Senator Ali Ndume Confess On Sponsoring Boko Haram Operations

Published On: October 25, 2012, 10:01 am
Author: precious
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State Security Service (SSS) on Wednesday claimed that senator Mohammed Aliyu Ndume representing Borno South senatorial district, have confessed to be sponsoring Boko Haram operations.

An officer of the service, James Ene Izi, who appeared as prosecution witness two in the ongoing trial of the senator, also revealed that the accused further confessed in a voluntary statement made to the service of having telephone interactions with the jailed former spokesperson of the sect, Ali Konduga.

The officer added that when the senator and Konduga were made to face each other, Ndume claimed to be seeing him for the first time in his life, though they had been communicating by phone.

Izi also said the confession was further confirmed, as the phone number of Konduga was found on Ndume’s mobile phone.

After taking the evidence, the trial judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole, later adjourned till December 1.

-- udenzeu (m) at 25-10-2012 10:22AM
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What are they waiting for? Kill him! Bastard senator.
-- ela214 (f) at 25-10-2012 10:26AM
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if u people cannot,pass the ak47,i will do it slowly.heartless,wicked,selfish,good 4 notin beings(HUMAN)
-- winace (f) at 25-10-2012 11:29AM
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Senator!!! And u swear to uphold d honour of dis country wen u were being swear in. Anyway so wat next??? Celebrate him or jail him to serve as deterrent to others.
-- BAGUDA (m) at 25-10-2012 12:04PM
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kill the bastard
-- Loveday759 (m) at 25-10-2012 12:33PM
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What is good for the goose is good for the gander, So kill the bastard .
-- dallasp (m) at 25-10-2012 01:10PM
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then government what do you plan to do about it...........cos he ve hand 4 so many kill in 9aija
-- nzewyte (m) at 25-10-2012 02:14PM
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Am nt surprised at all! Wen breeze blow, fowl yansh go open yamutu! Let him pay 4 d innocent blood 'they' shared!

-- tesqueen (f) at 25-10-2012 04:16PM
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Hmmm Ȋ̝̊̅ wonder why d case is adjourn it should b instant judgement let him be kill according to Ђδω he killed innocent people...
-- micc (m) at 25-10-2012 05:17PM
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ajani what do u have to say About this your brother now. But to me o I think he should be killed
-- analyzation (m) at 26-10-2012 05:48AM
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i hope he already has a black out on his left eye
-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 18-08-2015 06:40PM
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fools in making