Nigerian Woman Divorces Husband On Facebook

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Nigerian Woman Divorces Husband On Facebook
    pmnews Date: Oct 26th, 2010.

A Nigerian, Mrs. Ijeoma Nwabolo, has divorced her husband, Engr. Okezie Godwin Nwabolo, through the Facebook, a popular social networking site.
The husband, a publisher and telecommunications engineer, therefore, approached a Lagos High Court to seek dissolution of his 14-year marriage with Ijeoma.
Nwabolo told the court that a family friend called his attention to the popular social networking site where his wife had gone to change her marital name, Nwabolo, to her maiden name, Onyeka. She also changed her marital status to single.

This prompted him to approach the probate family division of the court to dissolve his marriage to Ijeoma, because all avenues to reconcile with her were rebuffed by her and her family.
The 46-year old engineer informed the court that the marriage which was solemnised on 3 August, 1996 at St. Agnes Catholic Church, Maryland, Lagos, has broken down irreconcilably and his wife could not be traced.

Led in evidence by his counsel, T. O. Taiwo, he told the court that his wife deserted their matrimonial home without any notice or quarrel.
Nwabolo said on 7 August, 2006, he travelled to Abuja for an important meeting with the Belgian Ambassador to Nigeria. When he got to Abuja, all attempts to speak with his wife on phone proved abortive.
“When I arrived in Abuja, I called my wife but all her lines were switched off. Later, I had a call from my driver informing me that my house was empty and my wife was nowhere to be found.  I immediately went to the airport and boarded the next available flight to Lagos for verification.
“On getting home, I discovered that she has left our Lagos, residence with all my property and our marriage certificate. I tried all my best possible to locate her but to no avail.

“When I called her uncle, he was not forthcoming. So I got the church that solemnised us involved but she rebuffed all attempts for reconciliation,” he said.
He added that the tribunal of the Catholic Church which includes the Archbishop of Lagos and other bishops sat and advised him that the marriage had become null and void because all efforts for reconciliation were defeated by his wife and her family.
The presiding Judge, Justice Olubunmi Oyewole, subsequently adjourned the matter for further hearing.
—Jamiu Yisa

-- Sheenor (m) at 28-10-2010 08:15PM
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crazie! facebuk sucks! it's filled with dumb ass people... gosh!! Christ save me..

-- Kennee (m) at 28-10-2010 08:35PM
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Wetin dat Old Cargo Woman dey Find for Outside now?

-- Maxodus (m) at 28-10-2010 09:49PM
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I wan know the reason why she go leave her marriage
-- KleverC (m) at 28-10-2010 09:52PM
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yeye woman

-- brainline (m) at 28-10-2010 10:01PM
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d nam facebuk or d site facebuk has nting 2 do wit dis case...dis lady or girl she is tried,4 d information facebuk is nt d only site were sombody cn she wnt 4 Christ sake is another luver. :'(
-- fireman (m) at 28-10-2010 10:12PM
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Just another woman with no where to take her grievances BUT Fb

-- talkandsave (m) at 29-10-2010 01:29AM
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Quote from: KleverC on 28-10-2010 09:52PM
yeye woman

There must be a reason why she left her husband in that manner if she did.  Is she in hiding?   Her family supporting her is very important.  We have no idea if this man is actually telling the truth.  He has not produced the wife  What if he killed her, set up a facebook account himself and went through all this just to give a shroud that she is alive even though he has killed her.

Do not trust this guy that quick because this wife is still not located.
-- dollar22 (m) at 29-10-2010 02:33AM
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ha ha ha ha ha facebook can never cos the divorces that woman na femele god
-- ceejay58 (m) at 29-10-2010 05:06AM
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this is purely a family problem carried on to FB for the world to

-- zilka (m) at 29-10-2010 05:10AM
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yeah!!! Jesus could neva have been wrong.WELCOM 2 d endtime. e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e,get ur shovel.
-- mosemsss (m) at 29-10-2010 07:57AM
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diz hav notin 2 do wit facebook,a bad woman is a bad woman,she is not in love wit her husband since they are were married,she married him bcos of his money,facebook only help him unvail d hiddin stuff of his forget get anoda women..women are like cloths in d market,,marry as many u can no probs.....solomon did..who cant..get anoda one.
-- Phil2 (m) at 29-10-2010 08:42AM
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chei nawa oooooooooooooooooooooooo
-- mozeebee (m) at 29-10-2010 09:30AM
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This woman has no conscience, wat on earth will make her leave her husband just like dat without informing him.My advice for the man is dat he should 4jet the woman and go on wit his life.
-- augustinaonyean (f) at 29-10-2010 11:01AM
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This case has nothing to do with facebook, rather Mr posta, pls try and find out if the man is saying the truth,  the way it sound is like the woman ran to her parents, and for her parent to welcome her back home, my dear something is wrong, we should not blame the woman without knowing her won side of story.
-- augustinaonyean (f) at 29-10-2010 11:06AM
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My fellow student see what u will try, you people should setup few men committee, their job will only be Onyokometa job, they hv to watch the VC very closely and u will get not even hugging but also doing some.......... be careful that is mad.
-- keke405 (m) at 29-10-2010 02:02PM
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this man would have thank God for letting him know the woman befor things change to worse
-- Toks-E (m) at 29-10-2010 02:30PM
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Oh man, breaking up isnt fun at all, the worst part is breaking up in public

-- 123Sonia (f) at 29-10-2010 02:33PM
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What a life
-- kinkino (f) at 29-10-2010 03:37PM
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no smoke without fire
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