How to know your prayers are answered

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This message is very important because most people think that it is until they see the answer then God has not heard them. Once you can know when your prayers are answered then prayer will be a delight and not a struggle. I will show you by the help of the Holy Spirit one sure way to know when your prayer has been answered already so that you don't continue praying endlessly. If you don't know when your prayer is answered you will be praying forever over thesame thing. You can shut the door over the answer of your prayers by praying as if it has not been answered. Mark 11:24, WHATSOEVER YOU DESIRE WHEN YOU PRAY,BELIEVE THAT YOU RECEIVE THEM AND YOU SHALL HAVE THEM.

It is the points of faith that counts in prayers not the number of days. It is not the length of prayers and fasting that matters but the points of faith. How do I know when my prayers are answered? you may be asking; You will know when you believe and when your faith says so, how do I know if my faith says so? You will know is your faith says so When you enter into rest on the matter, not the rest of tiredness but the rest you get when you are no more anxious. What then do you do between when you believe and when you possess practically. THANKSGIVING. You must thank God till you see it. You will see the answer to that prayer today in the name of Jesus Christ

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how is it possible
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like how now
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very possible,,