 12:22PM (4 years ago)
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Dis is terible but I pray nothing hapens to dem
onyiln at 12-10-2015 12:39PM (4 years ago)
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God please always protect your people Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
stella1981 at 12-10-2015 01:35PM (4 years ago)
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God save your children soul
emma4love3 at 12-10-2015 03:10PM (4 years ago)
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jesus the impact of this accident is too much
oooh...besides...thats toyota spider..mehn
fear and respect that car..
emma4love3 at 12-10-2015 03:15PM (4 years ago)
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most of our drivers dnt use their sense
on over speeding...so u do is what you get...
allenspike at 12-10-2015 03:25PM (4 years ago)
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Our poster is not sure if someone died or not,
temi_1 at 12-10-2015 04:02PM (4 years ago)
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May God protect us all
christianity at 12-10-2015 06:22PM (4 years ago)
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GOd,pls be merciful unto ur children.
Trueyarn at 12-10-2015 07:04PM (4 years ago)
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R.I.P to the departed,bt pls let's learn how to drive carefully.Speed kills.
dickieponga at 12-10-2015 07:24PM (4 years ago)
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Bad driving...
kp45 at 12-10-2015 09:13PM (4 years ago)
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God help us all.
uplogsa at 12-10-2015 09:43PM (4 years ago)
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Blame govt blame goodluck
okatee at 12-10-2015 11:06PM (4 years ago)
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lord, we need ur mercy in our lives, pls save us 4rm d kind of accident
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