Woman gets pregnant after sleeping with hubby's 2 brothers

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ZIMBABWE:  A Domboshava man fathered a child with his brother's wife and went on to process the birth certificate. He did all this in the absense of his brother and without the brother's knowledge.
Takesure Mudimu's treachery was exposed at the Harare Civil Court where he was now seeking a protection order against his elder brother, Albert Mudimu along with other siblings Leonard and George accusing them of abusing him over the issue. Takesure however made another shocking revelation when he said he indeed had slept with Albert's wife but the child but the child belongs to his young brother, George.
This means the woman had sex with three blood brothers! Albert's wife had since returned to her parents' place after realising that she had messed up. Takesure justified his acts arguing that sex was compensation of the support he was giving to his brother's wife since Albert was neglecting her when he went to South Africa.
"Indeed I slept with my brother's wife several times but I never impregnated her, the child belongs to my young brother George, who also was having sex with my brother's wife. When I went to have sex with her, I always saw George's foot prints at the door. He was enjoying sex with her also and I can assure that he is the father of the child," said Takesure after which he left the gallery in stitches.
Questions are now being raised about why he rushed to attain a birth certificate before his brother returned from South Africa. The feuding brothers' father, Leonard Snr, said it is Takesure's habit of impregnating his brothers wives.
"This son is a nuisance. He also impregnated his cousin's wife. Zvino sikarudzi yake ichagurwa chete (that penis should be cut off) I think he has a charm," said the father of the brothers.
Takesure had since moved out of the family house after the incident and is accusing his brothers and his father of abusing his peace. Albert promised bloodshed over the issue. He said he was not expecting that from his blood young brother and he should pay for that. All the Mudimu family members disowned Takesure and said they are tired of his wayward behaviour.
Magistrate Milton Serima, who presided over the case, passed a reciprocal protection order. All family members are to refrain from insulting or assaulting each other in any manner. Takesure is to stay away from the family house while his brothers and his father are also to stay away from his new place of residence. Magistrate Serima advised them to solve the issue amicably.
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Zimbabwe again? na wa oooooooo
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People fail realized that God is watching
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 Shocked Shocked
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dis zimbabuen people sef
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hmmmm.e don happen..