Photo : 50-Year-Old Man butchers Girlfriend With Cutlass – Leaves Horrific Messa

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A machete used by a man who butchered his girlfriend to death was left with the haunting message ‘This is what cheaters get’ scrawled along the length of the blade.

It was found alongside the mutilated body of Nellie Brown-Cox, 42, after she was killed by Prince Hepburn, 50, in the Bahamas.

Another chilling message was scrawled onto the other side of the blade that read ‘Your Next George Sawyer’.
Prince Hepburn, left, was arrested over the alleged murder of Nellie Brown-Cox, right, on April 7
Hepburn, believed to be Miss Brown-Cox’s boyfriend, was found at the scene with slash wounds to his wrists and was arrested on suspicion of murder.

He is now believed to have admitted to the slaying of the secretary in the Bougainvillea Boulevard area of the Bahamas.

The grisly scene was found by police when they attended reports of a stabbing at an apartment in the area at 9.20pm on April 7.

A report filed by detectives in the Bahamas read: ‘As a result a team of homicide investigators and crime scene investigators were dispatched to the scene.

‘Upon their arrival on the scene officers observed the deceased was lying face up on the kitchen floor near the door with her head in a western direction and her feet in an eastern direction with a cutlass under her right foot.

‘On this cutlass was the words ‘This is What Cheaters Get’ and on the other side ‘Your Next George Sawyer’.

‘The bed was saturated in blood with a cutlass on the bed with suspected bloodstains.

‘The words ‘Cheata (sic) and Liar’ was written on both sides of the cutlass.’

Prince Hepburn was found sitting on steps outside the house and was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Police claim the self-employed contractor had admitted to killing the deceased and had attempted to take his own life by cutting his wrist and taking some pills.

He remains in police custody, after hospital treatment, on suspicion of the murder.

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where that man from get that machete?
it looks like Papa Ayo's own

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, no more respect for human's life.   Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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d man is an animal