Phcn's High Tension Wire Kills 3 In Warri (19/10/2012)

Published On: October 22, 2012, 12:49 pm
Author: xty
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Story by 2349ja
It was just like any other beautiful day in warri, the sun was shinning and the birds were singing. I was so happy because i finally had the time to do some shopping at the popular Igbo market just before the Sacred Heart Cathedral here in warri. little did i know i was about to hear some touching and terrifying news.
When i arrived, the first thing that caught my attention was the unusual crowd in the area, i was perplexed but later calmed down because i knew it was a popular market even though i havnt seen that much crowd in a while, i just felt the market was booming that day so i adjusted my phones just incase someone wanted to play a fast on on me. I later noticed some armed police in the region and i decided to ask around , i found out that the armed policemen were guarding the current flood victims in delta state as they were camped in the Cahoneypot Government Secondary school as shown below.

I was kinda happy because i have not seen any government impact or intervention in the lives of the citizens of the state since governor uduaghan came into power for his second tenure. Anyways i am not here to talk politics, am here to talk about the disturbing story i was later told.
After my shopping i stopped by to have a cool drink at Enameguonor Ukoko's shop and while he served me, he began lamenting on some issues. At first i ignored him because it was somewhat annoying but then he let the cat of the bag. this was his story.

It happened in the late hours on Friday , All they heard was a crack, and before they knew what was going on, the high tension wire was already on the ground and four people were trapped under it and they were burning. It all happened so fast and according to Enameguono, people were running helter skelter , no one could stop and think about saving the vitcims or even call the nearest power station to cut off the supply, all they did was abandon their shops and ran as far as they could away from the scene leaving the burning victims to their faith. Enameguono however said there was a struggling victim who was physically fighting the cables off his body and then when someone who saw his zeal to live had pity on him, took an umbrella tried to save him by removing the wires. little did he know that that umbrella was made of iron and could conduct electricity and this automatically made him the 5th victim. but as luck would have it, he and the person struggling with life made it out miraculously i ' say though with severe burns and eye witness said it was impossible to determine if they would make it at the hospital as they were all transferred to the general hospital not far away after like 2 hours. The shop owners were bitter by the way the government officials delayed before they took the corpses away and also with the PHCN staff seen below joining wires together instead of bringing new equipment's to fix this and prevent this from ever occurring again.

As at the time of writing this report, it was unclear if the surviving victims were alright as i could not reach any staff of the hospital. May God save us in this country.

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