Married men chase single ladies too

Published 9 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 21-03-2010 07:18PM (9 years ago)

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TUNJI, like some other bachelors, believe that spinsters are dating married men. In fact, he is angry at his girlfriend‘s accusation that he dates a ‘sugar mummy‘

”So she had the guts to say that some bachelors are dating married women?” an angry Tunji, 34, asks. ”Kike is also culpable of the same offence. We had both agreed to get married before September last year, but she was always drawing back. Her excuse? She wanted a better job than the civil service.

”I have tried all I could to get her a job but to no avail. By mid last year, I discovered that Kike and a handful of her friends were into dating old and married men. Suddenly, she got a good car, complained about where she lived and moved to a better apartment in the city centre, which cost N450,000 per annum and she paid for two years.

”I was angry because we could have used the money to get a place for ourselves and start wedding plans. When I asked her where the money came from, she replied that an uncle of hers abroad sent her some dollars when he understood her plight. I would have believed her because a number of her relatives are abroad, but a friend revealed her secrets to me and I caught her with one of her old men.

”Instead of apologies, she quickly lied that he was one of her relatives abroad, who came visiting. Now, I have found a better woman, who takes care of me and provides for my needs. Though she is nine years older, Kike feels threatened and tells everybody in Abuja that I am dating my mother. What about the married men on her list?”

Ambrose cannot comprehend how Beatrice got into this mess. ”She used to be very God-fearing that everyone in my family accepted that I took her down the aisle very soon,” says Ambrose. ”We have been together for three years and I never knew she was dating an old friend of hers, who is now married. She forgot her phone at my place and his text message came in.

”This prompted me to go through her phone and I made lots of discoveries. Though she was sober and was full of apologies, she added that the man had been her boyfriend before he got married and they had continued the affair. She even said they were planning marriage because the man believed he married the wrong woman.

”I was shocked because nothing gave her away. I was about going out with another lady in church when I realised that she was a ‘sugar daddy‘ expert. So, who do we trust in this matter? Most of these girls run after married men and not ready to give them up because of the monetary gains.”

The same experience would be said of Bob, 35, single and seriously searching. Bob says, ”I met Janet two years ago at a seminar and we became friends. Along the line, I decided to marry her and took her home to see my family. Was I surprised when my younger brother told me later that he knew her? According to him, she was and is still a girlfriend to a politician he works for in Lagos and he had lost count on the number of times he had booked flights for them to travel abroad or within the country.

”Initially, I didn‘t believe him but when I asked her if she knew the politician, she confirmed it but lied that he was her client at the bank, where she works. That did not mark the end of the matter because after three weeks, my brother called me to inform me about a trip they (Janet and her lover) would be taking to Ghana.

”Meanwhile she told me she was going to Ghana for a conference and would be back in three weeks. I trailed her to the airport and confirmed she went with the politician. That marked the end of the union and I have made up my mind not to date these big girls again. Most of them are lovers to married men, even the ‘small‘ girls.”

dolphinkate at 21-03-2010 07:46PM (9 years ago)
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the text is to long. i only read the headline.

Yes, unfortunately many men r like dogs. They dont know the real meaning of marriage and home. They dont care, if they r married family fathers nor if the desired girls/women r already engaged/married. They r just hunting after "new flesh" like dogs.
brightossy at 21-03-2010 07:51PM (9 years ago)
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Am allergic 2 long comprehension
sa-fire at 21-03-2010 08:36PM (9 years ago)
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Quote from: brightossy on 21-03-2010 07:51PM
Am allergic 2 long comprehension
i feel u

Bazemaster at 21-03-2010 11:27PM (9 years ago)
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Well nice post, but not my business, everybody has his own life to live

Bazemaster at 21-03-2010 11:27PM (9 years ago)
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Well nice post, but not my business, everybody has his own life to live

tostevsn2002 at 21-03-2010 11:33PM (9 years ago)
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Miss_precious at 22-03-2010 01:26PM (9 years ago)
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okaaaay we know dis already

esonu at 22-03-2010 02:19PM (9 years ago)
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too long for me to read

HOPEA23 at 22-03-2010 03:24PM (9 years ago)
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famous5 at 22-03-2010 03:32PM (9 years ago)
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ok summarize it since you cant post something that is shorter
handsomeemmy1 at 23-03-2010 07:25AM (9 years ago)
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That is the rave of the moment, you don't even know who to date and trust again. 

Tuks at 23-03-2010 07:33AM (9 years ago)
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eaglesgift at 23-03-2010 08:12AM (9 years ago)
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yea dat's life 4 u dear.
eaglesgift at 23-03-2010 08:19AM (9 years ago)
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yea its life 4 u, guys and gurls are involved.
Tuks at 23-03-2010 09:38AM (9 years ago)
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onchedu at 23-03-2010 09:42AM (9 years ago)
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Chop the talk down abeg. r just summarise it in the Topic.
sundayezebest at 24-01-2012 08:44PM (8 years ago)
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i will come back to read it
lee22 at 25-01-2013 05:06AM (7 years ago)
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yes na


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