US Students strike over healthy school meals

Published On: October 1, 2012, 10:04 am
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Students in the US have been protesting after the size of their school meals was decreased.
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which stemmed from First Lady Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' campaign, aims to limit protein and bread intake and increase the amount of fruit and vegetables served.
Pupils at Parsippany Hills High School are organising a "lunch strike" - boycotting the cafeteria - because they believe new federal government guidelines have resulted in inadequate lunches.
Meanwhile, students at Wallace County High School in Kansas made a parody of fun.'s 'We Are Young' called 'We Are Hungry', mocking the new rules.
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"This year you're eating lunch and you're like, 'Did I even eat?' You're not even full," senior Brandon Faris told CBS.
"If somebody's obese, why should someone like me who's not obese have to suffer, and eat a small meal when I'd rather have a bigger meal?"
Mark Vidovich, who runs Pomptonian Food Service, explained that sandwiches now have "33% less turkey, and the size of the bread has been reduced by a third".


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Those students like food o. Make them nigeria come see wetin students dey manage for here.
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Its for their own gud na but make dem increase d food abit .