Can this happen in Nigeria? NEVER!!!! Tunisia’s ex-president sentenced to 20 ye

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Tunisia’s ex-president, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, was today sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in absentia, by a military court in the North African country.

Ben Ali, who is exiled in Saudi Arabia, was found guilty of “inciting disorder, murder and looting,” the court said in its verdict over the deaths of four youths, shot dead in the town of Ouardanine in mid-January 2011.
Several of Ben Ali’s aides also received sentences of 5 to 10 years in jail, the official TAP news agency reported.

Whether he will be extradited to serve his sentence remains to be seen

Idbabe (f) at 14-06-2012 11:01AM
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It cant happen in Naija.  Corruption has eaten deep into our politicians brain and it is even causing brain tumor in dia brains
Ngeboju (m) at 14-06-2012 11:28AM
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That is good if the judgment is not bias. And Naija should learnd from other Africans sanitising their polity.
chicco77 (f) at 19-08-2012 09:12PM
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they will never learn