Taraba State Governor's Crash: An Omen

Published On: October 30, 2012, 6:26 am (7 years ago)
Author: Omogbolahan Babs
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Beyond human and natural empathy in which case I wish the Taraba State governor, Dambaba Suntai, a swift recovery, the incident has once again brought †ơ͡ the fore, the inanity of man's perpetual pursuit of life's mudane coupled with the avarice of most of Nigerian leaders at the helms of affairs. This was a man who years back was inconsequential and represented a no-history-figure but today has a state's (plagued with neglect and under-development) treasury under his ascendancy.

A couple of months ago, I was in the state capital, Jalingo and the only structures you saw there were the little efforts of the former governor, a compatriot of the incumbent in kleptomania, embattled Senator Reverend Jolly Nyame. To say the road that links the state capital with Maiduguri, Borno state capital via Biu is a death trap is †ơ͡ state the obvious.   Theirs was a state crying for a messiah at a time Rev. Jolly Nyame whom they had earlier seen as a renovator turned out a covetous buffoon.

Like a social critic wrote "I Googled the state of Taraba and even the state website is non-existent and the wiki profile was at best a crap-fest..." The state capital (as I saw it) apart from the main road that linked †ơ͡ adjorning states is best described Abuja's Gwagwa/Karimu satellite town. There we ђα√e a sitting governor who's more preoccupied with throwing up jamborees at will and inviting Nigeria's entertainment celebrities with tax-payers money with utmost impunity.

The governor overseeing the affairs of a poverty ridden-state purchased a personal helicopter just few months ago in addition †ơ͡ his two light aircrafts including CESSNA 208 aircraft. He enjoys flying himself †ơ͡ private parties and events. Here's somebody who attended a crash programe at the Aviation College, Zaria and then went †ơ͡ the United States for a 6-week Flying Programme, in addition †ơ͡ a 2-week course in France. Jumped on a Chopper, flew same and ended up in a fatal crash.

A pharmacist-turned pilot who became a governor under the ruling PDP and whose flamboyant life could be juxtapositionally compared with a fellow compatriot of the Poverty Developing Party's ex-governor of Oyo state, Adebayo Alao-Akala . Little wonder why he's a frontliner in advocating more oil derivation for non-oil producing states. Each time they come out, the ordinary Nigerians feel their agitation is borne out of "Altruism" but clearly sinisterly undertoned-Self aggradizement.

As if getting an aircraft now was becoming an idiosyncrasy among Nigerian governors, yours truly learnt Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State recently purchased a private Bombardier Jet worth $50Million. The Bombardier Global 5000 N565RS which should ђα√e left Montreal-Trudeau Airport, Canada was acquired even as his flood-ravaged state indigent citizens now live like scavengers. "This is an ungodly act...why should gov Amaechi's priority be †ơ͡ acquire jet at a time the state is experiencing the worst flooding in its history..." A Port-Harcourt based human right activist had said

I watch this country called Nigeria with so much amusement, the myriads of grotesque undoings of these our so-called kleptocrats in the name of politicians. You tell me †ơ͡ stop stealing, you tell me †ơ͡ stop armed robbery, you tell me †ơ͡ stop Advance Fee fraud (419), you tell me †ơ͡ stop "Yahoo-ing", you tell me †ơ͡ stop militancy, you tell me †ơ͡ stop all the bad bad things, yet YOU ARE A KINGPIN in all of these egregious doings, making me perpetually subservient †ơ͡ you. Na God go punish you

...Czar Omogbolahan Kokumo McBabs Olori Ebi-CFR

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This country is plagued with destructive greed and outright wickedness. Most of our leaders are certainly ruling from outer space.  if not, how would they ever justify the luxury attached to political offices considering the glaring realities of poverty and despair in the land?
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na wa oooo
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hmmm, ajanni, na real waaaaa....donzemoo, u can't be more accurate bruv, tthumbs up

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I tire o
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no be small thin o, lik 2Baba will alwaz say

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chei ----
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nawa o

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na start be dis
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