FIFA Ballon d'Or World footballer of the year 2010

9 years ago by: King Samuel O Dguy
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-- (m) at 26-10-2010 11:51PM

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Its amazing that 3 Africans have been nominated for the prestigious FIFA world footballer of the year, though there was unsuprisingly no Nigerian in the list - Here are the lucky finalists and my take on them:

Xabi Alonso (Spain)
This guy once played for liverpool, hes very good in the midfield but I dont see him winning this award - he also played an active role in the spanish team that won the worldcup.

Daniel Alves (Brazil)

Another midfield powerhouse, though hes a second choice player in brazil and berca - but then consider this guy a super sub - very bad guy

Iker Casillas (Spain)

He captained spain to victory at the world cup, hes a regular in real madrid and the spanish team since he was like 17 - Hes really good, maybe the best keeper at the moment...

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

This guy needs no introduction, hes Ronaldo plays for real madrid and portugal, enjoyed much of the hyping that the english press are best know for...

Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast)

Drogba is probably the best player in the english premier league, hes arsenal's worst nightmare .... very athletic and good in front of goal - a strong contestant for the award

Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon)

This is my main man, he made me love barca! --- He played a critical part in inter milan's euro champions league campaign. Etoo has had a very long peak - this should be his 3rd or fourth nomination for this award.

Cesc Fábregas (Spain)
Hes is a substitute in spain but the king in England..... Very good player!

Diego Forlán (Uruguay)

Ok, this guy has a PHD in Jherbulani - He Jherbulanied everything in South Africa and was awarded the player of the tournament at the world cup - He single handedly landed uruguay in the 4th position at the world cup (aside suarez's cheating) - He plays for athlentico madrid and hes very powerful... another strong candidate

Asamoah Gyan (Ghana)

This guy can dance!!! - hes a very athletic player and one of Ghana's strong men (come to think of it Ghana has a very decent squad ...... hmmm) - He loves scoring the winning goal  - Am happy he got nominated

Andrés Iniesta (Spain)
Iniesta scored the winning goal for spain at the world cup, he plays well for barca -

Júlio César (Brazil)
Brazil and Inter milan keeper, dude is HUGE - again a candidate like casilas, very good player

Miroslav Klose (Germany)
A german machine, bangs in goals like a real striker - He sunk england at the world cup with one of the four goals germany scored.

Philipp Lahm (Germany)
German Captain, Hes very good defensively and a good leader too!

Maicon (Brazil)

Maybe the best right back in the world, very strong guy who likes to overlap alot! "i wan score, i was score!"

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Current world footballer of the year, Messi needs no introduction - He is MESSI

Thomas Müller (Germany)
Last time I checked, this guy still has that thunder thing on his feet - he knows how to shoot the ball - muller is a dangerous striker!

Mesut Ozil (Germany)
Best young player at the worldcup, Ozil is an exceptional talent - He proved his worth at he worldcup and hes still doing that at real madrid

Carles Puyol (Spain)
Barca captain - Puyol is a strong defender and a bad catalan!

Arjen Robben (Holland)
This guy has too much skills, hes too smooth - hes an exceptional player in the holland team.

Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany)
Schweinsteiger  ...  longest name by far - he also has the muller kind of thunder thing on his boot, this guy can shoot very well and has some stamina to go with that.... good midfielder

Wesley Sneijder (Holland)

maybe hes the best midfielder in the world  -  he was confirmed best midfielder in europe for the UEFA champions league - I like to watch sneijder play, hes a very good player (and i mean football player ofcourse Wink!)

David Villa (Spain)
Spanish goal machine, this guy can score from anywhere - hes exceptional when it comes to scoring goals!

Xavi (Spain)
Xavi completed most passes at the world cup, hes a very good midfielder, he plays at Barca

-- dollar22 (m) at 27-10-2010 12:25AM
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give it to eto
-- sobeit (m) at 27-10-2010 12:31AM
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I'm happy for Eto'o,drogba & gyan but wesley sneijder deserve it this time around.
-- blemjoe (m) at 27-10-2010 02:16AM
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nice post boy! keep it up. the guys are real good ,all of them deserve it
-- kayfem (m) at 27-10-2010 07:05AM
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oya messi in you i trust
-- slimromeo (m) at 27-10-2010 07:27AM
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thank God.
-- popo2009 (m) at 27-10-2010 11:21AM
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They will deny the Africans the chance again
Racism is our major problem in the World Of Football
Drogba deserves it.
-- bodey4real (m) at 27-10-2010 02:56PM
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I'm happy for Eto'o,& gyan but wesley sneijder deserve it this time around.
-- Timiyke (m) at 27-10-2010 07:52PM
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This time for AFRICA, we hosted woldcup and if truth must be said ! Eto diserved it just watch championslig then you will understand what i mean. bros thats for your post.
-- nosidibu (m) at 27-10-2010 08:27PM
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It's a welcom development for Africa , but to me i could give  it to Ikar Casillas
-- tboibaba (m) at 28-10-2010 12:45PM
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emm happy for the african payers ut drogba deserve it too...
-- anemeje (m) at 28-10-2010 04:46PM
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because he is a black man i dont know but take it or lieve it DROGBA is number one
-- AlphaOscar (m) at 28-10-2010 04:47PM
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I think I would vote sneigder.
-- sammyleecuc (m) at 28-10-2010 04:52PM
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Sneijder should win it
-- SAmyrocko (m) at 29-10-2010 08:06AM
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Go African we improving in the world football.

-- JOSOBA (m) at 29-10-2010 11:03AM
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My fellow naija pals to be frank and trueful Iniesta deserveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this World . thanks
-- saffronglory (m) at 29-10-2010 02:01PM
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It should be Diego Folan or David villa
-- Ramadan24 (m) at 29-10-2010 04:39PM
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Wesley Sneijder (Holland)

Thats The Man
-- sammyleecuc (m) at 29-10-2010 05:48PM
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Wesley Stands out among the nominees
-- odiono (m) at 29-10-2010 10:41PM
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i will be the happiest if ETO can get it! Africa deserve the prestigious award, at least for once more!
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