Why I Want to Sell My Virginity For £1m - 26 Years Old Pretty Lady Reveals (Photos)

Published 1 year ago by: kacy lee
at 28-03-2018 07:19PM (1 year ago)

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A 26-year-old student who said she planned to sell her virginity to the highest bidder has found the guy to pay the price.

Jasmin has chosen a ‘Hollywood actor’ from Los Angeles, who’s offered €1.2million (£1,046,216) for the honour of taking her virginity.

Jasmin found her high bidder by signing up to Cinderella Escorts, who’ve previously sold women’s virginities for big bucks.

They say an actor outbid a businessman from Munich and a Manchester United football player to win Jasmin’s virginity.

Jasmin says she went for dinner with all three bidders before making up her mind, and plans to have sex with the high bidder in a hotel in Germany, where the transaction is legal, in April.

‘This was an amazing expirience,’ she said in an official statement.

‘After I read Cinderella Escorts is world’s most famous Escort Agency in some newspapers I applied. Not for being an escort but for selling my virginity.

‘After I got public attention it took some months but finally I sold my virginity!

‘Last week I dated three guys for dinner here in London. A football player from Manchester United, who really want super nice to me. Also I’ve had a date with a business-man from Munich. He was a real Gentleman and we really liked each other. But to be honest he was finally too old for me.

‘The highlight was dating one of my favourite actors from Hollywood. Cinderella Escorts told me that he already bid for Giselle before but was outbid by another man. [Therefore] it was my pleasure to meet him.

‘I would never have dreamed to get that high price for my auction. But as more I am amazed who bought my auction. It is so amazing!

‘I love my decision to sell my virginity through cinderella-escorts.com and I think every girl would do the same in my position rather than giving it to a man she later on nevertheless break up with.’

Before she had any bids, Jasmin explained to the site that she chose to sell her virginity so she can travel the world and start a business.

slimber at 28-03-2018 07:25PM (1 year ago)
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Where 're the men virgin for 1m
chukkychukky at 28-03-2018 10:43PM (1 year ago)
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omo see biz

fineboy77 at 28-03-2018 11:33PM (1 year ago)
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I am not sure if this is true because with that money,you can have up to 50 more beautiful and sexy virgins from any part of the world

Deprince3 at 29-03-2018 06:41AM (1 year ago)
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Make  she enter ogun state they are looking for virgin.
Mashbol at 29-03-2018 07:06AM (1 year ago)
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I'm ready to sell mine too
celebritygee at 29-03-2018 09:44AM (1 year ago)
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I sold mine for 10 million dollars
ruthie at 29-03-2018 09:46AM (1 year ago)
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nature7888 at 29-03-2018 09:58AM (1 year ago)
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Buy and do what with it?
SOGaiya at 29-03-2018 11:42AM (1 year ago)
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its ur black white choice whose care? becos I dont
christiano10 at 29-03-2018 02:26PM (1 year ago)
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How I wish Ruthie and Slimber were still virgins.
Goliano at 30-03-2018 01:44AM (1 year ago)
(70 | Newbie) (m)

She does realize this makes her a prostitute, right?
fineboy77 at 15-04-2018 11:49PM (1 year ago)
(10039 | Hero) (m)

as you start with money,na so e go continue