Greatest Temptation create the Greatest Opportunity

Published 7 years ago by: Josiah Omeiza Eniola Gabriel
at 09:56 AM, 23/03/2012 (7 years ago)

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Temptation does not come primarily to make you fall,it comes to make you fly or take you high if only you can overcome. Temptations has great benefits that Even Jesus Christ had to be tempted in Matthew chapter 4.

We face diverse kinds of temptation everyday. If only we can see temptations as opportunities for promotion in life,then we will begin to enjoy the benefits it carries.
1st corinthians 10:13 says, that there is no temptation that is bigger than you,because packaged in every temptation is the way out.And once you overcome you are lifted. James chapter 1:1-3 says that you should rejoice when you face temptation because promotion is around the corner.

Please understand that all temptations are common.1st corinthians 10:13.Also know that to overcome temptations you must rejoice as it comes.Why must you rejoice? You must rejoice because your promotion is inside that temptation once you overcome. Do not frown at temptation it is normal,do not fear it either it is common.

Another thing you must know about temptation is that you need the grace of God to overcome.So instead of panicking when you are tempted in any form,cry out to God for grace.Hebrews 4:16.

But also know that the temptation you willingly and deliberately walk into,you will easily fall for. Eve fell by eating the forbidden fruit not because satan was too strong,but because she was attracted to the tree and was found by it.Why would she be looking at a fruit God said they should not eat...

Finally,the word of God is the only thing temptation respects,temptation did not even respect Jesus, it still came to Him. Jesus said when He was tempted that IT IS WRITTEN...You must know what is written in God's word concerning that area where you are tempted. So studying the bible does alot of good to you.Receive grace from today never to play with the word of God in Jesus name.Receive grace to study God's word consistently in Jesus Precious name.

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