43 years-old woman breaks son's virginity.The two had sex for 2 years

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ZIMBABWE: In an incident that smacks of pinnacle of incest, a woman and her 22-year-old son have been arrested on allegations of engaging in sexual intercourse.
The Bulawayo woman who resides in Entumbane suburb, Ntombikayise Nyathi (43) has reportedly been letting her son, Jonathan Ndebele (22) FEAST on her honey jar for the past two years. Nyathi also hols the title of being responsible for her son's virginity loss.
The incestrous relationship was brought to the fore by one of their relatives who noticed that there was something 'suspicious' about the way the two were behaving towards each other. It is reported that on noticing the suspicious conduct, the relative took up the issue with other family members before a meeting was called to discuss the issue.
Among some of the resolutions was to confront the two and that mission was left to one of the Ndebele's aunts. The woman is reported to have asked Nyathi about their suspicion. However, Nyathi dismissed the allegations and accused the emissary of trying to destroy her family. With the first attempt at getting the answers hitting a brick wall, the emisary was then sent to get answers from Nyathi's son.
On being questioned, the son was elusive with the required information. However, on being told about thw implications of bedding his own mother, the 22-year-old man opened up. He allegedly told his aunt that he had been HAVING SEX WITH HIS MOTHER FOR TWO YEARS and that she is the one who broke his virginity.
After the emisary held consultations with other family members, it was decided that the matter would be reported to the police. Nyathi and her son were subsequently arrested. They appeared before Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Richard Ramaboea facing incest charges.
The two were remanded in custody to 7 September after failing to pay US$50 bail that each of them had been granted.
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winace at 4-09-2012 06:10AM (7 years ago)
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Wats d new evil of mother and son or father and daughter.
adiankpo at 4-09-2012 09:06AM (7 years ago)
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That's what single mothers does with their son. Life can be funny atimes
chicco77 at 4-09-2012 09:17AM (7 years ago)
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GOD forbid evil woman  Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
Idbabe at 4-09-2012 09:18AM (7 years ago)
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This Zimbabwe is fast becoming something else
kelvinty at 4-09-2012 09:24AM (7 years ago)
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make them glue her honeypot :p
Agadamonday at 6-09-2012 02:38PM (7 years ago)
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May God deliver this countory
dlimelite at 6-09-2012 02:55PM (7 years ago)
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This is no new news they do that all the time in Zimbabwe. May God have mercy on that country
Esofemi at 31-05-2013 06:35PM (6 years ago)
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 Angry Sad Shocked Huh? Lips Sealed Zimbabwe: Abomination! Abomination!! Abomination!!!