I went to a jail because of Yaw’ – mom reveals

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The mother of popular comedian and O.A.P, Steve Onu, otherwise called Yaw, says she faced several challenges raising the comedian and his nine siblings.

The 62-year-old talked about these challenges during an edition of the reality TV show, Supermom. She said they encountered many hardships, especially while they lived in a squalid apartment in the Lawanson area of Surulere, Lagos.

According to her, one time of the year that constantly caused the family pain was the rainy season, as it usually caused damage to their roof and belongings. ‘Whenever the rains came, it fell directly on us because the roof was leaking’, she said.

Mrs Onu, who used to trade in second hand clothes, recalled the time she sent Yaw and his siblings to hawk on the streets with bowls of cold drinks and pure water while she continued with her petty business to support her husband’s meagre salary.

One day, while on her regular business as a hawker, she said she was arrested by town council official and was locked up afterwards, ‘I go prison oh because I deh train children. That day, my children no see me.’ And as a result of the family’s financial state, she couldn’t leave the prison until a ‘Good Samaritan’ bailed her out.

Not long after, she was involved in a motor accident which left her unconscious, and was considered dead until a man who came to identify casualties discovered she was still alive and called for help for her.

She however stated that she is proud to be referred to as Yaw’s mother, as he has since brought glory to the family.

Yaw, who started out as an actor in the popular sitcom, Flatmates, is currently an O.A.P with Wazobia FM and was recently chosen alongside four other eminent Nigerians to carry the Olympic torch in London.

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