[VIDEO] Police Admits He Wrote Tickets Because Car Passenger Was HIV-Positive

at 4-10-2012 06:54AM (7 years ago)

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The Dearborn, Mich., police department will undergo HIV awareness training after an embarrassing dashcam recording of a traffic stop was released. Officer David Lacey is shown here searching a pulled-over vehicle; when Lacey finds passenger Shalandra Jones’ HIV medication just slightly after the 14-minute mark, she confirms she’s HIV-positive. Jones says he’s “pissed” that she didn’t tell him when he stopped her, a disclosure Michigan doesn’t require before a police search.

e tickets Jones and driver Mark Scott, saying, “If it wasn’t for [Jones' HIV status], I don’t think I would’ve wrote anybody for anything.” Police Chief Ronald Haddad said that, in addition to training, “corrective action” will be taken. “I’m confident we can do better,” he said.

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dlimelite at 4-10-2012 07:18AM (7 years ago)
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What! This cop na yeye cop. This cop wants to get sued. How can someone behave like that. And after this they're letting him stay on the force? They should've fired him on the spot.
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