Nigerian Prince Arrested For molesting A Girl In India (Page 4)

Published On: July 17, 2012, 3:33 pm
Author: Charles colins
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-- aghapromise (f) at 18-07-2012 03:32PM
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Hey!! nawao.
-- aishatua1 (f) at 18-07-2012 03:35PM
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-- athena (f) at 18-07-2012 03:38PM
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He must die i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ jail
-- obichukwu2012 (m) at 18-07-2012 04:12PM
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Lord have mercy on him
-- Eladams (m) at 18-07-2012 04:39PM
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fake...............committed a crime in India but Chinese authorities want to remand him.
-- chylind5 (f) at 18-07-2012 05:29PM
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Nigerians they represent anywhere they go 2. failed country. Mtchewwww
-- Anneo1 (f) at 18-07-2012 05:51PM
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Mtcheeeew dah yhur prick need to be cut Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue.imagine that?
-- Anneo1 (f) at 18-07-2012 05:54PM
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Quote from: Eladams on 18-07-2012 04:39PM
fake...............committed a crime in India but Chinese authorities want to remand him.
Nah she a Chinese girl,buh base in India Tongue
-- Larrykingomoj (m) at 18-07-2012 06:05PM
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Naija is in trouble, Naija i hail you, you no dey carry last anywhere
-- Amor1444 (m) at 18-07-2012 07:35PM
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The devil that mislead him must have abandoned him by now to face the music in regrets
-- suredon2011 (m) at 18-07-2012 07:35PM
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-- viki345 (f) at 18-07-2012 07:39PM
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dat wickedness o
-- BendelArmedRobb (m) at 18-07-2012 07:40PM
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<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>
-- mickky21 (m) at 18-07-2012 08:03PM
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Mr poster, your story is fake..............wht has CHINESE TO DO WITH INDIAN WAHALA.............UR SOURCE PLZ
-- screengoddess (f) at 18-07-2012 08:35PM
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-- jenny00000 (f) at 18-07-2012 08:50PM
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every where even here in malaysia i saw a nigerian man touch a malay women brest while she was feeding her baby then the whole malaysian catch the man n beat hell out of him now seriously in hospital by now should be in the prison. what a is the meaning of all this exit there is no single women in malaysia again or is there no nigerians girls in malaysia engouch prositute is in this country why not go and pick them they are among malay indian chiness indionsian nigerian china filipines why not pick them and have fun with them pay them insted of the man to go and touch a married women that even was Bosom feeding her baby look at foolishness the man has in him, he deserved to be beat and stay in prison even better lifetime. if someone does the same thing to his sister wont he do the same to the person?Huh?? think people naijapals....................... Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry
-- djust (m) at 18-07-2012 08:54PM
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poster, get d source very clear cos contradiction has been noted.and know clearly that d guy in question may not b a Nigerian.until u traveled out of d country u ll not see how some idiots from other countries abuse Nigerian passport in d guest to make their way easy or related stuff like that.
-- elmctino (m) at 18-07-2012 09:09PM
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Poster stop fooling us and psoting us..This offense was committed in India, what concerns Chinese Government there.....
-- dickman2 (m) at 18-07-2012 09:13PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- Desmond23 (m) at 18-07-2012 09:18PM
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Quote from: wireless_radio on 17-07-2012 03:33PM
The no-nonsense Bangalore police have arrested a 31-year-old Nigerian, identified as Prince John for allegedly molesting a girl in Manipuri, India. He was picked up on Sunday.

The Chinese authorities have also already secure a court injuction to remand Prince John in custody for the next 14 days to conclude investigations. “The accused raped the victim on May 13 in Bangalore. He had threatened her with dire consequences if she went to the police.

"Later, the victim fled to Mumbai and lodged a complaint with the police there. The case was transferred to us and we arrested Prince John,” said Bangalore rural superintendent of police D. Prakash.

According to the police sources, we gathered that Prince John is in Bangalore on a student visit. He met and befriended the victim’s aunt a few months ago. On May 13, the victim and her aunt visited Prince John at his residence.

“Subsequently, he told his girlfriend (victim’s aunt) that he would take her (victim) for an introduction to a friend, who would help her solve a personal crisis. He took the unsuspecting victim to a house where he raped and threatened her,” the police added.

The victim is now undergoing treatment at a hospital in Mumbai.

In addition, we gathered that the incident has caused unrest among the North East student community.

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