Boko Haram fighting for justice –Tukur

Published On: May 16, 2012, 6:31 am (8 years ago)
Author: Paddy Hayes

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, has said members of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, are fighting for justice.
According to him, many Nigerians feel aggrieved and seek various means of airing their grievances.
Tukur, who spoke in Abuja on Tuesday when he received members of the party from Gombe State, said there must be justice in the country for peace to reign.
He however regretted that the activities of the sect were preventing some northerners from travelling to their home states.
Tukur said there was no way angry people would control their anger when there was nothing on their stomachs.
He said, “Let there be peace in the North so that we can have security.
“We can’t even travel again because of the insecurity in the region. Boko Haram is fighting for justice. Boko Haram is another name for justice.
“People feel aggrieved. They are angry because they are hungry. Unless we remove the hunger, we too may not be able to rest.
“We should remember that a child who says his mother would not sleep will also not sleep.”
The former governor of old Gongola State said he accepted to be honoured by the members of the party from the North-East on Saturday in his village because he wanted people know that things were not working well with the people in rural areas.
He said, “People would be wondering why I took the reception to my village in Jada. And they would be asking why not a place like Abuja, where we have good roads and all that.
“I did so, so that people would know what is happening in rural areas. Those that were there must have seen the bad roads. We must help people who cannot help themselves.
“That is why we are in government. You cannot do anything unless you are committed to it. We must build this party on equity and justice.”
Earlier, Gombe State Governor Ibrahim Dankwanbo, who led the delegation said the members came to show their loyalty to the leadership of the party.

Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 06:31 AM | Gistmaniac
This man must be a fool, so killing an innocent civilians in the church makes them to be fighting for justice. This man must be one of their sponsors for saying this shit.....

Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 06:36 AM | Gistmaniac
Useless man Na only ur people dey hungry ? Amadioha mapu gi isi there

Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 07:37 AM | Addicted Hero
he should from the money he thieve to make his state okay for his people :'( :-X :-[ :o
Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 03:21 PM | Newbie
Greedy and selfish motherphyukers, there are millions of poor people in the south east what about them??
These northerners want everything for themselves !!!!
Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 04:11 PM | Gistmaniac
So you people's idea of JUSTICE is MURDER, right?

I want to believe you were quoted out of context
becos it takes a person who eats tru his anus to say such arrant balderdash
Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 05:07 PM | Upcoming
he said dat his ppl are hungry, hungry ppl use money dey surpose use to buy food, to buy bomb and kill ppl to be satisfy eh blood sucker
Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 05:42 PM | Upcoming
mr. tukur u are a failiour to this generation by speaking such word from ur mouth,how can u say boko haram is fighting for justice,i dont blame u is d president i blame for allowing u people to still walk about.but take it from today those of u that are sponsoring this boko will witness a big quake in ur family 1 by 1.
Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 10:28 PM | Newbie
sugardaddy2foru, pls change the font u use for ur comment its too Turkur...Let GEj hear what you are saying then you will receive lashes of Koboko
Posted: (8 years ago) on 16-05-2012 10:55 PM | Upcoming