(PHOTO GALLERY) Genevieve Nnaji Becomes Range Rover Brand Ambassador In Nigeria (Page 4)

Published On: June 15, 2012, 1:33 pm
Author: Daniel Bosai
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-- henryemekaob (m) at 16-06-2012 10:42AM
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Quote from: Lucas10 on 15-06-2012 06:48PM
Now i realized that money can not buy love rather buying a man...with all these wealth and fame and fortune yet she is still single and at her age no serious relationship and she never enjoy or experience marital life... congrats though
marriage kill u there!!!
-- angelface1 (f) at 16-06-2012 12:09PM
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Quote from: henryemekaob on 16-06-2012 10:42AM
marriage kill u there!!!

look, she is doing well in life, marriage kwa, is she wants to get married she will, ok. wish her well and stop this bullshit ablt her marital status- respect her decision on marriage and mind ur bussiness
-- imoc (m) at 16-06-2012 12:12PM
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-- angelface1 (f) at 16-06-2012 12:16PM
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Quote from: Bettychy on 16-06-2012 03:50AM

marriage marriage marriage
must she get married?
What happens to staying single?
What about living with her boy friend without getting married?  Angry

my dear, dont mind them, some stupid guys here think getting married to one frustrated guy is the ultimate, they need to be educated that a babe can equally be happy in life without being married. she will get married when she is gud and ready, should i remind guys talkin ablt marriage tht - it is her right and life. pls mind ur bussiness. even at that she never old pass all u sisters wey never marry....... pray for them to get married nd leave Gene alone.
-- ina-caj (f) at 16-06-2012 12:17PM
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-- burgos (f) at 16-06-2012 12:34PM
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Quote from: ZION7ZION on 15-06-2012 02:44PM
i don make up my mind one of my daughters must be an actress, weda she like am or not, na by force i go carry extract the talent from her Roll Eyes
  No be by force my dear,live the child to choose his/her talent afterall not all actors are up to do..everyone has his different talents and goals in life.
-- burgos (f) at 16-06-2012 12:37PM
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Congrats Gene,we love you.
-- ebenizza (m) at 16-06-2012 01:23PM
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congrat overthere
-- segxykay (m) at 16-06-2012 04:21PM
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good for her
-- agbonson (f) at 16-06-2012 06:25PM
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 Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss
-- som-som (m) at 16-06-2012 06:38PM
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Genny na-ata money.
-- aliaaz (m) at 16-06-2012 06:44PM
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-- Sophyrocks (f) at 16-06-2012 08:09PM
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Gene,u rockin ur world mehn.dnt mind haters.let dem kip drinkin acid bcos ure succesful.dnt knw y dey shud drink panadol 4 headache dat doesnt exist.if she was worried abt marriage,wont u see her go abt flashin her moni 2 marry a gold diga or join oda  cheap actresses 2 snatch pple's hubbies? She's a lady wit class. She's nt worried at all so y r d haters worried? Its her lyf! D so calld marriage dese days no dey get head.see as husband n wife dey kill demselvs dese days. U want her 2 be desparate 4 no reason. Veri low mentality of nigerians.

-- verah (f) at 16-06-2012 09:16PM
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wow   Smiley Smiley Smiley

-- FRANKLYNJUDGE (m) at 16-06-2012 10:24PM
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You are bless my daughter ride on
-- seeuthere22 (m) at 16-06-2012 10:26PM
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bravo gurl.....
-- SenatorGodwin20 (m) at 16-06-2012 10:44PM
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Am happy for u baby gal
-- Ominiscience (m) at 16-06-2012 11:06PM
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The queen rules, this is the beginning..... Haters get a life!
Genevieve is a super star on the rise.............................
She stays on course, rising and shinning.........................
While you haters are busy telling her tale in languished...
argony, depression, envy and pains. Shine your light Geni
We love you and love is above anything..keep shinning....
-- ZION7ZION (m) at 17-06-2012 08:49AM
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Quote from: burgos on 16-06-2012 12:34PM
  No be by force my dear,live the child to choose his/her talent afterall not all actors are up to do..everyone has his different talents and goals in life.

My dear, na by force Ooo, I spent a lot of years thinking that Education is the only key to success, now my eyes are cleared, so my kids must be doing their education alongside with entertainment . Roll Eyes
-- Bettygirls (f) at 18-06-2012 09:37AM
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ride on gurl, i wish i was in ur position
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