Churches and Mosques in Nigeria (Pictures)

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The religions practiced in Nigeria are mainly Christianity, and Islam. Islam dominates the northern part of Nigeria, while Christianity is prevalent in the southern part of Nigeria - among the Yoruba and the Igbo ethnic groups.

Here are pictures of some of the Churches, and Mosques in Nigeria:

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The churches are so beautifull love them all.....
-- Eyanyi (m) at 16-06-2012 07:27AM
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Spiritual edifice
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If christianity is prevalent amongst the yoruba and ibo as you have said , it does not necessarily means they are in majority anyway, I am very familiar with the yoruba towns and cities , and with the exception of about two states in yorubaland, the muslim are in majority with the ISLAM as their religion, get your facts right ,,,,, ok?
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Beautiful pictures, how i wish are heart are such.