Tinubu, Igbo Cannot Become President In Nigeria – Fulani Herdsmen, Miyetti Allah

Published 4 months ago by: Olusanya Akinrinola
at 10:24 PM, 27/04/2019 (4 months ago)

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National President, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Abdullahi Bodejo, has declared that the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will never succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Bodejo also stated why it would be difficult for Igbo to become President in Nigeria.

He said he does not believe in the rotation of power between the North and South because of the way northerners were being treated in some parts of the country.

“Do you know that if you go to some parts of the South, if they see an Hausa man, they would say he is a Boko Haram member or derogatorily, they will say ‘Onye Hausa?,” he asked in an interview with Sun.

“That kind of hatred has been there among some Southerners. It will be difficult for the Igbo to rule this country because they have something in their mind that is not good.

“The country is more than a tribe coming to hate some ethnic region, religion and so on. They should know that Nigeria is one.”

Asked if he knows that without Tinubu, Buhari would not have made it in 2015, he added, “I have told you that 2015 is now history. Even me talking to you now, do you know the role I played in 2015?

“People played all manner of politics in 2015 and Tinubu was not the only person.

“What I know is that Tinubu cannot be the president of Nigeria. That is the truth. He is very old and maybe older than President Buhari.

“Some people see Tinubu like one big masquerade but he is not. Some think that he is the Yoruba leader but he is not.

“He is also like Obasanjo; some people see the former president as a small god but he is not. In my last interview before the election, I said it that Obasanjo has only one vote like any other person.

“What happened? Did it not turn out like that? Everybody’s eyes are already open now.

“If Tinubu is recognized by the Yoruba people as their leader, why did Buhari score 50 per cent there?

“Why did he not ask them to give him like even 60 per cent at least? Tinubu has failed and that is the truth.

“Or are you telling me that Tinubu did anti-party activities by telling the South West to share the votes 50/50 to APC and PDP?”

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tonyigho at 12:59 AM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
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Very bad speech from a mature man like him, Tinubu mumu.
Haso112 at 02:37 AM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
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Quote from: tonyigho on 12:59 AM, 28/04/2019
Very bad speech from a mature man like him, Tinubu mumu.

maizaxx at 04:32 AM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
(1016 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Moderator sorry for my choice of words; Arrant rubbish. Just as you are putting the blame on the Igbos, you should ask yourselves, why the fulani herdsman and boko haram killings emanating from only one part of the country?
kp45 at 07:16 AM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
(10074 | Hero) (m)

See leaders.
olowoinlionsden at 08:59 AM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
(1216 | Gistmaniac) Online (m)

Stupid Ranting.  He talks like his Brother,  that dwarf  Governor of Kaduna State,  El Rufai.  Here is a Governor whose State is almost totally  controlled by bandits,  and he is condemning important Southerners,  boasting he will take over after Buhari. Man proposes indeed,  but it is God that disposes.
kenshin2 at 10:10 AM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
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Take it or leave it presidency is coming to the south east 2023...otherwise!
Makodama at 01:47 PM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
(607 | Upcoming) (m)

"Onye Hausa" is not an insult.Take note of that.
Makodama at 01:48 PM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
(607 | Upcoming) (m)

"Onye Hausa" is not an insult.Take note of that.
olowoinlionsden at 03:18 PM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
(1216 | Gistmaniac) Online (m)

Quote from: Makodama on 01:48 PM, 28/04/2019
"Onye Hausa" is not an insult.Take note of that.
  Just like 'Onyeburu'.
joviraemovon at 09:59 PM, 28/04/2019 (4 months ago)
(45 | Newbie) (m)

This man is speaking his mind the northerner don't have any regard for the southerners is only the foolish southern politicians that sold their soul to them. Without tinubu the foolish southern APC leader buhari will never have that mandate to rule Nigeria but look out the words of the people you sold your soul. Nigerian should know that the northern people are given frenzy excuses to remain in power is time we wake up from sleep our children will experience this wicked treatment if we ignored this foolish cows.


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