My Wife Was Not This Beautiful When I First Married Her - AY Comedian

Published 4 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 30-11-2015 05:32AM (4 years ago)

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I dont know if AY just shade his woman or NAH, but hes just cleared out the fact that comedians like marrying model women when they finally hit big, he insists his wife was no model when they first met and he tushed her up to look the way she is looking today! - ..... judging from the photo below, we with you on this one brother

We are used to hearing that Comedians make money and get married to beautiful women... Lol. #whenwefirstmet #11yearsoffriendship’’.

zezprincess at 30-11-2015 06:59AM (4 years ago)
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@Ay,Congratulation,thank God 4 una 11yrs anniversary,But kai,walahi,money is good,see him wife dat time like ogbonga fish but see am now."Ego amaka".
Abubu86 at 30-11-2015 07:00AM (4 years ago)
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Responsible man
winace at 30-11-2015 07:33AM (4 years ago)
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She is still pretty back then. Its normal to change wen u have money to take care of urself .
Nwaoma1 at 30-11-2015 08:34AM (4 years ago)
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lesson to married men that go after girls saying that their wife ain't pretty. u can turn her into what u want her to be. big ups to AY
Nwaoma1 at 30-11-2015 08:37AM (4 years ago)
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@ winace: some people have money but their taste is just something else
ngfineface at 30-11-2015 10:44AM (4 years ago)
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I even prefer her then than now. She looks prettier then.
gogoman at 30-11-2015 11:01AM (4 years ago)
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woman like to chop man money, but at least we can see it on this lady.. thanks AY for the investment lol
Novic at 30-11-2015 11:47AM (4 years ago)
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Wetin AY' they tlk about nw. what you are tlking abt was nt make any differece.
Novic at 30-11-2015 11:50AM (4 years ago)
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You knw yourself that she was pretty before you married her, and its nt possible for you nt to tak care of her. its nt about beauty here, its you money on her that is working. take it or leave it.
morgrawl231 at 30-11-2015 12:07PM (4 years ago)
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Ayodun1 at 30-11-2015 12:42PM (4 years ago)
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She looks good at both picz.... Na Natural beauty.

nwaafoigbo at 30-11-2015 01:00PM (4 years ago)
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she nice.but not upto my wife
diezo at 30-11-2015 03:20PM (4 years ago)
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يراقب الله !!!
dickieponga at 30-11-2015 03:46PM (4 years ago)
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Na my g/f make me beautiful...
Oways at 30-11-2015 08:48PM (4 years ago)
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Money brings beauty
horizontal at 1-12-2015 06:52AM (4 years ago)
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moralemike07 at 7-01-2016 09:56PM (4 years ago)
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Money has changed her for you.